Top 15 Scary Ghost Sightings By Pets Caught on Tape

Top 15 Scary Ghost Sightings By Pets Caught on Tape

15. The Window
Mr. Green published this video in 2016. His description reads: “Just a normal night
[with] me the Mrs and our dog Freddy, then all of a sudden he went mental at the wall
or window and … whatever it was just touched him this is no joke … I’m freaking out.” The dog is barking at the window in the beginning
of the clip. Then suddenly he backs away sharply and quickly. The couple believes the ghost touched their
dog, because of this jerking movement. The dog spends the remainder of the video
running around the house like a madman, looking for the ghost. He’s no longer barking, but he does seem
very agitated. His owner tells him to calm down now, and
he does seem to calm down for a moment. But when the owner picks him up to hold him,
he starts barking hysterically again. What could have touched that poor dog? If it was a ghost, what did it want and where
did it go? 14. Trembling
In this video by Nathan Hughes, published this year, the Youtuber’s dog, Molly, is
visibly trembling as it stares off into space, huddled in fear on the sofa. When asked if she wants a biscuit, Molly just
looks over and goes back to staring and trembling at whatever she’s seeing, completely ignoring
the biscuit that her owner set on the pillow beside her. She is staring toward the door near the kitchen,
shaking nervously. When the owner tells her to eat her treat,
nudging it closer to her mouth, she just continues staring in frozen fear. Then the owner walks around the front, facing
the dog, asking what she’s looking at. But she doesn’t move a muscle. He closes the door to see if anyone is standing
behind it. No one. Nothing is there. Throughout the entire video, Molly refuses
to listen to her owner. Maybe the paranormal vision she saw made her
lose her appetite or left her in so much fear that she is unable to move. 13. Dog Spots a Hidden Ghost
Pol4r19 posted this video of her beagle in 2008. She wrote
“This is my 6 month old beagle, Louis, who started barking and growling at something
in the kitchen, mostly focusing on the open cupboard. He has been known to wake up in the middle
of the night, barking and growling at something unseen.” The Youtuber says that Louis won’t calm
down until she lets the dog patrol the house. In the video, the dog is barking toward the
pantry. He walks further into the kitchen and starts
howling. Backing up again, he howls and growls at the
pantry. He walks forward again, still howling, and
sniffing the ground. He just keeps at it, backing up, walking forward,
barking, growling, and howling, until the video ends. YouTube commenters note that the dog’s hair
is standing on end and the guttural sounds the dog is making are usually a warning. What could Louis, the beagle, be warning us
about? What could he possibly see in that darkened
pantry that we don’t? Whatever it is must be well hidden, as you
can hear something growl back at the dog at 45 seconds into the video, so there must be
something there. 12. Ghost Scaring Kittens
Mass Most Haunted posted this video in 2012. The Youtuber claims that his house is haunted. In the description he writes: “Paranormal
activity happens so much that ghosts’ voices [are caught on] evps … in any video recorded
in my house. In this video a ghost is caught on camera
scaring my kitten and while I was filming paranormal activity in my kitchen a ghost
throws a large box at my kitten – luckily my cat was not hurt and I caught it on camera.” The Youtuber is a paranormal investigator,
and the video clips were recorded around Christmas time. The investigator also notes that paranormal
activity is high in his home at this time of year and, although the ghosts rarely hurt
him or his cats, sometimes they do. In the video clip, according to the investigator,
during the Nutcracker song that served as background during a television commercial,
one of the ghosts is heard in an EVP saying “nutcracker.” I don’t know about this one. Sounds like part of the commercial to me. But what happens next is really frightening. The investigator believes the ghosts are speaking
vulgarities and some of them are evil, including one that has attacked the home owner and whose
favorite pastime is throwing things at the cat to scare it. The intro to the clip notes that if a ghost
is trying to make you notice it, and you ignore them, one way or another, they will find a
way to get to you. And the clip shows that’s true. In the clip, one of the kittens is leaving
the kitchen. As she exits, the kitten jumps suddenly and
turns around to look down the hallway. Then she jumps backwards, scared by something. The Youtuber says that something was “thrown
at” the kitten from the kitchen, and zooming in on the place where the kitten was standing,
a shadow falls from the kitchen to the hallway, suggesting something has indeed been thrown. The lights in the kitchen are also flickering
as this occurs. What did the poor kitten see? What scared her? We may never know. 11. Barking at Nothing
Ksosa37 posted this spooky video of her dog in 2017. In the description of the video, she wrote:
“They always say animals can see spirits; my dog was barking at nothing in the room. [She] Wasn’t looking at the tv screen, and
you can see her move her head suddenly at the 9 second mark.” At first, it appears as though the dog is
perhaps barking at her own reflection in the television in front of her. But it becomes clear that the dog is looking
at something to the right of the tv. And then, as the Youtuber noted, the dog jerks
its head suddenly and jumps up, looking above the television. She starts growling and barking more as she
gazes upwards. The camera scans where she’s looking off
to the side of the room, and there’s absolutely nothing there. The dog then gets up from its seated position,
continuing to growl and bark, and looking still at a spot to the right of the tv. The dog is acting aggressively and defensively. And although her owner remains calm and asks
the dog what’s wrong, only she seems to know that something is very wrong. What is she seeing in the void? 10. Chuck and Emily’s Paranormal Adventures
YouTuber, Chuck’s Paranormal Adventures posted this video in 2016 of the family dog
Emily. In the description of the video, Chuck notes
that Emily often stays in the kitchen, waiting for scraps of food without a worry in the
world, but some days, she avoids some areas of the kitchen or won’t even come in. Then, in Chuck’s own words: “On Sept 12,
as I sat down to have a snack in the kitchen, the dog was having one of those skittish moments,
and I had my phone nearby so I could record it. Since I am a paranormal investigator, from
time to time, we’ve had visitors in the house (not by invite I assure you), I believe looking
for help in crossing over, but that is another story for another day.” Chuck tosses the dog some food to eat, but
Emily won’t come near enough to the food to eat it. The chips remain on the floor, but Emily,
looking around a chair, refuses to get them. However, when Chuck puts some chips in the
dog’s bowl, Emily eats them all up in a second. So, it’s clear that the dog loves chips. What’s not so clear is why she’s too afraid
to go and get the ones set out for her on the floor as a special treat. Once she’s finished the chips in the bowl,
she starts walking toward those on the floor. She comes very near them but then, as if frightened
by something, backs away. She goes back to her dog bowl to see if there
are more and then looks back at the floor chips, and she backs away further. She even goes around to another door to the
dining room and attempts to approach on the other side of the chips, but she still can’t
convince herself to go anywhere near them. She sits in the hallway and re-enters through
the other side. Then, as the owner approaches the very spot
the dog won’t approach, the phone’s camera shut off. “Coincidence?” Chuck wonders. Maybe. Maybe not. The following day, Chuck records Emily visiting
the same spot she’d avoided the day previously. She is no longer afraid to eat chips there. So what’s going on? Chuck wonders if the spirit of an old pet
was guarding the chips, as Emily used to approach their old Beagle in this same cautious manner. They also sometimes hear a dog collar clank
in the middle of the night, which couldn’t be Emily’s, since they remove it before
bed time. Whatever the case, here’s hoping the spirit
isn’t something much more sinister. 9. Ghost Attack
KaelinSpeaks published this video in 2013. In the description, he writes: “So I wanted
to drop a skit but something paranormal happened in my house last week, and I’m not talking
about a little shadow. In the morning, when my family was either
out or sleeping, a garbage bin in one of the rooms of my house got thrown out at my dog
and we CAUGHT IT ON CAMERA..this is completely real!!!!” Kaelin says this isn’t a prank, so let’s
take a look at what happened. Kaelin shows the security footage of the downstairs
hallway. He says no one was on this first floor at
the time. In the clip, the dog runs in, sliding under
a hallway table, while a small garbage bin with garbage in it slides in alongside her. Then the dog darts into another room. Kaelin thought initially that the dog had
just been greedily eating from the trash and then suddenly got spooked by something and
darted off, knocking the trash bin over and taking it with her for a short distance. Then he explains why he thought differently
after reanalyzing the video. He says that in order for the bin to be launched
that far with such force, the dog would have had to hit it. And in order to hit it, she would have to
be behind it. But she was running beside it at the beginning
of the clip. The bin is also rolling for an inordinate
amount of time after hitting the wall – for one or two minutes, according to Kaelin – while
the dog watches it in fright from the hallway. At some points, the roll of the bin slows
and then it speeds again. Is there a poltergeist controlling the trash
bin? We can only guess. 8. Ninja Ghost
Teeteemando posted this video in 2008 of his “ninja cat” chasing a ghost around the
living room. In the description, he writes, “I have never
really been a believer in ghosts, but my wife and I have two cats that used to always go
nuts seeing things that we could not see… they would howl at the lights in our dining
room and chase things around that were not there… [it was] really weird. So my one cat starts going nutty one night
like he is seeing something, so I decided to try and shoot some footage thinking maybe
I can see what they are seeing through a camera?” The video begins with the cat watching something
floating in the air attentively. What is he staring at? While shooting the footage, the Youtuber switched
between regular and night vision mode, which is when the ninja cat started climbing the
walls. Literally. You can see the cat has managed to climb to
the top of a dresser and is looking up into the corner of the room. Whatever the cat has its eyes on must be moving
all over the place, because her gaze darts here and there. The cat then jumps down from its spot on the
dresser to a scratching post and then, as its eyes follow the invisible, it jumps up
the wall and lands on the floor. It tries again, jumping up the door and managing
to get its claws into the doorframe. It looks up into the corner of the ceiling,
its head still darting around. The cat hangs there for nearly an entire minute,
seemingly enraptured by the ghost or spirit in its sights. Seriously, do you see anything there? Because I sure do. According to the Youtuber, a dot of light
moved through the TV once he got his cat down from the door. The Youtuber points out the light that moves
from the back to the front of the room. If you watch the video closely, you can see
it too. The experience was, apparently, traumatic
for this cat owner, who now sleeps with the covers over his head. 7. The Paranormal Room
Ghost Tails published this video in 2013. The description reads: “Dog senses a ghost
in the room. Captured on film is the ghost actually throwing
the ball.” The clip begins with the dog just staring into
the living room. Then, all of a sudden, she starts barking. She retreats into the kitchen, where her owner
stands, filming the strange event. The dog heads slowly back into the living
room, sniffing around. She creeps back in, lifting a leg tentatively
as she peers onto the living room table. There appears to be something draped on the
table, and the dog starts barking toward it. The dog then picks up a ball it found on the
floor and then gets distracted by something else she found on the floor. Then she hears a noise that makes her spring
and stare at the thing on the table again. She sniffs around it and is distracted again
by the ball. Although the dog in this video does seem to
be spooked by something, it doesn’t appear as if the ball was thrown at it, as the author
claims. But if you see it in this clip, let us know
in the comments. 6. Lola
Kennybrowne17 posted this video of his dog Lola sensing a ghostly presence in his home
in 2013. At the start of the clip, the dog is seen
backing nervously out of the kitchen into the hallway. It then turns to walk into the hall. “The dog is a tripper,” the YouTuber says. “There’s something in the kitchen that’s
freaking her out.” He goes into the kitchen to investigate, and
there seems to be nothing at all. The dog peaks her head out from the hallway
again, and her owner says that she wants to eat, but she’s too paranoid to enter the
kitchen. What is she seeing in there? She then walks cautiously around the corner
and lays on her dog bed in the living room. She lays there for a time, but then gets up
and heads into the hallway once again. She creeps back into the kitchen, and looks
as though she may be over her fear, as she eats a bit of her food. But the courage lasts only a moment, as the
dog again cautiously walks backwards out of the kitchen, looking fearfully at something. She darts back into the hallway. She heads back in again to eat more of her
food only to back out again, looking the whole while at the same spot. She doesn’t turn around this time. She cannot remove her eyes from whatever is
making her so fearful. She looks around the corner one last time,
but won’t risk going in there again. So what is Lola afraid of? Some in the comment section of this video
think it’s the frequencies in the television that are affecting her. Others think she’s witnessed something paranormal. Both make sense but likely only one is the
real answer. 5. Ruthie
Valerie Brown posted her dog Ruthie’s ghost sighting to Youtube in 2013. She writes in the video description: “She
barks incessantly as if someone is there. Everyone said [it’s a] ghost on Facebook,
I’m not into paranormal but People suggested I post this on YouTube so Here it is.” As the video begins, the little dog is barking
and growling, its tail wagging, as it looks into the living room. No one is there, but the dog seems to be highly
alert to some presence in the vicinity. The owner asks her dog who she’s barking
at, but of course, she just continues barking, appearing as though she thinks it’s obvious
who she’s barking at. The owner moves into the living room, and
the dog follows, running around to the front of the sofa. The dog’s eyes are focused in on one spot,
suggesting the invisible entity must be staying in place. In fact, when the dog moves to the front of
the sofa, it seems to be barking at someone who’s sitting on the sofa. Only, there appears to be exactly zero people
lounging there. The dog runs back to the opposite side of
the sofa and as the owner ends the video by telling Ruthie, again, that there’s nobody
there. The dog barks in disagreement, continuing
to appear in high alert. What does Ruthie see? Is it an evil spirit? Or is it friendly? My bet is on evil, as she certainly seems
to be perturbed by its presence. 4. Possessed Cat
Here’s another ninja cat caught on tape trying to capture a ghost. Daralzand published the video in 2012 with
the description, “Just a little video of my buddy taping his possessed cat. Also has a ghost orb flash by.” The cat starts up in the corner of the doorframe,
next to the ceiling. She is looking all over, looking toward the
ceiling, and balanced between two door frames. Just as one of the cat’s owners says, “What’s
she going to do?” a blue streak – the orb in question – flies
across the camera lens from the upper right of the screen to the lower left. The man who’s filming notices it and says
it was weird. But his partner didn’t see it. Did the couple’s cat sense the ghost in
the room? Is that why he ninja’d his way to the top
of the door frames? It’s more than possible. However, some skeptics in the comments section
say that the cat is acting perfectly normal and that the “orb” looks like a paper
airplane. What do you think? 3. Bossy, the Psychic Dog
Posted by Mama Owl Paranormal in 2014, the description of this ghost sighting clip reads:
“Our dog, Bossy, has been picking up on spiritual activity within the house. She never barks or growls in the house unless
something has disturbed her.” Well, it seems that something did disturbed
Bossy, the psychic dog on July 1st, 2014. It was on this evening that the dog woke up
to something paranormal passing over her head. Growling and barking, Bossy was suddenly alert
to an invisible anomaly. The dog gets up, disturbing her owner who’s
sleeping next to her, and runs off the bed. A second event occurred a few nights later. The owner heard Bossy growling at nothing
at all. When the owner went to look for what was getting
her all hyped up, the dog was in a darkened room; the bedroom again. They turned on the light and found the dog
near the bed, standing very still, growling at something under the bed. Something in the room had been knocked over,
and the owner says the dog won’t go anywhere near it. It’s unclear what the dog is searching for,
but what is clear is that something is agitating Bossy. In August of the same year, the dog woke up
yet again in the night, because it allegedly had seen an “orb” in the darkness. The orbs are pointed out in the footage, and
the dog does seem to become alert to one after spotting it out of the corner of her eye. She growls and barks and alerts her owner. Someone else comes into the room, as the dog
is pacing back and forth across the bed, looking up and around the room. The owner believes that the spirits are coming
from the “antiquated” furniture she has in her bedroom, because Bossy has never reacted
this way elsewhere in the house. While it’s difficult to say why an animal
might freak out when there’s nothing in the room, spirits, orbs, or other invisible
forces are certainly a possibility. 2. Shapeshifter
Richard205maria posted this video in 2013. The description read: “An entity ‘ghost’
got a cat jumping scared, they can make [very loud] noises…in this video we can see how
what many call a ‘rod’ shifted into something totally different and [was] flying [at] a
super fast speed [and it] made a noise [that was] very loud and [tried] to attack the cat,
which heard the noise and jumped scared over the fence..” In the video, the cat walks toward a fence. But when something suddenly shoots down at
it, the cat jumps up and hops over to escape the frightening noise. When the video is run in slow-motion, the
Youtuber suggests the entity is a shapeshifter. It seems to fling down to the ground and back
up again. Some in the comment section think this thing
was a “sky fish”. Others say it’s obviously a bat. What do you think? Could it be a shapeshifter? Regardless, this footage is quite creepy for
the fact that something did seriously startle that cat. Before we get to number 1, my name is Chills
and I hope you’re enjoying my narration. If you’re curious about what I look like
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video to find out the number 1 entry. Chills Merch is now available and I’m gifting
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beside it then thank you. This way you’ll be notified of the new videos
we upload every Tuesday and Saturday. 1. The Blinds
This video, published by adaaam in 2007, shows what the owner’s dog has been barking at
for several weeks. In the dark video, you see the dog approach
the outer door which leads into the kitchen. He seems like he’s been alerted by something. He walks right up to the door. Then something eerie happens. The door blinds open rapidly then close just
as rapidly. The dog waits there, and there’s a tapping
noise heard on the film as light appears from the outside when the blinds open again. Then they rapidly shut. The dog whines for a minute, and the blinds
roll up a bit. And then a bit more. And then even more than that. The dog just sits guard at the door as the
blinds roll up slowly. For the rest of the clip, the loyal and very
concerned dog just sits there, at the door, aware of the paranormal happenings, but not
sure what to do about them. None of us are, Rex. This event is unexplainable in my opinion,
but let me know if you have a different guess.


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    My sister and I one summer were up late by ourselves at night and the TV turned on by itself to static. We thought it was a glitch so we turned it off and a few seconds later it came on again. It did get our attention. It didn't come on a third time after we turned it off.

    Then there was one December around Christmas time that my mom woke up in the middle of the night for something and noticed our cat was acting strange, not wanting to go ahead of her, and was making her nervous. Then all of a sudden, a Rudolph Reindeer toy lit up on the dining room table and started singing and walking. Scared them both.

    Another summer, my sister and I were playing video games in the master bedroom one afternoon while waiting for our mom to get home. We both heard the usual door opening, keys jangling, her voice clearly shouting down the hall, "I'm home!" and then we heard a dining room chair scoot. We waited a few minutes and when she didn't come back and we didn't hear anything else, we went to go see her. No one was home and no car in the garage. We both ran back to the master bathroom with the phone and locked ourselves in, calling our mom and demanding she get home immediately.

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