Walking In On MC In The Shower (Hilarious Mystic Messenger Comic Dub)

Walking In On MC In The Shower (Hilarious Mystic Messenger Comic Dub)

there you are gotcha I think I’m see was looking for you earlier wha you son you saw it didn’t you no I didn’t see your perfect body at all oh babe are you okay oh holy shit oh well I should take a bath before seeing em see since I’m see is in the master suite I guess I should use the guest bathroom do you mean please excuse me and see oh that’s all good hmm and see why are you half error error and there a version with naked men and a version with naked emcee a little something for everything perverts unite [Music]


  1. So who would YOU want to walk in on you showering? Why not let everyone know in the comments? And while you're at it, don't forget to go check out RawrKittyPanda who was kind enough to help me out with today's video! Regardless, thanks for watching and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. I'm doing this for my bby Bois
    Ray:*walks in on mc* U-UM M-MC IM SO SORRY PLEASE DON'T BE MAD AT ME!!!*Runs out*
    Saeran:*Opens door to showers because it was unlocked* Sees mc* Closes door like nothing happened

  3. Zen's reaction was so cute, and I just…..

    Don't scroll down…

    I'm warning you……

    Do you want your ears to bleed?

    Last chance……





    2 1/2…

    Two and three quarters…



    fangirl screams so loud that it shatters glass

  4. 707: "M-mc! W-why are you-!"
    Me: "i dont like showering in clothes"
    707: "ERROR! ERROR!"
    Me: " the actual fuck "

  5. Yoosung: I-I love You-
    Zen: Beast Mode Activating
    Jumin: chanting your opposed to living together before marriage
    707: 707.exe has stopped working

  6. Where's Jaehee? I was waiting for Jaehee 🙁 though it wouldn't be a problem to MC, it would be a big deal for Jaehee

  7. I'm really pissed my dad took my phone and now I'm missing days worth of chat rooms. Rip my hourglasses ;(

  8. 0:54 I’m sorry but when 707 had the toothpaste in the second panel it looked like something else ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  9. Grabs morpher Magical source, mystic force!!!! Turns to blue mystic ranger and enters legend warrior mode You're toast!!! Continuous hitting Jumin, Zen, Yoosung and 707 with legend warrior staff

  10. Technically the first one could be token that way but the other two she walk out no towl for number 2 and 3 so yeah naw the ain't in the wrong there

  11. "No, I didn't see your perfect body at all!" LMFAO Edit: AND I THOUGHT YOOSUNG WAS SUPPOSE TO BE PURE! I JUST REALIZED THAT!

  12. lol 707 wouldn’t be as embarrassed if you got the dark chocolate ending for the valentines special.
    Everyone knows what happened in THAT.

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