Water for Happiness: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

Water for Happiness: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

The other day I was sitting at a dinner table And a family of 8 people was sitting like this.
In our culture there are so many beautiful things And the lady of the house…a Grandmother Said a very beautiful thing She said, “These days we are eating or drinking anything and everything.” “Do you know what we used to do earlier…” “If we sat like this…” “and water was served, we would drink the water..” “We would drink half of it” “And half would remain” “And after we would talk for 10-15 minutes…” “after that we would not drink that water” Why? Because she said that water would have absorbed our conversations of 10-15 minutes Vibrations of people sitting around the table went into that water That water was then thrown away And they used to get fresh water Power of water As is the water you drink, so will be the words you speak. People never took their utensils back without a reason… They used to carry water from their houses only And today we say that “They are…”?? What do we say about them?… What do we say about them?… Whichever house you drink water from… You consume the state of mind of that house as well Whichever house you drink water from So all the vibrations in the environment of that house… Are consumed by us as well This is proved scientifically You go to google and just enter ‘Water Memory’ ‘Water Memory’… full scientific That how water has high memory and water traps vibrations And water… Retains what it has trapped And 80% of our body is water… So it will affect us Now, We have to eat in the hospital (as doctors) We have to drink water in the hospital as well But before consuming food and water what can we do for 30 seconds? We can pause… And remember God before consuming it… It was taught to us since childhood What was the reason behind remembering God before consuming food? The plate and food is in front of you And a lot of vibrations are there inside it… From the person who made it And even from the person who grew the vegetables Today we are aware of the state of mind of farmers… They grow those vegetables for almost 6 months to 1 year The harvest the crops Their vibrations are also there Then it goes to the market See the environment over there… After that it goes to the shops What’s happening there… And then it comes to our house… So many vibrations came along Then somebody makes a dish out of it So there are vibrations of 4 states of mind, on our plate Now what will we do? Just for 30 seconds… We will think of God and His powers… We add to the food And whatever change we want in ourselves I’m a divine soul… I’m a peaceful soul… I’m a powerful soul My body is perfect healthy Add that intention into that food and water As is your food, so will be your mind. So if you add a thought “I’m an Angel” into your food Then when you will eat that food… It will work on you And the thought of “I’m an Angel” will become natural But if we decide that we are an Angel And then we consume food and water which have vibrations of an angry person Then we’ll say, “I had thought of not being angry today” “Then why did I get angry” Food and water is a very big reason Why we are not able to sustain what we decide For our transformation Because with food and water we are consuming other people’s vibrations It will take only 4-5 days to create this habit No matter what you take inside yourself Add the energy of God into its vibration and then consume it Protect yourself… This is protection of our vibration Can we do it for 30 seconds? Can we do it for 30 seconds? Bring your glass of water in front of you like this And do it in such a way that no one gets to know about it Bring it in front of you The powers of the Almighty God… His Purity… Love… Is inside each and every drop of this water This is not water this is “Amrit” (A divine syrup served at places of worship) I am a divine soul Every relationship of mine… Is very beautiful My body is perfectly healthy Today, every soul who meets me (doctor) His happiness and health is definite Now drink it… Now this vibration will work on you until and unless you consume next glass of water It’s so easy It’s so easy… It’s easy isn’t it? What did we make of water? We converted water into “Amrit” We used to go to temples to get a very small amount of “Amrit” What was inside that “Amrit”?… Someone added God’s energy into it also. The vibrations added in remembrance of God So every time we have food and water… If we Energize them in remembrance of God And then consume them Our energy won’t deplete Because through food and water… Vibrations of the environment are influencing us Can we do it from today? Can we? Do it for yourself… And for your family Do it for your family too If you want to give someone some message… If you want to quieten somebody’s mind If you want to change someone’s Sanskar If someone is ill… Now what do we do… Unintentionally She’s not improving… Today too fever didn’t come down I don’t know when he will get well Unintentionally wrong energy goes inside it If fever doesn’t subside… what to do… he will need to be hospitalized… We add wrong energy since we are unaware…
That’s why with awareness we need to add right energy Today also we had a fight Now I don’t even know for how long he won’t talk to me… Every time this happens to me We put it being unaware So now he won’t talk to you for another four hours… Now do the opposite of this… Get him water instantly…with whomever you had a fight Experiment and see how you will get the result Ask him to sit I’ll get you tea… Then go inside Think of God… Add those vibrations and give it to him Within 5 minutes see how the situation starts changing It’s power… It is a lot of power Every time we worship… we sprinkle water around to purify…it is for a reason So what was inside that water? High energy vibration… Mantra (A Spiritual hymn) We take that Mantra (A Spiritual hymn) and sprinkle water around the house… Sprinkle on the people too And say purification is done… Which is true But that purification is just for that time frame until and unless we don’t consume some other water Then what will happen to the effect of that purification? It fades away So we need to purify water each time it is consumed We need to purify food each time it is consumed That’s why whenever food is made over here… And whenever we make food at our homes or at our centers… After preparing, we take small amounts of each dish and keep them in a plate And meditate for 5 minutes over it Just the way there is a room over here called “The meditation room” So we have these small places at our houses for meditation So we sit there…and after meditation Specially put those vibrations in that food And then mix that food with rest of the food Then we serve it to everyone If this starts happening in your hospitals Patient won’t even know why he is feeling so relaxed over there If the mind is relaxed… body will heal faster Behavior… Will be simple and easy Just with food and water


  1. I love you shivani didi i love you very much 🌟💚🌟🌟💚🌟💙🌟

  2. शिवानी दीदी यू आर अ ग्रेट शोर आई लाइक यू ऑल वीडियोस आई वांट टू फॉलो ऑल योर थॉट्स

  3. Wow. .
    Everything U are talking about is already written in the Last Scripture, the Divine Scripture,
    The Holy QURAN.
    Only thing is that the People have hidden it from the Public (to earn some money & false followers).

    This is what the Creator/Parmatma/ Eshwar/Allah, has Guided Us towards
    Peace, Truth, Happiness,
    Meditation, Success, Prosperity in this World (Earth) & after Life.

    Try to Read the Translation atleast Once to know the TRUTH!!
    Om Shanti Om!🌹

    Lots & Loads Of Love To Shivani Mam!

  4. Agar khana banane ke bich me koi kaam aa gyaa fir koi dusra bana raha hai toh kya meri vibration kaam.maregi usme

  5. Aur kabhi kabhi man bura sochne lag jata hai lkn sochna nhi chahta toh kya gandi vibration chali jayegi khana me tab kya karna chaie di

  6. Wow!!!
    I am a peaceful soul
    I m angel
    I am a powerful soul
    Feeling very high when I only tell these sentences

  7. Very nice. Video .Ye hamari purani parampra he .Yehi gyan didi log ham logo ko de rahi he.thanks ..🙏🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🌹

  8. मै कभी बोलती ही नही थी बहुत कम हम दिल अपनी आत्मा और परमात्मा के भरोसे चलते थे पर लोगों नजर मेरी जिंदगी को खराब कर गई

  9. शिव भैरव श्वान
    तुम स्वयं तो दुखी रहती

  10. भारत का दुर्भाग्य डराओ पैसे कमाओ
    यह कलाकार है सब ड्रामा है
    एक शो के 2 लाख लेती है देवी जी

  11. You are right mam,
    In our religion (Islam) also ,we start eating and drinking with the word "BISMILLAH". – which means with the name of "ALLAH"…

  12. Ager hum kisi ke bare m galt sochte h… Kyuki usne heart kiya h…. Kya hmari vibration us ensan tk jati h…..plz reply

  13. Acchi baat hai sirf hinduon ke liye Hoti Hai Sab acchi baat Muslim log per Kuchh Nahin Hota yah sab Ham acchi baten Karte Hain Ham unke liye Achcha Karte Hain vah Hamen khate Chale Jaate Hain Hamari betiyon ko Muslim banaa Dete Hain aur ham baat karte Rah Jaate Hain

  14. Didi muje thik karu please muje man ki saanthi chaye aue kuch nahi u are beautiful woman in world agar aap jese loga ho jaye tu kitni sundar dunya hogi like peace

  15. Di do it will work as whenever I go to drink water I find some dirt is there an after drinking it my mind becomes negative n bad thoughts starts coming. I had gone to several dr's n spiritual persons but it is not helping me.

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