Week of January 5, 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

Week of January 5, 2020 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone it is Sloane Rhodes here with
your spiritual guidance for the week of January 5th 2020 Happy New Year happy
new decade everybody today excuse me I have a little bit of cold that has been
lingering today I’m trying from the vintage wisdom or contact by Victoria
Mosley and if you haven’t seen the life purpose career and money readings they
are up and available on youtube for each individual sign so if you’re interested
you can take a look at those and they are are also available on the audio
podcast so you can listen to them where you’re driving around or whatever and
there are links below for that or you can just google Sloane Rhodes podcast or
put into your whatever search engine you use ok that’s go ahead for the week sorry that’s so loud ok expression and ancestors interesting
under the deck well we are just coming off the holidays it may have been that
there was quite a bit of family time you maybe even reflecting on it now that
we’re sort of over it for many of us the holidays are over and so it may be that
you are feeling that that pulled towards family Heritage’s heritage legacies you
may even just be again processing a lot of family stuff this week family issues
it’s also a beautiful energy as it is under the deck here to think about
patterns that exist in families whether they be patterns of dysfunction patterns
of wealth patterns of poverty patterns of joy patterns of play and where you
want to bring those forward into 2020 in your own unique way we have this idea of
expression how do you express what you have inherited in many different ways
and how do you express that as the individual you taking what feels right
and true for you and bringing it forward and allowing and honoring the ancestral
patterns paradigms as they are without from a shift or change them necessarily
they were theirs and now you have your own expression that is unique to you so
it’s really kind of a fun way to kind of start the new year actually building
upon ancestral lines legacies heritage paradigm a
paradigmatic expressions right how do they express their own
ideas and is it right for you it’s okay to and it may not always feel okay
but it is to UM honor your family and to shift into a new way of being without
fighting against it so many times with family you know there’s this this fight
to express our individuality to express ourselves in a different way and many
times it shows up because it feels like yeah some ways we have to fight for our
survival in order to be different right but that’s part of the growth that’s
part of why we have these families so that we can help so we can let me not
use the word help so we can connect to what we’re truly trying to express our
soul wants to express in this lifetime and this week in particular it looks
like ancestors family it’s something you’re sort of grouting
yourself in as you launch into the new year and how you express it how you see
yourself how you see them and how you can beautifully transform all of this
understanding and knowledge and family history into something that is unique to
you then the unique way that you express it again it’s not always easy because
our families can fill it quicksand but sometimes and especially if you feel
very different within your own family say everyone’s a lawyer and you’re the
artist right it doesn’t mean that they don’t have artistic tendencies but your
expression of that family dynamic is coming through more artistically more
obviously artistically or maybe they’re not artists that are just very linear
logical right and here you are in flow seeing Beauty everywhere or even tragedy
you know just because you’re an artist doesn’t mean that you are joyful many
artists feel a lot of pain but whatever way you want to express that it made to
your family bead too so foreign that it frightens them
maybe because it frightens their own artistic sensibilities their own
emotional of seeming frailties so this is why it’s important that we each
express ourselves in our in the way that feels best for us because it helps to
grow and expand the family paradigms and dynamics whether they want you to or not
but sometimes it does feel like you know oh my god my family is gonna like not
like this all right I don’t fit into my family but as we grow on mature this is
the process of individuation maturation in life we don’t conform as much to what
the family expects so there’s a lot of different ways that can play out and it
may not be this particular expression for you this week but it’s something to
play with maybe you’re all exactly in alignment
with what you enjoy but what is your unique take on that what is your unique
way that you kind of imprint your own signature into that it doesn’t even have
to be with the family it’s not about proving anything to them or showing them
up or do anything like that it’s about your expression of it now for
some of you – it may be that this particular week you have a lot of family
connections a lot of family time and how does the family as a whole continue to
express itself in the new year it may even have to do with inheritance legacies you may even be redoing your
wills this kind of thing so it’s going to play out differently for everybody
but it is about the expression of the ancestral line either with family or
separate but in your your own unique way let me see if there’s anything else I
want to say about this there’s all of this you know butterfly energy which of
course as you know from symbology that does relate to transformation transforming growing but it does have to do with how you see
it you know look at her eyes what is it that you’re wishing to
express into the future it’s almost like having a long-term goal in some ways as
I see it look her eyes are just piercing someone says she’s seen it so it may be
that this week – you don’t actually express it verbally it looks like she
has a veil over her her mouth but you’re beginning to see glimpses of it and I
will also say this you are piercing through the veils of family dysfunction
as well everyone’s going to have their own different take on this trust your
own instincts – when you see these cards what it means for your life or there may
be something I say that sparks your own knowing and wisdom it could because it
is our own unique journey obviously anyway so I hope that you find that
helpful of course as always and I wish you much love for the week and if you
would like a session with me you can go to my website Sloane Rhodes comm much
love to you all


  1. Thank You Sloane This is exactly what has been going on in my mind right now. Such synchronistic timing. Amazing this happens often with your dissertation.

  2. "Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent." — CG Jung. What frightens family is their UNLIVED LIFE the you happen to remind them of. So, good for you. Keep going forward in the direction of your dreams.

  3. This is exactly where I am right now. I grew up in a family where there was a mindset that every little luck I have took something from them. I married into the same kind of family. It feels exactly as quicksand. I try to make a little room for myself where I can exist. And it is hard because deep in my I think now that everything I do for myself I take from others and I want everybody to be happy….

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