Top 5 Most Famous Ghost Hunters In Paranormal History

Top 5 Most Famous Ghost Hunters In Paranormal History

Now – we know that a lot of you are ultimately
divided on the proclivity of the legendary paranormal investigative duo, Ed and Lorraine
Warren – the husband and wife pair that have cemented themselves as the modern image of
ghost hunting and paranormal investigation across the Western world. So much so, that they’ve spawned an entire
franchise of horror films and literature based upon their alleged ghostly experience – and
whether you believe them or not is a different story, because there’s one thing that’s
undeniable – it’s interesting. An idea that sparks across our collective
consciousness – that perhaps, beyond this life – lies something more. Well – fortunately for us, they’re not the
only ones throughout history who have made it their life’s work to chase ghosts and ghouls
through the thicket. So let’s take a look, shall we? Hello horror fans – and welcome back to the
scariest channel on YouTube – Top 5 Scary Videos. As always, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch – as we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Most Famous Ghost Hunters In Paranormal
History. Roll the clip. For those of you that don’t know – that
clip was, of course – from the 1973 horror masterpiece, The Exorcist. I thought the mood was rather fitting. Kicking off at Number 5 – William Seabrook Born William Buehler Seabrook on February
22 1884 – in Westminster, Maryland – this guy led a pretty interesting life, to say
the least. Occultist, explorer, world traveller – and
even cannibal, William Seabrook cemented himself as a renowned figure of paranormal intrigue
– claiming that his thirst for the supernatural was inspired by his grandmother, Piny – an
opium addict, child of nature – and a witch. Seabrook established himself as a renegade
journalist, travelling the globe and experiencing the spiritual cultures of far flung worlds. It was in Haiti though, that Seabrook gained
such recognition in the world of the occult and pursuit of the paranormal. While researching his book The Magic Island
– which is also largely responsible for introducing the word zombie into the English lexicon – Seabrook
developed a fascination with Haitian voodoo and communing with spirits – which would later
become his life’s work. Also, The Magic Island directly inspired the
1932 film White Zombie by Victor Halperin – which is widely considered to be the first
ever zombie movie, and the birth of the zombie genre. Cheers buddy. Coming in at Number 4 – Karlis Osis Which is a great name, right? Rolls straight off the tongue. Born on the 26th December 1917 in Riga, Latvia
– Karlis Osis is perhaps one of the most notable psychologists to dive deep into the rabbit
hole of ESP research – or extrasensory perception. Second sight, visions, precognition – communing
with the dead. Whatever you want to call it, Karlis Osis
laid the foundation of what was then known as deathbed visions – first studied by British
physicist and founder of the Society for Psychical Research – William Fletcher Barrett. Laid out in his book, At The Hour Of Death
– Karlis Osis spent his life examining life-after-death scenarios, alongside the possibility of using
this study to communicate with the dead. Alongside his fellow parapsychologist Erlendur
Haraldsson, Osis conducted his most important researched between 1959 and 1973 – when his
research paper was finally published by the American Society for Psychical Research – in
which the pair claimed that deathbed visions occurred in over 50 percent of the studied
population. Karlis Osis lived to the ripe age of 80, and
up until 1997 he was the President of the Parapsychological Association, investigating
numerous claims of ghost and poltergeist activity across the United States. Next up at Number 3 – Frederick Bligh Bond Born on the 30th June 1864 in Marlborough,
Wiltshire – Frederick Bligh was actually a renowned architect, illustrator and archaeologist
before he was a psychic researcher. Throughout his career as an architect – no
one was really aware that Bligh was deeply invested into the world of spiritualism and
the investigation of the paranormal that was emerging throughout the early 1900’s – and
would regularly attend seances and visit mediums – in an effort to communicate with ghosts. It was until 1907 when he was hired to manage
excavations in and around Glastonbury Abbey that his true motivations began to manifest. Unknown to his employers, Frederick Bligh
was convinced that Glastonbury Abbey, an Anglo-Saxon Benedictine monastery from the seventh century,
had been built according to the specifications of sacred geometry – and therefore, provided
a leyline for communication with the dead. Well, his employers didn’t like that thought
– and he lost his job – but Frederick Bligh Bond spent the rest of his life dedicated
to paranormal research, becoming a member of the American Society for Psychical Research
and exploring the realm of psychic archaeology. Swinging in at Number 2 – Montague Summers And a man who led a very, very intriguing
life to say the least. Born on the 10th April 1880 in Clifton, Bristol
– Augustus Montague Summers was essentially a self-styled medieval witch hunter and vampirologist
– dedicated to chronicling the dark forces and supernatural occurences of the Western
world. Oh, and also – he was a Priest. Let’s not beat around the bush, old Montague
Summers was a pretty eccentric dude – and he was criticised and mocked by many of his
contemporaries for his proficiency to dress in a black cassock and cloak, buckled shoes
and shovel hat – parading himself around 1920s England clutching tomes on Vampirism. However – the reason that he makes this list,
is for his decision to translate the 15th-century witch hunters manual, Malleus Maleficarum,
also known as The Hammer of Witches – into English in 1928. He spent the entirety of his life producing
works of literature, such as Witchcraft and Black Magic, The Werewolf in Lore and Legend
and The Vampire: His Kith and Kin – which greatly helped to lend credence to the idea
that folk legends, paranormal investigation and the practice of the supernatural were
worthy of academic study. And finally – at our Number 1 spot – Harry
Price A guy that was just as likely to punch a ghost
in the face as he would a fraudulent spiritual medium. Harry Price was the living equivalent of Harry
Dresden – without the magic. Born in London in 1881 – he was a ghost hunter
extraordinaire, making a career out of exposing fake psychics and spiritualist mediums that
were sweeping across the Western world at the time – yet his all consuming passion and
life work was the investigation of paranormal phenomena – and he approached it with great
capability, while debunking the fraudulent around him His first major case came in 1922 – when he
exposed the spirit photographer William Hope as a fraud, and later, would expose the likes
of Eileen J. Garrett, Frederick Munnings, Frank Decker and Rudi Schneider – all of which
proved to add credence and credibility to his own paranormal investigations. The most famous being his publicized investigation
of the Borley Rectory in Essex – which at the time, was considered the most haunted
building in England. Still to this day, Harry Price is considered
one of the most valuable and genuine researchers of paranormal occurrences throughout the modern
age. Well – there we have it horror fans, our Top
5 Most Famous Ghost Hunters In Paranormal History- let us know your thoughts in the
comment box down below. Before we depart though, let’s take a look
at some of your more creative comments from over the past few days. Akash Goodoree says — What did you lot think
about Hereditary? I truly enjoyed it, it levels like the exorcist
for originality IMO great film. — and I’ve got to 100% agree, Akash. Hereditary had that sense that not every horror
movie manages to capture. It’s like that old adage – you’ve either
got it, or you don’t – and Hereditary had it. That same sick feeling you get in the bottom
of your gut when watching really, really good horror cinema. Yeah, Hereditary was great. Star Gazer says – Love your videos! I just subbed not long ago and I’ve been
binging your vids ever since. Also, I love to write, and I’ve been thinking
about putting together a horror short … any topic recommendations anyone? — Well Star Gazer, we’re glad to have you
on board – and I’m glad to hear that you’ve got a passion for horror fiction. Here’s one – why don’t you do a horror
short on a YouTube host, that every time their videos are uploaded, it actually uploads a
clone … that slowly realises that they’re trapped in their own video – and cursed for
eternity to try and get out. Wait a minute … how long have I been here? Well, unfortunately folks, that’s all we’ve
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  14. I think the answer to the Warren debate is actually pretty simple; the problem is everyone looks at them as one singular unit instead of as two individuals. I think that while Ed is a complete fraud, Loraine is a talented medium who unfortunately married a manipulative and pathological man who used her talents to further his own reputation. This is why they continue to appear legitimate while so many of their cases have been debunked or obviously exaggerated. I think that Loraine was simply taken in by a liar and blinded by her love for him.

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