have you ever had a gut feeling that you
did not follow and then you found out that your gut was actually telling you
the truth all along find out how to really trust your gut instinct and
follow your gut in all areas of your life hi everyone I’m Diana Palm of and today we’re gonna discuss your gut feeling how to follow your intuition
how can you tell if following your gut is right or wrong
sometimes our life experiences are actually based on earlier things that
we’ve lived through most often in our early childhood so if we grew up in a
family where there was a lot of chaos and a lot of arguing and things like
that we’ve actually created a lot of subconscious programs that draw more and
more of those experiences to us and often what happens is when we’re grown
up once we begin to see those patterns
emerge within new relationships we feel it in our gut and we feel danger we feel
like we need to get out and it creates a cycle of always calling in new people
and new energies and then having to leave because we’re feeling that fear
and that overlap feeling that it’s happening again and that our patterns
are repeating and that we may be in danger about a hundred years ago British
scientists discovered that we actually do have what’s called a second brain and
it exists in our gut this is why we feel things so deeply and we always feel it
in our gut sometimes it leads us in a good way and sometimes it leads us in a
bad way most often it will lead us in a good way unless we’re ignoring it but I
want to make this a little bit easier for you to understand and clarify some
things because I’ve been in this industry for a very long time and I
teach people all the time how to tap into their intuition and how to be able
to trust themselves in any given situation so first of all it’s very
important for you to know that whatever programs are running in your current
mind are caused and created from your early childhood that’s why we tend to
have many many patterns of behavior and different similar relationships over and
over and over so once those programs are in there it actually takes subconscious
de-programming to create and set a new pattern for yourself to create a new
life experience so that you may begin drawing in new people places and things
new circumstances for your life more sense of safety peace and joy and
more empowerment overall and that’s really what is involved with
subconscious reprogramming is getting the second mind in your gut your gut
instinct and your intellectual mind and subconscious mind to be on the same page
so that when you actually do have a gut reaction you can trust it the easiest
way to actually tell if you’re being triggered from something in the past
based on old programs is that when you feel that feeling in your gut of dislike
discord or fear is to be able to stop for a moment take a breather and
literally close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and then blow it out if
you do this about three times it’ll really calm you down and Center you
allowing you to refocus on what’s really going on in the NOW if you do find that
your triggers are that it reminds you of someone else from the past who hurt you
it reminds you of a situation from the past that hurt you then this may be an
indicator that you have some programming and healing to do around your
subconscious blocks and fears that you’re actually still carrying with you
old traumas that have been unhealed and you’re calling in other people to replay
the same scenario with you again and why do we do this we do this for one reason
and one reason only because we need to heal it
we need to heal the initial situation that caused this pain and trauma for us
and until we do that we’re set on autopilot to recreate recreate recreate
and we will always draw in people who will recreate these unhealthy patterns
with us so that at some point it’ll get so big and so out of hand that it will
become that imperative and that important to heal it now I work with a
lot of people in relationships and one of the main things that people say is I
always have a gut feeling and I always know when my boyfriend or girlfriend is
cheating and they have a very very fine-tuned
sense for this and because of that fine-tuned sense
and the amount of focus and attention that they put on developing this sense
they actually attract new partners to them that are repeating patterns and so
there are new partners come in with a willingness or susceptibility to cheat
as well so that it can go round and round and fulfill the programs that they
already have playing so this sounds very counterintuitive but
it’s actually the way that the universe works the universe draws to you
experiences that you’re already programmed for so one of the ways that
I’d like you to learn how to really trust your intuition and really be able
to listen to and trust that gut feeling is to really take a moment when you’re
going through something and be very very clear to discern is this an actual
repeat pattern or are you seeing it the same way as what you’re used to
sometimes when we’ve had unhealthy family relationships we begin to attract
more people to us partners friends co-workers that are recreating those
same patterns that we’ve experienced earlier in our lifetime it’s really
important that we can actually discern what is going on so that we don’t begin
to think that the whole world looks exactly the same and that everyone that
shows up in our life is going to behave exactly the same and keep instilling
fear in us and that need to leave or that need to separate ourselves or leave
a situation so what I want you to do is begin to focus on different things then
you may be comfortable focusing on within a relationship when you’ve
attracted a partner to you or maybe you’re in a long-term relationship
already it’s important to really get out of your box and bubble get out of your
old paradigm and old ways of thinking and begin to really focus on the good
within your partner by focusing on the good within your partner you’ll actually
be able to draw out new behaviors and new different characteristics within the
relationship that you will actually find much more healthy and much more
beneficial for yourself I’m not asking you to go into denial but if you do focus on
the good I guarantee you more and more good will come forth because we are
always operating on our subconscious programs and as soon as we enter
relationship with another person we begin to play back and forth our own
programs with each other if one person in the relationship has had subconscious
reprogramming and healing on the DNA level they may no longer be a fit for an
old relationship because there won’t be those old grooves and those old patterns
to connect in with so as one person heals and raises higher it’s really
important for your spiritual vibration that your partner also does the same
healing work so that they can come in at a higher level and connect with you
there this will actually create a dynamic within your relationship where
you can both evolve together and you can both improve you can both heal you can
both let go of old paradigms and old patterns from your early childhood and
begin to live a really fresh new and present relationship with each other in
a brand new way that’s why I say that before you ever do any soul mate
attraction that you’ve actually worked on yourself to elevate yourself out of your
childhood programs otherwise you’re most likely to draw in somebody who will
trigger you and replay those early childhood programs with you over and
over again many people are going through a spiritual awakening and they’re really
taking ownership and accountability for the things that they’ve lived through
but not in a way of blaming it’s not about blaming it’s not about which
parent did what or what their siblings did it’s about HOW AM I PROGRAMMED what
am I currently programmed for and a really good way to find out the answer
is to actually look at your early childhood and see what kind of
relationship patterns existed there and which ones are still occurring today if
you really break it down you’ll most likely find that all your relationships
have triggered you in the same ways that you were triggered in your early
childhood and if you haven’t moved beyond that and found a very fulfilling
lifelong partner that you can grow with trust and respect you probably would
benefit from some re-patterning from early childhood relationships and this
can be achieved through subconscious reprogramming there’s nothing worse than
falling in love and going through this initial excitement and rush of
exploration and getting to know somebody new and then once you enter a relationship
finding that they’re just exactly like the person you left behind and this is
how many people spend their entire adult lives going from one to the next to the
next so eventually it’s best to just stay put as long as you’re not in danger
as long as you’re not in a physically abusive relationship if you’re just in a
relationship where you still have some things to work out there’s some patterns
that you can see emerging that you’ve been through before and that were
probably created in your childhood it’s best that you stay put and do your
healing right where you are that way you have the opportunity to elevate the
current relationship that you’re in and really reveal to you if this person is
your soul mate and it has the greatest potential to love you and grow with you
or not and if they’re not you definitely will call that in and once you’ve done
this healing while we do tend to have these feelings in our gut our instinct
and our reactions in our gut most people see this as a weakness because this is
an area that we store a lot of fear most often it is not relevant to the current
situation that’s going on many of you don’t even realize that in the second
brain in your gut this is actually a storehouse of massive amounts of energy
so this is often thought of as a weak area that holds our pain and our trauma
but I want you to think about it as your storehouse of massive amounts of energy
this is the true source of your energy and your power that you can derive all
kinds of new actions from so the next time you start to feel a gut instinct
and you want to kind of step away and you’re not sure and you’re feeling
triggered maybe from things from your childhood take that moment to discern if
it’s currently a threat or if this is from your childhood or previous
relationship and if you do discern that it’s from somewhere else in your
timeline it’s not current it’s not a present threat go ahead and tap into
that inner strength that you naturally have in your gut call upon that to move
you forward through the situation in a new way
if you still feel like you would benefit from some re-patterning and
subconscious reprogramming we can set up a private session I work with clients
all over the world and one of my favorite things to do is see them move
forward from their old paradigm their old identity the way they used to
associate with all kinds of people and in relationship and see them thrive and
see them really experience new relationship skills within their
workplace their relationships their family their friends and with themselves
as you continue to grow spiritually you’re going to really want to be able
to count on your gut instinct but you do want to make sure that it’s also in sync
with your subconscious mind and your conscious mind which means it’s current
it’s up-to-date it’s living in the now in the present moment and it is not
holding on to old fears and traumas from the past think about it for a minute
every time you meet somebody you’re actually sizing them up and you’re a lot
more intuitive and psychic than you think you are you’re getting a sense of
whether or not you can trust this person whether you like them you think they’re
funny whether you want to spend more time or whether you want to lean back
and kind of move away or entirely leave the conversation all together this is
your gut talking to you most often when you’re having that gut feeling and that
intuition in your gut you’re also having it in your brain which is recalling and
triggering old memories so if you take these steps that I’ve shared with you
and you take a moment to take that nice deep breath Center yourself become
present and realize is this a pattern is this a repeat pattern and I seeing my own
childhood or my old wounds on this new person if you know that you have these
types of patterns going on it’s really beneficial to listen to your gut because
it will tell you what you’ve been holding on to and what you’ve been
carrying forward with you so when that new person shows up you can look at them
with clear eyes coming from the present moment as the resourceful powerful
grown-up that you are instead of the scared little child who’s been hurt and
wounded and expects this person to hurt you as well remember to trust your gut
let’s also make sure that your brain in your head and the brain in your gut are
on the same page if you liked this video and learn something about the second
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