Who Are You? A Happy Person or a Better Person? | Happiness Challenge Day 11 | Swami Mukundananda

Who Are You? A Happy Person or a Better Person? | Happiness Challenge Day 11 | Swami Mukundananda

over the last 100 years of human history
the number of millionaires on the planet Earth has increased a thousandfold but
have you read or heard anywhere that the number of happier people multiplied even
tenfold if not then does it not mean that the
external luxuries and opulences are not correlated to the inner happiness today
on this 11th day of this happiness challenge as we proceed deeper into
learning the art of happiness I am going to discuss with you the connection
between becoming a happier person and becoming a better person if happiness
lay in success and fame and popularity why then was Elvis Presley so unhappy he
holds the record of the maximum number of albums sold in the history of
published music in the 1960s he was the icon of an entire generation he was
called the king of rock and roll or merely the king however what was his
public life in his last few years his daily routine went something like this
when he returned from his evening performance he would tell his servants
give me the first hit they would offer him
different colored crystals barbiturates and shoot a syringe under his shoulder
blade he would just revive himself in time to go for his public performance
with the help of chemicals and when he returned the same routine would repeat
itself when he died people could not figure out whether it was a suicide or
an overdose of drugs look at this person who had tremendous good looks a golden
voice immense popularity and a huge amount of wealth yet he was bankrupt
from the insight contrasts him with somebody else who had practically
nothing and yet seemed to have discovered the art of happiness this was
Helen Keller one of the very popular philanthropists of the last century when
little Helen was only 18 months old she was stricken by an infection as a result
of which she lost her sight and hearing together when somebody touched her she
would throw a tantrum when she became six years old her mother took her to a
nearby school for the physically challenged and Sullivan the principal of
that school that’s little Helen and she threw a
tantrum as usual and Sullivan told her mother leave her here tonight I will try
to communicate with her and then place little Helens hand under a water faucet
and on the other and she wrote the letters water all of a
sudden a light went on in Helens mind for the first time in her life she
realized that physical objects have designations our names she became so
excited she wanted to learn more names by night she had learned the names of 30
objects after that there was no stopping her she grew up and started reading
books through Braille language for the blind
she took admission in the women’s wing of Howard called Radcliffe College she
started twirling and serving humankind but she was still not satisfied she
wanted to give lectures so while Ann Sullivan spoke Helen through
kinesthetics understood how she was moving her throat and lips and
miraculously she was able to replicate those sounds
she started travelling the world giving lectures and died at the ripe age of 87
she said at the end of her life this world has been so beautiful I have
enjoyed every moment of my life now contrast Helen Keller with Elvis
Presley what did Helen have that Elvis Presley did not one Western philosopher
John Milton expressed it so well when he said the mind
is a place of its own and in itself can make heaven out of hell and hell out of
heaven this mind of ours is so powerful sitting in the midst of heavenly
luxuries it can make us experience the torments of Hell and sitting in the
inferno of hellish conditions the mind if it is calm and peaceful can make us
experience heavenly pleasures that is why happiness is not a function of the
externals but dependent upon the inner state of our own mind think about this
today and think about how so many people are rushing for external enhancement in
the illusion that it will bring them happiness while actually they are merely
chasing a mirage and then tomorrow I will complete the dots and show to you
how all you need to do to be happier is to become a better person thank you you


  1. In tool #11, Swamiji beautifully narrates examples of two very different people, Elvis Presley and Helen Keller, who were inspired by very different things in life. Presley was blessed with immense material gifts yet his later life was shrouded in pain. Keller was born with dual sensory disabilities and yet she was inspired to make the most of her life. It’s our individual perspective and philosophy that helps us to control our mind. Thank you, Swamiji! #HappinessChallenge

  2. Happiness is not external and does depend upon only our internal state of mind. Swamiji is illustrating the concept with real life examples. We must follow each of Swamiji to make ourselves better person and happier.

  3. Watch this fantastic video on happiness and its connection to your inner world. Very often we see that people are running after material enhancements, which never result in inner peace. The reason is that the happiness we seek is an internal resource available to us at all times and doesn't depend on the externals. So, let us shift our paradigm, and make ourself independent of the outside world and beautify our inner world. Look forward to the next clip in the #HappinessChallenge!

  4. It is most important to become a happier n better person than a wealthier one ! Thanks Swamiji for this #HappinessChallenge!

  5. This video clip has so much wisdom in it. We often hear of individuals who are in position of great power and responsibility but resort to alcohol and drugs to cope with the demands of their life. We are always in fear that it'll be snatched away from us. Without identifying this insecurity we build up more handicaps.

  6. Very inspiring example about Helen Keller who had practically nothing but enjoyed every moment of her life. The mind is the reason for everything. It can make heaven out of hell and hell out of heaven. Thanks Swamiji

  7. We have to stop waiting for things or events to Happen to make us Happy. Happiness is not tied to Happenings but it comes from Being Happy. Wonderful examples of Elvis Presley and Helen Keller to remind us to constantly practice Being Happy.

  8. Very nicely explained with two examples which are a way too apart. Good to know the consequences of the thinking of our own mind. Very strange and enlightening to hear the story of Elvis priestly who was rock star and yet to have miserable 😩 life behind the seen. It opened my eyes no matter what material luxuries we have we will never get satisfied from with in as our own happiness lies on our thinking and ourselves. In contradictory to that story, Helen Keller who was blind and deaf achieved success in her life just by inspiring herself through learning and studying and diverting her Mind through service. Amazed to hear the last words of her life which she enjoyed every moment of it … This is very eye opening for me to look inside for happiness instead outside or from external objects…

    Thank you Swamiji for your wonderful lectures.

  9. We are all fighting an internal dilemma , theres no chemical in the world that can fix this or external object to heal this. it's constantly applying these spiritual practices in your daily life and having faith that will heal us. This all takes patience and time.
    Thank you swami ji 💙

  10. Happiness and wealth are not related. One can become rich by any means of work but if they are unhappy from within then that success also is not enough. If you are happy and better person, not only you change your life but everyone that comes in your association.

  11. External wealth does not make us happy but with inner happiness we feel peaceful and content. Swamiji has
    explained so beautifully this concept by giving us real life examples. Thank you Swamiji.

  12. No amount of material treasures can give us even slight amount of happiness. Its an art that Swamiji teaches, I really want to practice and be happy.

  13. On day 11, in this extremely inspirational video Swamiji beautifully recounts two contrast real stories of Hellen Keller who was blind and deaf yet with her positive mindset achieved so much in life and said, “I have enjoyed every moment of my life in this beautiful world”.  Elvis Presley on the other hand, had everything in life such as wealth, good looks, fame, golden voice, yet due to drug overdose died at the young age of 42 years.  Our happiness purely lies in our positive mindset and not on the external material objects we accumulate. These can only provide external comfort, not inner true happiness.

  14. Swamiji clearly clarifies with real life stories that happiness in life doesn't depend on the external success, fame, or wealth we accumulate but on our mindset.  Our mind is a very powerful tool, we can either make it our best friend and experience heaven in hell, or we can turn it against us and experience hell sitting in heavenly luxury. Taming the mind in the right direction to become a better person is the key to true happiness in life.

  15. So beautifully explained with the great examples of Elvis Presley and Helen Keller.It has really helped me understanding the different perspectives of lives.#HappinessChallange has given me a new perspective of life .Thank you so much for the series

  16. Swamiji's pravachan is especially relevant because the search for happiness is not only becoming tedious but also somewhat discouraging. Swamiji has explained
    so beautifully this concept by giving us real-life examples, Elvis Presley and Helen Keller. External wealth does not necessarily make us happy, but with inner happiness, we feel peaceful and content. In previous talks Swamiji mentions that Self-reflection becomes a forced part of our culture, telling us to reevaluate our otherwise perfect jobs, relationships, homes, and lives.

  17. Radhe Radhe Swamiji.Thanks for Happiness challenge series as it helps us to Stop from running in opposite direction of Happiness.We have been stopped by your Happiness signal and started finding happiness in right direction.Now it depends upon our speed and maturity to follow.कृपा करो बरसने वारी तेरी कृपा का भरोसा भारी।

  18. Happy or Better Person — Day 11

    — Elvis: bankrupt inside
    — Helen Keller: enjoyed every moment
    — Mind: Heaven or Hell
    — Happiness: not dependent on externals
    — Internal state of Mind

  19. Happiness depends on the state of our inner mind. Mind is so powerful it make hell into heaven or heaven into hell.

  20. Nice explanation with example of Elvis 🕺 Presley & Helen Keller of happiness is from inside and not from outside materialistic opulence . Must watch this video for real happiness from within . Thanks 🙏 Shri Swamiji for this Happiness Challenge .Radhey Radhey ! Jai ho!

  21. Happiness depends upon our internal state , it is independent of external circumstances!!
    Great examples!!
    Thank you so much Swamiji tool 11# is very effective and practical

  22. Nice explanation that no correlation between happiness and increasing oppulences , fame and power . Happiness is a state of mind . It is from within inside out. Good analogy of Elvis 🕺 Presley and Hellen Keller real life story . Thanks 🙏 pujya Swamiji for giving this simple but important wisdom . Even the current richest man is filing for a divorce 😳

  23. Day 11 Tool eleven.. Swamiji here explains that happiness is an internal job not external. We keep on running behind materialistic things to find happiness but only end up being unsatisfied and unhappy..
    If we are happy from within and content from within, the external factors wont matter..
    Helen keller and Elvis Presley’s example explains it all.

  24. Thank you Swamiji, for making it so clear how one can become a better person from the inside and then experience heaven regardless of external circumstances 🕊💗

  25. So nice example! Swamiji clarified-True Happiness is an inner quality. When we are in peace we are happy. If we have everything in this world-pleasure ,possessions, power-but lack of peace of mind, we can never be happy.

  26. Elvis Presley and Helen Keller , such a great comparison and John Milton quote, it is great piece indeed. Thank you so much.

  27. #HappinessChallenge Day 11 is to not be dependent on the external objects for your happiness. Happiness is the resultant of your inner state of mind which is not an external function. Swamiji explains the art of happiness with contrasting life stories of the King of Rock 'n Roll Elvis Presley and deaf-blind Hellen Keller.

  28. Through the tool 11 swamiji tries to explain two types of people by taking the example of Elvis Presly and helen killer. Elvis Presley who lacked will power lead to his death but killer who inspire of being blind she motivated herself, by her will power to achieve the impossible.Radhey Radhey🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  29. Happiness depends on the inner growth rather material influences or convictions. Thank you Swamiji for explaining the secrets of happiness.

  30. Our happiness depends upon our inner peace and not on external objects…Thank you swamiji…radhey radhey 🙏🙏

  31. Radhey radhey
    Thx swamiji for making me understand that inner happiness is not dependent on external environment.

  32. Contemplating on this Day 11 challenge, I was looking inside myself, trying to go deeper within, almost moving behind my being, trying to see that really what I am is the witness to "self"…it's scary…at first. I start to think of all of the time I've wasted letting my mind instead of my intellect be in control, but then trying to remember it's only my mind that is making it scary, really I am safe. I am beyond everything that can be touched, and I need to discount the things happening in my mind and take control with my intellect and become a better person within.

  33. Excellent real world examples of Elvis Presley and Helen Keller to convey a powerful message – Happiness does not depend on external objects but depends on the inner state of mind! Thank you Swami Ji!

  34. #happinesschallenge Radhey Radhey thank you Swamiji . Yes happiness is within, only a perspective away. Seems you take away two senses youre two steps closer to discovering your treasure chest of happiness buried just beneath the surface of the material garbage that blinds us from it! So being blind and not being able to hear is a blessing and a curse. Having so much talent and fame a blessing and a curse. If we can find the blessing within the curse there is some truth and happiness there🙏🏻

  35. A lecture that makes us all ponder on where our locus of happiness lies. By focusing on inner growth, one builds resilience that helps in overcoming challenges in the external world and find lasting happiness.

  36. Inner happiness is not dependent on our external circumstances. We have the misconception that getting the material enhancement can quench the thirst of our inner desire. Happiness only can come from within… By becoming a better person we can be a happier one.. concentrating on SWAMIJI's Happiness challenge to change my life in a better way to become a happier person than ever.. Thank you so much Swamiji

  37. Thank you Swamiji for providing us these wonderful tools to develop happy and positive attitude towards life !! #HappinessChallenge

  38. Radhey Radhey Swamiji! Thank you for creating 21 days Happiness challenge series video. I simply love it. They are worth to watch it multiple times. No management school or doctor can teach you to remain Happy forever. I guarantee whoever will invest 20 min to watch this video will get a big smile on face. It does nourish the mind and Soul. Thank you very much, Swamiji

  39. By being a better person always, are we becoming more submissive and let others in the workplace etc take use for a ride ?

  40. आप हींदी मे प्रवचन लेंगे तो जिन्हें ईंग्लिश नहीं आती है उनका भी फायदा होगा

  41. Swamiji, I attended the happiness challenge. That was wonderful. Such good examples swamiji has given. Our life is precious. We should be understanding the reason and utilizing the correct way.

  42. Swamiji, I attended the happiness challenge. That was wonderful. Such good examples swamiji has given. Our life is precious. We should be understanding the reason and utilizing the correct way.

  43. Swamiji, I attended the happiness challenge. That was wonderful. Such good examples swamiji has given. Our life is precious. We should be understanding the reason and utilizing the correct way.

  44. The perfect person is one who is without desires, mind is tranquil, who hates nobody, and heaven and hell are equal to him, unaffected by the pairs of opposites, unmoved by pleasure and pain. Thank you Swamiji!

  45. Radhey Radhey Very True our real Happiness is not depend upon on our external environment , Thank you Swamiji Radhey Radhey !!!

  46. What Swamiji says is ofcourse great.,.but what attracted me was the way of presentation …ideas are expressed with utmost clarity … never rushing in … thank you Swamiji …

  47. Truly being better person brings happiness, which leads to positive mindset.
    Wonderful example given by Swamiji though Helen Keller was handicapped found happiness by becoming better person while Elvis Presley life is miserable failure though being popular icon.

  48. Happiness can not be depend on external environment ​,such an wonderful example of Helen keller .on other hand Presley was blessed with immense material gift yet his later life was shrouded in pain.

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