Week of December 29, 2019 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

Week of December 29, 2019 Spiritual Guidance with Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone it is Sloane Rhodes here with
your spiritual guidance for the week of December 29th 2019
now this week it is my last video for the year I thought it was gonna be last
week but I actually had time today so I thought I would do one more for the week
and also so I can wish everyone a Happy New Year coming up it’s been a wild year
I have to say for me personally and this globally as well
so I’m really curious to see what’s to come for all of us in 2020 but this
reading is just for the week of December 29th 2019 or whatever you happen to be
watching this video or listening to this reading let me say it almost every week
all of my videos here on YouTube are available in audio format on the podcast
Sloane Rhodes podcast there are links below you can also go to my website
Sloane Rhodes calm to find it there too so that way you can listen to these
readings when you were out and about okay so the week of December 29th 2019 are the messages today I’m drawing from
the astrology reading cards deck by Alison Chester Lam note illustrations by
Richard crooks I hope everyone’s having a good holiday
season okay cancer and the fifth house under the deck this energy is emotional
sensitive caring and loving it may concern family a mother or child that is
the text on this particular card for some of you you may actually be
giving birth this week or you may have this an extra special bond with your
child I told him this week or that they may be on your mind more under the deck
we have the fifth house again um relationships with children lovers the
text on this card where you have fun romance and create things you are proud
of again a heavy emphasis on children with both of these cards and however
that may play out for you you can also be looking back you know looking back
towards the past fond memories I see it more as something that stirs the heart
here with this cancer card for the week so it may be that this week in
particular since the school that’s what we’re talking about it’s this particular
week there is a heavier emphasis on your emotions not uncommon during the holiday
season I do see that this feels a bit more and maybe slightly melancholic but
mostly it stirs the heart so whatever you are reminiscing about or thinking
about or experiencing emotionally it is helping your heart to grow and expand
and allow you to move through those emotions
in a way that is healing for you but you have to be prepared or willing to move
through the emotions it can be scary to feel those emotions sometimes you might
feel like you’re being ripped apart or sometimes you might feel like if I allow
myself to go there I’ll be too sad I won’t have to get out or if I get too
happy then I’m gonna jinx it if you know those all these little games we play to
try to sidestep the emotional realm and this week you’re being encouraged to
allow yourself to feel it knowing that you are stronger than you can even begin
to imagine and allowing yourself to enjoy the emotions as they move through
you you’re not gonna get stuck in them you know you can always set your
intention like I’m gonna feel what I feel I’m gonna allow myself to move
through it as opposed to getting stuck in it could also be a parental figure you may
be on your mind this week again we have the holiday so it’s not uncommon to have
family be in focus there may also be an Aquarian individual who’s prominent in
your life but again for me for this week the emotions feel healing there’s a
healing energy around them so allow yourself to move through them to
experience them cry if you need to and then move through it you know that’s so
you know many times we feel like um our emotions are a weakness or I’ve even had
people say or be confused around law of attraction but if I allow myself to feel
sad won’t I attract more sadness no you know you don’t wanna be in denial if you
feel sad feel it express it move through it so that you can heal it you know
because if your denial if you’re in denial about your emotions if you want
to look at it from law of attraction then you are just creating more
instances and circumstances and relationships where there is deep denial
so allow yourself just yes I feel sad I feel slightly melancholic perhaps you
know I feel joyful I’m not jinxing anything I’m allowed to experience a
whole product of my emotions emotions are teachers you know again tremendous hope here with all this
sort of Aquarian energy of these stars maybe get outside too you know many
times we may feel trapped within family or within our emotions and if you can
get outside and you’re able to see the stars it helps to kind of Humble you a
little bit take you make help you to realize that you’re not it’s not just
you and on the planet you know with your home personal problems or personal
triumphs it’s about your connection to all right
and you are just one small piece of this a very integral important part but there
is more to the experience of life than just your own personal lens and
sometimes that could feel very freeing and as I mentioned handling so if you’re
able to go outside at night and look at the Stars
it helps they can’t help to facilitate a greater sense of well-being knowing that
you’re not alone and that there’s much more to our existence than just our own
personal story through the lens of the ego right then we have the fifth house
under the deck your relationship with your children lovers as I feel this card and this energy it’s
an underlying energy we have Gemelli under that there is a very masculine
kind of energy to this and it’s tremendous warmth with that it’s funny because we have this software
can Sarah and energy with the mother-child imagery here and then we
have here I feel like more of the masculine energy that are buying
masculine again not necessarily about an individual in masculine form of an
energy of divine masculinity which is about the Sun the solar energy right and
the cancer ruled by the moon right that lunar energy so we have a kind of a
combination here of the divine masculine divine feminine frequencies working more
together you know and when the divine masculine isn’t really emitting
channeling that divine masculine energy again it’s an energetic frequency it’s
not related to gender you’re channeling that and then flow with that you’re
taking care of all you know all the energy is going out in order to
accomplish wonderful things for for the many rather than the few you know so
with that that strength that divine feminine can come in and help guide it
with her her deep intuition that divine feminine intuition so they’re really
working beautifully together it looks like the divine masculine being so
strong here kind of anchoring this energy and the divine feminine feels the
safe in the security is an energetic frequency to flow in working with it you
know it’s really beautiful energy here as we go into a new new year Wow
interesting okay so very flowy reading this week not a lot of practical
guidance coming through it’s more about helping you to attune to the energies of
your own emotions allowing yourself to feel your way
through this week whatever it may be knowing that you’re not going to it’s
not going to destroy you or it’s not going to jinx you you know whichever if
you’re on a particular end of the spectrum again it’s a spectrum so you
can expect that throughout the week or throughout your life even there will
always be a flow on there doesn’t stop and start anywhere
allow yourself to flow through your emotions to suite whatever they may be
and the emotions of others you know you never know what people are going through
or experiencing or feeling so be kind to yourself and to others of course as
always and if you need to lend a hand to somebody and you feel inspired to do so
or be a leader for someone you know you show others how to be in the world by
how you are in the world you know the expression you show others how to love
you of course by how you love yourself but you also show others how to how to
feel emotion by the way that you express your emotions and individuals in your
life will see you expressing great emotion whatever way that might be and
moving through it with grace or even moving through it with agony but coming
through it you know that’s inspiring to others so remember
that you’re never doing it alone of course and you are influencing others
even when you can’t see it something to think about something to
play with this week all right I wish you all much love a very Happy New Year and
I will see you in 2022 the


  1. Thank you for another great reading. You look incredibly beautiful as always. Hope you have an amazing New Year and 2020!

  2. Thank u darling!! U are amazing..happy new year may it bring u so much love! πŸ₯°πŸ˜˜πŸŒΊπŸ’πŸŒŸπŸŒ πŸŒŒ

  3. Thank you so much Sloane for this last reading of 2019 ❀
    I hope you're having a great new year and I send you alot of love and light into 2020 πŸ™

  4. Hi, I just watched a video of yours on about the bloodstone.
    It resonated with me. Being drawn to the stone. I never knew why.
    I actually just got one it's more red with green and is a raw cut. Not polished (tumbled)
    I've been looking for actual uses for the stone to explain why I have to have it with me.
    If you don't mind me asking, how strong was the pull of it for you and what do you think about it?

    Oh oh oh! I subbedπŸ–€

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