Total Healing – Mind, Body, Feeling – 2016 Remix

Total Healing – Mind, Body, Feeling – 2016 Remix

This meditation contains
brainwave music and visual


  1. For anyone who downloaded the original 'Total Healing,' from, this is now available as a free download. Thanks to everyone who watches the videos, and everyone who supports Transcending Vibrations through the purchase of an album. Much love.

  2. Does that mean – the remark of you about the downloading and 'Bandcamp' etc – that I can not listen to this simply on YouTube?
    I have too little money to pay for it at the moment…
    But this is really great!
    Do you have one for the brain also, cause I have pains on my temples because I have been listening to long and too much of all sorts of recordings…🙉 when I was sick… months..!
    I don't do that anymore but my doc says I have to be patient… 😏
    I hope you – or anyone – can help me! 🍀♒🙏
    I need only ONE recording. 💜

  3. This one makes my solar plexus area feel like I been working out, does that mean there was damage in that area or is that normal?

  4. Hello and thanks for this wonderful and magic piece. Just a question, what could it mean that my skin shows goosebumps, but only certain patches of it? Mainly on my whole arms. Apart from that, my hands hurt quite a bit within the first 10 minutes, it felt like there were new bones growing, although it was not a bad feeling.
    Maybe it would be a good idea to let us know which effects this track can commonly have – just to reduce fear. I felt quite freaked out when my hands hurt at first and had to calm myself down. Then it felt alright. 🙂 Thanks again! ♥

  5. thank you! the last video i watched laying down… it knocked me out about 10 mins into it the woke me up like 10 to the end of the video. im assuming this is probably something that can happen when u relax… i thank you for your efforts in creating and sharing these tracks!

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