Yếu Tim Đừng Xem !Top Clip Ma Có Thật 100% P 37|  Ghost on caution camera | Ghosts are real p37

Yếu Tim Đừng Xem !Top Clip Ma Có Thật 100% P 37| Ghost on caution camera | Ghosts are real p37

Top videos of spiritual and mystical Recommended videos Children and those with a history of heart disease Do not watch this video alone at night thanks Welcome visiting paranormal tv Channel spray bombs Place to share your videos to the mystery of the spiritual world Spiritual things are always attractive human curiosity with phobias of fear these fears come from invisible and also when they are visible and they are ….. Ghosts and right in the heart do not look weak chain series today will include poltergeist invisible ghosts Macabre mysterious …. haunted school The mysterious phenomenon of abandoned house Headless ghost appeared in the night and to start the video today 1 Video Coming from a primary school in Iceland Was recorded by a security camera at the time of October 2017 As far as the teachers and management at the school, there are strange phenomenon Continuous happen including you day and night, disturbed furniture everywhere they think the school is being thieves or intruders homeless to Find the intruder they decided to put the camera to record back to see intruders who it is, but the image obtained from the camera quite unexpectedly without a thief at all Nor is there any homeless person does break in, but the furniture in the room Back continue sofas scattered Like someone is angry and throwing everywhere And now invite you to let us thoroughly track clip them! This next video is quite macabre come from Japan, the headless specter … perhaps those 7x or 8x age’m also once Heard horror stories like a demon in mangosteen or mango tree or star fruit tree, it turns dropping body parts on the ground as tangled legs, arms, torso, then the head Then merge them into a complete body and that is the ghost stories we often hear as a child still just like in this video a ghost Appear only with 2 legs and absolutely no head and torso sitting in a very comfortable on the swing it appears suddenly and then disappeared in the blink of an eye. This video was recorded friable curiosity of young couples in to verify the swing rumored is haunted and often the swing or move even without any one who sat on it whereas now invite you to let us thoroughly track the video will clear ….. Next video School haunted house For this video I do not have much information But it said appeared on the Internet has a long And netizens are transmitted hands until today The content of the video Record horrific scene By a group of young people to explore a haunted school late at night And they had to catch fleeing foot on his neck by scenes of horror is happening in here flashing lights in classrooms continuity Tables and chairs are thrown right in front hallway accompanied by the sound of things rumbled touching each other, and this has For both groups fled in panic and screaming like children according to you this video is real or just a staging sophisticated screen you let her know in the comment below the video nhé! The next A video published by danile This video is extracted from security cameras Of a shopping center in Colombia And phone users to Back to monitor security cameras As a guard of this shopping mall And images are extracted Are extremely strange phenomenon Can be hard to explain This phenomenon is similar to the first video that we just see Now invite you to let us carefully watch this video home! followed by a video here quite horror from Japan ghosts in public toilets. This video made by two young men they are attracted by the rumors of this haunted toilet Curiosity took them to wake up at night it was late, and they still do not know the dangers are stalking them until the strange noises heard in this region and they had to bag up pants that by what horror is happening in here Now invite you to let us track to know what was happening nhé! Next video from YouTubers Adventure alaa From Saudi Arabia In this video Alaa arrived Adventure Land explore a cursed an abandoned house and in time this discovery He discovered countless mysteries took place and greeting sent to the photo before entering this house is an extremely chilling phenomenon by the bizarre motion of the window He came to check The bizarre window that he had seen earlier But really very hard very difficult door can open continuously with human forces alone the wind It’s a very bizarre thing what will happen next let’s see yet! Afterwards Alaa having a water tank, and it seems very heavy to move He had tried hard but it did not budge After a tour and return Suddenly Tank and other self-moving and it made him Monkey near and must ran out immediately So according to you what Alaa encountered cursed in this house Is it real or not you give yourself is by to leave a comment below the video nhé! The next A video from users on Twitter called ipansu He uploaded a video Are extracted from the security camera With the image content rather chilling a white shadow appears equivocal his porch then it also immediately appear in his house We can see very clearly A white shadow standing equivocal front gate day and days later it appeared right in the house in the shape of a baby seems that during that run very quickly through the camera we can also clearly see the shape of a baby it runs through Then stop like picking up something and soon chair on the far side was knocked out very strong document, according to you this video is real Or just a video montage of the You can visit @ipansu on twitter To check this video of a real home! finally a pretty chilling video This video dugaysghi shaped by a man Record moments The house is in the process of repairing his And he added House before still completely quiet Until the house is repaired And even in this time He was recording was something very strange looks not like humans and it is hidden Right on his loft after sharing this video This man shared more While previously the house has not been repaired Family life completely quiet after repaired everything becomes Disorganization, family members Health was deteriorating And pity most His family is leading to collapse, his wife and children feel this house There is something very strange one, and they decided to move to another place to live here I would like to Finish this video And according to you of the video we just saw What is the scariest video Video is Fake Most videos are real and give yourself feedback by comment below the video nhé! If you see a video or Do not forget to leave a like and subscribe to support a spray bomb tv continuously developing And also to motivate spray bombs tv can make more videos or more to serve you spray bombs tv appointment to see you at the next nhé and do not forget to click subscribe to channels that home! haahahahahahahha!


  1. Bên Nhật, họ hay đi ra công viên chơi vào buổi tối nhỉ, ngay cả những con ma cũng kô ngoại lệ ! 😏

  2. Ngay nao cung doi ra clip moi coi het do..hay va y nghia…ra nhug clp nhu the nay chac cug kho khan lam..cam on khe bom it tv..

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