Top 15 Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed (#2)

Top 15 Paranormal Events That Police Witnessed (#2)

#15 The Ghostly Footsteps
Over a decade ago, Jefferson County police received around ten phone calls from a couple
who repeatedly reported that someone was walking around their home in Imperial. The sheriff’s corporal, Rich Rice, had been
called to the home two times already, so when he was sent there a third time, he didn’t
expect to find anything. But he was mistaken. He arrived to find the couple very frightened. The glass door had been slid open, and a light
from the motion sensor shone brightly – and, yet, there was not one footprint in the snow
outside. Even scarier, on the living room carpet, knickknacks
had been smashed and thrown all over the place. It was only when he started interviewing the
couple that he heard the disturbance, himself. The floorboards started to creak with the
footsteps of something or someone invisible. “I’ve been a cop for 27 years and even
talking about it now gives me the chills,” he said. “I’m not a believer in ghosts, and this
was enough that it gave me the heebie-jeebies. I’m a Missourian, you gotta show me. Unless I see a goblin walking across the floor,
I think things are explainable, and this was not explainable. It was like something out of ‘The Exorcist.’” Once the couple left their haunted home, no
calls were made to the police, so we can safely assume, they took the spirit with them. #14 The Ghosts in the Graveyard
Nino Dicandia, a veteran police officer, experienced one of the creepiest paranormal events on
one of the creepiest fog-filled nights in one of the creepiest months of the year – October. It was near Park Lawn Cemetery along Lemay
Ferry Road – Dicandia’s beat – where he spied a sweet little old couple. Problem was, it was three in the morning – long
past the time of day that normal old folks are out and about. The man wore a brown suit, while the woman
was dressed in a pale colored dress. As they entered the cemetery, she grasped
his hand. Dicandia assumed they were lost or had escaped
from the old people’s home. “I honestly thought it was people visiting
a grave and perhaps they had Alzheimer’s because there was a nursing home that was
close by,” he said. He pulled around and began to search the cemetery. The search turned up nothing. “That’s when I got the chills. It’s not like it was just a glimpse. I watched them for a good 20 to 30 seconds,”
Dicadia recalled. He went on to theorize that “maybe they
were husband and wife or longtime companions, and she had died first and was there waiting
for him and showed him the way.” Over the next couple years, the officer kept
an eye out whenever he neared the graveyard, but the couple never again appeared. After eight years, the memory still haunts
him. “It’s something I won’t soon forget,”
Dicadia said. “I wasn’t tired and I know what I saw.” #13 The Possession
Have you or one of your friends ever been possessed by the devil? If not, you’re luckier than the group of
young adults that called the cops at one in the morning a few years ago. The officer who arrived at the scene came
nearly empty-handed. He didn’t know much about what was going
on at the house, as the dispatch didn’t provide many details. The caller had only explained to the dispatcher
that her friend had been possessed. At the designated address, the officer found
a small apartment with several twenty-something adults huddled in a corner. In the opposite corner of the room sat a pale
and terrified girl, with her knees to her chest, crying quietly. The friends explained that they’d been sitting
there, watching a movie, when out of nowhere, the girl had started blurting out unintelligibly. When they’d looked at her, she was staring
forward blankly, as if possessed. As they told this to the officer, the girl
in question started crying louder. Another girl was crying as well, and she kept
repeating, “It wasn’t your voice! That wasn’t your voice!” The officer approached the girl and started
questioning her, but she told him that she couldn’t remember a thing. The officer checked her pupils to ensure she
hadn’t had a stroke. He then called the fire department and her
mother. She was taken to the hospital for evaluation. Although this officer had been dispatched
to a number of calls that alleged “paranormal activity,” this one stuck with him. With a large group of witnesses and no perceived
substance abuse, the event remained unexplained. #12 The Passetto Family Possession
One paranormal event that won’t be forgotten soon by the police force in Lee, Massachusetts
happened a few decades ago, in 1981. It was then and there that the Passetto family
experienced a possession that nearly took their lives. The devout Catholic family had lived in the
home for two years before the paranormal events occurred. It was only then, in March, that Lui Passetto
started to be visited by a vision of a little boy, dressed all in white. Lui was not intimidated at first. After all, the spirit seemed to be a kind
and friendly one. But the sweet little boy wasn’t sweet for
long. The spirit boy morphed into a violent malevolent
being, tall and hunchbacked, robed in black, and growling horrible things at the poor Passettos. The evil spirit also had a title for himself:
The Minister of God. But this so-called minister was as ungodly
as they come. It clawed poor Lui all over her body and threatened
the lives of her entire family, including her children. A priest was called in to bless the house,
but the Minister of God stayed on. This is when the police stepped in. The officers on hand allege to have witnessed
the malevolent force, but of course they could do nothing about it. Ed and Lorraine Warren eventually were called
in to help. Their chronicling of the possession lent its
inspiration to horror films, including The Amityville Horror and The Conjuring. #11 Haunted Train Tracks
Imagine an old farmhouse, out in the middle of nowhere. Nothing and no one for miles. And yet, somehow, you start to hear terrifying
screams emanating from within the 140-year-old home. Not only is an invisible entity screaming,
but a train is approaching. The blaring blast of the train’s horn and
the chugging of its wheels, the roaring of its engine, are all heard loud as day. With not a track in sight. This is what a family reported in 2007 to
the local police – the sounds of screaming and a ghost train in their centuries-old farmhouse. And this is exactly what police witnessed
when they investigated the matter. But, wait – there’s more. The police on the beat discovered a walking
path behind the house. Only, it wasn’t just any walking path; it
used to be a railroad line. The track space had been donated to those
building the walking path…a walking path that now seems to be haunted by some horrifying
death involving a train. The officer in question never returned to
the farmhouse and heard nothing more about the matter. But it stayed forever in his mind, a ghost
of a memory. #10 The UFO at Roswell
Everyone who’s anyone in the paranormal-sphere has heard of Roswell. But the police who first witnessed the UFO
there on July 2nd, 1947 sure hadn’t expected their small town to make front page news. It was then that a UFO had decided to crash
land somewhere in the desert near the New Mexico town. Major Jesse Marcel, an intelligence officer
and the key witness in the examination of the wreckage near Roswell, said that he’d
never seen anything like it. Everything from the aircraft’s structure
to the material used in its construction was completely foreign. Marcel claims that the UFO’s metal was super
strong but paper-thin and, in testing it, he found that it wouldn’t burn or be pierced
through. It was infallible armor. But the US Air Force contradicted this information. They put out a statement at the time that
the alleged “UFO” was simply a balloon they’d been crafting, not an alien aircraft. Many “believers” considered this a cover-up
and a government conspiracy. They knew that the UFO that crashed at Roswell
was more than a mere balloon. Decades later, in 2007, their conspiracy theories
seem to have been validated upon the death of PR officer, Lieutenant Walter Haut. Haut had worked for the military base near
Roswell at the time of the incident, and an affidavit released upon his death indicated
that the balloon release was actually a cover-up. His statement claimed that alien bodies were
uncovered inside the UFO, as well. This suggests that these bodies and the aircraft
in question may have been transported and examined at a secret government base at the
time…and they may still be in the government’s possession today. Police and military officer witnesses were
silenced from making their accounts of this paranormal event known. This only fuels the fire of conspiracy theorists
who are all asking, “What really happened at Roswell?” #9 Violence, Reincarnated
A horrible crime happened in 1970, one that chilled the entire nation to the bone. A practicing physician and army officer, Dr.
Jeffrey MacDonald, is alleged to have murdered his entire family at their Fort Bragg home. He was convicted of clubbing and stabbing
his 2- and 5-year-old daughters to death with both a knife and an ice pick, along with his
pregnant wife. On the headboard of her bed, in blood, was
written the word, “Pig.” He claimed that a group of intruders had done
the gruesome deed, but evidence proved otherwise. Needless to say, the house sat empty for half
a decade after the brutal attack. The electricity had been turned off and the
home, boarded up. It was then that Oliver “Glenn” Boyer,
a military police officer, was called to investigate several reports of odd happenings occurring
in the home. “It wasn’t unusual for us to get calls
to go to the house, because people saw lights on or heard someone talking or screaming inside
the residence,” he said. “Some of the people making these complaints
were high-ranking people that you would think would be very believable.” The goings-on at the house in Fort Bragg were
so unnerving that many officers would not go near the place. Apparently, nerves of steel melt away when
faced with the paranormal. #8 Things that Go Bump in the Night
Joe Calabro, an officer in St. Louis, was called to an old Victorian residence where
the burglar alarm had gone off. The homeowner was away. He and his partner arrived to find the door
open. Strolling through the kitchen, nothing seemed
amiss. They then entered a nearby room that had no
exit. Standing inside, the door suddenly banged
shut behind them. Though it startled the pair, they thought
that maybe it was just the wind. After searching the entire house, they walked
through the kitchen again. This time, the faucets were running. “They were the kind of handles you have
to pull up,” Calabro stated. “It not only gave us the chills, but we
had to figure out, is this coincidence or what was the case?” The incident stayed with them, the question
left up in the air. #7 The Montreal UFO
America isn’t the only country that’s visited by aliens on occasion. Yet another UFO sighting was witnessed by
police in November of 1990 – this time in Montreal. An unnamed woman was the first one to sight
the circular light-beaming object in the sky. She was taking a late night dip in the rooftop
pool of her Montreal hotel, when she spotted the UFO that made her choke on chlorine water. She quickly alerted the lifeguard who, in
turn, called a security guard who, in turn, called both the police and a newspaper journalist
for La Presse. Wait, it doesn’t end there. The police called the RCMP – aka the Royal
Canadian Mounted Police – who, in turn, called the military who, in turn, called NASA. Yes, this sighting was so bizarre that the
chain of command was followed all the way up to NASA. The UFO was visible for nearly three hours
and is a notable paranormal event, because of the vast number of reliable sources who
witnessed it, as well as its concrete documentation. #6 Meet Virginia
A policeman in Mineral Wells, Texas has a nosleep story that will make your skin crawl. The first dead body he’d ever encountered
was the body of 29-year-old Pamela Allen, who appeared to have committed suicide by
jumping from the local Baker Hotel. She was sprawled, her body broken, on the
sidewalk, and she was completely naked. The officer learned that she had been partying
with a group of friends that night on the 7th floor of the hotel after the bars had
closed. When her friends had realized she’d suddenly
disappeared, they looked for her and discovered her clothes piled near an open window. They peered down below, saw her body, and
called the police. The only pieces of information they could
offer was that some had overheard Pamela say that she had to “go meet Virginia,” and
talk around town was that Pamela had been having an affair with her boss. No one knew Virginia, and no one had seen
Pamela with the man with whom she was rumored to have been sleeping. This information didn’t answer the most
pertinent questions: Why did she jump? Did she kill herself, or was she pushed? An investigation elicited nothing further,
but five months later, this same officer was looking at the city’s historical archives,
when he uncovered the following passage: “One story involving the Baker Hotel revolves
around a woman known as Virginia Brown, a resident at the hotel, who was the alleged
mistress of T.B. Baker, the owner and builder of the hotel. According to legend, Virginia was upset over
the affair and drunkenly plunged to her death after jumping from the 13th floor. Many visitors to the hotel before its closing
in 1972 have reported seeing a bloody woman, sometimes wearing a red dress and sometimes
nude, roaming the halls after midnight.” Further investigation showed that a hotel
ledger from the mid-1900’s recorded a “Virginia Brown” had been a resident of the Baker
Hotel. Even creepier, she had stayed in room 714. Perhaps Pamela really did meet Virginia that
night. #5 “There is Something in the Basement”
In 2009, a pair of policemen got more than they bargained for when they were called to
the house of a couple who had just moved in. The woman opened the door after they knocked,
an expression of complete and utter terror plastered over her pale face. The first words out of her mouth were: “This
house hasn’t been blessed yet…there is something in the basement.” Something in the basement. What could that something be? The police pulled their guns and flashlights
out and proceeded down the rickety stairs. Nothing seemed amiss as they investigated
the area for ten minutes or so, waiting, listening for this so-called disturbance to make itself
heard. All the while, the owners were shouting from
upstairs, claiming it was likely nothing would happen now that the police were present. Suddenly the ancient furnace fired up, making
some guttural growling noise, like a wild beast. A loud and distinctive banging flared within. From above, the woman shouted, “That’s
it! Can you hear it?!” While the police explained away the “paranormal”
event for what it was – an old decrepit furnace – the owner wasn’t having any
of it. She fled the house, reasserting that she needed
to seek out a blessing from a priest before she returned to the haunted place. And still, the question remains – was it
the furnace? Or was something else lurking in the basement
with these two unwitting policemen that day? #4 A Ghost in the Old County Jail
Cascade County in Montana is no stranger to ghost stories. And its sheriff, Bob Edwards, has witnessed
plenty of them. One of the most chilling happened in the old
county jail. An apartment for the sheriff stood on one
side of the building, while the jail cells stood on the other. At one point, he lived in the jail and was
in the upstairs apartment, getting ready to settle in for the night, when outside the
door, he heard footsteps creaking up the stairs. “I figured someone was trying to play a
trick on me,” Edwards said, “and I opened the door really fast and was surprised to
see there was nobody there. I went ‘Whoa’ and it freaked me out.” Deputy Mike was downstairs, so Edwards went
and asked him if someone had been upstairs. “You are the only person up there, Bob,”
he responded. “Nobody is here.” That’s what Mike thinks… #3 The Mist in the Hospital Cell
That wasn’t the only paranormal event that these officers witnessed in the old haunted
jail. He and Mike also spotted a strange white mist
drifting through the air of the hospital cell on the video monitor. To Edward, it looked like cigarette smoke. Mike went down to investigate, while Edwards
watched on the monitor. Mike couldn’t see the mist in reality, but
when he lifted his hand towards it, the mist disappeared on the monitor footage on Edward’s
end. “I had massive goose bumps,” Edward said,
when recalling the paranormal events that happened in the haunted cell. “Here I am, a big tough detention officer
in charge of 200 guys in jail and I am worried about this mist.” Edward wasn’t the only big tough detention
officer who was worried. Many of the officers at the jail had experienced
similar disturbances. And none of them can be explained. #2 The Trumbull County UFO
The police force of Trumbull County, Ohio was on the receiving end of a deluge of phone
calls on December 14th, 1994 at around midnight. Did a murder happen? No. A terrible traffic accident? No. Was there a catastrophic event of some kind? No, no, and no. Rather, every single one of the calls were
alleging that a low-flying UFO was quickly descending and would soon land. The dispatch operator on duty, Roy Anne Rudolph,
believed the supposed UFO was likely a simple balloon, toy helicopter, or another ordinary
flying object. But, being that many people had not shrugged
it off as such, she sent local dispatch to investigate the matter. The first officer on the scene was Sergeant
Tony Meloro. He spotted the odd piercing light and decided
to follow it along Samson Drive. He was advancing on the UFO when his cruiser’s
engine went caput. He’d never had trouble with the vehicle
before, so he tried to restart it. Suddenly, the blinding light shone directly
above him, startling Sergeant Meloro out of his vehicle. He glared up at a circular aircraft – the
source of the light. Half a minute passed like this, with the officer
glaring at the blindingly lit object, and the object simply hovering overhead. Then, as suddenly as it had come, it disappeared
without a trace, flying away speedily with no sound at all. Meloro wasn’t the only officer to report
on this UFO. 14-15 officers on the force had crossed paths
with it that night. So what was this phenomenon? We’ll likely never know. #1 “Leave the Home!” One police officer was called to what he believed
would be your average neighborly dispute…only to find that the real “neighbor” was an
angry spirit. When he arrived to the home, he found a professional
and seemingly rational woman who complained about her neighbors being “racist assholes,”
yelling threats at her through the walls whenever she was home. The cop did his cop-thing, repeating questions
throughout to ensure that she kept her story straight and wasn’t lying. According to the woman, she’d been living
in the home for nearly a month, and every single time she was at home with her husband,
the neighbor shouted, “Leave the home!” The couple had grown wearisome of such hostility. They had even gone so far as to shoot her
24 case of soda with a pellet gun, making four of the cans explode. She had left her groceries near the back door
as she loaded them into the kitchen and returned to leaking cans. This is why she called the cops that day. To the officer, her story seemed legit. Upon investigating the matter, he found the
cans were completely sealed but smashed to smithereens. There were no pellet holes in the cans to
indicate that they’d been shot. And it was a beautiful day, so extreme heat
or extreme cold likely had nothing to do with the exploding cans. Questions abounded in the officer’s head:
Were these cans just damaged in shipment? Were they, as the woman claimed, damaged by
the racist neighbors? Or was something more sinister going on? The cop investigated further by visiting the
neighbors. He found them to be the two sweetest old women
in the world – and of the same race as their neighbor, so likely not the “racist assholes”
she’d alleged they were. The officer returned to the complainant and
asked her if the voice was male or female and where it was coming from. She replied that the voice was male, and it
was coming from the direction of the old ladies he’d just left. The complainant added, “He sounds so pissed
off all the time.” The officer then took the woman over to the
neighbors’ house and introduced them. They’d never met. He explained to the old women what was going
on, and one of them looked directly at the officer and said, “John said that happened
to him before he passed.” Cue the goosebumps, the spidey senses, the
horror. She went on to explain that the previous homeowner
had told them that he’d heard someone screaming at him to “leave the home.” This was shortly before he overdosed on sleeping
pills that sent him drifting off to eternal sleep. While the threatening spirit wasn’t exorcised
from the house that day, the officer cleared the old ladies of any charges. And not long after, he drove by the house
and saw a “For Sale” sign out front. The complainant was lugging boxes of her belongings
to a moving truck. They exchanged a wave, and that was that. The officer was left to wonder if the spirit
stayed on to torment the house’s next occupants.


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