Why the Doc Strange 2 Director Leaving the MCU is Worse than You Think! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Why the Doc Strange 2 Director Leaving the MCU is Worse than You Think! (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– Here’s why the “Doctor
Strange 2” director leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe is worse than you think! The Marvel Cinematic Universe
closed out it’s third phase with some spectacular outings in 2019 and with that era in the rear window, fans are eagerly gearing up for phase four which kicks off with this
May’s, “Black Widow.” And it’s not a stretch to say
that fans are looking forward to finding out what this brave new post “Endgame” world of
the MCU holds for them, one that was teased out at
last year’s San Diego ComicCon with the announcement of films like; “Thor, Love and Thunder,”
and “The Eternals,” as well as TV outings on Disney Plus that will tie directly into the MCU, show’s like “WandaVision,” and “The Falcon and Bucky Variety Show” or whatever they’re calling it. But for now the news that
“Doctor Strange” director Scott Derrickson is
officially leaving the sequel “Doctor Strange in the
Multiverse of Madness” it sounds like trouble may be
afoot at the house of ideas. Now sure that could sound
alarmist or premature but there’s plenty of evidence
that has fans worried, So lets break that all down right now. While we’ve yet see any footage because it’s yet to be shot, what fans were told about the flick had
them champing at the bit mainly that the film
like the title suggested would finally bring the multiverse into the marvel cinematic universe and that this film would
be part of the bridge between marvel’s television
shows and their films along with Disney plus
series like “WandaVision”. Now during that ComicCon reveal, Derrickson described
it as, the first scary marvel cinematic universe film and that it would dip into
the gothic and the horror which had fans cheering
with the prospect that Marvel was gonna make a horror movie. That is until this week
when Derrickson announced via Twitter that he is leaving the project as it’s director, citing
creative differences and this is only a couple months before the movie was said to begin shooting. However, he will remain on
as an executive producer moving forward. Now directors
leave projects all the time it doesn’t necessarily spell
doom and gloom, especially if this departure was as
amicable as Derrickson said. It’s worth noting though
that during that same ComicCon panel he mentioned
how he told Feige; he wouldn’t just come
back to do any old sequel, that he would only do it
because he would get to explore the horrific side of the
“Doctor Strange” comics. If you add to that, just
last month while speaking as a guest to the New York film academy, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige clarified some of those rumors and buzz about the “Doctor Strange” sequel
being a horror movie saying; I wouldn’t necessarily
say that’s a horror film, he then went on to explain;
it will be a big MCU film with scary sequences in it. Now to be fair we’ve arguably already
gotten that with 2019’s “Spider-Man: Far From Home” you know the movie that
had the corpse of Iron Man climbing out of a grave with
spiders crawling their way out of his dead eye sockets,
yeah fun for the whole family I love studying abroad,
another wrinkle in all of this is the newly announced
fact that “WandaVision” is going to release this year 2020, instead of the nebulous former
date of, 2021 pepper cash. As we said earlier that
show is said to directly tie into the events of the
“Multiverse of Madness” and moving it up puts
a lot more pressure on “Doctor Strange” to release on schedule. And this puts Derrickon’s
tweet from December 15th into sharper relief, when
he said studio release dates are the enemy of art, Yikes. So we have a looming
release date, a mandate that the film tie directly
into another separate television show, contradicting
takes on the tone, and all of these factors
leading to the “Multiverse of Madness” losing it’s director mere months before it
was scheduled to begin filming in may, so things
seem a lot more dire than they did at first glance. So what does this mean, Well first off we know the studio is
sticking to the “Multiverse of Madness” May 2021 release date, and they’re set to begin
production this May. So they’re gonna need to
announce a new director and fast, already some
fans are hoping to see other horror directors like; “The Haunting of Hill House”, Mike
Flanagan or “Ready or Not”, striking team of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett take the reins. In a surprising move
many fans are actually pointing the blame at
kevin feige for this one, while many people love
that the MCU manage to tell a coherent story across
so many different films, the drawback is that many
can feel that MCU movies end up being very cookie-cutter in nature having to fit into a very particular slot to paint this grand
tapestry, so many folks were exited to see “Doctor Strange” 2, branch out into a horrific direction and breathe some fresh air into phase 4 pulling back from the horror aspects while the director who
championed that change is leaving the movie, is
definitely not good optics for MCU’s future. Now granted,
there’s a silver lining to all of this, Scott
Derrickson insistence that things were left
amicably and that he’s gonna remain on as an executive producer, sure that position could be symbolic, but it could also mean that
the film moving forward will remain Truer to a
lot of the ground work that he’s already laid out thus far. But we’re gonna have
to wait and see exactly how things go when “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”
hits theaters in May 2021. But tell me what do you folks think? Are things as scary as they
seem for the good doctor despite “Doctor Strange”
2 not being a horror film any longer, and how do
you wanna see the film bridge this gap between
the Disney plus series and the cinematic universe, also who do you want to see come in to direct “Multiverse of
Madness”?, let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching, if you enjoy what you
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  1. This is a bit of click baity video. Whilst it's disappointing that Derrickson is leaving the Doctor Strange sequel, I am kind of relaxed about the whole situation in that other Directors (Waiti and the Russo brothers) have used Doctor Strange in an interesting way in other movies compared to the character's first solo movie.

    It was always unlikely that Doctor Strange sequel would be a pure horror movie (Disney owns Marvel after all), but that is not to say the film can't be at least suspenseful (few jump scares here and there eschewing more to PG-13).

    People should note that there have been quite a few good PG-13 horror movies in the past (The Sixth Sense, Split, A Quiet Place, The Others, Devil, Cloverfield, Arachnophobia to name but a few)

    Personally I would like the sequel to be more weirder than out and out scary, with it being more influenced by Ditko's work (think hallucinogenic/fever dreamed).

    Once again whilst it's disappointing to see Derrickson leaving, for me this isn't as troubling/upsetting as when Edgar Wright left Ant-Man. In an alternative reality, I would have loved to see a pure Edgar Wright Ant-Man movie (what we got was an Edgar Wright-lite Ant-Man).

  2. I'm not usually picky about how some ppl pronounce certain words but it's "chomping at the bit" NOT champing. Sorry, Dan. Anyway, as far as a new director for DSITMVOM, what about Guillermo Del Toro? He seems like a pretty good man choice. Just sayin'. 🇨🇦👊🏻🤙🏻

    Just sayin'. 🇨🇦👊🏻🤙🏻

  3. Last I checked the tv shows post to be set after the movie. So if the tv show comes out before the movie,.. how's that going to work lol.

  4. Relax relax! A director leaving isnt that bad! At the end of the day it has to be a cohesive film that ties in perfectly to the others!

  5. I hate horror movies and I stay very clear of them. So the announcement that an MCU movie would be one saddened me because I would most likely not watch it. That all being said, I thought it was really cool that the MCU movies wouldn't be so "cookie cutter" and their would be different genre of movies all within the same universe. That still excites me. I hope this departure doesn't mean they are pulling away from that new direction and that they keep this film in that horror mood even if it'll make me not watch it. Tho I'm just an MCU fangirl so I just want more.

  6. If remaining on solely as an EP means that the horror groundwork will remain, then (IMO) that kinda sounds like the creative differences could be about how to execute the horror, as well as corporate mandates, such as tie-ins with other MCU movies & shows. Kinda like, how graphic & disturbing will it be? how much humor will it have? Non-Marvel franchises like Scooby-Doo and the Star Wars Solo movie come to mind.

  7. Why would anyone give two brass fucks about Derrickson leaving? Throw a rock in a crowd and I guarantee you'll hit a more interesting director.

  8. I think everyone is forgetting something when you read the tweet. Scott Derrickson will be Executive Producer, meaning he will have full control of the movie.

  9. Are we really going to do this overdramatic pearl-clutching? MCU movies have lost Directors before over creative differences, mid production. Everything worked out, fine.

  10. Isn't that what happened to Tim Burton with his Batman would have been trilogy? The third one had him become a producer.

  11. Lmao..he left cause they wanted to make DR. STRANGE gay!!!!…..
    …guaranteed!!! Lol..marvel is going woke unfortunately lol

    …mcu died with ENDGAME!!!
    …now it's a shitshow alphabet fanfiction project!!! Lol..
    (Hopefully this is the reason why they are holding off on ff &xmen!)…see what happens?
    ..then recalculate!!! Lol

  12. Why in the fuck would anyone want Multiverse and Time travel in the same franchise… That's would be absolutely terrible

  13. This film was never going to be a “Horror” film in the context they people thought. It was always going to be PG13

  14. I didn't love the first Dr. Strange. No blaming the director, probably Disney took to much control. Hopefully a miracle happens a the new director is a hidden gem ala Taika.

  15. Sounds like he kept getting late preproduction changes.

    I wonder if he got upset over receiving changes that must be incorporated from other properties that he has no control over and won’t be seen in final version until after it is filmed/post production?

  16. I dont want to have to see series as vandavision or the hawk and bucky to understand the movies. I dont want Disney plus.

  17. Sure, Scott Derrickson directed Sinister, which I liked, a lot, but he's also the same person responsible for Hellraiser: Inferno, Urban Legends: The Final Cut, and the terrible, awful remakes of The Day the Earth Stood Still, and Poltergeist. In other words; I trust Kevin Feige's judgement a helluva lot more than I trust Derrickson's when it comes to the future of the MCU.

  18. I am in a FB MCU group, and let me tell you, a lot of fans who wanted to watch Doctor Strange 2 is because it's gonna be a horror movie. If Kevin Feige wanted it to be less horror, and Scott leaving to be EP, so many fans will be left disappointed and won't watch it if it really isn't that "horrific". Bad move Feige.

  19. Matt Shakman is gonna be the director , he is directing wandavission tv show .. so he is the obvious choice .. bts he directed the boys tv show on amazon .. i loved that show ..

  20. Ok soooo DC's flash movie got a horror director and dc is testing new things out while marvel seem to make the same movies they made now for yours…. I mean marvel has to evolve because the star of the dc universe is getting brighter and brighter so if they dont want to lose their spot they have to make doctor strange a risky movie or get the R rated side of marvel with Deadpool, x force etc. To the big screen if they want to remain on top.
    Honestly black widow looks good but not really any different from any other mcu movie….

  21. Is this really surprising to anyone? It's kinda weird marvel has a lock down on their movies, but star wars is seems like anything goes.

  22. At the end of the day this movie was never going to be “Sinister” horror type movie. It still will carry on like all MCU movies do. I remember thinking at times before Seeing captain marvel or Infinity war that they were going to be so different as far as the tone, but they always had that MCU tone that all of the films have.

  23. Not much hope for phase 4. It would be a perfect ending for MCU if everything ends in the endgame. Well of coz it is not gonna happen because money money money and Micky Mouse.

  24. Just like edgar wright in antman, things will be ok. Only thing is that scott had something in mind that has mever beendone in the mcu before, and the bestcu films are the ones branching into other unexplored genres

  25. Oh this isn’t good, it means marvel hasn’t given the Director enough freedom. I would rather have MA or R rating movie… however I’ve realised they want a PG/M rating. . . Doctor Strange comic has never been for kids teenagers/adults yes. The concepts have always been on the fringes of marvels main comics.

  26. What's the point of bringing another horror director to replace the current horror director if the movie is going to be PG anyway? Scott is a fan of Doctor Strange and he has a vision for him, plus he already knew from the start that this movie isn't going to be R rated. I have a feeling that when they say "creative differences" it's more than the horror elements, it is probably means that Marvel wants to bring to many fucking characters in the movie to a point that it will feel like an Avengers 4.5 instead of a darker Doctor Strange movie. I hope I'm wrong but I think that Marvel wants a fucking theme park…

  27. If you aren't willing to wait for a good movie, or a good game, then you don't deserve one. NEVER complain about pushed back release dates. longer time means more work, and more work means better quality. Let studios and developers know that it's okay to perfect the art in this mediocre, over-saturated market.

  28. Ant man lost the director without issue, although Gaurdians of the Galaxy did with issue. Idk, I do hope this leads to marvel zombies! 🙂

  29. What are the odds it has to do with rating? Disney wants PG13 which makes for crap movies in general and really crappy "scary"movies

  30. Think he hates mcu and he probably wouldn't fit, as he is his certainly own master but, Terry Gilliam could make one hell of a Dr Strange movie.

  31. Goddammitt………!!!!!
    Few Disney assholes wants evry film to be soft… Why not fcking explore horror side of Dr Strange comics… It will be amazing…

  32. Marvel fired him due to lack of woke ideas. Probably want someone of the same caliber as the Captain Marvel 2 writer

  33. Jordan Peele should direct he has proven his talents in horror and suspense as well as comedy he has also proven an ability to stand up to studio interference. it is also clear that he is the type of director that would respect the source material

  34. Meh. Marvel barely missed a bit when they switched Ant Man directors, we'll be fine. I'm more worried about Fiege possibly retconning stuff from Marvel TV.

  35. I don’t understand why these films even need a director… it’s all just storyboarded scenes anyways… it’s not a doom for the movie or MCU but is for Non blockbuster cinema.

  36. Why would you get excited about any other horror movie director approaching the project when they’re likely to deal with their own creative differences with Marvel?

  37. I’m guessing he wanted to make a horror movie with Doctor Strange but Disney probably over exaggerated how much he could do with the horror genre tone.. he wanted a horror movie maybe pg 14.. but seems like after Star Wars 9 outrage Disney is pulling back a bit on the MCU, keep it cookie cutter Is the slogan for Disney right now.

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