VIRGO May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

VIRGO May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading | Monthly Horoscope

VIRGO May 2019 Psychic Tarot Reading
Monthly Horoscope welcome this is the energy vibration
greeting for the Virgo sun moon rising sign. I want to say thank you
for being here thank you for being back thank you for the wonderful positive
energy vibration please like share these videos thumbs up let me know how you
find these to lay out because I’ve changed up the reason I’m still here and
behind the camera I just want to show you guys what carts and energies are
coming out this month of May is the energy of innocence right so whatever is
going on it’s not only for you people is the general energies of inner strength
so whatever the situation that is transpiring definitely energy of any
strength is the energy of the month so be aware it’s a fire month of higher
energy so be aware of this okay let’s go back to the deck and see what’s coming
up for you Virgo’s and how this is going to be helping you purpose to go
and okay trying to figure out a good way to put the camera so in terms of the
burgers come out to give the message what is coming up in the month of May
whoa I don’t know what is that meant but definitely your Virgo’s need to listen
to your own intuition in the month of May what is coming out there is it an
enemies so in the first weeks of all you virgo’s are going to be finding out that
there isn’t any enemies but the thing about is that they can’t touch you they
definitely can’t touch you you know whatever they’re trying to do they can’t
touch you whatever they try to plot it’s not happening okay and this is so
wonderful and so positive because some of you have been really dealing with
some really deceptive situation and people in your life now then we have the
energy of the Hermit it’s coming up in the second week which
is to water and it is so some of you could be dealing with Pisces and
scorpion these are the Pisces and Scorpion energy some of you the spices
could be your Eden any mail without you even knowing this could be a family
member that is coming out the third week is the end of the situation and
definitely the end of the situation where you were dealing but a Pisces are
a Pisces or scorpion and this situation is going to be ending in the third week
which is a very positive energies for you virgos so your best week is going to
be the third week in the fourth week there’s a transition so it’s all about
emotion this month is a very emotional month for you verbal so try and check
out the under moon readings to understand and find out what is coming
in because definitely definitely there are situation that is going to be
affecting you virgos I’m hoping that you guys are seen this lay out okay
whatever the situation is and whatever is transpired
there’s definitely some deceptive move that is happening so be aware of that
but you are definitely going to be overcoming because this is if whatever
they plot them whatever plots and whatever they do it never works out so
the energy of the Moon and the hermit and the hermit comes up as a spirit
guide that is showing you something about the energies of the lovers now
this could be family members or it could be your husband or wife or a twin flame
or a soulmate relationship and could be your partner because if you’re married
could be your partner if your partner is the Scorpion or a Pisces or a cancer
this energy is coming in but the ERM it is actually showing you something it’s
bringing light to a situation it’s actually showing you
something and bring in life to a situation now it’s as if this person is
connected to an organization um definitely it’s as if whoever you’re
dealing with is connected to an organization the lovers it could be that
you’re in a relationship with someone and you’re not aware that they’re
married or they have laid down a strong relationship blonde okay and is this if
one of these people are not being honest about a relationship that they have the
relationship has not ended because obviously there is another person in
this relationship and it’s coming out the energy of the Emperor is here and
this is good especially when it comes on to business some of you there is going
to be a transition in business or a transition in work you could be being
promoted you could be being reconnected with an organization which is a very
very positive so some of you could be could have applied for a high position
and you’re going to be receiving it okay the third week you’re going to be
receiving that message that yes this from this is available yes and a new
story is coming in now the energy of the Napper is here and there’s an end coming
in so some of you could be getting divorce and definitely a message is
coming in where some of you could be receiving the message that you’re going
to be divorced because here there is a split up that is coming in and it’s more
of a divorce is that some engine is coming in and it could be in a marriage
or a soulmate or a twin frame a relationship that tower is here just
this problem so obviously there is definitely going to be legal issues
where the ending of a marriage the ending of a
long-term relationship is here who some of you could have been dealing with um
people work is as if there was in the past some injustice and justice scheme
and also okay it breaks down whatever that was trans
fine justice came in to resolve this situation the outcomes is illustrated
the outcomes of inner strength which is the energy vibration offer this month so
whatever is coming to an end especially there was some deceptive situation that
was happening with a relationship that you were in and it says if you have
found out and end this relationship and you’re just going to be fine and
strength to move on because something is as if you felt as if something wasn’t
right and it’s as if for the Hermit comes to show you something about a
relationship or a connection that you are in or a situation at work this could
be a situation at work but a situation at work is very good but what I’m seeing
is that there you could be finding out something about how work because there’s
the energy of transition that is coming in it is not an end just at something it
is an ending up a situation a new beginning and whatever this new
beginning is is oh I guess that’s that’s what they wanted me to do I guess that’s
what they wanted me to do so I can i I can’t do anything so what’s happening
here is that whatever that is transpiring whatever that was going on
obviously there is going to be some judgment call and as if as if the Hermit
is definitely the omote is definitely dead
is showing you something that is as earful someone you were in connection
with is connected with a group of people whatever they were trying to do didn’t
work out because you found out you knew that something wasn’t right
something was wrong because here they tried to dig a plot they tried to plot
something and it’s as if someone came and connected to you and tried to plot
something but it didn’t work out as we look in the second week whatever the
plot that someone’s right to plot something it’s not gonna work out okay
and you’re gonna be a little bit upset because you’re thinking oh my god you
know what’s wrong with these feet because I’ve lit I’ve let this person in
and they tried to plot against me you know what’s wrong with this you know and
in the last week there is a situation about work and you’re going to be just
there is justice coming up about a situation where you might be finding out
something at work and making it be making it be known so whatever that is
you’re definitely going to be finding out something at work you’re going to be
making it known so be aware of that situation guys this is coming up and is
transformed because obviously there is something that is not either you were in
a relationship that wasn’t healthy but whatever that was there it was not
empty and it’s as if the Hermit realized that and to help you to make the right
changes and they go justice is going to come in some of you are going to try to
find inner strength justice could be coming in against and a
Sagittarian of against and Aries person a businessman justice could be coming in
against both to them and an Adventist coming in but see what other messages is
coming out for you guys definitely the center of your Regan is success break
juice about the organization is going to be coming in for new burgers whatever
it’s transparent there’s some break throughs about organization that is
going to be coming in okay so let’s see what is happening and what is coming up
spiritual union this is beautiful so whatever that s been happenin and trans
spine there is definitely a spiritual union that is coming in whatever this
energy of spiritual union comes in what I realize is someone that is coming from
the past this is someone who you have connect with in past lifetime and
they’re returning because there is some contracts that you both need to work out
together in this lifetime you have axed them in your life or they have asked you
in your life and definitely trying to see if you guys are seeing this and
definitely they’re coming back in your life okay
alright so here we have the energy of the numbers when it’s here
so what other message so definitely it’s about enough intuition that I princess
comes up so you guys have the moon the hermit and the I princess so obviously
there is a situation where the universe and you’re anxious anxiety in our scene
take the time to meditate the answers will come in something about a past love
some of you someone from a past novel past relationship is going to be coming
back in your life and there is some being your intuition
is as if your spirit guides which we to be finding out what it is the I
Francis is saying what it is your intuition Crown Chakra this is wonderful
because a lot of people are working with the different chakra energies and you
virgos are always working with a crown chakra and there’s something about your
intuition and the crown chakra now when these two energies is that someone from
a past side that could be your spirit guides or are sending in someone to you
it’s as if there is a spiritual union there is someone that is coming and
returning in your life that you need to work out something with definitely again
victory and success comes up whatever is transparent victory and success is going
to be coming up and seeing this energy that also came out and it’s a weird
thing because you’re reading it came up with all of these energy which I was
supposed to use another energy so I guess that is what the universal
ancients these are all major accountants so I would say to you connected with the
extended reading because definitely there are some messages that is coming
out for you guys so let’s see what other go spirit guides you guys will be
working on or what because we’re using the animal spirit guide in this year so
is a month to offer April you guys are working with a spider the spider spirit
the spider spirit make your dreams a reality so you vergas you need to make
your dreams in a reality whatever is happening in trance pine for you virgos
you need to make your dreams into reality it’s as if some of you have some
dreams and you have been dreaming and it is time for you to make your dreams into
reality whatever the situation is they’re calling upon you that it is time
that you make your dreams into reality so we have also the ascendance masters
that are here so let’s see what is the energies for the insane
masters that is coming out what is the energy for the ascendance masters that
is coming out we have the energy of the animals and Frances have been coming out
with the energy of the animals I don’t know if you guys realize that and a lot
of animal spirit guides because this is the year that I’m going to use a lot of
animal spirit guides that it says honor and respect all animals and this is a
good thing if you want to stop eating meat to honor and respect all the
animals it can also help you to guide you to do that like humans animal have
come to the heart to own their own journeys okay and this is what I’m not
opposed to don’t understand and this is why I can’t I think it’s so sad to have
a dog all day in the house you know you know animals are supposed to be in the
wild I can’t I can’t do it it’s so sad so this is a wonderful powerful energy
your guidance today is to call in the Angels community eight angels of the
animals to look after again ok Archangel Michael to protect them and the unicorns
to enlighten them and this is good if you see our arts you should always
access the universe to enlighten the or so that he become a unicorn
ok asks for evening for that choice well it’s coming up for the Fergus and we
have divine grace law of an efficient divine grace law of efficient and this
is wonderful this is good so what we are definitely going to be doing in certain
look at what is the information for this divine role of innocent what is the
affirmation for this because obviously this comes up and this
is what you virgos are going to be working with so let’s look and see what
it is that the law of efficiency wants from us I call upon the loving grace and
master intellect of the universe to the law of effect and the part of the least
resistance please bless and guide me now in always for minimum success and
maximize success joy and divine inspiration fulfill me
may my efforts be wise and surrender powerful and effectively may all beams
be assisted through divine mercy to discover the part of grace and divine
efficiency through my own free will unconditional love and divine grace so
be it so you can always go back to this video stop it and listen to it write it
down and you can say this so that you can understand because you’re bringing
in powerful energies that are aligned in you and this is going to be wonderful
ladies and gentlemen I want to say to you the extended reading is use the link
below this and go to on the hmong page extended reading is there and I want to
say namaste until next time


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