Youtube Censors Conspiracy and Alternate history.

Youtube Censors Conspiracy and Alternate history.

YouTube has announced in it latest round of
changes. Channels WHICH cover conspiracy theory are
going to be marked as inappropriate content and subject to harsher enforcement of creator
guidelines and by default censored. This new broad term of conspiracy could see
many channels including my own becoming demonetized under promoted and or possibly taken down. In one large dose of irony, it would seem
that YouTube has itself created the very thing it set out to not promote. A conspiracy
Many creators in the niches of UFO PARANORMAL OF ALTERNATE HISTORIES speculating on why,
how and what actions will be wielded against them’. So I GUESS it’s time for my rant Welcome to if ………………………………. conspiracy is dictionary defines as A PLAN
BY A GROUP TO DO SOMETHING UNLAWFUL OR HARMFUL. Well to me that fits what is going on, I would
think removing or destroying something many have spent years building could be classed
as harm. They are moving forward with a plan to manipulate
a source of media to reflect their ideas and policy and I hear the cries of YouTube being
a private business and thus can do as it please but that just means that all media will end
up being private and then the world marches to the tune that these mega monster organizations
owned and run by a few super rich elites wish to play. If you enjoy taking a look into the stranger
side of life, looking for facts beyond those that are spat out of the mainstream machine
you will no longer be able to find a home for your thoughts. The platform has been performing strangely
all week. On this channel I have seen some weird activity
this week. I had a 10k jump in views showing in my analytics
but no large view increase in any of my videos, this was tied to a 25 subscriber jump then
followed with the lowest video view count I have had in a long time with zero subscribers. This type of spike in numbers does not help
the channel in fact it harms the channel as often it will be seen as suspicious by the
algorithm! Could this be something to do with the upcoming
deletion of Google+ accounts? It would seem a odd wind is blowing through
Google HQ at the moment. YouTube has promised to stop promoting what
they claim as sensationalistic video clips. Topics that will no longer be on the table
of discussion around conspiracy theories revolving around the U.S. government and its involvement
in the 9/11 attacks, Illuminati, Pizzagate and Hollywood pedophilia rings ideas that
they say are nonscientific and general global conspiracy theories. So where does the burden of proof no lay,
is it up to the content creator to prove something that is almost unprovable or does the platform
have to do due diligence and make sure what is in a video is 100% proven. Are we no longer free to speculate on history
or science, is there an agenda to remove those that are seen as agitators? Most have now heard the story of Alex Jones
and his de-platforming, at the time Alex was the poster child for anti-government conspiracy
he was an easy target. His views and ideas, highlighted as extremely
dangerous to the status quo. public opinion supported his ban. At the time I posted that this seemed like
a beta test, if they could do it to arguably the biggest channel in the niche on the platform
they could do it to anyone. This is what is now happening! YouTube has tried to downplay this manipulation
and censorship they released statements saying That they will retool the video recommendation
algorithm to prevent promoting conspiracies and false information. The algorithm promotes trending topics and
often after an event such a mass shooting or terror attack, the YouTube conspiracy genre
grows in size and economic value. YouTube’s Decision to Take down Conspiracy
Theories will only pour Fuel on the fire and create even More Conspiracies. This ban on topics which THE PLATFORM considers
conspiracy theory gives conspiracy theorists more ammunition for the idea that they’re
being censored from telling the truth. I am sure those that create this type of content
will be quick to point out the fact that many conspiracies have in the fullness of time
been revealed as truth. To quote JFK “we must never forget that
art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth”
Also following the series of actions which happened to Infowars and Alex Jones it is
said that Facebook and Twitter will follow in banning the same channels and content makers. These three forming a trinity of censorship
and manipulation of all things social media. In closing Joseph Uscinski said “If you
believe your institutions are conspiring and then you expose it and then they ban your
speech, how could you not think that that’s part of it?” Maybe the only way to combat this censorship
is to share content like crazy, maybe by doing that the algorithm can be gamed into promoting
the highly shared videos. Do you think this is out and out censorship? What do think the future holds for channels
that cover this content? Are you or have you been effected by these
changes? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. Hello guys. This post felt a little self-indulgent but its a problem not only I am facing. There seems to be an effort being made to limit peoples access to the type of content I and many others make. I would love to know what you guys think and pick your brains for ideas on how we can adapt to these changes.

  2. William J. Casey, former See Eye Ay director and overseer of the entire US Intelligence Community, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

  3. I have an idea, You should do a video on Tor (The Onion Router) and how facebook, NASA, police, etc use it and whats it all about. (I know a little because I've downloaded it, if you want to download it to, just search, "tor download", and then download it. Also, if you do download tor and open it, it will take you to a DuckDuckGo search engine or the onion home page, after you open it, search "" and you will be able to look at all of the .onion sites (some will not work))

  4. How long is a piece of string….
    All that U Tub E will accomplish is the creation of alternative platforms. One person's konspirasee is another person's truth. And as for alternate his story, well some people still believe the earth is flat.
    Welcome back to the Spanish Inquisition and not the Monty Python version..

  5. Thanks for doing this David.
    I think they’re going too far with their censorship on YouTube. The worse of it all is; a computer is going to be deciding what is worthy of YouTube and what isn’t.
    If YouTube doesn’t get their act together, people will use another platform, that keeps the same values as the old YouTube of 2008.

  6. For the Utopian human to survive into the next generation. The world must be a politically correct world. The form of government will become a benevolent, democratic, tyrannic anarchy. It will be financed by the wealthy and no-one else. Every person shall live a paradise exactly like pigs in a wallow. All pigs are equal.
    However, the self-appointed, technically elected, god-level, stupid, ignorant communication bi-zillionaires are the only ones qualified to be your tyrants. But do not worry, it is for your own good and we will tell you what is correct. Elsewhere in the news, the silicon-invaders have a firm military presence in the last bastions on Earth. It was a pristine 60,000-year old virgin human. And in the great American carnival, the senile windbag Democrats are still vomiting and have diarrhea. And Republicans are still farty old fecal matter that has a deal for everyone.

  7. I appreciate you getting that, this is their playground, if you don't like it, take your ball and bat and go play somewhere else. YouTube is no different than any other place you don't own on the internet. That's why I went to Vimeo, and if they block me, I'll go elsewhere as well. The bottom line is, you agreed to the EULA, they can do what they want. They aren't about exposing info or cover ups, they are about making money. So for what ever reason, they don't want conspiracy stuff up here, then it's not going to be here. People have latched on to YouTube as a money making endeavor, so they can't be shocked when they change the rules. You could always put stuff up yourself on your own server and no one would be able to take it down or set the rules.

  8. Yup I know I have seen it happen to a lot of channels be affected by this. Please don't let the censorship stop you from posting what you want to post.

  9. I for one will be absolutely gutted if your channel is affected by this ongoing and now amping up interference! Just thinking about the matters you raised gets me so riled

    . So sorry this is happening to you and other you tubers working hard to bring us interesting and thought provoking content.

  10. Once the tube is fully censored and controlled like the main stream. There will be no point in watching anymore. And other platforms will rise for us ‘nutters’, and the cycle will start again.

  11. Reading is fundamental, they're not taking away YouTube just Google plus. You don't have to worry about being censored you are apart of the system, no worries.

  12. YouTube has becoming a pain in the "black hole"..😂
    They don't allowed grown people to watch what we want to watch..
    Everything now has to be sensitive..
    Nice video.. Thanks for sharing..💖

  13. Eventually all of us will suffer the consequences my friend, big and small. I had 72.000 subs when i decided i could take it no longer, but a month later i returned to the place i love the most. I wish youtube would apreciate that! Instead they give us a hard time. Well… enough said! Greetings from the Netherlands. Mike Soze.

  14. I hope people are saving all the stuff about FASCISTBOOK, EUTUBE, TWITTER AND ALL THE OTHERS BANNING RIGHT WING VIEWS, to show future generations how they are being controlled, how these big companies withhold information for their new world order, paedophilia cover up AGENDA

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