VLOG- J’ai rencontré Whitney Houston… EN ASTRAL !

VLOG- J’ai rencontré Whitney Houston… EN ASTRAL !

the course of things Pieces of Life – Raising awareness of conscientious life — meeting with Whitney hello wolves, today we meet for a special video, first of all i decided to stop hiding my face, and i decided also to stop the video “course of thing” when i tell you about my spiritual path in a chronological way i decide to tell you some stories i had, but not in order ! Today i wanted to tell you a special story, approximately one year ago, It’s one of the most crazy story i had when i help a soul to join the light (she didint join finally, but anyway…) I was sleeping, and all of my bookcase’s books fall down, i woke up very quickly and i heard “Whitney” ok, i don’t really know who is withney, but anyway, i’ll fall asleep The day after, i talked about it with my sister-in-law, and she ask me “whitney HOUSTON?” I didnt know which withney we had, so in the evening we decided to do automatic writing, few minutes after we start to have someone who’s writing, the person was a bit shy, and at the same moment my sister-in-law started to talk with a different voice than usual, so i understood that the soul took her body to talk And, she tells me: stop drinking your tea so noisily! i looked at her and asked if everything was ok , and she ask me why i asked this to her, she wasn’t conscient about what’s happened ! We restarted to do automatic writing, but the spirit didnt want to write, and she said : “I am used to the fact that everybody applaud me, so if you don’t do it, I will not come” but i’m not the kind of person who applaud each other, so i said to her if she wants to talk, i’m ok, but i’ll not do it. Finally she came, and apparently ( Unless we are fooled, sometimes it happens with souls !)we talked with WHITNEY HOUSTON ! i didn’t understand why whitney came to see us in France, because she died in US…so i asked her why she came (because there is many people able to help souls in US !), and she answered: Between souls, we say that we can come to your place if we want to rise to the light i was surprised, but i confirmed her that we can help. We started to help when she said: “Can you do it for me ? because during all my life, i had many assistants, and i never did anything by myself” i explain to her that she just need to want it, and i asked her if she saw the light, so she started to run to the light, and few meters before the arriving, she stopped and said “i believe i prefer to go to the beach before !” (she was really funny ! ) we were surprised (again), but of course we accepted, and she ask again “but how i can get there ?”… juste the power of intention and visualization ! So she left to a beach (we saw her with Clear-sightedness), with a nice swimsuit “malibu style”, and drinking a coconut ! she teaches me that they can have smell, tastes, exactly like us, and apparently the coconut was excellent ! After a while, we asked her if she wants to go to the light, but she wasn’t ready, and she decided to stay on the magnificent beach to learn the well being with herself ! We left her, and she reassure us by telling us that she knew where to find us if ever she wanted to rise to the light this was the story i wanted to share with you, i hope you’ll like it ! If you like my channel, fell free to subscribe.


  1. top ! je travaille avec les milliardaires et c'est vrai ils sont très assistés. d'ailleurs je me suis toujours demandée comment ils en arrivaient à être si riche avec si peu d'amour dans leur coeur (pour la pluplart…)

  2. Coucou Johanna. Merci pour ta vidéo qui est super intéressante 🙂 par contre j'ai une question toute bête mais qui me trotte dans la tête, quand vous parliez ensemble, comment ça se passe ? est-ce par télépathie ? je me disais cela par rapport à la barrière de la langue (si à la base tu ne parlais pas anglais (admettons)). Merci beaucoup pour ta réponse:Bisous. Sophie

  3. Je te le demande à toi, car j'ai plutôt confiance en tes propos, est-ce que selon toi, cet enregistrement est réel ou bien truqué ? https://youtu.be/los3M2oAUJ4 🙂

  4. wahouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!Moi, j'aimerai beaucoup voir yves saint laurent, et coco chanel…C'est bète mais ça me donne les larmes aux yeux, car j'ai l'impression de les avoir déjà cottoyés))Et je te dis BRAVO pour cette video et la video sur l'homosexualité))!!!!

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