TV Interview We capture EVP’s and Paranormal Activity

TV Interview We capture EVP’s and Paranormal Activity

hey guys welcome back to paranormal Pursuit we
have an exciting episode coming for you right now we went to a previous location
that we’ve investigated called the Judson house we were contacted by our
local TV news station because they wanted to experience what paranormal
investigators experience so he took him along on this investigation some
exciting things happened with we got some EVPs and we got some interesting k2
communication between spirits so it was it was pretty nice so I hope you guys
enjoy it and it’s coming right now researching the paranormal is more than
a hobby to us and its own investigations and some of the most haunted locations
documenting our findings never know love will find that we know what we’re
looking for I’m Phil joy myself and my wife Kate on
our pursuit of the truth our caramel so tell me about this place the Judson
house built in 1810 by Amos Judson he was a wealthy merchant he came from
Connecticut you know he traveled here to Waterford he came with Colonel Seth Reed
Colonel Seth sweets in urban area and Amos came down here no they say there’s
activity in this house yes this house it’s on the site where fort LaBeouf was
there were actually three fort LaBeouf’s the French the British and the American
and because of that you think that things have transferred paranormal is
that an orb flying across the top of the screen there could be a bug but I don’t
remember seeing any bugs yes the French forts they had their own
cemetery in Church here when they left they were the fourth out and left the
British they came in and built their 4 on top of the ruins of the old French
fort they also had their own cemetery here during Pontiacs rebellion the
Indians came in and they burnt the fort down and then the Americans came in and
they built the American labeouf so there was a lot of building over could be
bodies and so on right have you experienced anything ah I’ve
been here with a lot of paranormal investigators they had their recorders
going on and asking questions they’ll play it back and sure enough there will
be voices on there and I was in the room with them knowing that nobody else
thought I’ve been in here when doors have opened on their own I’ve been in
here when you can hear people standing here talking and there’s nobody else in
the house were you a skeptic at one time I’m always a skeptic I mean I even grew
up in a house I had activity but you’re always so skeptical Eve it you know but
then it keeps happening do you believe it yeah and I was in this
room and I captured this EVP and I’m gonna play it back and hopefully the
spirit that left this message for us is here and hopefully will talk to us again
first off I’m going to turn this on so we can record it and then we can play it
back and see if we got anything this is a digital recorder that records you know
EVPs all right so that’s recording okay so
here’s the EBP if this spirits with us I would like to communicate with you if
you could please come forward I don’t know who that was but if you’re still
here hanging around we’d like to talk to you all we do now is it might be his
phone but it’s weird it’s this is a no is what I’m doing that either with the
helps all right come on Buster you can do it I don’t hear anything is really on that
one do it is it that it’s that if I hold it up here we it should we go it’s it’s
actually often out wow we’re actually getting it to go off of course you are
and I think my phone but I don’t know what’s going on it might be the spirits
messing with this phone yeah trying to do something here we go we’re getting
some response here with the k2 meter I’m not sure what’s causing it to go off now
it’s a little more consistent we were just getting a few flickers today ever
seen out it there’s now it’s a little more consistent we were just getting a
few flickers they actually know it there’s the flickers again so it keeps
going back and forth the flickering and more of a solid is there a spear here
with us can you light the lights up to the red light up all the lights for us
so we know that you’re here trying to communicate with us can you speak French if you won’t don’t know if I moved it
out of the camera or not it did just did just light up what if I moved it out of
the camera it did just did just light up there you speak French if you do can you light
up the lighting all right so we generally would just kind of try to open
it up by opening up communication with the spirit and we would just see if
there’s any spirits here who would like to communicate well we’re already
getting it is it the microphone no that’s not that’s not the microphone no
okay so everything else here is off so there’s no reason for that three
flickering if there’s spirits here you just were lighting up the lights can you
light up the lights again to let us know that you’re here this is the boring part I mean it was amazing that it was
everything as soon as we open that yeah again we’re looking to communicate with
any spirit it doesn’t have to be past spiritual he’s spoken to well tonight we
didn’t hear any voices in the fort room so we decided to go to the basement see
if we pick something up down there alright if you want to communicate with
us you can actually talk now can you tell us your name right like so
bill what’s that tell us I mean you were down here and I was looking at I saw the
whole thing light up what is that it’s it’s a type of energy that’s in the room
with us and it just is able to detect the k2 meters able to pick up the
electromagnetic field of whatever the injured energy is that’s floating around
and we were lucky enough to capture it but we’re on the floor of what was a
fort back many many years ago well then maybe it was something to do with this
well traumatic experiences and places that good experiences and bad
experiences can retain energy and that energy can project her paranormal
activity and so if this was a fort where people and maybe died or or had
traumatic experiences it can hold that energy which can help fuel the activity
that we’re looking for how would you turn to money as far as the success well
I mean it’s hard to get good success I mean we did get some flickers upstairs
and we got a decent more than a flicker in the basement here and it’s just
that’s me this takes hours and hours you know you got hours of investigating
hours of going over the footage and then you know audio and everything trying to
find the evidence that you’re looking for and so sometimes you win and
sometimes you don’t put it I wouldn’t call it a success but it we didn’t fail
either so interesting well thanks for watching this episode we have more to
come or it’s creepy places scary places haunted places that will be going to
very soon and if you like this video make sure you hit the like button
subscribe to our channel to show your support and once again it’s only scary
if you let it you


  1. Very interesting activities … This was a unique experience with the interviews and what happens 'behind the scenes' 😊👻

  2. who’s that with the very. deep voice (interviewing that women) lol… you need to come over here to UK do a few investigations using my ghostboxes bro, free accommodation here too i have a few properties that can put you up.

  3. Nicely done both of you.
    I live in the state as well.
    I'm also sensitive to the paranormal, it runs in my family.

  4. Awesome stuff again Bill and Katie! Love it! Great job on the investigation. That KII was quite interesting. I bet that reporter had his eyes open up a bit… lol Love it!

  5. I love paranormal channels! I think what you do is fabulous !! I'll put this on my nighttime watch playlist ! Thank you so much, I'm your new forever friend from Michael Feyrer Jr. Livestream💖🤗

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