Truth, Observation, Perception, Listening & Dialogue

Truth, Observation, Perception, Listening & Dialogue

Hello! This is Cynthia Sue Larson with
RealityShifters dot com I’m here today to talk to you about
observation, perception, and listening. The idea that I’d like to share with you is taken from the concept that
“Truth only reveals itself when we give up all preconceived ideas.” This is a quote by Shoseki.
The idea here is one that is very familiar to people who’ve gone to the dialogues at the Language of Spirit conference which I’m hoping that some of you will
consider going to this year. It’s wonderful, and it’s a place of
deep dialogue, deep listening, and truth. The topic this year is all about science,
technology, and creativity. What happens in this dialogue
is that people talk. They let spirit come through them. There is not any sense of preconceived ideas like I was just talking about. There’s no agenda. The idea is to let inspiration truly flow. This is an ideal that we can all hope for in our lives. I came back from attending these
conferences a completely changed person, listening much more deeply to the people in my life, and looking more deeply,
observing more fully, and recognizing more of the similarity between myself and every living thing and every part of this planet and this universe. The idea I’d like to share with you,
you can do whether or not you attend this year’s Language of Spirit conference in
Albuquerque which is August 14th through the 16th. It’s hosted by the SEED Graduate Institute. You can go to their website. Regardless of whether you’re attending that conference or not, you can set aside some of your preconceived ideas and notice that maybe when you listen with a full heart, instead of jumping to assumptions and thinking you know what’s going on, because someone is pushing your buttons, or triggering some reaction… get out of that reactive, triggering, button-pushing mentality and open your mind.
Until next time, this is Cynthia Sue Larson with RealityShifters.


  1. The way Shoseki states it, I find it's much easier an approach than, 'letting go' or 'stopping thoughts.' The rationale inherent in the idea itself helps makes it accessible and practical.

  2. Excellent observation. Yes, I agree Shoseki's approach is more doable for most, especially compared to 'letting go' and 'stopping thoughts' for those who're not proficient with those practices.

  3. You are a gem Sue!! These are some of my best moments when words come not from my thought but from a higher Self…I just type it as it comes..I've got pages and pages! the inspiration fills my heart to overflowing…sometimes I'm a crying mess but it's a happy thing! :o)

  4. When we don't make time to experience the world from a place of deep listening, we miss out on the full extent of love, support, and connection that truly exists. I've been absolutely amazed by how much better I can relate to others when involved in dialogue such as takes place at the Language of Spirit conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  5. I am continually revisiting the way "the truth only reveals itself when we give up all preconceived ideas." 🙂

  6. Isn't it interesting how our heritage shows in our names, complexion and culture, yet we seldom give our lineage much thought? Sometimes these factors influence the way we interact with others, in ways we hardly realize. I have ancestors from Sweden, Norway and Finland… as well as Switzerland and the U.K.

  7. Cynthia… I love what you say.. you always make such good sense..
    ..and I reflect on what you have said for days after 🙂 from my heart to yours ..thank-you x
    you really are an amazing person
    The nicest thing I can say to you is… 'I wish you was my neighbour'

  8. well I live in norway but i have ancestors from sweeden for example. you also look scandinavian, which you should take as a compliment

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