What Do We Know About Britain’s Spy Agencies?

What Do We Know About Britain’s Spy Agencies?

Following the release of the latest James
Bond film, UK job searches for the MI6 spy agency reportedly rose by more than 230%.
What exactly does MI6 do, and for that matter, what about MI5? Or MI19? What’s the difference? Well, British MI, or military intelligence
services, were founded in the early 20th century. At the time there were ten branches, and by
World War Two there were more than a dozen. But not every MI section actually provided
intelligence. Instead they were responsible for making sure wartime logistics were in
place, such as supplying military maps or helping troops evade the enemy. When the war
ended, most of these branches, from MI1 to MI19 were dissolved or absorbed by the remaining
intelligence services, MI5 and MI6. So what are their responsibilities today? Both services function to collect information,
or intelligence, in order to support relevant agencies like law enforcement and the military,
among others. The big difference is that MI5, or “The Security Service” monitors and
operates domestically, while MI6, or “The Secret Intelligence Service” provides foreign
intelligence. A direct comparison to the United States would see the Federal Bureau of Investigations
representing MI5, and the Central Intelligence Agency as MI6. Another way to say it is that
MI6 spies on other countries, and MI5 tries to catch other countries spying on them. For example, as the domestic intelligence
agency, MI5 began collecting telephone communications data in bulk following the 2001 September
11th attacks, not unlike the NSA in the United States. This mass surveillance was only admitted
to in 2015, more than a decade after collection began, and due to the legal framework behind
it, there was little oversight or regulation. However, the foreign intelligence service,
MI6, has been a national secret since its inception in 1909. It actually took until
1994 for the British Government to officially acknowledge the existence of the organization.
Even today, almost no information about it is released. It is not publicly known exactly
how many people work for MI6, how big its budget is, or who even works for it, besides
the acknowledgement of their Chief, Alex Younger. The MI6 motto is even “Sem-per Occ-coul-tus”,
Latin for “Always Secret”. It is almost ironic that the more secret of
the two, MI6, gets considerably more press and attention. But both MI5 and MI6 work to
protect the United Kingdom by keeping an eye on both internal and foreign affairs. We’d like to take a second to thank our
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  1. 2 min of explanation whilst not reveiling a lot of information, and 1.5 min of advertising! Not a good video… You can do better!

  2. it is the oldest in the world our intelligence services where founded by royal warrant by queen elizabeth 1st the new MI6 –
    MI5 Are the inheritors of that early 15th – 16th century that's why they have the Tudor rose

  3. To apply for MI6 They need to see your penis. I'm not even joking… It's an actual requirement. Does anybody know why?

  4. Mi5 is nothing like the FBI it's more like the domestic side of the cia. Britain's version of the FBI is the NCA

  5. MI5 and MI6 are only the UK secret agencies. Scotland and England have their own secret agencies whilst Northern Ireland has a pseudo-Secret agency to target IRA terrorism.

  6. One thing I do know is the pay is absolutely shit, and that public service pay should be drastically raised. I'm very supportive of high pay in the current areas which receive it, as well, but teachers, protectors of our nations, and all other public services really, really deserve so much better than what they get.

  7. MI5 is not an equivalent of the FBI. They don't have the same powers as the police for eg. The MI6/FBI comparison is more or less good though they have more scope to operate domestically if needed.

  8. The. Mossad has the best assassination access like 1972 MUNICH Olympics. The walked into to hotel and tool out 12 Black September' members, and walked out no identification needed. No other spy agency has such assassination prrvledges.

  9. The head of the M I 6 is always called C While the head of M I 5 is called M .Both services are forbidden to spy on the Queen.

  10. They help to create terror and terror hoax, they do not help to find any terrorist cause all terrorist belong to their group. Secret criminals, simply as that.

  11. British intelligence is most horrible than Soviet Union I lost my job living in distress with family but this coward regime is worse than taliban alqaieda alnosra toward Shia Muslim

  12. از شاهم دلالا من. خالص به خسورا من دستور دده م دنیایه ده وه ره. حظورا من. .ادی نادم چی فرمان خنجی شیفا و درمان.

  13. I wonder if fictional spies are helpful to the real intelligence agencies since they can distract from the way their operatives really work. If you have an impression from the James Bond films, as many people do, then perhaps they feel this is how real spies operate (which they don't). (As I understand it real intelligence officers are closer to used car salesmen or managers who watch what you're doing.)

  14. If they are spying in other nationalities or other nations, they needed people who speaks different languages or speak the language they are spying with.they must speak local language and English language as well.

  15. You have other agencies GCHQ Which is Like the NSA in the US. And the British Armies Intelligence Corp. Which is broken down into various sections. and also the National Police Intelligence units based in Scotland yard which work closely with MI5 and MI6 at times The over all head is called the JIC (Joint Intelligence Committee)

  16. UK is weak and pretentious. It only shined for like less than 300 years and it has been falling off ever since the beginning of this century. Its history’s short and shallow too. FYI, the so called English people didn’t even have their own nation until the 11th century. Btw, I’m Chinese.

  17. Missing Children interpol and missing Children FBI Alex and dad return the Child
    Data spionage einterteinment and design is still illegal under federal international law USA 🇺🇸

  18. Walson is an asset- back off and leave him alone. He has broken no law. Failure to comply will result in conflict.

  19. You don't mention the third main intelligence arm of the UK – Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). Why?

  20. I guess you need to be a real superstar to work at the cia or mi6 …..you gotta be in the "straight a club" …….only elites get to work in those places …..

  21. Domain dot com is probably not a good place for hosting your web site ….. by the sound of this video, its probably an MI5/6 front ….!!!!

  22. MI5= Secret Secruity Service. Works domestically only in United Kingdom and has a duty to protect the queen the government Its National Secruity and all nationals and citizens within the UK.

    Main Roles
    Counter terroism
    solving serious organised crime
    Counter espoionage (traitors or foreign spies operating within the UK.)
    helping police with cases

    They can operate abroad but need a serious reason to but would need to have some,british involvement In it. Like if the mising deceased or victims were british. Would need to be a highly serious case only.

    typically don't carry gun
    typically don't operate abroad.

    MI6= Secret intelligence Service operates abroad almost entirely,of not all the time targets foreign spys governments criminals or terroists wanting to leak secrets harm or Injure the UK and it allies and intrests In anyway.

    Counter Terroism
    Major Crime that affect UK government or Intrests or poeple.
    Counter Espionage

    Typically only operate abroad.
    Typically carry weapons/guns

    GCHQ= Eyes and ears of the digital world Laptops phones Email everythijg edward Snowden related they bassically the same as the American NSA.

    They store filter anything coming In and out of the UK and then decide to store investigate or delete It.

    It's goal is bassically the same gater intelligence whever possible and catch them out by hacking them or monitoring them through survialliance (digitally).

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