Why You Suck at Rocket League | Episode 4 | Physical vs Mental | Best tips

Why You Suck at Rocket League | Episode 4 | Physical vs Mental | Best tips

So I’m pretty sure the number one comment and/or complaints I see regarding rocket league both on my videos and elsewhere is how frustrating it is Dealing with teammates this comes as no surprise since this series is largely me venting my rage on you idiots out there making you lose But you guys are in luck today because I’m here to solve all your problems. that’s right. I have a couple philosophies I’m going to bring to your attention today and but first I want to say I have no idea if what I’m about to discuss has been covered by other Youtubers So if I’m copying them I’m sorry on the other hand I shouldn’t apologize because like the great rapper Naz said No, ideas original. There’s nothing new under the sun It’s not what you do but how it’s done welcome to Sunless Kahn’s school of rocket league 101 for dum-dums who want to Be good at Rocket league But struggle with playing with teammates that they think are worse and have trouble ranking up and are mad about that Aka why you suck at Rocket league Let’s get deep point number one your rocket league spirit is divided into two buckets of skills when those two buckets fill up you rank up and get bigger buckets the two buckets are physical ability and mental ability in order to rank up over time both buckets need to be filled at nearly the same pace for instance you can rank up quite fast in the lower ranks with very little physical skill by simply playing with patience and intelligence but That only gets you so far before you need to know how to aerial for instance and so on Likewise there are lots of players in what used to be rising star shooting star Whatever the hell, it is now [gold] they have tons of hours in game and lots of Incredible technical ability But are surprisingly weak in game theory and strategy Point number two if you feel like you’re better skill wise and your teammates And you’re wondering how and blue blazes they got up to the rank they’re at. There’s a good chance they got there by playing
smart or really cautiously Or they did the same way I did, carried like a little bitch In that situation you have a better chance of winning if you focus on adjusting your play style to match theirs Rather than trying to carry and be a hero So I’m not going to cover all the possible ways you can adjust your game style, because it’s completely depends on the situation But a good example is simply playing more defensively than usual, fending off attack after attack until the opposition over-commits and then scoring an easy breakaway goal But you can’t rely on mentalities alone to win, which takes us to point number three It d oesn’t matter. How smart you are eventually you’re going to have to back up that big old car brain with some skill Let’s take the idea I just talked about for example playing defensively Like most of you idiots, I ‘m an offensive minded player and improved in that area first So I learned how to score way before I learned how to save, however when faced with the situation Where I had a better chance of winning by playing defensively, I sucked at saves so badly, I lost all time anyway which leads us to point four How to fill the buckets For the mental bucket, I suggest watching Gameplay of players that are better than you Pros probably wouldn’t help you much if you’re in the mid to low ranks So just watch someone who’s one or two ranks ahead of you Another good way is to play with people that are better than you and ask them to critique you and take their suggestions and observations I’ve learned more in the past month playing with Coach Wong then in the last six months playing alone For the skill bucket, you practice Rocket League Trainer is a phenomenal way to get a zillion reps and really fast And that will improve your consistency The custom training is also amazing these days. So try a few you until you find one that challenges you It’s also really fun and a nice change of pace from match after match after match put on some music and just get in your zone What I’m trying to say by all of this is yes, horrible teammates can and will make you lose here and there But in the long run if you want to see improvement or get out of that rank you’ve been in for months and months Identify which of your buckets is the emptiest and fill that baby up because it’s not your teammates fault, it’s it’s you that Goddamnit, I take back everything. I said, it’s your teammates fault. I’m uninstalling


  1. I have a weird mindset where I'll try and cross the ball into the center, but nobody can quite get to it in time, my fault for bad crossing, but idk if I should try too shoot the ball or not. I don't want to miss.

  2. I actually shed a tear after the first video. One teammate bumps the hell out of the player, and then the other saves the goal shot by the same player. That's probably the saddest thing I've ever seen in the game. :'(

  3. Whenever I get into a match where my teammates aren't doing well I tell them to look up your videos.

    They just continue to blame me for their mistakes. Some people just don't want actual help lol.

  4. That playing defensively part kinda hit home with me. Recently gold 1, and I get a lot of ballchasey or just generally overcommitting teammates. I find I spend half my games sitting in goal because my team is on the other side of the map and when they come back to help with defense and I start to go up they both go up with me and I'm just there like "okay so much for rotation I guess I'll just go back to goal…"

  5. I literally LEFT the ball in front of the other teams goal for my teammate to score after I faked them out and he STOPPED right before hitting the ball side jumped and missed the ball😐 it's IMPOSSIBLE to play on their skill level💯

  6. My first season I got up to gold 2. Second season every single game I had garbage teamates in every single fucking game and they brought me to bronze 3. This is why you need friends to play with you and you'll get used to their strats. Unlike ball hoggers or dumbasses that score in their own net. The defense mental thought you said could get tiring cuz its like literally every game. People in low ranks can be all the way in the back when the kickoff starts and they will still go for the ball xD

  7. Glad I am watching this series again cause it is so true!

    So I have been recently working on solo que 2s. I was gold 2 for awhile and after a weekend I managed to drop down into silver 2. Now I've been working my ass off to get out of this hell hole hahahahaha. I've switched my gameplay into a more defensive passive aggressive style. I mainly play really passive and wait for the other team to double clear. Pop the ball over them and just walk it in. However that isn't getting me out of silver just yet. I think I need to find myself a coach Wong. I'd really like the Criticism in my game play hahaha

  8. The teams that you got carried past were my games (not literally) but that I have poo teammates and they literally don't help at all, yesterday I lost 12 games to my teammates, lost 1 with my friend who IS my skill and won a 1 v 2, these teammates are getting ridiculously bad to the point of a hindrance

  9. I play defence a lot because only the really good players seem to want to defend at any point, but if you have such garbage teammates that cant score without my help, there is barely anything I can do

  10. That last touch mate… I feel your pain… I just got to Platinum, and get some good teammates now, but how come I felt like Gold had worse players than silver ? Playing through gold was so painful… I already expressed my gratitude on reddit, but thanks again for your amazing videos!

  11. What if there play style is I can't aerial or block balls from coming into our goal and smash the ball every single second

  12. I was platinum last week and im back to god 1 smh the problem is my teammates not looking up for their actions and blame on others I get bother because they dont hear tips or ideas I give them like “rotate faster or for the last minute stay golie just for a while”

  13. Yeah i got mental in spades but i'm so bad mechanically it doesn't matter. can call the shots for people with the skill to make the plays but i can barely hit the damn ball. I haven't found any way to improve quickly. couple hundred hours in and i still can't get out of silver ;(

  14. Why I suck at Rocket League? Easy.

    Century Link. I can only play single player because our WiFi sucks. And you can only get so good with bots before you have to play other players.

  15. 0:04 – My goodness, how MANY times my teammates did that thing…it hurts, it literally HURTS when its happening. When I see that teammate going for a goal, I be better stay somewhere nearby and see if he NEEDS help. If you are not a pro player (I am gold right now, so I know that I am not the best) better be sure that you wont ruin anything -_-

  16. not gonna lie, the opening made my heart sink within 5 seconds of clicking this video. i felt it drop and break before the guy even made contact, as soon as i saw that "What a save!" coming i felt like i just got dumped by a gf of 3 years.this hurts man. this really hurts.

  17. I’m at silver 1 and when I see people say “back to gold I go” I just look at people playing in gold and dam I’m better that them, like you can just tell.
    And also you haven’t seen my teammates, ok I’ll put it this way, I would be trying to win but my teammates bump me and to annoying stuff then the other team will be winning by a lot. Then my teammate will abandon the match, then I will win.

  18. What if my team excists out of ballchasers.
    They suck so much they can't even score but if I try to do anything offensive none of them head back to defend and the enemy can make an easy goal

  19. I just can't seem to get past silver 3. I fluctuate between silver 3 and bronze 3. My teammate definitely carries me to plat 3 and almost diamond in doubles though. I suck at rocket league 🙁

  20. I’m silver and started a month ago my friend is a diamond 1 who helps me so much he’s my version of coach wong

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