Wyze Sense Starter Kit Review

Wyze Sense Starter Kit Review

Gabe: Hey, folks, this is Gabe at Security
Baron. Today, we’re going to check out the most miniature
of home security systems, the Wyze Sense Starter Kit. [music] Gabe: In today’s review of the Wyze Sense
Starter Kit, we’re going to look at some pros and cons, its feature set, the installation
experience, customer support, before finally diving into their mobile application, the
Wyze app, to make sure that we have all your knowledge gaps covered. [background music] Gabe: If want to see a list of our favorite
home security systems, Google “Security Baron best home security systems.” If you have a question about today’s review,
leave us a comment and I’ll get back to you. Let’s kick off today’s review of the Wyze
Sense Starter Kit, looking into some pros and cons, beginning with those pros. The Wyze Sense Starter Kit is extremely affordable
at $19.99. On top of that affordability, this one Wyze
Bridge can connect to up to 100 different Wyze devices so you don’t have to worry about
there being a vulnerability anywhere in your home. That same element is really clear when you
look at the fact that it tells you exactly what is happening with each one of these devices. It’ll let you know how long a door has been
open, or how long a window has been closed. It can even tell you how long it’s detected
motion. That’s a really impressive element that comes
with the Wyze Sense Starter Kit. On the con side, there’s no professional monitoring. You’re basically going it alone. You might know a door is open. You might know a window has been opened for
20 minutes, and that’s not typical, but there’s basically nothing else you can do, other than
confront it yourself. That’s one element to keep in mind. You should also note that the customer support
doesn’t seem to be that excellent for Wyze Sense. While they have a ton of options for you to
get in touch with them, we saw over 100 reviews for customer support, and the majority of
those were negative. Those are the pros and cons for the Wyze Sense
Starter Kit. [background music] Gabe: Now that we’ve gone over the pros and
cons for the Wyze Sense Starter Kit, let’s check out that feature set. With the Wyze Sense, you’re basically three
components. You’re getting your Wyze Bridge, your motion
sensor, and your contact sensor. One thing to note is that you cannot use any
of these without having a Wyze Cam or a Wyze Cam Pan. This bridge works in conjunction with those. You basically plug it into the back, and then
you’re ready to go. You can use all of this system. “All of this system” could mean a lot because
you can put up to 100 devices with your Wyze Bridge, which is awfully impressive in terms
of not really leaving you any vulnerabilities. The actual devices themselves are also pretty
impressive. The Wyze sensor will actually tell you how
long it’s detected something. It’ll detect something up to 26 feet away
with a 120 degree field of view. We like that it tells you how long that it
detected the motion. If it’s still detecting the motion, it’ll
say it’s in progress, which can allow for you to go and check your Wyze Cam Pan or your
Wyze Cam to make sure that things are all fine in your home. When it comes to the contact sensors, they
also let you know if a door or window has been opened or closed, and can let you know
for how long that particular door or window was left open or left closed, which can be
useful when trying to determine exactly what was going on at any moment in time in your
home. You can look at the little time signature,
see how long it was open and closed, maybe look in conjunction with your Wyze Cam or
Wyze Cam Pan. You’re really getting a lot of functionality. Both the contact sensor and the motion sensor
have batteries that should last up to a year. You should be able to set them up and not
worry about it for about 12 months, which is honestly pretty impressive for all of that
feature capacity to be packed into such a small device. That’s our look at the feature set for Wyze
Sense Starter Kit. [background music] Gabe: Whoa, hold on. I hope you’re enjoying today’s review of the
Wyze Sense Starter Kit. If you want to be kept up to date on all the
newest in smart home security, VPNs, password managers, smart phones, and other devices,
subscribe to our channel, Security Baron. We’re dropping new hot content weekly. All right, let’s get back to the video. Let’s check out the installation experience
for your Wyze Sense Starter Kit. You’re going to want to begin with the actual
Wyze Cam or Wyze Pan. It doesn’t come with the starter kit, but
it is a necessary component for setting the system up. Make sure that you’ve upgraded the firmware
and the software, and then you’ll be ready to go. You’re going to take your Wyze Bridge, plug
it into the USB port in the back. It fits in like a glove, as you can see. Once you’ve set this up and you have a blue
light here, you can set up the rest of your system. Remember, this is all going to be done in
the Wyze app. You’re in the Wyze app. It’s going to say, “OK, add a new device.” Once you’ve added the Wyze Bridge, you’re
going add your motion sensor. That process is pretty straightforward. You’ll walk through it. You’re going to need your reset tool that
comes with your Wyze Sense Starter Kit. You’re going to stick into the side of the
motion sensor. You’ll get a blinking blue light, and then
[snaps fingers] it should connect to your Wyze Bridge. You’re going to repeat that process with your
sensors, or any other sensors you may decide to buy in the future. When it comes to placement, you’re going to
want to put your motion sensor about six feet high. Make sure it’s not in a place where your pets
like to be. You don’t want them to be constantly setting
it off — I’m really talking about cats here — or somewhere where they might actually
knock it off the wall, or wherever you decide to put it. The same goes for your contact sensors, which
need to be about two centimeters apart. From that moment, you’ll know exactly where
they all are. Just to be clear, that process is really easy
in terms of placement because of the adhesive that just makes it peel and stick. You got a year, and you don’t have to think
about it because the battery life will be about a year on each of these devices. Overall, it’s a simple, easy, and convenient
setup for your Wyze Sense Starter Kit. All right, I want to talk to you about the
customer support at Wyze. Customer support at Wyze is pretty typical. You’ve got your online help center. You’ve got forums. You’ve got the ability to live chat and send
an email. One thing we note is it actually has a pretty
long part of the week available. From Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM through
4:00 PM Pacific Time, you can get in touch with the team at Wyze. However, there are over 200 reviews that specifically
mention customer support, [laughs] and they aren’t necessarily the most positive. In fact, they say that Wyze customer support
is kind of poor, and that they could not get the answers that they needed from anyone. That’s something to keep in mind when you’re
looking at Wyze is that, yes, they’re available. They have a lot of options, but you may not
be able to get the answers that you need. Maybe, Wyze could commit more of its resources
to providing that stellar customer support. [background music] Gabe: Let’s go ahead, and check out the Wyze
Sense Starter Kit in its mobile application, the Wyze app. It is here you’re going to be interfacing
with all the elements you see before you and the Wyze Cam and Wyze Pan. It’s a pretty solid mobile application. Android users and iPhone users feel about
the same about it with a 3.7 in the Google Play Store and a 3.5 in the Apple App Store. Let’s go ahead and check it out on my iPhone
7 Plus. Here I am checking out the Wyze Sense in the
Wyze mobile application. The Wyze home page is pretty straightforward. You have the top Wyze Edit shortcuts, the
ability to mute the notifications, your Settings in that right-hand corner, and then all of
your Wyze devices right below. I’ve named these the Wyze contact and the
Wyze motion all lowercase. That’s cool these days. I’ve got a Baron Pan that I’ve actually turned
off and a Baron Hideaway, which is actually just the Wyze Cam Version 2. That is where your Wyze Bridge is plugged
in, because remember with the Wyze Sense, you have to have it connected to one of the
Wyze cameras. My Wyze Version 2 is ready to go. My Wyze Sense is up. Let’s just go through the actual functionality
of these particular devices, the contact sensor and Wyze Motion. If I open the Wyze contact, you’ll see immediately
that I get this notification. This would happen even if I weren’t in the
app. Let’s just check that out. You see it close. See? Now you see that the contact was closed at
2:51. Let’s look in the history there for the Wyze
contact. You see that it was opened, closed, opened. What’s interesting about this particular device
is that it tells you when it was opened and closed, and will do so for the past 14 days. [laughs] You can just know what was going
on in your home for two weeks. What’s a great thing about the Wyze contact
is that you can actually decide on how much information you want to know, or rather, when
you want to be notified right there in the app. I go to Settings. I go to Notifications. You’ll see here that I have Opens and Close,
Send notification. I also can turn that off and have it only
let me know it’s been open for a specific amount of time. I only really want to know if someone comes
in and leaves the door open for, let’s say, seven minutes, I can do so. Now anytime someone comes in, and it’s open
for seven minutes, then it’ll notify me saying me, “Hey, someone has come in.” You can change that even down to seconds. I want to know when someone’s been in the
house for nine seconds, I can do that. You can even do that for how long it’s been
left closed. I feel like someone should be coming in and
out of my house every eight hours. It’s a busy place, and no one does that, no
one’s leaving or going, I can also be notified just for eight hours. “Hey, no one has left the home out of that
door in eight hours.” Maybe that’s the way I can know that my niece
or nephew hasn’t taken out the trash or something of that nature. It’s kind of a useful and fun feature to find
on an entry sensor. Let’s go back and check out that motion detection. Here I am in the Wyze Motion Detection. Here, I can click in and look at all the times
it’s detected motion. It’ll actually say that it’s in progress right
now because I’ve been moving in front of this motion detector for the past 14 minutes. If you look down, it tells you, “Motion detected
3 minutes, 18 minutes, 1 minute. Motion detected for less than a minute. Motion detected for less than a minute.” These are all really useful elements so I
can know exactly what is happening. If I see someone moving around for a long
time, in a room they’re not supposed to be, then maybe I can say, “Hey, you know what? Like let’s go check and see that everything
is still in its place.” That’s a really interesting and useful element
of the Wyze Sense’s devices. The Wyze contact and the Wyze motion really
give you a lot of flexibility in determining what’s going on. [background music] Gabe: Are you trying to get a sense of how
you feel about the Wyze Sense Starter Kit, or are you simply waiting for me to tell you
how I feel? Because I feel like it’s pretty affordable
at $19.99. You get motion sensor, contact sensors, and
those sensors are pretty great, in terms of they tell you not only when they detected
something, but also for how long they detected something, which is something we do not frequently
see in the home security market. I do think they would benefit from having
some professional monitoring services. You’re basically going it alone when you decide
to go with the Wyze Sense Starter Kit. They also need to commit more to their customer
support team. If you look at the Wyze Sense Starter Kit
and the ability to couple it with both Wyze Cam and the Wyze Pan to really give you a
full, complete look at what’s going on in your home, we think it’s a solid option for
those of you looking to join the affordable home security market. [background music] Gabe: That concludes our review of the Wyze
Sense Starter Kit. If you appreciated today’s video, give us
a like and hit that Subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe the Security Baron. [snaps fingers] Be secure.


  1. Question. Can the motion or contact sensors trigger the Wyze cams to record when the detect a motion?
    I am just asking because the cool down period is 6 minutes for the Wyze cams but with this method maybe I can forget about it and get instant record and notification.

  2. Saw your review picked up the pan via the link. Going to try this and a cube next.
    As so far the app on Android 8 and overall experience is excellent.
    My tech skills are pretty high and I even installed wired systems in the 90's. It's amazing the features and quality we get with Wyze.
    Now, I choose to use my Win 10 laptop as a secondary viewing tool, this requires an Android emulator.
    Bluestacks seems very resource-dependent and slow compared to MEmu but both are free. Once your PC has met initial qualifications you just log in to your Google account like any tablet or phone and get the WYZE app in the Play store and it just worked no issues for me. MEmu has many settings and is very flexible. See memuplay.com

  3. Hi Sir, this is Rebecca from Heimvision, i wrote to me for the review of heimvision outdoor security camera, pls check it asap, and looking forward to your reply, thanks.

  4. Question, Can the wyze contact create an action (via wyze bridge?) like turning on a light when it detects a door open? In my case can it turn on my attic light when I open the attic door?

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