Truth about Psychics Revealed

Truth about Psychics Revealed

This next question is called psychic spirituality. Psychic spirituality. Psychic versus spirituality. In the society, many people are confused. Is a psychic spiritual? Or is it the psychic is following spirituality? First of all you have to understand what psychic means. Psychic people work through their mind. And mind has lot of power. Mind-power is scattered everywhere. Mind means it is your ideology, your thoughts. And they are scattered. The mind cannot be focused. What psychic people do? They know a little trick. You can understand that trick too. They collect their thoughts and put them in one direction. Like if a river becomes a canal, and it will flow in one direction. River can flow in 100 direction. So the mind is that. It can flow in 1000, 100,000 of direction. But psychic people, they know one little trick. They try to put and concentrate that mind in one
direction and can make flow in one direction. When mind flows in one direction, it brings lot of power. You begin to read other person’s mind. Just by concentration. By focusing, you can read other people’s mind. It needs a practice. And I will give you
a little practice, and you can do too. The one little practice I will give you: trataka. Trataka is one little sadhana, is a little practice. Have a full page of piece of paper, white. And in the middle, make a circle like a quarter. And in the And then fill it up with black ink. And hang this piece of paper on the
wall and sit in front of it. Your eyes can be parallel to that black dot. And you just stare at it without blinking eyes. If you will do it, maybe 5 minutes, increase it up to
10 minutes, 20 minutes, but you don’t blink your eyes. If you blink your eyes, it doesn’t work. So you need to practice. Maybe it might take you one year. As soon as you practice to stare that black dot, maybe one hour, you
have that much power you can begin to read other people’s mind. Because your all thoughts, your all mind is put into one direction. So by staring that. So that is called psychic. And people are confused, “Oh, how does this person know my mind?” “What is going on inside me?” They think psychic is a spiritual person. Is not a spiritual person. Psychic is totally belongs to mind only. Spiritual quality belongs to your soul. Spirituality comes underneath the bottom from your soul, your
core of being. That is spirituality. Spirituality belongs to your aatma, your spirit, your soul. It has nothing to do with your mind.
Psychics, they work through the mind.


  1. That would depend on the gift, many of them are not very controllable. Take for example, Clairsentience, the gift to be able to "feel" thoughts and emotions. If someone had a really strong desire for something, the Clairsentient would be able to share that exact feeling. If someone had a strong desire for a Cuban Cigar, despite never even had one, the Clairsentient will have that same desire and temporarily know what a Cuban Cigar tastes like. This is why some flood their head with music like me

  2. Im no expert but from what I've learned and by my own experience I'd have to say – most people that have such abilities are born with it and devolope at a certain age. it could show up when you're 18 or possibly in your elderly age. For one to be in touch with these kind of senses it's important to live healthy I party a lot myself so my healing abilities aren't as in tune as my master who can actually heal cancer after a few visits who's a vegan, doesn't smoke and drinks almost only water.

  3. check this out everyone, going to a psychic is disrespectful to your unconscious Mind as well as to your spirit friends who can and want to share their wisdom with you if you would listen. going to a psychic sends a message to your mind telling it that your Truth is not good enough, that all creation all honesty all wisdom doesn't already exist in you. i personally believe it's not a great idea and instead take the time and patience to open Ones own Energy to Truth. 1LOVE!

  4. No, being a psychic doesn't make you spiritual. Why? Because no one is psychic. It's bullshit. It's called Cold Reading, and can be done by anyone with a basic psychology degree (or anyone who's watched South Park).

  5. I have intuitive/psychic ability and it comes from my heart. I have helped many friends and family members, always for free. It doesn't come from me, I'm just a channel. I do not take credit for the feelings and visions I'm sent because I'm only the messenger. I was able to help solve a murder case 4 years ago. How is that reading a mind? I feel that this is an attack on those who sincerely and honestly want to help others on their path and somehow have the ability to do so.

  6. i don't belive it is possible to read my mind my thought sare way to scattered and abrupt and fast…only when i deliberatly talk to myself in my head or imagine something are do they make any sense…most of the time i dont even know aht i'm thinking how can someone know it? or describe it? it would be very difficult…unless they could describe my emotions …whcih is relativly easy and can be done with simple study of my facial expression

  7. This discourse hits home… after doing round the clock sadhanas for about 4 months I began to have some VERY interesting "experiences"….

  8. All things are possible and your business is the business of everyone individually and collectively in the different realms of this innerverse

  9. you are saying you are a messenger but there may be those who directly have mastered the power of being the source. You get it. You are the source of power but the being you are reporting to you is there for you until maybe you can graduate to the degree that you wouldnt need the beings help and releive his/her duties.

  10. the concept of "privacy" comes in when 'you' think the other person won't accept what you have in your mind.. gurus are not in a state to think this way, they empathize, they accept the truth, they don't judge.. so really.. there's nothing to hide if it's the truth šŸ™‚

  11. My youngest daughter has always been able to read my thoughts. I thought that this was some kind of telepathy. Thank you for explaining this. We had to go to counseling and her therapist told me that it was unhealthy for us to have this connection. I was assuming we had a close connection like this because of the love energy between us and I assumed that closeness is powered by love energy. I feel like unconditional love energy allows thoughts to manifest quickly. I think this is okay.

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