Touhou 5 ~ Mystic Square – Normal 1cc (Reimu)

Touhou 5 ~ Mystic Square – Normal 1cc (Reimu)

♩ Dream Express ♩ Magic Circle ~ Magic Square ♩ Dimension of Reverie ♩ Spiritual Heaven ♩ Romantic Children ♩ Plastic Mind ♩ Maple Wise ♩ Forbidden Magic ♩ Treacherous Maiden ~ Judas Kiss ♩ The Last Judgement Brief pause… due to ringing doorbell, jump to 22:38 ♩ Doll of Misery ♩ World’s End ♩ Legendary Illusion ~ Infinite Being

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  1. Congrats on your Mystic Square Normal 1 Credit Clear. I'll give you some tips if you decide to beat this game on higher difficulties:
    -Don't shoot during mirror phases like in 11:20, it won't make them any shorter and If you don't shoot, these white small bullets won't spawn at all
    -Don't kill Stage 5 midboss instantly, leave her barely alive and wait until the music loops, then deal finishing blow, this way the spam section after her will be significantly shorter
    -During Shinki's homing worms aka. Cheeto lasers attack, stay behind her, if you're high enough, lasers can't hit you, you can't hit Shinki either, so you'll have to time this attack out, but that's the safest way
    -Reimu is pretty mediocre in Mystic Square, so It's better to play as someone else, like Mima, her shot deals the most damage and she's really good at collecting items
    There are few more, but are only useful if you're going for No Bomb run, or scoring.
    Good luck on your future goals.

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