Wall Street Warriors | Episode 9 Season 3 “The Beatdown” [HD]

Wall Street Warriors | Episode 9 Season 3 “The Beatdown” [HD]

Coming up next on Wall Street Warriors:
It’s a dogfight out there every day really is to honor my friends with
everybody in that crowd definitely not there is that cliquish this a little bit it’s kind of like this survivor island
mentality where you try and find that band of brothers Cheryl seeks to expose
patent invalidity there’s consensus that patents that are issued overly broader
knowledge when you trade just before big moving a stock the SEC tends to take a
look at some of the concerns that we’ve had is whether this is ethical why not i
think we’re at a pivotal point in the market right now one that could be quite ugly you may
actually see history being made here today working with for example coming
fighters i’m going to lead them to the path of financial freedom at those in
hard years and punching ahead I’ve got to make sure these guys have a fuji
pretty soon they’ll have the six-figure fights seven-figure frights next year
might be in an arena talking at the major fight and that’s what I don’t know yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah like 240 my pit is the most competitive
environment I’ve been in my life it’s a dogfight out there every day
really is yeah I’m training for my company they’re
trained for their company if you don’t compete and you don’t fight you’re going
to be the guy that’s out of the crowd and they’re going to replace you with
somebody so you gotta fight every day to honor a trading is complex there’s a lot involved you can’t just
come down here and be the smartest guy down here because you’ll get help out
there you have to be able to get along with people you have to know when to
calm it down a little bit when to turn it up a little bit my friends with
everybody in that crowd definitely not what does he it’s been around for a good trade with
the trade what if i could get along with everybody i would but that’s not like
that’s not reality you see clash of personalities very
often down here I mean lot of type-a personalities ego ego oh my god surrounded by it querido
there’s certain guys that we’ve had run into that I will never talk to you again
there’s certain guys I’ll be cordial to and say hi to hey help me a little bit
closer now and there’s certain guys I consider really good friends of mine in
the pic mighty love being your gonna hug on camera we’re not gonna hug there is that that
cliquish this a little bit within some groups in some areas of trading it’s
kind of like this survivor island mentality where you try and find that
band of brothers adult is that too happy look at it’s all about the way you
handle yourself out there too close to him yeah yeah you know it’s in be honest be
straightforward and be out there to do your job that is respected today I’m
going to meet with the patent attorney who is launching a hedge fund are you rich Taglianetti here for Cheryl
we’ve been following cherem alone for about six months and the goal is to
raise money for her red share how are you great to see you like our company
seeks to expose patent invalidity that will have an adverse effect on the
stock’s price of the company holding this path and Cheryl seeks to capitalize
on that revelation how did you come up with this idea to
build a fund around this concept as a patent attorney i came up with a better
way of finding validity evidence we have a global online community where we
invite technologist to send us validity evidence called prior art right so how
would that translate into opportunity we execute trades with an anticipated
market movement based on the release of our information what Cheryl does when
she identifies prior art and the possibility of a patent becoming
invalidated she establishes a short position in that company’s security
which will enrich her as the news is broken and the company loses its
stronghold on that particular product the United States Patent Office doesn’t
have the resources to keep up with looking at the validity of each one in
the detail necessary so there’s consensus that patents that are issued
overly broad or possibly invalid it’s an interesting concept she’s
certainly found a niche in a difficult market i’m going to meet with an
investor very Fox later today I prepared to tell Barry that based on everything
that I know about Cheryl and the model that I think it’s
worth taking a closer look you’ve got your website up you’ve got your you’re
building a community you’re targeting a launch in 60 days I’ll meet with Barry
and then i will look to circle back with you later in the week technically I appreciate your confidence
and we’re going to be worthy of it my pleasure I think right a pivotal point in the
market right now one that could be quite ugly the markets totally news driven but
even good news these days it’s perceived as bad bad news comes out we go down ten
percent good news comes out we go up one percent all this uncertainty in the
market i think is going to make for panic in that panic will mean that we’re
gonna break the lows gold is going lower oil is going stocks are going lower
bonds are going lower interest rates are basically zero there’s no place to hide there’s no place to sit in safety when I
see Tony up at the trading wall and he’s been his analytical mode that’s what I
know it’s really serious people are losing millions of dollars tens of
millions of dollars we’re in a historic situation you can
see the market has just fallen now in just that little talk it’s moved 200
points were down to 8122 we’re approaching eight year lows you may
actually see history being made here today I’ve got myself set up today so
far i’m going to just sometimes you need to step away from the flame and that’s
what i’m going to do i’m just going to step away from the market see what
happens I’m set up for downward move I don’t know if it will happen up but
we’ll see i get a little to put up so shut down for now and and and come back
later nights one of our goals this year was to tap
into the sports networking world by fucked up with this box and manager
Kelly richardson i’m heading up there right now to meet couple of boxers that
have come into some money from some fights that they had I was derided well are you know traffic
lane you see if we can close to these guys here and then you explain
heavyweight champion that would enable Madison no saying this is Bridget create
underneath it and this is zach jail champion new york city right now we’re
having so offerings boxing game he’s got to make a ton of money as we all know
but is the money believe is at the end of the night they have a manager
promoter is a sinus I’m and I’m gonna take already financial situation these
guys you know right now they making five-figure checks but pretty soon
they’ll have this six-figure fights seven-figure fight tried starting to
make me some money to put them in a situation where they don’t lose their
money that’s exactly what we can look to do money that’s generated will put into
something that the principal is protected and you can get a decent
return my main concern is I don’t want peace prize the end up after ten hard
years of driving with me and punched in the head and they ninety-five percent
right after they have 0 money when every time they can take a family they have no
medical insurance they have not even home living I gotta make sure these guys
have a future exactly what you said Moyes is just bad financial management
because everybody wants to live the life you want to have these high luxury cause
these luxury homes and they’re not thinking about tomorrow you know the market right now is crazy
so I don’t want to recommend any stocks and I think the best thing is the US
Treasuries it’s one hundred percent our principal protected is backed by the US
government is tax-exempt don’t have to worry about paying any capital gains tax
on the money that they make you can start with five thousand dollars in
there you go check ran into these these t-bills t notes so the daily seeing the
way the system works it was right over the plate damaging to
my campaigning with don’t happen to be a baseball game and clubs are playing
right now Cubs are on the bigger are you heard a
guy hit a grand slam in a baseball game there’s a huge cup white sox robbery in
this crowd it splits the city right down the middle
explicit floor right down the middle as well there’s a tree and hatred for each
team from the other side 51 years of being a club fan White Sox
scores 50 more years of being a loser White Sox what do you think we’re
raising the sell-side day I’m a cup and a diehard Cub fan unfortunately if I grew up on the south
side so i have to be a Sox fan from New Jersey ok the epicenter of Chicago is madison and
state that marks 000 on the address map and if you’re north of that that line
you typically grew up becoming a Cubs fan and if you’re south of that your
sacks and sacks park is on the south side of the city wrigley field is on the
north side of the city itself so I guys really let it be known that they won the
world series 105 and we have wanted in over a hundred years last week and one
day after the club’s lost that came in here wore white sox had upset and tired
of being a loser for 51 years switching over the last night the sax lost 110
feet a club back gocubs me I stay out of it how much cargo fail right yeah we should
all rules for both struggle teams i think it’s called family for lunch I’m going to meet with Barry
Fox Hill truly appreciate what Cheryl does and he’s in a position to invest
the significant amount of money he likes what he sees how you doing yeah so it’s good to see you making it
through this crisis yeah mostly I haven’t been taking any
meetings because the market is so bad so you have a silver lining for and I think
I don’t even think there’s opportunity I’ve been working with a gal for the
past six months who has an interesting model its prior art and invalidating
patterns she’s been a patent attorney for the
goddess and she realized that someone could live by sweeping up after the
patent office looking for holes in their process ok so when she deems the patent invalid
she establishes a position in the security be it long or short then they
will disseminate the information you know when your trade options just before
big moving stock the SEC tends to take a look some of the concerns that we’ve had is
whether this is ethical or not that the information is gotten from the public
domain it’s perfectly legal the beauty of this
is she’s using the internet she goes out to the primarily the technology
community or the gate community and she rewards them for delivering information
just on her website rather than go out and find the needle in the haystack
she’s having the haystacks and the needles at you that’s brothers I was an
incredible filter and it’s an incredible concept that we want new ideas
non-correlated ideas we like that a lot it is going to be a little more
difficult because so many things are beaten down there may be less of a
premium in them for what she’s looking for people are trashing stocks even if
they think they have good patterns so this would be a tougher time for her to
not premiums out of stocks because there aren’t that many premiums she’s
targeting companies that are overpriced and are there any left yeah yeah working with kelly and some of these
up-and-coming fighters i’m gonna try to lead them to the path of financial
freedom you see a lot of these athletes like Evander Holyfield and I was it make
something you made some good money so what I’m looking to do is when you
get your size which ex we put it away so that this thing will be there for you
for rainy day is going to grow we try to you know right now to markets like a
rollercoaster we’re not even playing any stocks or five different ways that
people are still making money so you know you have something a girl your wife
your kids later down the road because you don’t want to blow your money on the
Bentley’s in the Ferraris protect yourself that’s the number one that’s the
number-one rule second rule is what keep your hands up and the third room
don’t you don’t get your get your arm curl over and kids quick i was pretty
intense every show the money man how to throw my gosh I figured since I was
there I might as well get a couple of pointers in on your body they show me a
couple of moons and try to reach for that big fat while you get your bracket
they go like this you throw the jab go try to jab right here on the bag for
people with TV land though with you got going on and you know you’re pretty good
at it it was that contract haven’t had a fight
since in a sandbox but i guess i’m a natural they actually wanted me to get
into risk that was a no go but I did throw on the gloves i’ll do some shadow
box he kind of just showed me how to do the Bob in the eve and just pinpoint
your shot my experience is a hole there was pretty insightful it was motivating
for me to see people aspiring to their dreams that I also think was motivating
for them to see me take my time out of my day to come down to the gym who knows
next year from now we might be in an arena you know talking to our next year
next to ringside after after major at the major fight and that’s what I don’t
do you know it feels good when you can actually help individuals build and
create their financial future right from the ground she’s targeting conservatively
twenty-five percent a year i think she could probably do something north of 50
at amazing we’re not a hundred percent sure how great the capacity will be but
I think it will be more of a hundred million dollars it’s hard for a trade to
go bad in my mind tell me what the incentive fee is going to be the
management fee and what do i get if i come in early typical hedge fund
structure it’s gonna be two and twenty right which you’ll get for coming in
early as capacity which you consult me or which he consulted me before she
takes an additional money to be getting writing I’d like to dip my toe a bit you
know if I gave her 10 million she could do enough positions to test whether it
works one of the issues with her trainer has
to be that people not know that she’s going into the position because people
get to anticipate their moves going to take place before she can get fully into
the position right i think the next thing would be for me to meet with her however take me through it and then i’ll
need to meet with the law firm to of she crushed that absolutely i look forward
to bringing her in okay then it’s already enough that we could discuss
fees alright let’s make money together sounds
good so give me a call you know how to reach
me and we know what when we can meet perfect okay great i’ll talk to you soon I always have a predilection to do
things which brings me because he’s brought me good ideas in the past not
too many winners the these days so that would be that would actually be terrific
10 million works so we’re pretty happy trading floor is a serious place of
business but there’s a lighter side to it a little bit you see a lot of people
joke around down here because there’s a lot of downtime definitely write all my
god maybe maybe agree i think over dried over i was actually myself and I’ve ever
seen you wear there’s so many funny games that are
played down there we have tons of pranks all the time I’ve seen I’ve seen it all
taken 20 so sometimes for kicks we pull pranks and you know newbies
people are just starting in the business telling him to go get an up tick box
thank you get me a box object uptake is something that a stock does but you tell
the guys just trying to make his career donor go get me a box of up texture sure
I’ll be right back he has no idea what you just told him
but he is determined to go get your box of optics and the new guys don’t know
what they’re doing so they just started running around i have no idea it’s the
situation where if you’re new down there expect to be abused and it’s just
mentally you’re going to get tortured and then suddenly you just become one of
us and then he’ll probably do it to somebody else in here coming to the 5957
so 16 and shape three huh what I did what I do my wife i’ll
call a bit i think Judd is one of the funniest guys on the floor golf clap for many everybody going on I was off the other day for work and
while you’re off work sometimes they take your bed and put it in a drawer if
you don’t know it’s somebody will come back and make a funny face to make it
good there’s that’s my brother stands right
next to me chef come on over for a second ride hey it’s good to see you see always a
pleasure to see where’s my money kennedy does this whole birthday thing
this is my birthday book everyone’s birth date on the exchanges listed in
here saturday was Benny’s birthday unfortunately we’re not here on the
weekends to fire multiple we’re going to do it right now hey you guys busy right now oh yeah you
going to study birthday over the weekend let’s get up nor the body making your
old buried in his basement is worried you was good man you’re dealing with
money there’s a lot of tension and if you can lighten the situation a little
bit not too much because of is serious business humor is good markets not doing very
well today we got the options to the S&P 500 which is one of the most widely
watched market indicators week this red line is one month this red line is one
month this red line is one month we’ve had this kind of move in three months we
had this kind of move in one year the game is definitely changing you can
throw everything out that you want to learn its all-new we are rewriting
history this is a close-up of the dow three
weeks long these types of charts used to take years we’re really in uncharted water we’re at
a point where i don’t think anybody truly has the answers we used to have a
guy on the floor who would trade by the Stars my wife’s going to see a
clairvoyant tonight so maybe a clairvoyant has something good to say i
don’t know i listen to anything these days the markets just about to close up
hundred and forty two points it did not go my way I did take it on the chin a
little bit today time to go see the psychic maybe she’s
got some good information to me you really believe in that stuff i mean
i’d like to believe in it and the moon you’ve been and lately it can’t hurt are you fine nice to meet you at the only friend you
are here for anything i am here for me please okay help me out what is it with
psychics don’t any come from America the stock market where we’re at a very
pivotal point right now okay you know we’ll make a new low yes we’ll go higher no.9 or we’re not
going to space be the same whenever I don’t want to be there my wife’s having a great time because
she’s watching me squirm and you don’t get to see me squirm too much now i’m
doing a gypsy convey this just comes from my country you’re going to go on a
trip i am gonna trip here is the future was bright and follow the money and your
boss going to be with you and he opened a new door for you and for consent know
what she had some good things to say i was pleasantly surprised you going to be
excellent in what you’re doing and you’re going to have a lot of money so
far so good i think it would be great for you to have your chakras open up so
yeah I’m bond there I thought I was seeing one sidekick but I got a
two-for-one deal i guess psychics hang out together and become husband and wife
make it like feeling like electric shock or something I know the women take care
of the cards the men they run the chakra table i like how the prom I like you cannot be a woman and touch the
shock with table you must be a man I think you have to be from brazil at
least I got a good half an hour nap at all the way thanks for having us close
my tradition that never gonna have to pretty it is not want pink gloves are
you kidding me do I look like a guy with the Holy me
tell you this man’s hands are hot your kids are hot your hands are on your


  1. The patent idea has very limited potential. You would need a small cap stock, likely a maker of a single product or very few products, and the patent in question would have to be directed to that key product. Furthermore, the prior art you discover would pretty much have to be a very clear 102 reference. You're talking about a very very limited pool of investments.

  2. Thank you again for putting these lost episodes up. Greatly appreciated. Always look forward to seeing new episodes. Will be sad to see the season come to an end.

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    TASTY TRADE!!!!…TOM SOSNOFF AND TONY!!!! …wow!!!…find this Lady Now!!!

  4. Fortune teller was 100% right. For those that dont follow, Tony left think or swim with his boss/partner Tom. They now host tasty trade together.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I really enjoyed a lot. I finished the whole series in one seating. It is so addicting given my passion is in finance. Lots of ideas came up. I really look forward for a fresh series under the Presidency of Donald Trump. It will be exciting to see how the market moves under his governance. Hopefully, more of Toni like Hedge Fund Managers to be featured and hoping to see startups that will lead to IPO. I wanted to see the action on that.

  6. These idiot hedge fund managers are looking around for opportunities with all kinds of bullshit strategies when the easiest money was staring right at their face! The SPY was trading in the double digits. All they had to do is just go long SPY and go long some puts a few points down to provide a price floor. What morons.

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