Vidéorègle Jeu de Société ” MYSTERIUM ” par Yahndrev (#421) (+sub)

Vidéorègle Jeu de Société ” MYSTERIUM ” par Yahndrev (#421) (+sub)

Here vidéorègle Mysterium, an investigative game and Cooperative deduction for 2
7 players from 10 years. It is a game of Alexander Nevsky and Oleg SIDORENKO edited by Libellud. At the hardware level we start with a beautiful screen representing the entry a home that will be haunted, as it is the theme of the game. And that screen will be placed in front of the player who will play the role of the Phantom! Inside, there
various small pockets like this, where the player can drag
cards. We’ll see about that later! Then we pedestals species. There’s one where there’s a character, that we put down. In the middle we put one where there is a staircase, which will match the locations. Then we have one with a small shield, which will match the objects. We will put the above! And finally, we have a we going Arrival
place like this, above everything else. Then we have a track
clairvoyance that comes in the form of a small portico. If you play only two or Three players will not be
used and will be delivered in the box. By cons, if you play four or five, you will use these faces there. Indeed, there is little points here which represents the number of players. And if you play 6 or 7 you
use this face. therefore we chose the face corresponding to the number of players and this portico will be prepared to this
in law. It fits on the destination track. Then we have a clock plate 3d which will be placed next to the game board and the needle is put on the I. It will match the
towers of numbers we will play, and it’s going to 7. Then we have an hourglass 2 minutes will be prepared not far from the player playing the Phantom. Then we have cases representing different mediums of the game. Indeed all the players who will not play the Phantom will play Mediums! And they can choose their characters which are very joliments illustrated! There are six so that we can play 7 players maximum with the Phantom! Then we tokens
clairvoyance that numbers like this labeled. If you play 2 or
3, you will not take them from while they can be returned to the
box. By cons, if you play at 4 or 5 players you take the numbers
numbered 1 to 4, the others are returned to the box. If you play 6 or 7, you will take all the chips. Then the players will also receive
a pawn in the Intuition as a crystal ball they will
arrange on the first panel representing a character. So beware! If you play only 2 or 3 players, setting up is a little different
since the player or players who who will play the Mediums will
So take two mediums: – 3 there will be 2 players by mediums Mediums (4 intuitions therefore pawns) and 1 ghost; – 2 there will be 2 players by mediums Mediums (so 2 ​​intuitions pieces) and 1 ghost; Then each places a marker of his color on the foresight track. At level 0. As a reminder, 2 and 3 players, we will not clairvoyance track, so we will not put the chips in play! Finally, the player will recover the guilty Phantom chips which exhibit
numbers from 1 to 6. It will be available the last time for his screen. Then there are also three tokens
Representatives of crows. While these crows will serve
depending on the difficulty that you want to give to the game. For
Part of it is advisable So start simple level the ghost will receive only one crow. He will also have behind their screen. Finally we also small as markers thereof
representing different characters who are involved. So
obviously we will select only colors that play if we do not play to 7 players. So there we took the white
blue and red. The ghost player will take three
markers that may also have behind his shelf,
others will be back in the box! Then we have a big package
Visions cards, like this, that will be well mixed, and that will be arranged
behind the screen or close Phantom of the screen of the player. Finally we have a package
shadow cards. The back there are Characters of places and objects. And we have the same thing but with cards mediums with the character, with the place and with objects. Attention they are smaller than the others. We will not use all of these cards for part, we have to make a formal
square the details of which are indicated
on page 8 of the rule of the game. Indeed, the difficulty of
party and the establishment of the cards: First for the first part we play in here easy and there is therefore the number of cards that will draw in each category based on the number of players. If you then want to play through this recurrence exchange cards. And level
difficult, of course, it’s even more cards. While there, we’ll make a
Example with four players at easy, so we need 5 cards
in each category. The simplest way to setting
instead is do not mix packet shadow cards. Indeed they have numbers marked on the reverse. You will sort them in
the order, the lowest number in more great figure in each of the
different categories. Other cards against, it is with them that we will perform draw with the midrange cards. So we will mix well and after performed this mixture will make the
corresponding number of selected cards the number of players and difficulty.
We will take our example, 5 cards we will leave for the moment like this as the ghost player will have
find inside its package the same figures as those
learned. Other media cards
will be back in the box. So This is achieved for each of the character classes, places and objects. Once this is done,
ghost character will be able to retrieve each lot and
have behind their screen. Once this is done, players can reveal all these cards on levels
correspondents. So while the mids
discover the cards, the player plays the ghost will be placed behind the screen, and it will take all character cards that were selected. It will mix the panel behind her, so as not to show them to anyone. And then it will draw as much as
there are players by placing the on color lines
corresponding. In our example with four players: a medium blue, red medium, a white medium. I took the corresponding chips, and I have the next to different colors to know where to look and then I’ll take a
character I will place up in the first small pouch. Be careful not to too overcome by what he maps the figure indicated therein and that mediums players have to guess the cards. So, it is best not to show them the figures for it could help! We did the same for the second, and the third character. It is up cards that are the characters. Then the remaining character cards will be given to him so that other players can not see the numbers. And then we will do the same
with “Location” cards that will have these three places. And the same thing with the cards Objects we will have these three places! We are then ready to begin
part, but what is the purpose of the game? We are in 1920 and players who are mediums
gathered in a haunted house to try to get in touch with a ghost in the night “samain” that is Halloween night. They therefore have to 7 hours
communication with the ghost to try to discover what
happened in that haunted house. Indeed there was a murder
performed by a character in a room in the house with an object
in particular. It is a cooperative game where
mediums and ghost will have attempt to communicate via cards in order to gradually
discover the culprit of this old murder. If mediums
manage to discover these three “data” and as the game progresses before seven o’clock passed, everyone will have gained party together. By cons if ever
they do not find before 7:00, unfortunately, it will be lost for everyone and
will therefore reconnect the following year with this ghost for
discover who was the murderer in
what room and with what weapon he killed! So concretely for the course:
we saw that behind the screen, Ghost awarded
each player at the table a character, a place and a purpose. It corresponds to one of the characters
who was present during the murder. One of those characters will be the culprit but for the moment players have to try
identify which character assigned to them in any room
of the house and any object is accompanied with this character. So the ghost will try to give clues to players that they may become for everyone
identify their character, their place and purpose. Once this
will be done we will be endgame and players will try to determine a final vision which of the characters is the culprit. If they succeed, they win the game! Note that if you want
a little more frightening atmosphere you can go to page 5
Rule of the game and you have a QR code flasher
for background music that can accompany your game. On the phone: * set to the maximum of its a scary music *. Here it is straight into the atmosphere! To start the game the player
Phantom will have to draw 7 cards that the visions cards. It will take them in hand and watch secretly, away from his screen. These maps represent pretty strange things. A bit like cards “Dixit”
for players who know the game. There are plenty of small details and several possible interpretations of each of those strange drawings. The player will therefore have to try to send an index to each player! For example, the blue player
is the character of the magician, hence coming I try to
find one or more cards that are going to help him understand that his character is the character “wizard”. I have to also do the same
thing for the other players. Depending on the cards that I received,
I can choose the order in which I will try to guess. So I can choose the character who is most suited cards I drew! So here, for example, I have pallets of cash. I have a magician, a seamstress and a watch, because there is a clock drawing. So I try to watch what will allow me to guess the other as easily as possible. Please note the role of the ghost is enough
ungrateful because he will not have to talk all of the game! He must remain the
more impassive as possible to the reactions of the players. His only way to communicate is by means maps. For example a player
could say: “Bon bah I’ll start with the wizard because
behind the magician there are cards of represented. Playing cards … The game … all this makes me think Stoppers game that is drawn on the map. So I could give this card to that player! (Medium blue) But is what I have something
could help a little bit? Unfortunately the cards I’ve learned not inspire me much more. So much the worse! I’ll give him a
single card. We can give the number of cards you want but compared to cards that are shot in hand. So I’ll give
this card there in the blue player. The ghost up this card on the blue player, and once
he did it, the players, not just the blue player can begin to try to think which character (as for
now we will look obligatorily First the characters) corresponds to this card! To remember that it already has
is guessed that character, we just stick this little pawn line. As it is known that it there, it’s done! After giving one or more
cards, the player will re-draw cards to complement its 7 card hand. As I have given only one card, I have unfortunately not in a draw! Which will not give me either
a lot of latitude. Or there! I’m lucky! I picked
thereof where there are species buttons and string! Immediately it makes me
think of the seamstress. Very good value for the red player! Maybe I can associate
also that card because effectively there is an Eiffel Tower. But the Eiffel Tower (I do not know if it is well seen on camera) there are son who leave. So: son and seamstress! Maybe he’ll think about it! So instead of giving one card, I can if I want to give him two. I’ll stand in front of that player two cards face up. As I have placed him two cards, and I’ll re-draw 2 new cards And I’ll have to get by to try to guess the last character to the last player at the table! So if there is no card
inspire him to guess a character he will be able to exchange all these cards against 7 others. Or a number of cards as desired. It can choose to discard a number to re-pick a number! But for that he will have to use his raven pawn.
We saw that in the simple version, we pawn that raven 1 may be used in each
handle. So there is a round, I’ll put the raven on top of the screen like this, so that everyone sees I’ve used. I can now discard the number of cards I want. I discard all. And I re-pick the number of discarded cards. Maybe this will give me a better opening to guess my last character! Once the ghost
sent his last flash (because each card corresponds to a flash that the ghost sends the heads of the players to try to become their characters) and well immediately we will return
hourglass and they will have a time hourglass (2 min) to try to guess
is their character. To do this, players will all
simply take their intuition marker and arrange on the character
they think is theirs. For example the red player saw the buttons with thread. It also looks at the second image he sees that there is a thread too. It seems clear to him, he said: “I think I am the seamstress.” So obviously all the players talking to each other! They can help each
other if they have better ideas. We hurry, in time of the hourglass, each choose one of the characters. If players are not sure, they may very well choose both the same character, knowing that there will be only one of two that will be right. But now, everything is possible. So,
there, another blue player sees a rat with chess, he was nice looking, he said, “There are cards out, so it must be that character.” The last, he received it. It did not tell him much! He could say: “There has roots below. I see that there are flowers in the corner, so I think I’m more that one! ” “You with your son, are you sure you’re not quite that? With your red son. They are the same as on your map” * Red * Player responds: “Oh yes, I may have been wrong, I will place me here!” So discution General until the end of the hourglass. As soon as the hourglass ends, the players must immediately choose a
character and we will pass the resolution. So while
Players choose their characters, they will also to use their chip
clairvoyance. For example in our four-player game, each has two clairvoyance chips: True and False. There are numbers behind, but for now the other side is used. ✓ sign saying, “This player has reason to choose this character” or X to: “This player has no reason to choose this
character”. The example is the Red player. He could say: “I think I blue has good reason to choose this character, I quite agree with him! ” “It by cons, with its roots and his flying house, she may be placed by despair cause. I have no idea too! I do not have to play token, but I think it’s wrong! ” And all players can do that. Warning! As soon as the hourglass
ends, stop! Players must stop placing their pawns on
game and we will pass the resolution! Then the ghost chosen in what order he made his revelations. It will start by the blue player
and tell him he was in the right place! “It’s good you found
your character! ” When a player has regained his
character, it will first remove the cards that are in front of him and put them in the draw pile
visions card. Then, if you look Players bet correctly on the character. For example red and white each bet that the blue player was right! As they are right, they will be able to advance on the foresight floor! Clairvoyance track that’s it. The player red and white have well guessed. Only the blue player, even if he has found his character, that does not advance! He advanced his pawn on the next box, because it will actually now to guess what is his place. The chips that have been played by the players, they are fair or they are false, will be discarded under the clock on the corresponding locations. When played paris chips, we can not recover before the fourth round. We shall see later. And finally the blue player will recover his character card and it will be able to slip into its small case. He knows he has that character associated with it! We then did the same for the other players! … As against this player there was wrong! Like him was wrong, it should reconsider this
box below! It will again he guesses
his character. The player had bet that he was mistaken. So the red player advance again on the track
foresight. The token is then discarded. By
against the three remaining cards stay here! The white player knows that this is one of
two remaining characters as already just try this one as it is not good. As well as there has not
found, he keeps his index card in front of him. It may be able to help with
the additional card as the ghost player will be able to add it now! To more easily identify
the ghost player will remove these tokens when he has given his solution to a psychic and he found his character. For example this is the case for the blue player. Well it will return to where it is! Same for the red player. As against the white player has found his character so he’ll leave it like that. And for this new round will have to guess it always the character but the white player for red and blue, it will be able
give them cards to make them guess, This time, their places. Before making this
second round, it will advance the time 1. We go to the 2nd hour. The ghost player, as it is in easy mode, will be able to recover his raven that
may again be used in this sleeve and then the sleeve is held in the same way asking cards to the players! So if he chooses to give indices a
player who already has before him, obviously they will be added to cards that had been previously placed in front of the player. Normally, it is becoming easier because there are fewer cards available for this player! So we continue like this sleeves. So beware! when
arrive in the sleeve 4, players will to retrieve all the chips
that were discarded here. The chips will be able to be used again! In a 4-player game, mediums have only 2 Yes 2 No. So when they have used them, it will be the beginning of the handle 4 to recover and reuse! Players will gradually discover their purpose, location and weapon, and get to the end. Obviously, these three cards were
placed inside of its small case. And when a player got there, he will continue to help other players to guess what their characters / locations / objects. On top of that when a player reaches the final box, he will win a number of foresight points that depends on number of hours remaining in the game. For example if the Red player arrives already here 4 hour, and although there is 3 hours. It therefore gains 3 clairvoyance. If the blue player ends while no more than 7th hour, and although he will not win a single point of clairvoyance. If it ends in the last hour, it does not earn more! If at the end of the seventh hour there are still Players who do not arrive on
last box of the game, well unfortunately the east lost to everyone! We have not managed to find all the characters involved in the case. By cons, if everyone is
happened on the last box, we will to try to discover who the
guilty! Then the ghost player will make chips corresponding to the players, he
in front of his screen. We will be able to resume those players not playing, and we will select the numbers corresponding to the number of
suspects. Therefore to 4, there are 3 suspects so we will use the numbers 1, 2 and 3.
The others can be back in the box. Each player will then
take the cards he had found and he put in his small
card holder and it will place above a numbers. It will give: the first suspect, with his place and his weapon! Everyone does this on a
and then the number Ghost will have the difficult task
to send a common vision for all players to try to find the culprit. Best for him it will be to put all the cards face. He had put them face down on As the game. It returns all cards face
Visible for having all suspects before him. It will take little guilty chips 1, 2 and 3. He will be able to place them like this
before him, and put them before the corresponding characters to numbers defined by mediums. like this! And then he still has his 7 cards in hand. It will look at these 7 cards and try to choose a combination of three cards, each of these maps showing a guilty person a location and an object. By against the
same line, so it must choose one of those characters. It is the ghost of choosing who will be the
guilty. Once he has chosen his
character will require a cards he selected
match the character, the second map matches place
and the third card matches the object. Unfortunately only 7 cards in hand. It’ll ask him some
reflection… Once it has chosen these three
index cards, he will take the token corresponding to
character he chose as guilty. And it will have on the
plate on the question mark. This is the solution! then passes the referendum. So beware! During the referendum, mediums players do not have the right to communicate
with each other. They will have make their choices based on their own
consciousness. So first, we will look at the vision track. If a player is in the first part between 0 and 4, Unfortunately, he will see that
only three cards visions. If there are players between the 5th
and 6th box, they will not see than two cards of visions! By cons, all players will be
at least 7 points from clairvoyance have the right to see
three map views. Imagine that there are players who are in the first part and will see only
one card of vision: Well, the ghost player will mix the three cards he has selected so it is not known which card will match any index. And it will return the first card, face up on the game. At that time, players will try to think, but silently their head, what group of
character can match this index. If a player
that has not happened up to level 5 clairvoyance, he will have
immediately to the vote. This is the case of the white player. He sees candles. He also sees the candlestick … He said: “I think it’s the magician is
guilty. “So at that time the player in question or players
matter (since they are many they will all vote together) go
return their foresight token that presents figures and they will
to choose the digit the character they selected. So there, let him choose the 1. Well secretly, it will slide its sales in its small case for voting for it
character. The ghost can then reveal
2nd card. Everybody reflected and those 5
points or 6 level of clairvoyance will
make their vote too. The last and reveal
third card for all players which are to 7 or beyond. And they too will vote secretly in their small case. Come on, I leave you a moment
to try to guess with these three cards! … Once everyone has chosen as his character, we will to reveal
votes of players, and put the numbers on the corresponding figures. This being done, we are ready to go
the revelations. We will take the token that was
designated and the back! It was the magician! The ghost will be able explain its indices! For example candles for the light. Here, there were small bikes
made him think about the garage. And then a hat, which made him think of the magician’s hat! Here! Each card corresponds to one of the cards to guess! Warning, if the revelation of votes everyone did not vote on the
same character, it will be group where there are more votes
which will be considered as one proposed as guilty by the players. And so we will check them over if you win! By cons if a majority on another, and of Unfortunately, all the players lose the game! In case of equality on
groups, so there eg if each player votes for a different character, it’s just unlucky three. But four players for example, there may well be some 2 who vote for one, and 2 who vote for the other!
Well, if equal, the player most advanced on the
clairvoyance track will determine what
the majority group. there by example is red. It would be this character then we would take guilty. Finally, if ever there is still a tie. For example both players are at the same level
clairvoyance. It is the oldest two of which will select the
group proposed as suspect # 1! So if you play only
two or three players at that time he No foresight to track and
when the revelations phase Three cards will be exhibited in conjunction with media players. They will choose (if two) all suspect what group they choose. They do not need to make secret ballot! They do it by talking. In a medium player, he will choose one group! Two, add additional suspicious groups. Indeed, the only player plays with two mediums, he will guess with 2 pawns mediums through. By cons arriving until the end there
will be two groups consisting of two groups of cards that will
recovering during the game. We will mix the cards
remaining that have not been selected to form two groups
Additional so that the player subsequently the possibility of
bet on one of four groups present. The ghost player will choose three maps corresponding to one of these
groups, although this is not a group that was finally found by the player during the game. It’s a little
but artificial anyway this is clearly not
a game made for be played by two or three. It is
much more friendly from 4 players up to 7! So for Mysterium! A
excellent game that mixes a bit principles and Cluedo
Dixit, for those who do know not, by the same publisher
elsewhere! It’s a good party game, it is quite in if you play a little in the dark with background music behind. It is
quite stressful and scary, but there are a lot of friendly discussions
among the players to try to understand the clues given
by the ghost. So actually there although two very different roles. Indeed, the ghost player will
remain silent while for the other players will be rather a game atmosphere where they will laugh and talk with each other.
Unfortunately, the ghost must silent maximum. It should not move or with the face to give clues. He must remember to yell when players choose bad characters, bad locations or bad objects relative to cards he gave. So little intervention for him.
But that’s good! It is a role that can give other players as you, to change that a little bit and then
it’s pretty funny anyway but differently.
To him try to think what card could match
how index. So more a puzzle game for him, trying to know the
players maximum. It is of course also noted that there are levels of difficulty. We saw the easy mode. In this mode, the player who plays the ghost therefore has the opportunity to discard
all his cards once per turn, which is still friendly. It was him
given an early game raven in “Medium” by cons, we will give it
three ravens and may therefore change his cards three
Once during the game! To him to see the good time to do it. Finally, difficult level, already there is a greater number of cards on the table so
it is much more complicated for players to make their deductions. And the player who plays the Phantom has one raven to
the entire game. So it will not change its
cards only once !!! So much for game hardware
very beautiful with cards sympathetic to Dixit. With original designs that may suggest to many different things. And above all, a great atmosphere around the table. Thank you for following me, and very soon for a new vidéorègle! Goodbye !


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  20. Merci pour cette nouvelle vidéo règle, c'est devenu un réflexe maintenant ! Je m'en vais d'ailleurs faire une recherche sur le jeu Citadelle ! Un conseil juste : ça pourrait être pas mal de placer au début de la vidéo un aperçu du but du jeu présenté à 8:47 jusqu' 10:00, quitte à le remettre plus tard, comme ça ça donne envie direct et on veut prendre le temps de la regarder jusqu'au bout… Encore merci 🙂

  21. Merci beaucoup, je l'ai acheté il y peu, et la première partie était un peu bancale…
    Avec ta vidéo je vais pouvoir mieux jouer.

  22. Je n'avais pas joué à Mystérium depuis un an et la notice c'est pas très claire. Milles mercis pour cette explication!

  23. ah, je suis pas tellement d'accord, le rôle du fantôme n'est pas si ingrat que ça, ok on ne peut pas parler, ni faire de gestes pour ne pas risquer de donner des indications aux joueurs, mais on peut s'amuser à faire du roleplay, lors de la manifestation du fantôme en pointant les joueurs médiums du doigt pour les désigner tout en poussant des soupirs, et en tapant un certain nombre de petits coups sur la table pour indiquer si oui ou non le joueur médium a trouvé, par exemple 1 coup pour oui, 2 coups pour non, ça met dans l'ambiance spiritisme !

  24. Il y a vraiment pas mieux que Yanhdrev pour les videorègles…. C'est clair, concis, précis . C'est le meilleur😍

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    J'aurai beaucoup de mal à bien expliquer comme vous ! Le créateur est allé très loin et félicitations à lui pour ça d'ailleurs c'est bien rare ! Mais également à vous car j'imagine le travail qu'il doit y avoir derrière pour tout apprendre, le texte à faire pour tout expliquer etc.. Aujourd'hui dans les 12K d'abonnés, c'est pas assez !
    Je découvre plein de jeux inconnus !

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  27. Merci pour cette vidéo qui m'a vraiment donné envie d'esseyer ce jeu.. Petit conseil pour ajouter à l'atmosphère ésotérique du jeu : au moment de la révélation du fantôme les joueurs peuvent formuler à voix haute "esprit ai-je réussi à trouver mon personnage ? Tape un coup pour oui et deux coups pour non" le joueur qui joue le fantôme n'a donc pas besoin de parler mais juste de toquer sur la table pour répondre au joueur et lui indiquer par un coup si il a vu juste ou deux si il s'est trompé.

  28. Tu m'as fait comprendre les règles de Magic il y a un certain temps et maintenant Mysterium! C'est toujours un plaisir d'écouter tes explications de règles. Un pouce en l'air et un abonnement en prime!

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  30. Générique plus court (peut être un peu trop car j'aimais bien le son), un découpé qui semble pérennisé, une belle présentation, peut-être un peu trop d'avis : un + et un – suffiraient pour moi … Un vrai vent de fraîcheur dans la review YT : On sent l'expérience professionnelle de toutes ces années passées à nous faire vivre les jeux en vidéo derrière tout ça !
    Et je trouve que Mr Germain apporte une petite touche classe qui n'est pas désagréable ! ;-p

  31. Petite question?
    A chaque tour, est-ce qu'on doit continuer avec les cartes que l'on avait précédemment ou les changer chaque fois? Et lors du dernier vote, doit-on utiliser seulement les 7 cartes ou on ose changer, et si ces 7 là sont aussi des anciennes des tours précédemment? Merci pour la vidéo c'est beaucoup plus clair.

  32. Le fantôme a t'il le droit de regarder le plateau ( ou il y a toutes les cartes des médiums) pendant qu'il donne les indices ? Car pour le coup il y a un pic de difficulté car un indice pourrait ce rapprocher d'une autre carte du plateau.

    Merci d'avance et merci beaucoup pour ce travail.

  33. Ambiance: J'ai oublié de préciser que vous pouvez décider que le Fantôme se manifeste par des coups sous la table lorsqu'il annonce si les joueurs ont trouvé ou non leur carte personnage, lieu ou objet: Un coup pour "Oui", deux coups pour "Non". Le suspens et l'ambiance n'en seront que plus renforcés. Vous pouvez aussi mettre un masque au joueur fantôme si vous avez peur de laisser paraitre vos sentiments 😉

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