Virgo Tarot Intuitive Love General Messages January 2018 – Moon Water Tarot

Virgo Tarot Intuitive Love General Messages January 2018 – Moon Water Tarot

everybody this is Johanna and Nikolas
just sat down here okay sorry about that thank you so much for joining me for our
January readings I know it’s been a while since I’ve done readings it’s been
since mid-july and I really appreciate you coming back here to watch welcome if
you’ve never been here before and for those that are returning also thank you
so much for reaching out to me and for your concerns your emails checking on me
seeing how I was doing just thank you for your patience your your love and
concern I really do appreciate it so I wanted to say that now I am doing these
obviously in December hopefully it won’t take too long with Mercury retrograde
but you know with the upload times but I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and
so we’re gonna go ahead and get started with these readings okay all right take
care bye hi forego Happy New Year and welcome to
your January 2018 reading and please forgive me I have a horrible cold I’m
getting over it so I’m at the tail end of it but that kind of slowed me down on
getting these video readings out so I apologize those hoping to get them out
sooner so what I’ve been doing with these readings these monthly videos is I
share some general information for and then I will pull some cards and the
cards I will pull will be for a love reading so also I’m adding some new
services you can go to moon water tarot calm and just click on under tarot
services and see what I’m offering but I’m not doing any live readings right
now as I’m recovering from my surgery still but I’m doing email readings it’ll
be 1 + or 2 questions regarding love and I will take a snapshot of the spread and
then I will answer your question with what I conclude from the spread so it’ll
be a little bit less expensive than the video questions so and those those will
just be for the love questions the you know one or two okay so I’m getting a
lot of messages here now I want to say this I didn’t think I mean the most
amazing reading happened last night it was my eighth reading and it was
Sagittarius and I’m getting a similar message oh my goodness
oh my goodness okay you may want to watch the Sagittarius reading and I
would say at least watch you know when I’m shuffling because I just heard this
song with you I don’t know with Sagittarius you know for if you’ve been
watching my videos for years I do have a guy that sings earth sends me songs but
last night the Sagittarius reading was incredible and I’m getting again what
I’m getting with you this is what I’m hearing and I’m not gonna sing it but it
goes earth angel earth angel won’t you be mine so I feel like there’s a message
of love but I’m also hearing that some of you are earth angels you’re here on a
divine spiritual purpose and I feel like it’s
to nurture people to help protect people like in a divine way and also in animals
and to teach so some of you I feel like maybe teachers or are going to be
teachers and share your knowledge now I feel that some of you are making career
changes if you have not already I want to say this I am shooting this video mid
December so these energies can be happening from now all the way through
January 31st some of these career changes though have happened but the
effects and the progress is going on I’m hearing and this is what I heard with
Sagittarius you are a beacon of light things are attracted to you like you’re
a magnet you’re setting a new pathway a spiritual pathway for some of you and
you’re embarking on something new that will bring you abundance joy and
happiness and to others now I also get something about protection so it feel
like you are protected and you are here to protect others so this is also coming
across as like I feel like I don’t know this could be in a military way like
you’re here to serve and protect so maybe some of you are joining the Armed
Forces or the police academy or you’re here I’m seeing like the Justice symbol
some of you may be going to law school you might be getting you may be taking
your elf stats I see further studies so for for whatever this is
so it’s embarking on something new or further studying now this further
studying I feel some of you may be traveling to go study so this could be
like continuing education courses but I see somebody getting like their passport
ready I feel like you’re traveling overseas to go study some more I’m being
pulled to Europe to study I don’t know I feel like studying something old or
maybe maybe it’s an old school that’s been around I don’t know or old ideas
something like that is coming up I’m also getting something about writing so
I wonder if some of you are studying literature oh I’m getting the Oxford
Oxford England I’m also getting singing and maybe that’s why secretary is
because there were songs coming so many songs coming in in that reading so
that’s definitely kept coming up I also getting a message I feel like
somebody is there’s a possibility of moving where somebody wants to move now
this may also be like you’re wanting to expand your business is another way that
I’m hearing this or maybe this is even franchising branching out I’m also being
pulled to India so I wonder if this um this might be like a franchising
merchandising fashion industry somebody may be
reaching out to to India for something like that okay
I’m also getting the message cuz oh my gosh look up bluejay as an animal totem
and squirrel I’m because I just saw it in the backyard so that is a message for
somebody bluej and a squirrel I don’t know what the animal totem messages are
on that but I with bluej I’m like getting spreading your wings and flying
like you’re something is taking off that’s what I’m picking up now just kind
of health-related I’m getting sad Sadd where I feel like there’s something
about seasonal disorder where you you know you might need sunshine or this
might also be coming across as vitamin D may be important but I feel like getting
out in the Sun now I know like you know here it’s winter and on some parts of
the world it’s summer but if you’re in an area where it’s gray and drab like
here it’s been really gray like it’s really important to you know envision
sunshine or getting outdoors connecting with nature as much as possible maybe
that’s why the blue jay and the squirrels and things like that some of
you may be going to where there is Sun and that’s why I’m picking that up I’m
also getting the message about quitting smoking and I feel a bit dizzy in my
head so I feel like it makes sure if you’re on any prescription medication
that you’re following the prescription or if there’s any side effects you
communicate that with your doctor because there could be a side effect
about about uh dizziness or maybe it’s just
vertigo I’m getting vertical like somebody I’m a and maybe somebody is
like really high up and they get dizzy I’m not sure what this is maybe it’s a
change in barometric pressure or altitude I don’t know maybe somebody’s
going to be climbing up high going mountain climbing just I don’t know
there’s an adjustment with that that you may you know forewarned is forearmed so
I just feel like prepare for that especially if you are going mountain
climbing or something the other thing is I feel like there’s something I’ve been
picking this up for quite a few signs where there’s neck or back issues
acupuncture or Reiki may be of assistance but you know I always say go
visit your doctor you know and and just get some advice on that because I feel
like somebody is making a decision about that regarding back or neck and I’m also
picking up drinking that’s coming up that came up for several signs maybe
somebody’s wanting with a new year to stop drinking so those are just a
messages that I’m picking up for you let’s see what comes up regarding love
for January 2018 so let’s take a look and just remember you know I’m I am in
December still here so these messages can be taking place even sooner
okay Virgo sorry about that my camera was getting full okay so let me focus
here on love for you love love okay that just
flipped out so oh my okay I’m going to just go ahead and go god the death card
in Reverse oh my gosh these okay so the four of cups the four swords the ace of
Pentacles and the six of cups okay let’s see what’s underneath oh my gosh oh wow I’m getting the feeling that mm some of
you have a decision to make in terms of love Nikolas just ran up here look at
him just full of energy okay forego so oh right I’m being led to
the the card in the middle first of all I am being led to say that cancer Pisces
Scorpio are of significance and most likely the earth signs Capricorn Virgo
and Taurus so that’s you but I’m also getting air sign so and that would be
Gemini queres in Libra and I want to start out but getting something here
that is probably pertaining to one person but I do feel like it’s something
that needs to be said and it’s kind of a difficult situation because my heart
really goes out to them because I I’m feeling like somebody has lost
somebody somebody has passed and this is not I do not feel this is coming in I
feel that this has happened and there they’ve been having a difficult time
dealing with this so my heart just really goes out to you and I think when
it comes to love that’s why this is here it’s you know our if there’s any comfort
in our I belief that our loved ones that have crossed over
are very close to us and they can hear us that’s just my belief and whoever
this is this message is to I feel that this person that is crossed so for
example if you were engaged or or if you were married and lost this person I’m
this person would want you to be happy and live a very fulfilling life and I
feel that you are going to what I’m seeing here is this is a process and I
understand that I would not be surprised either if you are getting signs from
this person there’s something that it might be a message it may come in your
dreams they may come in your dreams there may be a symbol a bird a dove or
something that means something that’s special between you and this person I do
feel that they would want you to live a happy fulfilled life and I feel like you
are going to be meeting somebody I’m placing though this a little further out
it could be January it could be any member I’m doing this mid to sum
but it could also be June July August and I’m also picking up August it’s
quite interesting you know Nicholas jumped on the table and he hasn’t been
jumping up here as much I know he doesn’t like it when I do the readings
up here he was here for the Leo reading I’ll tell you that this is one reading
he just took over the table that’s really the only reading and you’re my
ninth are you mind reading or 10 three no ninth reading so I feel like there’s
there’s somebody that is you know going to be coming in nobody is replaceable at
all but I do feel that there’s still room in your heart and there is somebody
and it may even be somebody that I’m getting different messages okay and I’m
getting this not only for the person who’s lost somebody for some of you I’m
getting okay I want to finish this fuck this thought though whether this is the
person I’m speaking to that lost somebody or I’m getting a message that
you might meet somebody through school I’m getting studying overseas again I
remember I picked up on I think was Oxford England I’m also getting so work
or a convention or a meeting I’m also getting though that you may have known
this person that’s coming in from childhood or from your past or they’re
from like your hometown or somebody from your past introduces you you may also be
taking a trip back home and you meet this person or somebody from back home
set you up with somebody new I’m also being pulled towards Facebook or on so I know it’s a gamut of things but
that’s kind of what happens when you know you’re reading for thousands of
people now for some of you I feel that this situation is where you’re feeling
like this situation somebody has not passed but it’s not going anywhere for
you now it could be the other way around where you know you’re wanting it to move
on and the other person it feels like it’s not going anywhere but primarily
I’m not feeling it that way I’m feeling like you are not very happy with the way
things are going you’re really you may even be taking a break from the
situation you both maybe there may even be a situation I’m getting long distance
there with these two fours there may be two different residences residences
somebody may even be doing a medical residency is what I just heard so you
may be yeah there may be two different areas two different states for example
you may be living in if you’re in the United States for example two different
cities something like that but there’s something about moving or
wanting to move that theme is coming on again or coming up again it might even
be that you’re moving out or moving away from the situation for somebody I do
feel that somebody is feeling bad or guilty for something that they did they
may be coming back to you with an offer it may even be an offer in terms of an
engagement like they’re you know maybe you you were one
to get married or they were wanting to get married what if you wasn’t sure
there is back and forth somebody’s coming in with an offer
now I feel like you’re really though deciding on what to do if you want to be
in this or not and the other thing is that for some of you I feel like you may
have a choice somebody may it may be a choice between an earth sign and a water
sign that you have to make I think for some of you you’re debating on whether
or not this situation is over whether or not it can be improved upon but usually
with this card in reverse to me it’s usually definitive so I feel like most
likely some of you are moving on and there’s somebody coming in possibly from
the past or this person that you have moved away from is having a difficult
time that you are moving away from and you may be meeting somebody new but then
this person from the past so the new person could be an earth sign but see
then this person from the past comes back up again and they could be a water
sign because they’re having a hard time letting you go and then you have a
decision to make of what you’re going to do now I’m also getting that there could be
a situation where this ended and this may have happened a long time ago and
something’s getting rekindled from a long time ago so it’s going to be
different for whom these messages even resonate with because they’re not going
to resonate with all of you I do feel though that somebody feels
like they’re not being heard there may be kind of a budding heads where I’m
getting that there’s possibly some issues regarding control where somebody
just feels like they’re you know like it they they’re not listening to you
they’re not engaging in like maybe there’s there but maybe they’re not
emotionally there and that’s what’s missing or there’s there’s a heart
they’re having a hard time expressing you know their feelings they shut down
emotionally or they have a difficult time communicating even with their words yeah and so you have to decide or you’re
deciding is this what I want so some of you this ending may be coming up you
know it may be coming but I feel like the power is you in your hands more than
any other person so for some of you if you have broken up this person could be
returning again or reaching out to you online or through some message text
message or you know just out of the blue or Facebook or you know something like
that but I’m getting an engagement still I still feel like somebody is getting
proposed to like so you might get proposed to between now
and January 31st and if you do congratulations and for some of you I’m
getting spring or again it might extend out to June June July or August that’s
what I’m getting so these are just some messages regarding love remember if you
would like a private reading for me I would love to do one for you of course
you can reach me again at moon water Tarot calm and look under Turo services
alright thank you so much for watching take care bye


  1. Welcome back Joana. Nice reading. Though it didn't really resonate me to some degree. Thank you beautiful soul. Love & light.😘🥀❣🦋

  2. So happy you're back. Hope you are well. You really picked up on my health issues. Last spring you picked up that virgos had head issues and in June I had sudden hearing loss in one ear which has lead to dizziness since then. You're amazing!

  3. Joanaaaaaa! I've missed your voice, very wholesome and comforting! Thank you for your insight! Blessings and light to you and Nicholas! Happy new year! ❤

  4. Im a water sign and its been over 3 yrs and havent been able to move on. I miss my XBF-VIRGO so much., is not a day that I dont think of him……. I need to move on. 🙁

  5. I've missed you Joana! This reading was spot on. I'm a lightworker. I am making a career change from graphic designer art director to a spiritual life coach.

  6. So happy to see you are back doing readings! Very much resonated with me, I am Virgo, Capricorn Rising and Sagittarius Moon!
    Happy New Year, Joana!

  7. Wow!!! I just got goosebumps and my heart is racing because so many people tell me that I'm like an angel on earth since I always help everyone. It's kind of like my nickname 💕🙏 and the fact that you said this just makes me believe in my spiritual connection to God even more!!! I don't know why but I have the strongest intuition and every time I have a dream about something most of the time it actually happens in real life. It scared me at first but, now I'm embracing it. And you did a reading for me last year and let me tell you everything you said was completely accurate 💯💯 l cannot believe how much stuff you knew and predicted. I definitely need to schedule another personal reading with you soon. You're amazing!


    1. HYENA

    2. CHEETAH


    4. PENGUIN

    India is goals 🇮🇳

    My dad died and I already have a soulmate. They are in LA prolly idk who or what but they are coming. I believe it.

    They are mad at me😒. For their mistakes.

    Alot of people are full of hate towards me.

    Darkness before the light. I am talking. I have been talking. I was never quite even when I wanted ro be.

    Against all odds still I rise I have the power. It will get easier. I will ALLOW. I have been ALLOWING. Yeah people are offering a LIE!!!! I'm pretty sure my soulmate is lying. Who ever that is. Balance it my love and I want nothing to do with some of these people.

    It is safe to move forward.


    No hate much love.

  9. I wanted love.

    Stalker behavior, Obsessions and addictions. They are addicted to this “Golden Opportunity.”

    You tell no lie. I surrender.

    There are things I will and won’t accept. Someone is covering something up. GREED. I have nothing.

    By the time of Gemini I was liberated. Cycles. Karma. Theirs not mine.

    Earth angels give me the strength and patience to pass these test.

    Fire signs Let’s “study” people (cough cough😒)

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