Who is The Child Spirit at Equinox HQ?! – REAL PARANORMAL FOOTAGE – SB7 Spirit Box Session #5

Who is The Child Spirit at Equinox HQ?! – REAL PARANORMAL FOOTAGE – SB7 Spirit Box Session #5

Hello this is Andrew from Equinox Paranormal We’ve had some spooky goings on in Equinox HQ So we have got some gadgets set up here and let’s see what comes through Over the past few weeks, we’ve all witnessed The spirit of a young girl Wandering around the different rooms in our house We’ve heard her singing and we’ve heard her calling out different names, especially the name of our cat So we thought we would use some these gadgets here and see if we can make Some communications with this young girl To see if we can find out some information about her Before I get started, if you like Paranormal investigations, ghost hunting gadgets or spooky locations Please check out our other videos and while you are there give us a subscribe. On this table in front of me here I have an SB7 Spirit box, which gonna be The main thing I do today I’ve got a little cat toy… which… has stopped working There we go, so if it’s hit, it will flash We have our Rem-Pod as usual K2 meter And I’ve also got our paranormal puck And it’s currently recording temperature, humidity, air pressure All sorts of things like that And I am going to put a little box, somewhere on the screen That’ll show all the changes in the different measurements as we’re going on through this video I’ve also got a Francesca Sat off camera Say Hi … “hi!” She has Ovilus and she’s gonna use her Medium abilities to See if we can communicate with this little girl So let’s get started! Okay, calling to the little girl that we have witnessed around our house Could you please come here, into this room Come forward and communicate with us. We’ve got various different things dotted around the room That was like a shout then through there I was about to say she is here She’s at the door You can see Poppy has noticed it too Ah the cat is looking Ummm… got various different things Please try use your energy to talk to us Also Francesca over there She can communicate with you so please Say something to us! Can you call Poppy for us? I will It was I will or I wouldn’t I think it was I will Francesca! Hello! That was really clear Yeah, who just said my name? Radio Come on, talk to us nice and clear Did that just say “Francesca” again? Someone else just said my name, yeah It didn’t sound like the same lady though No Hello! It’s quite good because my name is like, 3 syllables Yeah Can anyone say my name? I’m feeling a bt left out… Did you hear that? That was a scream mhmm that didn’t sound very nice… Who screamed? I did? I did It was “I did” was it? Yeah Why did you scream, love? Are you still there? Sure? Yeah It closed itself down… Doesn’t make sense.. let’s go back to the spirit box Okay Oh… Oh… It’s died The Rem-Pod died Who are you? Andy? Unless they are calling you? Anyone call you Andy who has passed over? No.. Is your name Andy? I’m sorry… Stop eating ice! I’m pregnant… and I’m anaemic… We still don’t know who the little girl is What was that then? I don’t know I’m not little or something? The girl that we’ve seen and heard We’d like to know who you are That’s why we are sat here now We want to know who you are You’ve shown yourself to us, we’ve heard you So come and talk to us Are you shy? I think so Okay so, that’s a woman Come on, say something that we can understand please Would you? Hear me Can you not hear me? That said We can hear you That was a violin What was that? That was like 4 or 5 words It was It was *Imitates Sound from Spirit box* It was I’d like you to tell me Something that was important to you Andrew I thought it said my doll I don’t know, We will have to play it back I thought it was Andrew, but go on You can talk to us Trying to talk! Yeah, that was definitely I wasn’t mocking you then, I was copying how the voice sounded Nice and posh that was Do you play games with our son? Yep! Yeah Can you whistle through the box? What was that? What was that? It was like a rumbling sound It was like, over there wasn’t it? By here somewhere I think It was that side of the room We’ll be stopping this soon so Is there something you would like to say to us before we go I didn’t quite That was What ever that was That was a couple of things Who are you? I’ll ask that again, who are you? Come on, tell us who you are Oh my god, it said poltergeist again And then bridge, jam Who are you? No negative poltergeist is allowed in this house! I don’t know Friendly spirit Positive spirit You know, any spirit like that Is more that welcome here Any bit of negativity Is out that door That.. Uh… Light just turned off Why has my light turned off? Can you see what the screen says on the back of it? 0 7 It’s boiling hot mind Ah take the battery off then I don’t know how… It’s a slide Right, so.. Uh… my light died


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