Top 15 Scary Paranormal Activity Caught On Tape

Top 15 Scary Paranormal Activity Caught On Tape

Number 15. The ZoZo : Like a real life version
of Pazuzu from The Excorist, Zozo is said to be a most commonly contacted through Ouija
boards. Many people worldwide have claimed to come in contact with the Zozo, and have
warned it is not a being to take lightly or be provoked. While its origin is unknown,
reports of this malevolent being have dated back to the early 19th century. People will
know they have contacted the real Zozo when it spells out its name in what is called a
Rainbow Fashion, meaning the slider moves in an arched fashion, spelling Z-O-Z-O over
and over again. Youtube is full of videos of people attempting to contact Zozo, with
one even showing a woman becoming possessed and frantically laughing as she convulses
on the floorHer friends stunned and terrified as they
attempt to bring her out of the state. Ghost Adventures hosted an entire episode on the
Zozo , with strange occurrences being documented throughout their session; these include abnormal
behavior of the crew and residents of the home, and unexplained knockings from around
the house. One disturbing moment occurs when member Nick Groff enters the house alone,
and suddenly hears all the dogs in the neighbourhood simultaneously howl, in almost perfect unison.For those who wish to contact Zozo, it is
recommended you don’t, since it is an unforgivable force who possesses its victims. Number 14. The Church Piano: For many, Churches
are seen as a place of refuge from evil, and a place of worship. On the other hand, Churches
are some of the most common haunts. In November 2011, a video was uploaded Youtube of two
friends walking through the woods at night towards an old church. The two enter and begin
exploring the various rooms, including the sermon area. After entering an adjacent room,
the two suddenly begin hearing piano music playing, despite them being the only two people
there.Freaked out, the two enter the main room and
make a run for the opposite end towards the exit, then flee back out of the woods. Although
the encounter was no doubt terrifying, the two men managed to joke and laugh, albeit
nervously, as they attempted to process what they were witnessing. Skeptics have pondered
if the piano was electric, but these ideas have been quickly brushed off since the church
appears derelict and with no power. No other news surrounding the footage has been released,
and the origin of the music remains a mystery. Number 13. The Pink Lady: Greencastle, Indiana
is home to an abandoned mansion just outside the town’s limits. Two enthusiasts, Guy Winters
and Terry Lambert decided to venture out past dark to explore the derelict house after hearing
the place was haunted. The two video taped the adventure, which just happened to be during
a thunderstorm. Winters and Lambert noted various eerie pieces of graffiti, with one
saying This Is on the door. Lambert took a series of pictures of the windows from outside,
and more inside when suddenly, Winters felt he was being watched, and began to smell a
mixture of sulfur and roses. The two heard a series of bumps from around them, which
caused them to flee the house and back to their van. When the two got around to examining
their photos, they discovered they captured the apparition of a woman wearing pink peering
out of a second story window, and again in the door frame. Photo experts analyzed the
photos and determined they were in no way altered. Further analysis emphasized the lights
and darks in the photo, and in a terrifying twist made the face of the apparition to appear
to be that of a . Winters and Lambert continue to use the evidence as proof ghosts exist,
and the images are frequently circulated today. Number 12. Old Crown Pub Ghost: Located in
Birmingham, UK, the Old Crown Pub was established during the 14th century, leaving the pub full
of history. However, not all of its history is good, and with it still lingers entities
from the past. Patrons and staff have reported various encounters with strange forces, from
quick glimpses of shadows, to face to face confrontations with full body apparitions.
The Old Crown became a national sensation when bar the owner and staff released CCTV
footage of several beverages crashing to the ground with no explanation as to why. Patrons
and staff witnessed the incident, and were stunned as they investigated what happened.
No one present saw anything suspicious. Landlord Ciaran Healy was unconvinced the occurance
was supernatural, instead believing patrons were fooling around and accidently knocked
the bottle over; however, he was convinced after reviewing the CCTV footage, loosing
a £20 bet in the process. The identities of the spirits within the Old Crown are unidentified,
but could be anyone who stayed and worked on the premises during its 650 years of operation. Number 11. Exorcism of Carl Lawson: In the
town of Wilder, Kentucky is a well known Country and Western nightclub known as Bobby Mackey’s
Music World, owned by musician Bobby Mackey since 1978. The nightclub is notorious for
being haunted by malevolent spirits, known to customers and workers at random and without
provocation. The entrance to the club even posts a warning to visitors, stating it is
no liable for any inflicted by paranormal activity. The former caretaker of the club,
Carl Lawson, used to live in an upstairs suite of the building, and would sleep with a next
to his bed. The spirits began an obsession with Lawson, and soon he began to display
abnormal behaviour. It was soon determined Lawson was possessed, and a priest was brought
in to conduct an exorcism. The entire ordeal was captured on tape for evidence, and Lawson
is shown expressing anger and aggression towards the priest.Constantly shouting “This body is mine.”
He even begins to whimper at one point, but in a woman’s voice. It is believed he is being
used at this point by Pearl Bryan, who was in the building in the 1920s in what is believed
to be a. Carl the exorcism and the spirits were cast out of him. He quit as caretaker
soon after, but returned briefly to be interviewed by members of Ghost Adventures. Lawson passed
away on January 27, 2012 of a heart, and his friends and former coworkers wonder if he
was ever able to fully Bobby Mackey’s, or if he himself is now one of the many spirits
within its walls. Number 10. The Ghost on the Stairs: The Queen’s
House in Greenwich, UK is a part of a series of national museums located around the British
Isles, and was once the home of Anne of Denmark, the Queen Consort between 1603 and 1619. In
1966, Reverend Ralph Hardy was visiting Queen’s House, and decided to take a photograph of
the staircase. Upon developing the photos, he was shocked when he discovered a woman
appeared holding the railing with her right arm stretched towards the top of the stairs.
The figure appears to be a woman wearing a robe of some kind, but the face is obscured
beyond recognition. The negatives were sent to Kodak for analysis, and experts determined
they were no tampered with, concluding it to be genuine. While there is speculation
as to the identity of the person in the photo, there is no conclusive as to who was captured
on film. The photo is a true example of paranormal activity, and remains one of the most haunting
ever taken. Number 9. The Haunted Stores: Not all ghosts
will appear in places we expect, such as a historical building, castles or battlefields,
and can haunt the most bizarre locations. In 2007, a video appeared on Youtube of what
is alleged to be a haunting at a Blockbuster video in Mexico. Not much else is known about
the video, but it shows security footage of videos being knocked off shelves as an employee
stocks them after hours. The lack of information on the video is the main point for skeptics
calling out its authenticity, but this isn’t the only haunting caught in a store on security
cameras. In January 2015, another video was released in a bookstore, where security cameras
captured a book levitate off a shelf and open, as if a ghost was reading it. It’s scary to
think of hauntings not being exclusive to locations we expect, and the videos will definitely
be chilling to those who work alone during the closing shifts. If any of our viewers
have noticed objects moved or misplaced around the workplace, remember these videos before
you blame your coworkers. Number 8. Spectre of Newby Church: The Church
of Christ the Consoler is an Anglican Church founded in 1870. Located in Skelton-cum-Newby,
UK, the church is the location of one of the most famous photographs of a ghost. In 1963,
Reverend K.F. Lord was taking photographs of the church for archival purposes. Upon
developing the photos, Lord discovered one depicting the tabernacle had a ghostly entity
standing at the right of the photograph. The apparition has a truly terrifying look, resembling
a robed man with a strange cloth mask covering its face. Those who’ve analyzed the have said
the figure appears to be wearing the robes of a monk dating back to the 16th Century.
Furthermore, the figure appears to stand at 9-feet tall, determined by analysis of the
height of the furniture in the background. The photo remains in the paranormal archives
as an important piece of evidence of the existence of ghosts and the paranormal. Number 7. The Junkyard Ghost: Workers at an
Oklahoma service lot got a shock in 2002, when CCTV captured a strange apparition apparently
dancing around the lot late at night. The apprition jumps around to various points on
the camera, as stunned security looks on. At one point, one of the security team leaves
to investigate, but by the time he arrives, the spirit is gone. The footage exploded in
popularity, and was featured on various local news outlets. However, skeptics studied the
footage over and over, and many claim it is simply an insect flying around and the lights
from the yard are reflecting on the camera to create the body-like figure seen. The owners
of the lot had no explanation of the footage, but all admitted they were spooked by what
was seen. The footage was most famously featured on MSNBC’s Caught On Camera episode titled
Mysteries and Monsters in April 2013, once again sending the video viral and unleashing
a fresh debate on its authenticity. Number 6. The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall:
Within this Norfolk, UK country house lives a lonely spirit who wanders the halls. Raynham
Hall was once owned by members of the Townshend family for four centuries. In September 1936,
photographer Hubert C. Provand and Indre Shira were taking photos for Country Life magazine.
While setting up for photographs of the main staircase, Shira saw an apparition slowly
descending the stairs towards them, and urged Provand to take a photo; he did, and to their
luck and amazement, managed to capture a near perfect form of a hooded figure in the centre
of the frame. Experts and enthusiasts believe the ghost’s identity to be that of Lady Dorothy
Walpole. Walpole on March 29, 1705, of what is believed to be, and is said to be the most
active resident spirit on the grounds, and is known as The Brown Lady because witnesses
describe her as wearing brown robes. It would be no exaggeration to suggest The Brown Lady
of Raynham Hall to be the most iconic photograph in the paranormal archives, and it continues
to be a hot topic of discussion and subject of lore today. Number 5. The Pantry Ghost: Starting in January
of 2007, a series of videos began to appear on Youtube on the channel saremy127, which
shows a ghost of a girl in the family’s pantry. The girl appears briefly and looks out the
glass before vanishing, and at times the door will open and close on its own. Not much was
known about the incidents, and eventually the videos stopped uploading. However, in
2012 a trailer for a documentary about the family’s experiences in the house, as well
as more videos not uploaded to the channel, and interviews with the family members. Since
the beginning, the videos authenticity have been called into question, and even more so
since the documentary’s release. Many claim the videos were nothing more than publicity
for the film, but others have stated the time between the Youtube videos and the documentary
are too far in between, meaning the production team would have to have been extremely dedicated
to their indie product and may not even have had the funds to do so. The idea of advance
video software being used has also been debated, but the videos are truly convincing in being
actual evidence of ghosts and a possible. Number 4. Lord Combermere’s Ghost: Wellington
Stapleton-Cotton was a British soldier who served in Canada during the Papineau Rebellion
in 1837, and later a Conservative politician in the British House of Commons before being
inducted into the House of Lords as the 2nd Viscount Combermere in 1865. In 1891, Lord
Combermere was struck by a horse drawn carriage, and seven weeks later from in St. James Palace,
where he was living. Not long after his, photographer Sybell Corbet, Lord Cumbermere’s sister-in-law,
was taking photos of the palace during the Lord’s. She set up her camera in the Abby
Library and left it for an hour before retrieving it. Upon developing the photos, she found
a strange figure seated in a large arm chair to the left of the photograph. To her amazement,
the figure appeared to be that of Lord Combermere. People speculated a person entered the room
and sat down while the photo was being taken, and even theorized it was a double exposure
shot. However, the chances of the subject being seated directly on the chair is unlikely,
and many have included this in the archives as further proof of ghosts. After all, no
one can claim it’s a photoshop job. Number 3. Gas Station Entity: Workers at a
gas station in Parma, Ohio, captured a remarkable spectre on their CCTV late one autumn night
in 2007. A large, blue apparition appeared on the cameras and floated around the pump
area for half an hour, before disappearing. This is the first and so far only instance
of a haunting at the gas station since its opening, and people have continued to speculate
its origin. The witness of the event, Ameed Abuzahrieh believes it to be the of his nephew,
who three weeks before the footage was captured from an. Abuzahreih claims the entity was
visable to his own eyes, saying he saw it after looking out the window. Skeptics believe
the footage was altered in some way, or it was simply a glitch, but this would not explain
those who witnessed the apparition with their own eyes. The story even picked up airtime
on CNN, and people flocked to the station in order to see the footage first hand, which
workers have proudly shown to those seeking an explanation. Number 2. Freddy Jackson’s Last Group Photo:
Freddy Jackson was a mechanic in the Royal Airforce during the First World War. Jackson
was in 1919 after by a moving airplane propeller while working at the HMS Daedalus training
facility. Two days later, members of Sir Victor Goddard’s squadron, who had served at HMS
Daedalus, gathered for a group photo. Upon close inspection of the photo, experts noticed
a figure partially obscured behind one of the airman, and when the group saw the photo,
they identified the figure as Jackson. While most would brush this off as a mistake or
hoax, it is interesting to note Jackson’s funeral was held the day the photo was taken.
The photo did not see publication until 1975, and the story behind it’s eerie, yet charming
backstory, became well known. It appears Jackson’s final wish was to be included in the photo
with his fellow airman. Since then, there have been no reports of Jackson haunting the
HMS Daedalus, therefore it may be safe to assume he was able to move one after the flashbulb
went off. Number 1. Ghosts of Gettysburg: The Battle
of Gettysburg was the most battle in the whole American Civil War. The battle was also seen
as the turning point of the war, and the deciding battle in the Confederate defeat and surrender.
It should come as no surprise to people the site of Gettysburg is said to be one of the
most haunted locations in the United States, as well as hosting some of the most active
spirits. Several videos have appeared online of apparitions walking along the hills, and
people tells stories of witnessing men in Civil War uniforms standing at attention several
yards away before vanishing, and hearing the sounds of going off in the distance, when
there are no reenactments going on, or other explanations available. Gettysburg is a National
Historic Site, and brings in thousands of tourists every year, which explains why the
area is so famous for the number of ghost sitings every year. Sadly, these soldiers
who at Gettysburg cannot some to find peace in the, and they all wait at attention for
the order to charge or to.


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