Top 15 Scary Paranormal Mysteries At Schools

Top 15 Scary Paranormal Mysteries At Schools

15. Pocatello “Poky” High School
If the name “Poky” High School isn’t creepy enough, wait until you hear what happens
inside this most haunted of schools. Security surveillance cameras are to thank
for the eerie recordings of the paranormal events at the high school in Pocatello, Idaho. Paranormal activity was caught in full effect
during a school holiday, with everything from spastic lights flickering to a creepy grayish
ghoul standing in the midst. The utterly frightening event was reported
in the Idaho State Journal. The report stated that the lights began to
flash sporadically, while a figure transitioned from a sitting position against a wall to
the bathroom, only to come out of the bathroom shortly later and traipse down the hallway
out of view of the security camera. This wasn’t the first paranormal encounter
at Poky. A former school principal, Don Cotent, tells
of several occasions when, late at night, something like a broom handle banged against
the floor below him, jarring him from his work. Shaken, he would stomp his feet and yell at
the poltergeist for disturbing him. Other incidences reported by teachers and
students, alike, include a ghoul in the rafters of the gym, a mysterious piano playing – with
no pianist in sight –, a shadowy figure hanging around the auditorium, and ghostly
noises throughout the school, all completely unexplained. An investigative team suggested that the paranormal
activity could be connected to six deaths from a fire in the original school building,
which burnt down in 1914. Whoever is haunting the building, they’re
sure doing a good job of it. 14. El Paso High
The high school in El Paso is as scary as they come. This school is haunted by the spirit of a
girl who once committed suicide there. As her ghost does on occasion, the girl is
said to have jumped over the balcony to the hallway. People have seen her paranormal image do the
same, but before it reaches the floor, the ghost vanishes. There is also said to be a strange mist that
hangs over the hallway where she was found. The haunted school has classrooms hidden underneath
the building, a strange gooey substance that seeps from the ceilings, and misty hallways
that, at times, must be sealed off. A ghost has even been caught on camera. In 1985, the graduating class took their annual
photo. The image turned out blurry, but the ghost
student is pictured, dressed all in white, standing amongst the other students. Official reports indicate that “no one was
standing there when the picture was taken, nor can the female in question be identified.” Spine-tingling, am I right? 13. Carl Shurz High School
Constructed in the early 1900s, Carl Shurz High School holds a lot of history…and most
of it is scary. Apparitions, strange sounds and smells have
all been witnessed at this school, so much so that a paranormal team went to investigate
the matter. Using a device called “Andy’s Box,”
which allows ghosts to speak through radio station scans, the team entered the library
and went to work. They identified how many spirits were in the
room – six – and the name of the spirit who was speaking to them – Stephen. Andy’s Box works a little like a Ouija board. It interpreted the spirits as they began to
grow angry. The energy in the room altered severely; it
now seemed threatening. Stephen told the investigative team that he
was sick and hot. They asked if the spirit wanted to tell the
crew anything. In response, the spirit screamed, “I’ll kill you!” Though the encounter didn’t end happily,
no one was harmed. Being that expletives aren’t allowed on
most mainstream radio stations, we can be sure that it was a real ghost to which the
crew was speaking. 12. Residential School
In April 2011, a paranormal team was sent to a residential school to investigate some
alleged paranormal activity that had occurred there. One of the investigators on the scene was
setting up equipment when she experienced “one of the scariest experiences” of her
life. On the fourth floor of the school in the dorm
where the schoolboys resided, the investigator was already feeling her spidey-senses tingling
as she helped install security camera DVR cables from the window of one bedroom to the
part of the school that her team had designated home base. To set the scene, it was a bright beautiful
day, and the investigative team, as well as members of another team, were standing outside,
photographing the school and assisting in the cable installation. The investigator in question was the only
one inside the building. As she fed the cable outside, she heard a
window bang shut in another room and footsteps approaching the room she occupied. “Who’s there?!” she demanded as the
unknown approached. A male voice mumbled as he drew closer to
the doorway. And then the door, which stood ajar, creaked
slowly closed. She screeched in panic. She knew the history of the ghost that is
said to have haunted the residential school; the ghost of a man who used to torture and
kill the schoolboys who lived there. For a moment, she considered jumping out of
the fourth story window. But before it came to that, her team rushed
in to save her. The residential school had seem some ugly
things, so who knows what evil could have possessed her had her team not been on the
ground to come to her aid? 11. St. Michael’s Institution
This renowned school is a gem of Ipoh, Malaysia…but it has a terrible history. The school was built in 1912 and was once
home to the Japanese secret police. Not only was the school their headquarters
and a food storage facility, but it was used as torture central in Malaysia during World
War II. Tunnels in the buildings doubled as torture
chambers and food storage halls. Nowadays, ghosts are said to haunt these halls. In particular, one ghost stakes out the fourth
floor of the chapel. Here, a brother has been spotted, donning
a black robe, seated toward the door to the brother’s quarters, and praying with prayer
beads. Oh, and one more thing: he’s got no head. Although you probably wouldn’t want to run
into any ghost at all, a headless one has got to be on the wet-your-pants scale of scary. 10. Lambertville High School
The small rural town of Lambertville, Delaware is full of mystery and history, but Lambertville
High School is the key to the most eerie and paranormal history of all. Founded in 1854, the school was renovated
in 1927. A little over twenty years later, it closed
after a terrible fire tore through the building. Fires seem to be a common theme when it comes
to paranormal events. Ever since its closure, folks have been reporting
paranormal activity from the abandoned school. In one room is some seriously creepy chalkboard
artwork. But that’s not the scariest part. People claim to have heard a girl’s blood-chilling
scream coming from the third floor of the building. Others have reported footsteps dragging through
the school at night. Those who haven’t had the guts to enter
the building in the dark claim to have heard laughter sounding inside at precisely midnight. Most people claim that the source of the laughter
is the souls of those children lost in the fire. There’s yet another story about a football
player, Billy, who lost his life during a game at Lambertville High in 1935. It’s said that this young footballer was
tackled and never got up again. His neck had snapped, and his head was turned
all the way around from the impact. Fast forward twenty years later to 1955. A group of boys were hanging out at the abandoned
school, when they told the story of the Buckeye who’d lost his life there. They decided to challenge the boy’s spirit
to race across the football field. A cold breeze answered and, frightened, the
gang of boys began running across the field. Two of them lost their lives that night. It’s said that when the corpses were found
the next day, their heads were turned all the way around. Don’t mess with Billy, the Buckeye, at Lambertville
High, or you may just meet the same fate. 9. Little Daycare Ghost
One daycare worker was skeptical about stories that a ghostly little boy haunted the school…that
is, until she saw him, herself. She’d long been told that the little ghost
boy confused the staff at times as to how many kiddos were actually present. They’d do a headcount of the children waiting
for their parents to come pick them up, and there would sometimes be one more head than
was necessary. But still, the daycare worker didn’t believe. Then one night, the day before the school
year started, she, a friend, and the friend’s husband were setting up her kindergarten classroom. The husband, who had been outside, came in
around 8 PM and told the pair that a little boy was outdoors. He believed the boy was the son of the teacher’s
co-worker. He’d talked to him but was answered with
silence. As it was growing cold and dark, he said the
co-worker should probably bring him inside. He was met with a blank stare by the co-worker
in question. Her son wasn’t at the school. But the man saw the boy standing at the back
door and wondered why this co-worker would allow her son to play outside at night. He asked her again to bring him inside. The co-worker finally said that her son was
at home, and when the man turned around, the boy had disappeared. A short while later, security cameras and
an alarm system were installed around the school. The surveillance tape caught a door opening
and closing at around 3 in the morning, with no one visible on the footage. Gotta say, there’s nothing spookier than
a child ghost. 8. Pennsylvania State University
The centuries-old university in Pennsylvania is home to several different buildings, each
the center of its own paranormal activity. The Keller Building, for instance, was haunted
by a poltergeist in the 90’s. When one student came screaming from his room
at the dorm, teachers went to investigate. Even though his room had been locked, other
students had reported loads of noise coming from within and, when they opened the door,
they found the room in complete disarray. Some say a student had once committed suicide
in this room, and the student’s ghost still haunts the place. The basement stacks of the Patee Library are
also the favorite haunt of Betsy Aardsma, the spirit of a woman who was murdered in
the building in 1969. Students have reported spying glowing red
eyes, apparitions, and screams amongst the stacks. Some have even seen these apparitions walk
through walls. A particularly unlucky student felt a ghost
grab her by the neck at night. Pretty scary stuff for a boring ol’ library. The stories surrounding Brumbaugh Hall are
some of the creepiest on campus. An axe murderer is said to have entered the
hall on Halloween night and killed a pack of teenage girls. Although no records of this occurrence exist,
students tend to skirt past this building on Halloween. There’s even an old ghost mule, named Old
Coaly, who is said to be the apparition of one of the pack of mules that served in the
building of the university in 1855. Penn State must be quite a draw if all these
spirits are still drawn to it. 7. Elizabeth V. Edwards School
The abandoned building of Elizabeth V. Edwards – or “Lizzy” as some like to call her
– is believed to be haunted by the very schoolmarm after whom it was named. The school was built in 1930, but has sat
empty since 2004, not due to the “otherworldly” spirits that school officials have claimed
are haunting the place, but rather due to money problems. Ghosts could be the real issue though. Lizzy is one of the good ghosts, though she
does seem to take after the students by causing mischief – flicking lights, banging lockers
shut, and jamming out to her 1940s hit list. Other paranormal events in the building include
lights appearing in rooms where there are no lightbulbs, doors opening, objects being
moved, ringing from a disconnected phone, and apparitions, including a “translucent
woman wearing a floral print dress with her hair piled up high onto her head.” Retired police detective, Bill Cox, served
as transportation and security coordinator for Barnegat schools, and he has said that
though the paranormal events may seem unreal to some – and even to him – , he senses
there is something happening in the building. He’s even said that he feels as though he’s
being watched. Spooky. 6. The Ragged School
The Ragged School has been investigated for its paranormal activities ever since it was
renovated in the 1980s. Prior to, it’s had a rich history, which
leaves no doubt why spirits would want to return to haunt the building. Doctor Barnardo opened the school in 1867
when he left his medical training to immigrate to London from Ireland after the cholera epidemic
took hold. At the time, London was overcrowded and full
of poverty and disease. Schools for the poorest children were few
and far between, so Barnardo opened the Ragged School to give poor children a chance to be
educated. Forty years later, government schools served
their purpose, and so the Ragged School closed. Its position near the Regent’s Canal meant
that the school’s buildings served well as warehouses for the next seventy years. Then, when the warehouses no longer served
a purpose and the city threatened their demolition, some locals became invested in salvaging the
historic buildings and put together a trust to set up a museum. And it’s a good thing they did, because
if they hadn’t, the spirits who haunt the place would have nowhere to go. Laughter, loud booms and bangs, and screams
and cries can be heard throughout the old Ragged School. These sounds have been recorded. Some even claim to have seen floating lights
in the basement of the building, where most of the poltergeist activity seems to center. Visit at your own delightful peril. 5. Gettysburg College
Named after the famous battle of the American Civil War which is infamous for its huge death
toll, Gettysburg College, it seems, has become a favorite haunt for some of those dead. Tens of thousands of soldiers from both the
North and South died at Gettysburg, and Pennsylvania Hall at this school served as a makeshift
military hospital during the battle. It was built in 1832, more than thirty years
before the war. Needless to say, the suffering of those lost
to war is insurmountable, so it’s no wonder that some spirits have stayed behind to remind
those of us still living that they sacrificed so much. More than a century after the battle, in the
1960s, a pair of campus employees stepped into the elevator, intending to take it to
level one. Instead, the elevator kept on going, all the
way down to the basement. Unfazed, the employees watched the doors slowly
open where the storage area once was, but instead, they couldn’t believe their eyes. Before them, on stretchers, laid wounded soldiers. Doctors and other medical personnel hurried
between the patients, covered in blood. Death was everywhere. The military hospital was alive before them,
and the only thing they could do was to turn tail and run. Unlike the brave soldiers who fought, the
employees were lacking the courage to pick up some gauze and help the ghost soldiers. Maybe next time. 4. Milton School
Now a factory and residence for several businesses, this old building was once a school. Constructed in 1904, Milton School is the
source of many legends over the eighty years of its operation, including one that dates
back to 1930. It is said that this is when a young female
student at the school named Mary was decorating a bulletin board for her classroom long after
the other teachers and students had gone home for the day. But she wasn’t alone. As she headed home, herself, she was just
about to exit the building when a madman creeped up behind her. Horrible things happened to Mary that night,
and she was found the next day in the girl’s shower of the school’s basement, her body
beaten and covered in blood, mainly naked, her clothing torn. She had her murderer’s skin under her fingernails. Later that week, it was discovered that the
school janitor had started skipping work. When police investigated the matter, they
found scratch marks on the janitor’s arms. The police kept him under surveillance, as
they began to mount evidence against him, but they wouldn’t get to execute the villain. He took his own life, hanging himself in the
upstairs hallway of the school. Below him laid a simple note which read, “I
did it.” Ever since these two deaths, many students
have experienced paranormal events at Milton School. Odd shadows, strange sounds, and even encounters
with “Mary.” When the school closed down, the employees
of the various businesses in the building still report the same. Footsteps, items disappearing and reappearing
sporadically, and apparitions of a child, who we can only assume is the sweet Mary who
lost her life so suddenly and violently here. God rest her soul. 3. University of Illinois
The English building at the University of Illinois is said to be haunted by a young
woman who met her untimely death by drowning. No one is sure whether the drowning was accidental
or murder, but the woman’s ghost seems to have some unfinished business, as she continues
to hang around the building, which used to be a woman’s dorm…a dorm with a deadly
swimming pool, it seems. Likely because of the horrible drowning, the
pool was converted into an atrium, leaving the ghost of this drowning victim to walk
the corridors on the third floor instead, sometimes pausing to stare out from one of
the windows. Across the way, observers from Lincoln Hall,
on the Urbana campus of the university, have witnessed a ghostly face in an upper window
of the building. “There really are scary things that happen,”
says Susan Gray Davis, the university’s folklore professor. And most agree. So before you take a swim in the university
pool, consider going for a run on the track, instead. It may just save you from a similar fate as
the ghost that haunts here. 2. Kangaroo Inn
You might think that this entry sounds like a hotel, not a school; but the institute was
built near some ruins of the Kangaroo Inn, which were located close to the school of
the same name in the Australian outback. The Inn had been up and running during the
gold rush and had been operated by a Chinese couple, whose remains were now buried somewhere
nearby. One student describes her experience at a
school sleepover in 1993. She was barbecuing patties and sausages in
the evening, when she heard a dog barking somewhere. Dogs were not allowed on the perimeter of
the school, so she thought it odd, once she determined the sound was inside the building. When she went to look for the source, a Jack
Russell burst out of the wall and raced toward the Tech Studies room, barking all the way. The dog seemed to be a ghost, because he entered
the room not around, not under, but through the wall. When the girl told the teacher on duty about
the apparition, he replied, “Well, this school is supposed to be haunted, but not
by a dog.” Everyone heard the barking again, and so they
raced to investigate. On the opposite side of the building, they
found the dog halfway in the wall, barking at a glowing green orb. The dog followed this orb as it began to float
up, up, up into the sky, and the dog with it. There were five witnesses to this phenomenon
– the girl, three other students, and their teacher. After the paranormal event, the girl investigated
the school’s history of paranormal activities and found that some students had caught the
green orb on tape five years prior. Teachers and students, alike, had also reported
feeling cold spots throughout the school and being tapped on the shoulder on occasion. Although it seems the place was haunted, at
least the ghosts seem harmless…thus far. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying the video so far. If you’ve ever been curious as to what I look
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and feel free to send me a DM if you have a questions or suggestions. If you’d like to see more of these videos
in the future, then hit that subscribe button because we upload new countdowns every Tuesday
and Saturday. 1. Ramsey School
Ramsey School, in Bluefield, West Virginia, has long experienced paranormal activity,
so much so that officials began filming. Moonlit Paranormal investigates any and all
haunted buildings, takes video footage, and documents their findings. “We plan to mount some Night Vision infrared
cameras in the building at the hot spots and run film 24/7 so we can capture what we have
already seen with our eyes repeatedly,” Joy Baley, the founder and lead paranormal
investigator of Moonlit Paranormal, said, back in October 2016. “We will be filming for a very long time
at this location.” Baley claims that during their investigation,
they were in a classroom when she felt something run into the coat room. She followed it and heard a whisper coming
from inside. Later, the investigative team played the audio
back and heard the disembodied voice say, “Till death.” Moreover, two glowing orbs shot perpendicularly
to form a cross. The team saw tons of activity in Ramsey School,
including slamming doors, loud bangs, shadowy figures, disembodied voices, and items moving
of their own accord. It sounds like Ramsey from Game of Thrones
isn’t the only creep with that name. Thanks for checking out this video. Be sure to subscribe because we upload new
countdowns every Tuesday and Saturday. Or if you’re still not convinced, here are
some of our other videos that I think you’d like. Enjoy!


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