Visiting the Toledo Midwest Parafest (2019) – Our Haunted Travels

Visiting the Toledo Midwest Parafest (2019) – Our Haunted Travels

hey let’s tell them about the paranormal
fest we went to this weekend, sounds like a good idea… Well hello there parapeeps and welcome to
another episode of Our Haunted Travels I’m your host Shawn Donley, and I am your co-host Marianne donley, today we’re photo
bomb so we’re gonna show you some clips from today’s events stay tuned we’ll be
right back at the end Shawn and I were very excited to attend
the Midwest para Fest this year at the Toledo Yacht Club the event was
organized and presented by Erie Shores paranormal and we had the opportunity to
upgrade our ticket package to be one of the bronze sponsors for the event with
the sponsorship our logos were on the signs and t-shirt we got to event
t-shirts and some badges special VIP badges so that we got into the VIP
dinner that night with the celebrity speakers maryanne first heard about this event
jeff budget posted about it on his bloodstains Facebook group page she
brought it to my attention and since it was close to her birthday I figured it
would be nice for us have a little treat get away from a weekend it and actually
attend an event where we weren’t speaking or had a booth as I mentioned
the event was held at a haunted Toledo Yacht Club which was another win-win for
us since we got to visit a new location and now we can add to the are haunted
travels list the building is quite interesting and
very unique in its layout on the main level there was a room that held some of
the celebrity speakers and vendors we took advantage of this opportunity to
get our pictures taken with Jeff budget and Jeff Belanger you get your picture
with Jeff Belanger I only got mine with Jeff much it at 11:30 Jeff magic gave his
presentation in the upstairs ballroom we made sure to attend this one it was the
whole purpose in my even getting to go there and we were able to record it so
if the video comes out all right we just might be able to share this with
you on our Channel and yes we asked Jeff if it was okay to do this after the presentation was over we went
downstairs and checked out some of the vendors and paranormal groups that were
down on the basement floor being even at the seat and alien force yeah
it’s Boris cousin from another planet well about 2 p.m. there was a lunch
break so we headed back to our hotel room to plan how we were going to have
that live at 5 program since there was some flooding and some wind issues
outside and so inside it would be too noisy and outside too windy we returned back to the Yacht Club about
7:30 for that VIP dinner and we had a great time Jeff Belanger was at our
table our table came in second place and the paranormal trivia contest we
actually came in second to jeff budgets table whoo
I was really hoping that we’d get to sit at his table all in all this was a very
organized event and we enjoyed ourselves tremendously we definitely consider
doing this event again in the future and highly recommend it if you got the
chance to attend yourself all right there you go we had a great
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  1. Hello came from PUSA to see what you are all about. You have some awesome content, keep up the thrills. Love it, thank you for sharing.

  2. Sounds like a very cool event. Glad you guys got to enjoy it! Alien Boris was really cool! I want one!

  3. Wow. The yacht club looks stunning. Wow, that was a cool extra to even be put on the shirts. Great advertising. Will be cool if Jeff's speaking turns out well. I'm sure it's interesting. Haha those dolls looked creepy. Must be the music lol. Congrats on 2nd!

  4. The yacht club was fantastic! Great you were VIP's. Glad you got to enjoy the weekend!Great video.

  5. Special VIPs so sweeeeeeeet! Looks like a great time and awesome turnout … Ohh an alien Boris 👽💀👻👻👻

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