Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Cryptozoology is described as a pseudoscience
responsible for categorizing and researching animals and plants not recognized, due to
lack of evidence, by standard science. In essence, a zoological study of the strange
and unimaginable, so it’s no surprise then that it has our full attention. While some cryptid may be harmless, there
are those you’ll want to remain figments of your overactive imagination. In this installment, we’ve categorized the
ten scariest cryptids that, by the time we’re done, will be stalking your dreams. If it’s strange, creepy, and unusual videos
that you want, then go ahead and hit that subscribe button and click the bell! If you liked this video or have another cryptid
you’d like to warn people of, leave a comment below the video and, as always, don’t forget
to give it a thumbs up! 10. Flatwoods Monster
It was a chilled night in September of 1952 in the quiet town of Flatwoods, West Virginia. The town wasn’t anything remarkable, just
a small slice of Braxton County so few knew about, but that all changed when residents
of the tiny town were visited by an inhuman creature. It towered over even the tallest denizen,
its 7’ (2.1m) frame, spindly arms, clawed fingers, and pleated exoskeleton forever burned
into their minds. The close encounter came shortly after an
illuminated object scarred the blackened sky, drawing attention from local children. After the creature departed, many witnesses
complained of convulsions and vomiting, an alleged side effect of the mysterious traveler. 9. Megalodon
That the megalodon was once a real predator of the murky waters of Earth is undeniable,
but the oversized shark went from extinct prehistoric beast to aquatic cryptid when
impossible sightings started to emerge. The megalodon once glided the waters of the
Cenozoic Era, but some believe the near 60’ (18 m) Carcharocles still stalks the hidden
depths of the ocean. Sightings of megalodon date back to 1875,
when teeth of the oversized shark were thought to be found in the HMS Challenger. In 2012, the show Shark Wranglers covered
the tale of a 40’ (12 m) shark found off the coast of a South African village. 8. Dover Demon
April 21st, 1977, 17-year-old William Bartlett is driving down Farm Street in the Massachusetts
town of Dover when his eyes spot an irregularity on a nearby broken wall. Perched atop the cracked stone was a humanoid
creature sporting tendril-like fingers and large eyes that glowed in the night. Within 24 hours, 15-year-old John Baxter and
Abby Brabham stepped forward with their own account of the strange abnormality. The Dover Demon, a phrase coined by cryptozoologist
Loren Coleman, started as a local legend but gained national recognition. Even almost 30 years later, Bartlett stands
by his account, denouncing suggestions that it was a moose or a foal. 7. Mahaha
The Inuit people of northern Canada once feared the Arctic – not for the very real possibility
that they could freeze to death – but because of a gaunt, icy humanoid with white eyes and
stringy hair. Before White Walkers were written as the true
slayers of the north, there was the Mahaha, a terror that could dig into flesh with its
razor-sharp, foot-long claws, but instead used them to tickle its victims to death. Like an inhuman version of The Joker, the
Mahaha was said to leave its victims with a motionless heart and a large smile frozen
onto their face. 6. Popobawa
You hear it howling outside and are drawn to the last pups saddened cries. The moment you open the door, the intense
odor of sulfur hits you, trailing through the air leading you directly to the dog, and
it’s at that moment you recall the legends of a shapeshifting winged monstrosity recognizable
by a sulfurous smell. The unusual cryptid originated in Pemba, a
Tanzanian island, and was responsible for an outbreak of hysteria in 1995. Locals believe Popobawa, or “Bat Wing,”
attacks households at night, sometimes violently and sexually abusing residents. Enhancing the legend, local hospitals report
that they often treat victims of the mysterious cryptid. 5. Snallygaster
The Snallygaster is coming for you. The Snallygaster will steal your children
and devour all that you hold dear. The Snally … The Snallygast… The SNALLYGASTER! Oh, I’m sorry, it’s really difficult to
make this cryptid scary if I use its name, but… here we go! A flying monstrosity of the Washington D.C.
and Frederick County, Maryland areas of the United States, this half-avian, half-reptilian
dragon was said to suck the blood of its victims and could only be thwarted by seven-pointed
stars. During the 1730s, German immigrants told of
the Schneller Geist, or quick ghost, which gave way to the legend of the … the Snallygaster. 4. Jersey Devil
The Pine Barrens of New Jersey is a beautiful expanse of forestry, but locals for centuries
have feared what lives within the dense greenery that so closely borders their homes. Exactly what the Jersey Devil is remains a
mystery, despite the many years it’s spent terrorizing the east coast state, but the
lore starts in 1735 with Mother Leeds. Pregnant for the 13th time, the exasperated
mother inadvertently cursed herself, exclaiming “Let this one be a devil!” Immediately after birth, the newborn transformed
into a ghastly creature that killed much of the Leeds family before vanishing into the
Pine Barrens. Large and winged are two characteristics often
attributed to Jersey’s resident devil. 3. J’ba Fofi
An eight-legged terror that can stand up to 6’ tall and a monstrosity of the Congolese
forests, the J’ba Fofi sounds like some sort of extinct prehistoric critter or something
dreamed up by a twisted mind. The people of the Congo, however, are adamant
that the oversized arachnid actually exists, and sightings have been recorded as early
as the 1890s expedition of Missionary Arthur Simes. Baka natives claim that the J’ba Fofi lives
within abodes made of leaves and will spin large, circular webs to snare smaller animals
and birds. 2. Ya-Te-Veo
“The forest is alive,” he says, but you don’t heed his warning. Clearly, the branches swaying in the moonlight
have him spooked, and you press on through the Central American forestry. Not long into your bad decision, you start
to see what he means. In the distance, a tree that towers over the
rest, its branches moving impossibly, like a frantic squid. Taking a curious step forward, you see them
much clearer now – they’re not branches at all. They’re the deadly serpentine extensions
of the most unusual cryptid, a large carnivorous, man-eating tree known as Ya-Te-Veo.
1. Manananggal
A haunting face, leathery wings, a long and snaking tongue, the ability to detach its
upper and lower halves – few things have sounded more horrifying than the manananggal,
a vampiric legend born within the Philippines. With her tongue, the manananggal drinks the
blood of her victims, typically pregnant women and the fetuses that they carry. While her upper half can fly around independently,
her lower half is vulnerable to attacks, specifically salt, garlic, or ash, which can be fatal to
this hideous cryptid. Capiz, a province of the Philippines, is thought
to be home to a concentration of sightings of the manananggal. Shh, do you hear that? It’s the Snallygaster, I don’t have much
time. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and click
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  1. There's a few you probably don't know that exists and they are as follows:

    1) Snooki: Snooki is half human, quarter rat and quarter orangutan. Snooki likes smoking, likes drinking, likes saying Snooki wants smoosh smoosh while raping people and Snooki lives at Jersey Shore.

    2) ManBearPig: ManBearPig is half man, half bear and half pig, ManBearPig stands 7 feet tall, has a bear torso with patches of pig skin, has bear hips, human thighs and pigs hooves, bear shoulders, human arms with bear fur and bear paws. ManBearPig also has a bear head with a pigs nose and human eyes and hair. ManBearPig can be heard at night making half bear roars, half pig squeals and half human cries, not only that ManBearPig says he's super cereal while he stomps on the ground with his pig hooves.

    3) Everyone from New Jersey / Jersey Shore, these incredibly strange cryptids look humanoid in appearance, they are obsessed with spray on tan, have a douchy personality, act as if they are Sicilian even though they sort of look like average American citizens, these creatures wear a lot of jewelry, wear skanky or clothing that are too small for them or wear clothing that look like they were found on dead bodies. You can smell them and hear them way before you can see them because they reek of cologne, perfume, spray on tan and hair gel, not only that you can hear them fighting among themselves from a mile away. These cryptids must be avoided at all costs.

  2. Flatwoods Monster looks very similar to the cow stealing aliens from The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask. Wonder if this monster was an inspiration for the aliens.

  3. Am living in Tanzania and that period of popobawa was really horrible people were staying awake at night and sleeping outside their house

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  6. Also since I was born, raised and living in New Jersey I must correct you and let you know the Jersey Devil is living high on the hog in Trenton in the Governor's mansion in the name of Chris Christie and will transform in January into the most hideous of all monsters in the form of Phil Murphy !!!

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  13. I dont live capiz,i only live in Cagayan de Oro.Mananggal lives in Capiz,filipinos have sighted some flying like cryptids flying over in the rural area of Capiz.

  14. I think number 10 is real. Paranormal witness has an alien episode where the aliens have red eyes and it's by far the most credible paranormal show

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