Truth & Misconceptions about Astrology, Predictions, Stars & Energy

Truth & Misconceptions about Astrology, Predictions, Stars & Energy

Acharya Shree, what are your comments on Astrology? Astrology is in Indian culture. They have different name. They say: “What says my horoscope?”. They consider it is Vedic Astrology. Vedic means like old. It is a chart. It has 12 houses. And there are in 12 houses there are different kind of nakshatras. and grahas. Planets what we call it. Actually there are many planets but which are moving, rotating, so we consider
them and they are effective because they are in the bigger shape. Like bigger than Earth. Or bigger than Mars. Bigger than sometimes…bigger than Jupiter. But in our solar system
there are just I think Jupiter is considered very big. So there are nine planets are main. So astrology, it is a belief that if you are born in certain time and all these
planets are affecting…your body is made about…like their effect is already in the body. Suppose the Jupiter…Jupiter was close to you when you were born. Or the Mars was close to you. So your body has that effect. That is belief and it is coming since thousands of thousands of years. And whenever those planets rotate in certain angles or moves in certain
angles so it creates that kind of situation it can happen…. prosperity happen for certain country or certain area…south or north or east. Or certain kind of person. That’s what we call them “Oh, this person
is born with stars…very lucky”. Or a person is not having good luck,
this person is born with bad stars. So that is astrology. Astrology is determined by the astrologer lot of like since thousands
of years same incident happened whenever they rotate in certain angles or certain circles. So that’s what they determine that this is going
to happen. But this is not necessarily. It is just their belief. Like in Hindu culture Rama supposed to get the crown. He’s supposed to be a king of the Ayodhya. But in the same day instead of he became king he was exiled. So the astrology didn’t work. And his kula guru
– means the astrologer – was very well known. And he did he fixed the time of the crown. But he got exiled on the other hand. So he didn’t…it is not necessarily astrology will work. But let me tell you because people have misconception about astrology. Actually astrology means there are many stars or planets, they affect you. Yes it is sure the energy affects us because even though Jupiter is far
away from us but the energy from the Jupiter still affecting us. Or Mars energy is still affecting us because they are big planets. Bigger than Earth. Moon is the closest. So moon affects more. Our emotions. If it is the Venus, Venus is also
close to us so it affects more. The people get emotional and they get very vibrant and they get radiant If the Venus is close to you when you are born. Or when it will rotate again and will come to you. Because we know the speed of every planet because they are rotating. So that is mathematically anybody can calculate it. And now the computer calculates very easy. So you can make your horoscope and you can see where the Venus
is, where the Jupiter is, how much I am getting affected by them. Affected by them means affected by their energy. That’s what it means. If you’re affected by Saturn, so Saturn is
usually takes you in the wrong path. But if you’re affected by Mercury it takes you in the business. If you’re affected by the Jupiter you are
going to get lot of higher education. So they have different meaning and different results of that. But let me tell you in simple way: Because their energy affects you, suppose… You are in to the school and you try
too hard, try…you’re working hard to learn. But you’re not able to learn. So somehow
Jupiter energy is missing from your body. So what an astrologer will suggest to you get the little stone, And if you get that stone it is yellow It is not sapphire, it is not ruby… It is yellow stone and it is a citrine also it
is an alternative if you cannot get that…very expensive. But citrine you can get it, it is not expensive. So you wear in the gold and wear in this index finger So you will begin to attract the Jupiter energy. That becomes a channel. Actually those stones are on this Earth. Because sometimes the pieces breaks from the every
planet and they fly to the Earth. And that if we can get original citrine or the stone for the Jupiter, So, what will happen it becomes a channel for the Jupiter energy. As soon as you wear, so you begin to pickup in the class. That’s what is going to happen. Basically, they are
affecting us because they have a tremendous energy. So when they have a tremendous energy and we are lacking, so we don’t, we cannot bring the whole planet here, but we can
have that kind of fix – stones – for that Like for the Sun is ruby, for the Moon
is Pearl, for the Mars is Moonga… It is called moonga (red coral). I
don’t know the english name, but for the Mercury it is a green stone, it is emerald. And for the Jupiter it is citrine or one other name ((yellow sapphire
and alternative is topaz))… it is not coming to me right now. But for the Venus it is sapphire ((white sapphire or diamond)). For Saturn also sapphire ((blue sapphire)). For the Venus it can also be diamond actually.
Instead of sapphire it is a diamond. And for the Saturn is a sapphire ((blue sapphire)). So that’s the way it works. It becomes a channel so it attracts that kind
of energy which is lacking in our body. And if we can attract that kind of energy, it is going to work. So if Saturn energy is working positively in your body, so, you have access to getting the business. But if it doesn’t work, you have hard time to get success in business. Same thing people think like somebody is emotional, so
they get, they wear in the silver ring a pearl. It affects them because it becomes a channel for the moon. So moon energy is balanced. Astrology is balancing if you know the mathematically… So, that’s why bad astrologers they don’t know this concept. They consider this stone, you wear this stone, you wear that stone, you will
be ok, you will be bad — that is not the way. You need to understand what is lacking in your body. Then you can, then the astrology can be the
way it is supposed to work. Which is lack you can attract, find the channel. And astrology somehow if it is calculated right it works almost 70 percent right. But if it is not calculated right it can be fully wrong. So I will not suggest you go to the astrologer. Just be well-versed by yourself.


  1. Dear Yogeesh: I am very disappointed in you that you believe in this astrology nonsense. You said one can get a stone to increase energy. Oh please, such superstitious belief has no place in today's society!

    I am very surprised that you would believe this astrology stuff.


    Devak………..Los Angeles, USA

  2. Thank you Tammy for your reply about astrology. Maybe Shree can make a new short video that makes your points more clear. Mixing the idea of stones and astrology into one video confuses the issues. I would leave the idea of astrology to the arena of myth.

  3. I dont think that astrology is a final prediction; astrology only shows the potentials and the energies that influence. Knowing these energies is helpful if you want to know the self.

  4. Astrology is not recognized as legitimate by anyone in mainstream science…the only thing accurate are the mathmatical calculations pertaining to the location of the planets at a given time as they revolve around the sun…it's never been proven that any of the planets have any effect whatsoever on humans born on planet Earth no matter what configuration they may be in when one is born…other than the mathmatical calculations…which is only math…astrology is total mythology.

  5. Science is responsible for everything to do with modern civilization. Everything that makes your life better and your family healthy. The societies we have the luxury to live in owe everything to the progress of science, and it disgusts me beyond belief when people spit in the face of the very thing that makes their life better than the life of any other society in the history of the world. Show some respect.

    Put your faith in bronze age myth if you want, but go live in a grass hut.

  6. Astrology has been conclusively discredited in every single possible way. It is nothing more than myth fueled entertainment nowadays. You're free to think/believe otherwise, but you'll be living a delusion…. which is no suprise, most people who believe in astrology have many other delusions filling their lives, what's one more right?

  7. @ladyshamballa Shamballa! Beautiful message Science is a foolish illusion..

    Keep digging inside the atom maybe you'll find something that isn't a piece of yourself! lol!

  8. hI Deavak: I would suggest you not to put comments like astrology is a nonsense, rather if you can go through this most spectacular knowledge in the universe, then you would know it's real meaning and how it can be benificial to human being.

  9. @DouglasUrantia The scientific world that does not even have a function definition of consciousness, Do you think things exist unconsciously?

  10. @slantythecamel < Lol, most healthy creatures are wild animals. Even pet living with humans are becoming diabetic and fat.

    Our scientific knowledge can not show us how psychic/astrological phenomenon work. Perhaps someday.

  11. @iceseehugh The stars are huge balls of nuclear fusion, made of mostly hydrogen, billions of lightyears away…

    They're not a reflection of ourself, hell, it takes billions of years for us to even see them. The stars you claim are a reflection of ourselves might not even exist anymore, and we won't know they don't exist for billions of years.

    Astrology is stupid.

  12. Its not the planets, it the people around us that influences us and most importantly how our parents brought us up.

  13. the subtle pull of the unseen forces are real. anyone can calculate this after doing serious meditation and some kind of nadi purification.

  14. If you can strenghten the power of your will/ intent by practicing, that is far more better then an any planet effect. A relationship with the soul, because it is the origin of who we are, is alway much more effective then all the stones in the earth…

  15.   if you have a experience with clinical data does the sign which is lightened by the sun is changed when your soul renters in the body?

  16.  i hope that my massage won't change your ideas about astrology but from my experience not only the straight judgement can be a key to every succes in life but also the predictions if a chart is calculated porperly can give you some informations that you not as a intiate but a normal human beeing can receive some knolidage that if other whise it would not have any ideea of it's self , from what i've seen people are very much with there minds on the ground and refuze to know about them selfs , they like to cricese other than observing the other one qualitys and that brings the main leakage of understanding even to themselves.

  17. i feel sorry for people that get roped into all this Astrology complication.  Higher enlightenment principles are NOT about getting hung up on astrology but is instead about mastering the free will, thoughts, emotions and actions through Spirit science.  Drop astrology and instead master your subconscious mind programming and your connection with the Divine and succeed with through that instead of astrology.

  18. What is the meaning of sat guru how he effive this title to claim that he is sat guru.what is the meaning of mahantha what is effivement in spiritual world and maharai can you explain.

  19. hey.. This is totally wrong….. There is lots of things needs to be study in the Indian Astrology (Jyothisha).
    Do not take any class for astrology without good knowledge of it… Energy of Jupeter/ sun or any Graham will not affect on Human life according to astrology. Actually it is a well designed calculations (mathematics) and predefined properties.

  20. Please educate yourself before you speak on any subject before. Your answer is boomeranging between yes and no.

  21. For those idiots who believe or argue that astrology is true science please read this article : Indian Test Of Indian Astrology –

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