What Question Should Unsettle the Atheist the Most?

What Question Should Unsettle the Atheist the Most?

– [Russell Moore] What should unsettle
the atheist the most is the fact that there are certain intuitions that we have,
that love is real, for instance, that there’s a purpose behind our lives,
that there’s a sense of justice that’s not simply about who’s in power,
but our transcendent sense of what is right and what is wrong. Which ought to lead us to the question,
what if our intuitions are right? What if the intuitions that we live by
actually are correct in the way that the Bible says that they are
because there is a God? And if there is a God,
and I believe there is, then that means that our consciences are
pointing us toward judgment, which means that the intuition that we
have of having to give an account actually is true. And if that’s the case,
what hope is there for us? Well, the blood of Jesus Christ.


  1. "Why did I die – eternally separated from God – without having made Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior?"


  2. Nope. No question "unsettles" me in the slightest. Certainly, that one doesn't. But my questions certainly seem to unsettle Christians. At least, they rarely even attempt to answer them.

    For example: How about one piece of good evidence that your god actually exists outside of your imagination? Or: Do you have one piece of good evidence that any of the magic stories in the Bible actually happened?

    Oh, and by the way, I don't seem to have those "intuitions." Oh, I do think that love is a real emotion, but it's not an intuition. I go by the evidence. And I don't feel that there's "a purpose behind our lives," unless you mean that people typically have kids because they want them. I don't feel that there's justice in the universe, either, except what we human beings try to do, ourselves. If you want love, justice or purpose, we human beings have to provide those things ourselves.

    None of that seems to require a god – any god, let alone a particular one. And as long as no Christian has even one piece of good evidence backing up their god claims, why should I believe them? (I'm not asking for vague claims, let alone a Gish Gallop of vague claims. But if you have anything at all, one example shouldn't be too much to ask. But it always is.)

    PS. As I said at the start, no question unsettles me. Feel free to ask me whatever you want. However, I expect conversations to be a two-way street. I'll happily answer your questions, but I expect you to answer mine, too.

  3. Love is real. We experience it. What has that to do with an ancient tribal god whose priests claimed liked killing children most of it and boasted of it?

  4. You're saying "if god is real, then someone will judge me when I die". That's impossible. I'd be glad to demonstrate why.

  5. You think these things should unsettle an atheist? Well then maybe to need to stop pretending to know anything beyond your tiny little religious views.

  6. Your intuition knows about the minor deity Yahweh from the Canaanite Pantheon? Why would your intuition want to worship that deity instead of the creator god El? That “intuition” is our hyperactive agency detector. It is why we made everything in nature into a thinking agent and god. That’s why all of our first gods were river, sun, earth, thunder etc gods. That intuition is why we think a noise in the dark is a ghost coming to kill us. These are leftover from our evolution and probably served us well to be on high alert from predators that hunt at night. None of which is evidence that the Bible is true. Especially when we know so much of it is false.

  7. There is NOT justice is Christianity. Vicarious forgiveness is unjust. If you wrong me, then only you can rectify that. Punishing someone else is not justice. Allowing rapists and murderers to live in eternal bliss just because they accept a story, is not justice. Torturing otherwise good people just because they couldn’t believe in a magic story that has no evidence to support it, is not just. Condoning rape, genocide, and slavery is not just.

  8. "…certain intuitions that we have, that love is real, for instance…"

    That's… not an intuition. 'Love' is the label we apply for a set of behaviors shown by people, and one we ascribe to the internal feelings that go with such behavior.

    "…that there's a purpose behind our lives…"

    Most people search for one. But they are searching for 'work', a job, something to do with the life they have.

    "…that there's a sense of justice that's not simply about who's in power…"

    It's more that we'd like there to be, or that we have a sense of 'unfairness' which is common to us all as we are a social species.

    "…what if our intuitions are right?"

    That's not the question. It would be how do we determine if they are?

    "What if… there is a god?"

    And what if it's a god other than yours?

    And what if there's invisible demon watching you right now!?

    'What if' is meaningless unless you can demonstrate it.

  9. Are theists not Christian atheists , not humanly possible of love because of not worshipping Jesus as Lord, and when a Christian harms another human they are being an atheist?

  10. I'm sorry. But do you think we should be unsettled by a "What if" question? Do you ask this "What if" question because you don't have any data to indicate that your intuition is right? We know human intuition is wrong again and again, and I could easily remind yourself that my intuition is that there are no gods. "What if" I'm right? See? We need more substance. Do we have any?

  11. Nope! these questions pertain to everyone. The difference is how we address them. One way is to be honest, and say we don't know. Try it, it works every time. Now the other way is to have faith. Which means you really don't know, but believe you do, or will know in the future. I've seen theist claim that morals, and emotions are more then natural. And that they set us about from other animals. The problem is they don't.

  12. So we've evolved as social creatures with certain intuitions about family? Why in the world would that be unsettling? We also obviously care more about our family then other families, more about our community then communities across the world and we can't even deal with the emotional impact of millions of people dying other then in an abstract way. None of this is unsettling, it's what we'd expect from some evolved primates.

  13. Perspectives do matter, especially when it comes down to Reality!

    What is reality? Is it based on what can only be seen, touched, heard, tasted or smelled, or is it spiritual meaning supernatural?

    What is its origins?
    How does it define love and justice?
    How does it define humanity?

  14. how self defeating. most poeple dont believe in your god. so shoulndt their intuitions be followed by you then?

    cast out jesus from your heart today!

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