What is Reality? Synchronization Workshop Introduction by TEAL SWAN, The Spiritual Catalyst

What is Reality? Synchronization Workshop Introduction by TEAL SWAN, The Spiritual Catalyst

– So now, it is my distinct honor and privilege to present my dear friend my mentor and my guide Teal Scott Hi everyone! – Hello – How’s everyone doing today? – So good! – Oh good! So, I am going to begin today,
’cause I see some fresh faces, explaining what it is that I do
in these Synchronization Workshops So, when we have these spiritual gatherings,
a lot of times you’ll hear the words “energy” and “vibration” but they come to be sort of like
“Catch phrases” Meaning that a lot of people speak them
but don’t really understand what they mean, so To begin with, energy is what’s making up all that is If you look around yourselves most arbitration briefly pakistan’s integration suddenly pop up handed the passbook is that you’re listening to this against and that formulations experience when he was asking me made in hong kong lifestyle watch fiction it’s not like a lot of depression working for the rest of it minitel so i’m good morning alright otherwise it let’s look at all so if you don’t know about you know searching for everybody and even experiencing janet moving around you know i shared by three so what do i do because i think it will take place unable to watch Subtitles by the Amara.org community


  1. Request: when you are uploading Teal's videos, the sound needs to be enhanced. She speaks too fast and some important parts get garbled. thanks

  2. I wish that were true!!! That way I could feel a little less bad about being a "criminal" but regardless that doesn't make you a bad person! Just someone who doesnt like to follow rules lol silly goose

  3. fucking witch, what is wrong with your kind. Stupid seed. Read the bible it's the ultimate revalation the new testiment.

  4. SomeUser9753… you are simply filled with pure hatred and can't imagine that a nice looking woman can be also beautiful inside, bright and intelligent! You missed the main point of your own religion; to do to other what you would like somebody do to you as well to like your "brother" and "sister". Instead of losing time on hate, evaluating people and putting them down, try to see the good in them! Good luck!

  5. right she a nice fuck, but nobody wants to intercourse with crazy bitches. From what u said I'm not worse than her :).

  6. "read the bible" yet you hate
    "read the bible" yet you curse
    "read the bible" yet you condemn
    "read the bible" yet you judge
    "read the bible" yet you fear
    "read the bible" yet you ignore the most important messages recorded within it.
    you should read the bible, and this time read it from a space of love from which it was intended to be interpreted, then live the love as it is written; exemplify it, then you may say unto others, "read the bible."

  7. Stop looking for people to follow. You dont need gurus, masters, spiritual leaders. YOu have already been given this, YOu have Buddha, you have Krishna, Dahlia lama, you have a teacher…You've heard of Jesus Christ haven't you? then why more spiritual leaders? YOU ARE A COMPLETE BEING OF CREATION. YOu dont need anything else, thinking so would be to say the creation is incomplete. God is inside you, Love is inside you. Thats your connection with the infinite.

  8. anonymus are allways looser, since ever only big mouth ..they never winner
    becourse they not have any courage, only jugding
    everyone has the choice to love or to hate
    Teal Scott is brave woman with a open heart ! thank you for sharing this…

  9. your ignorance and insecurities are showing. don't let them control you. i wish you peace on your journey towards knowing yourself better, and learning how to treat others with the love and respect you so obviously crave.

  10. Hi Sevio. Then live the love as written and intended by who? The Bible is full of riddles and paradoxes that divide not unite. "Read from a space of love" you say. Not possible. Look at the conflict it causes. Live by common sense and stop using the bible to beat people over the head with.

  11. Teal was learning the art of presentation here. You have to start somewhere. She has done some wonderful presentations since this one.

  12. I'm not a follower of the bible or a member of any other religious sect. I was simply stating that if you are going to claim one then express all of it's aspects simultaneously instead of picking and choosing sections of it to abide by that serves you best at any given moment to, as you say, "beat people over the head with"

  13. Hi Sevio,
    Sorry, it looked like you were advocating reading the Bible. I have yet to meet a Christian who has bothered to read all of it. Non Christians like Christopher Hitchens know the Bible far better and run circles around the Bishops and other self created cardboard cut outs that call themselves Cardinals.

  14. yeah, blind people will eat this up as well as the dull with "profound thoughts."  I love them, but they're dalits, and I don't mean the trapped people from India.  They scribble things without meaning them or even knowing what they're talking about.  They are all over the internet, and they find true love in the wrong places.  They can't even understand that they're wrong half the time, and there will be a fiery denial of their stupidity..  You can only explain simple things to them.  I'm part Dalit on a circle.  Anyway, Teal is interesting, but, like so many others, her thoughts appear to be largely unchallenged and poorly developed.  She uses definitions in strange ways, like she half-way studied them and doesn't understand their true meanings.  I like when people challenge me, which hasn't happened in a while.  It's halting my development.  It appears to be halting Teal's, too.

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