What is a Quincunx in Astrology? FAQ answer by Nadiya Shah

What is a Quincunx in Astrology? FAQ answer by Nadiya Shah

hello fabulous friends and fans welcome to this frequently asked question video I am your astrologer Nadia Shah thank you for being here I love your questions Facebook Twitter Google+ my website Nadia Shah calm so please do keep them coming love your curiosity about astrology and I always try to acknowledge them even if I don't always comment or I'm able to reply personally I do give it a thumbs up or a like or star whatever the case may be just to let you guys know that I am listening and I so appreciate your interactions this question comes from Facebook and laneah asked about quincunx is how do I interpret them what do I think about them so this has to do with aspects okay so let me just talk a little bit about aspects in astrology there are the traditional aspects and these are the aspects that are listed in the foundational text to Western astrology which is a text called tetra bitless by Ptolemy and it is about 2,000 years old a little less than 2,000 years old so this is something that you can read actually online you can read the translation online and in this book he outlines ptolemy outlines specific aspects and these are what we call the true the classic aspects traditional aspects Ptolemaic aspects these are the names that they go by and they are the square which is a conversation of tension and motivation the sex style which is a conversation that motivates you to take action to create positive outcomes the trying which is an easy harmonious conversation of blessing an easy flow of energy in the opposition which is when two planets stand across from each other in the sky which is sort of as it sounds it can be like it can play itself out in relationships where we project one planet on to the other but ultimately this has to do with balance it has to do with balancing two different energies that on the surface seem very opposed but ultimately are on sort of different ends of the same spectrum and then there's the conjunction which is two planets meeting in the sky so those are the traditional aspects and I always always give them emphasis I remember so many years ago in a seminar when I was in graduate school we had so many amazing really renowned astrologer teaching seminars when I was in graduate school and one of them was Bernard Eccles and I remember in his talk he said that rather in the seminar that he led I remember him saying and this really made an impact on me he said you know if something is actually happening in somebody's life then you should be able to see it in the traditional aspects it should show up there I mean really once you have those basics down everything else sort of builds on that and you should be able to see it now there are because astrology evolves right it's the process of responding to whatever culture it finds itself in and also astrology evolves based on our understanding of ourselves and our place in the cosmos so the more we learn about ourselves and our potential and the the vastness that we can be the more we come to understand about the sky and how vast the sky is as well and the more our astrology reflects these understandings so it is understandable and it and it would be you know it absolutely makes sense that as astrology evolves new techniques arrives new interpretations arise and as part of this part of these new techniques aspects as well we come to understand the conversations different planets are having with greater nuance as well in greater depth and so the quincunx I actually did speak about this in my book it is generally considered a minor aspect however it is sort of I like to think of it as that in that land in between major aspects and minor aspects okay the major aspects are the traditional aspects and then we have major configurations which I talked about once in a while which is when a lot of major aspects sort of get together to make an even more major aspect as a simple way to put it for example if we have what's called a trying and easy flow of energy when we have three planets involved on either on different parts of the sky it makes what we call the grand trine so we've got three trines happening simultaneously it's a grand trine for squares happening simultaneously it's a grand cross or grand square now we've got that in-between space between the minor aspects and the major aspects so the minor aspects are things like semi squares semi sextiles and and so on there are many minor aspects out there a quincunx is so now let me define the quincunx a quincunx is when two planets are standing across from each other but they're not in opposition they're off by one sign so instead of having two planets across the same spectrum they're still across from each other but not in a perfect opposition they're just thrown off by 30 degrees if you will on either side so they're just thrown off a little bit just one sign if you will and so whereas normally it is the sign that is seven signs ahead of yours because there's 12 signs essentially and so if you are in the first sign whatever your sign may be and if you count forward with your sign being first the seventh sign that you get to is your opposite sign now we are looking at with a quincunx the planet is not in the seventh sign but it's in the sixth or the eighth sign okay so that's technically what we consider a quincunx it's not exactly the opposite sign but just one sign off on either side quincunx is again there in that in-between space between a major and a minor conversation which is why I do touch on it a little bit in my book and I do occasionally use it however I personally and I have made another FAQ video this week that has to do with unexpected planets if a planet is not having any traditional aspects but only has a quincunx I still consider that a none aspect of planet so I'll talk about that in another video published at the same is this about unexpected planets but quincunx this is how to interpret quincunx is each planet in the sky represents an aspect of your soul a drive a need that your soul has the the sign that that planet is in suggest how that part of your soul is expressed how that part of your soul is able to be experienced by you and the aspects speak to how it is that that part of your soul connects with other parts of your soul in order to more fully realize itself in order to more fully develop in order for you to more fully honor the needs at that part of your soul has when two planets are in a queen so these two different parts of your soul because we're all complex people we all have different sort of drives and motivations one part of you you know for example one part of you might want to be with somebody and experience like a carefree kind of romance another part of you might want stability and security and a mortgage and so these are two you know very clear-cut different parts of you maybe the mortgage not necessarily related to love maybe there's a part of you that wants to live on the road in hotels and another part of you that wants a mortgage and wants that security of a home maybe that's a better example but these are different parts of you still and they both in their own way need to be acknowledged and need to be honored in the same way with the planets we've got these ten major planets in the sky and then depending on your practice you may also consider asteroids and fix stars and on and on but I like to look at the 10 major planets or eight planets to luminaries and I like to look at the needs that they have when two planets are in quincunx these two planets like communicate they are communicating they are in aspect and they communicate in order to help you realize and fulfill the needs of that planet but they do it in ways that are unexpected and surprising so these are the keywords where it comes to quincunx is it's one planet speaking to the other planet arousing or causing the needs for one of the planets to arise in ways that seem to come out of nowhere in ways that don't necessarily make sense in ways that feel like okay I kind of need balance but I don't think this really is about balance and in ways that can really lend themselves to feeling like okay wow I didn't realize that this is one way I needed this need to be acknowledged I didn't even realize this need was there I didn't realize I could use this part of myself to fill this need so let me give it an example because examples are always a lot of fun let's say you have got to keep it simple let's say you've got your Sun in the sign of Aries okay and you have got your Mars in the sign of Virgo so it's not in opposition but it's in the sign of Virgo so it's in a quincunx you've got Sun quincunx Mars okay so Virgo is six signs ahead of the sign of Aries there's that quincunx the Sun represents how you step into yourself in this lifetime it's you getting in touch with your center your core it's you coming into your life you becoming more self-possessed so it is you coming to understand how using your will is gonna allow you to be more you so to be more conscious of how you're using your will as a way to express and further embody who you truly understand yourself to be the Sun is something you step into over the course of this life Mars has to do with your personal power it has to do with being deeply honest with yourself and coming to a place of self-knowledge and then exerting yourself in the world from that place it has to do with passion and attraction yes sort of what turns us on if you will it also has to do with what drives and what motivates us on a much deeper more basic level on a very early level of maybe even childhood early level and it has to do with sort of our survival mechanism right like what what mechanism do we kick into and it becomes a matter of survival when the energy isn't so elevated so here we have your desire to to really become you to really self actualize and it sometimes out of nowhere you've got to say okay wow is my energy being used towards my self actualization or is it not like how do I actually you know feel comfortable and I'm able to react on an immediate level while still being conscious and consciously stepping into who I really am and who I believe myself to be now this is just looking at it from a planetary perspective in need of the soul not counting so much the the energy of the sign which becomes a lot more about synthesis and becomes a lot more nuanced and a lot more particular to a purser ttan so let's give just one more example let's say you have got Venus in one sign okay and then eight signs ahead of you you have got let's say Mars again right so Venus is what we believe we deserve it's how we attract it is allowing ourselves to receive love money softness pleasure good times it is giving ourselves permission to enjoy being a human being it is being receptive Mars is active you know as I said it's about you know what we immediately react to it's about how we go after what we want how we summon our inner warrior so we are asked to bring these energies together in ways that can sometimes seem to come out of nowhere so just out of nowhere it might feel like a situation comes up and we want to go after it but it's saying wait a minute do I deserve this but want to take action and I feel so drawn to this but oh my god can I actually not necessarily can I actually do this but more like am i able to allow my own intention to allow it to come to me be enough of an action so that's one way that these energies can tend to play out as well so with the quincunx as i said i don't give it that strong an emphasis but it is still another layer another conversation that can be had that can help you learn more about yourself as you explore your chart as you play with the different archetypes come to understand these different parts of you and how you can utilize them to morph more fully fulfill your potential in this lifetime the quincunx can certainly be one part of that coming to a deeper understanding of who you are and how it is that you can create a life that feels truly representative of the best of you well thank you so much again for your questions again please do keep them coming on social media and through my website Nadia Shaw comm so grateful for this moment with you until we connect again take care


  1. Hi Nadiya!
    Thanxs for your videos always want to learn more!
    Once i read a Quincunx is a a Trine + Square but still tough to interpret the one on my birth chart. I have Saturn 19º Aries 11th Quincunx Mercury 20º Scorpio 6th.
    I wud love and appreciate to hear your vision of these 2 together  🙂
    Blessings to you <3

  2. Hi Nadiya!

    I love your videos.  I've studied astrology for nearly 20 years and have heard several meanings of the quincunx (inconjunct).  One is as you described, a surprising and unexpected realization; I've also heard it conveyed as a karmic aspect…I've had many relationships with this aspect and it makes me want to work harder on the relationship.  I've also studied solstice points (Aries solstice point is Virgo, Pisces solstice point is Libra, Aquarius solstice point is Scorpio….etc…) I have often mistaken Virgo energy for Aries energy, Pisces for Libra, Aquarius for Scorpio…etc.  I wonder if someone has a quincunx with two planets that are in each other's solstice point signs if this may actually be read as a minor conjunction (or a night side conjunction of the planets, as solstice points are considered the night side of the sign.)?  I have only one quincunx in my chart, Jupiter and Pluto, who are in each other's solstice point signs (Jupiter in Pisces, Pluto in Libra…1 degree orb 8 and 9 degrees).  Jupiter is the ruler of my Sun, mercury, venus, neptune and NN, Pluto the ruler of my Ascendant.  I also wonder if this plays out in synastry, as there could be underlying conjunctions and oppositions between signs on the "night" side.  I hadn't really thought about my own chart quincunx, but as I ask the question above, it gives me something to think about.  Thanks for igniting a new topic to research.  

    All the best, 

  3. Hey Nadiya I just had a thought and I would love to share it, I think it would be cool if you could do a FAQ video exclusively on the Age of Aquarius, if you have cool insight into this new era of human evolution

  4. Thank you for these wonderful videos Nadiya. I am a cancer rising with Lilith in my birth chart. Can you some day talk about Lilith a little more in another video and it's affected energies?

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