1. Omg.. REALLY?
    Firstly, Rasputin helped the CZARINA, Alexandra (Queen Victoria's Granddaughter) while the CZAR was 'away' due to the war.. & SECONDLY.. he 'helped' their only SON- ALEXEI.. re: Haemophilia because it usually only affects sons, even though passed down from the mother's side.. sparing the females from it's effects, but still making them carriers. This is originally caused by, and continued on through incest within the Total Family (most Royal families)..until relatively recently, when they started marrying OUTSIDE the family…. Too late for the then,
    (Grandmother- Queen Victoria, her daughters.. her Grandaughter- *Czarina Alexandra- although, by being female they were 'spared' from the disease..they were carriers but Alexei, BEING MALE.. was not) and suffered terribly from haemophilia, like many others throughout 'Royal History'.

  2. I predict that tomorrow is going to be another day .And when i got up in the morning i will go straight to the toilet for a piss.

  3. Kids are very sensitive to the supernatural world. I knew that my grandfather was going to pass away the night before he died.

  4. the internet existed before 1975 and it wasn't first used by the military. It was for the purpose of connect Oxford uni library with other uni libraries

  5. I thought Rasputin was famous for a body part. And it got pickled. In a very large jar….. That's more interesting I think that him helping the incorrect offspring.

  6. A little correction, if I may.
    Rasputin was helping to control the tsar's SON'S (not daughter's) hemophilia. It was his only son.

  7. I used to be able to see glimpses of the future when I was young of course with interference from my brains regular dreams but they always came true and today I am reminded of my past dreams btw I have autism.

  8. Me and my eldest brother predicted that Donald Trump would be president and guess what, it became true, motherfucker! Donald Trump is president

  9. Man Baba Vanga is from Bulgaria. She is borned in a village near to my city in Bulgaria. NOT RUSSIA! There is also a statue of her in her born village. I feel bad about this racism

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