Top 10 Mysterious Psychics That Predicted The Future

Top 10 Mysterious Psychics That Predicted The Future

What’s up top 10 fam hope you’re having
an awesome day, Im your host Ayman Hasan and welcome back to another video. I am yet to go to a psychic and im pissed
about it. Ive always wanted to go out of curiosity but
just never had the chance but im also lowkey worried about what they’ll say and if thatll
send me into a never ending spiral of overthinking and anxiety. It is a big possibility. Have you guys ever been to a psychic? Im curious now like how common is this. But anyway enough of me, these are the Top
10 Mysterious Psychics That Predicted The Future. Starting us off with number 10 is The Untimely
Prediction. This story was shared by Matthew Palmer who
said his wife Susan never believed in psychics or clairvoyants or anything like that. One day though she did decide to see a psychic
and they told her her husband would die after her son turned 13. And this was whatever to Susan since she didnt
even had a kid at that point. Either way, Matthew was soon born and his
parents would often joke about the prediction yet the joke was on them because 3 weeks after
Matthews 13th birthday, his dad passed away. Matthew went on to say his mum actually couldnt
get over the fact the prediction came true and was in total shock as anyone would be. Coming in at number 9 is The Secret. This ones from redditor jessd4112ea1fb who
said after her grandpa passed away, her mum decided to go to a medium. During the session the medium told the mum
that the grandpa had had another child that he had never told her about. Stunned the mum asked the granddads second
wife who confirmed that was 100%. The real tea was that her grandparents had
had a kid before getting married but since that was in the archaic times and pre marital
sex was the worst thing of life probably worse than murder so they put the baby up for adoption. If i was the mum though i wouldve been pissed
about finding this out after my dad died, like thats such a huge secret and i feel like
thats someone you have the right to know and he shouldve told her. At number 8 we have The Protection Stones. This was was shared by kyleighk3 on reddit
who said she was about to get into her car after doing some errands when a psychic rushed
out of her shop and grabbed her. She gave Kyleigh a bunch of protection stones
and told her to promise to always carry them everywhere and the whole time she was just
looking nervous and anxious and staring at Kyleighs car. Either way she took the stones and went on
her way, 3 weeks later she was life lined after a car accident and declared dead on
arrival but was miraculously brought back to life whilst doctors were trying to restart
her heart. She went on to say after that event, she literally
does not go ANYWHERE without the stones and i can see why. Filling our number 7 slot is The Bear. This one was submitted by Tammy who said during
a reading with a psychic she was warned about a bear. The psychic told her she had a vision about
a bear and many signs from guardian angels telling her to warn the woman of a bear incident. The girl thought this made sense because she
herself had also had a vision recently where she saw a bear coming towards her daughter
in the yard. But the family hadnt encountered any bears
that year so she thought the whole thing was super unlikely. SIKEEE. That same day a mere 4 hours later a bear
come running from the direction she saw in her vision right towards her daughter who
was also in the same spot. She grabbed her daughter and ran but i feel
like this is a double psychic whammy. Like Tammy are you sure youre not psychic
either? I dont walk around having predictive visions
of my life. What is this? Now at number 6 is the Accident. Famous psychic Suzan Saxman author of The
Reluctant Psychic shared this story as one of the most bizarre encounters shes had. She said she was in Florida at one point and
a boy came in for a reading and she was immediately overcome with the feeling of fear. She told him that he should never drive because
she had seen a really bad car accident when reading him so she just kept emphasising to
stay out of the car and not even bother getting a license. A month later, Suzan received a call from
the boys mum saying he had died in a car accident with his friend driving. He was speeding down the highway and was throw
out the window of the car. So she literally predicted his death and he
even semi listened by not driving himself but still, when a very accurate and reliable
psychic tells you not to get in a car, you listen. r 5 is The Mind Reading. This one freaked me out honestly like i want
to go to this psychic as well cus like how is this even possible. Either way reddit user mikaylab4601507ad shared
that after her grandpa died, her mum wanted to go to a psychic and she went with her for
emotional support. On the way there mikayla couldnt stop thinking
about what the Bible says about psychics but she didnt wanna voice that to her mum cus
she didnt wanna make her feel bad. When they got there though the first thing
the psychic said was before i go on i just wanna say that God gave me this gift and is
totally cool with me using it. You were worrying about that on the way over
right? Mikayla freaked out and lied and said she
wasnt but she clearly was and what the hell. I thought psychics just got feelings about
things this is proper mind reading. At number 4 is The Unlikely Reunion. This one was shared by Denise who said shes
been to many psychics over the years who have read her pretty well but there was one that
she’ll never forget. So a bit of background, Denise is adopted
and she went to a psychic and didnt mention that fact. The psychic told her in her late 30s, her
biological sister would start searching for her. As predicted when Denise was 39 her sister
found her and she was reunited with her whole biological family which included 2 more brothers. The next day was her 40th birthday and that
was the day she met her biological parents and family for the first time. What a heart warming story honestly i love
when they live happily ever after. Denise i hope youre doing well. Filling our number 3 slot is The Pain. This one was shared by Sheryl who said she
sees a psychic about once every 2 years or so. 10 years ago she was at a market fair and
was waiting to see a psychic but there was quite a long line. For some reason she was drawn to another psychic
nearby and decided to go to her instead and the first thing this one said was has your
mother passed over to the other side? Sheryl replied saying her mother was still
alive so the psychic asked whether she had spoken to her recently. While asking questions the psychic kept moving
her hand over her lower back and right hip saying she was feeling this really strong
pain in those areas. She went on to say she didnt know if Sheryls
mum had gotten hurt or fallen somewhere but to check on her. And she kind of just forgot about the whole
thing until 6 months later. Her mum called her saying she was going to
the hospital and on the day of her operation, Sheryl asked if it had anything to do with
her back or hip and she said she had bowel cancer. So this psychic saw this cancer coming before
it had even properly developed. But also Sheryl shame on you for being so
uninvolved that you asked your mother what the problem was the DAY of her surgery not
before. Like hello? Now at number 2 is Jeane Dixon. So Jeane was actually one of the most famous
self proclaimed psychics ever and even did readings for Nancy and Ronald Reagan. In 1956 she wrote a column in Parade Magazine
saying the winner of the election was to be assassinated or die in office though not necessarily
in his first term. So she essentially predicted the assassination
of JFK. she also predicted the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and Nixon started
following her predictions and she predicted a bunch of terrorist attacks back in 1972
which ended up happening. And that actually led Nixon to make a cabinet
committee on counterterrorism. So safe to say Jeane was pretty on the mark
with most things but she also got a decent amount of predictions wrong so its like which
one is it gonna be Jeane. Do i trust you or nah? Giving me damn trust issues. But that did go on to become the Dixon Effect
which means that people tend to remember the accurate predictions while ignoring a huge
number of inaccurate ones. And finally at number 1 is The Enivronmental
Psychic. Australian born psychic Jeffry R Palmer has
made a lot of true and untrue predictions. He predicted the December 2004 Indian Ocean
volcano eruption and the tsunamis that hit Indonesia that followed. More than 230,000 people died in these disasters
and Palmer had predicted all of it. He also accurately predicted Korea was testing
nuclear weapons but what shot him to fame was predicting Hurricane Katrina. Ranking in the top 5 deadliest hurricanes
to hit the US its safe to say Jeffry has a strong connection to the earth. And thats it for todays video! This makes me feel like i really should go
see one but i dont want them to tell me something i dont wanna hear yknow but then its like
would i have wanted to know that? Would i have not? I dont know. Either way let me know if youve ever had any
psychic experiences yourselves in the comments below and as always ill be your host Ayman
Hasan and ill catch you in the next one! Byee.


  1. I actually have had a lot of deja Vu moments in my life. Mostly arguments or conversations that go very badly and in the moment they actually happen I do the opposite of what I had seen myself do. Usually turns out pretty well

  2. I died twice on the operating table. I was 11 and 29 respectively. Since then, I've been able to hear and see different things and deceased people. I was engaged to a Canadian woman when her deceased daughter contacted me. She was 6 months old when she died and I was able to give my fiance details that only she knew. I'm of the Christian faith, so what I was experiencing is considered evil and against my beliefs. I got help and it hasn't happened since.

  3. I’ve been to see a physic and it’s all open ended. You pretty much have to try to make sense of it on your own which does almost make you nuts. I’ll never do it again.

  4. Overthinking and anxiety is my life and I know going to a psychic would make it worse, so personally smart move on your behalf for not going Ayman!

  5. i would rather go to a traditional healer a (medicine man) cause they can connect to the spirit world, can also say my spirit name, and also can to predict the future. Also im a native (indigenous) person in Canada.

  6. I am not a psychic here guys but I had a deja vu of a friend of mine at school was going to get into something he shouldn't, so the next morning as I arrived at school I saw him get taken out of class with some people then just stood there and went dizzy after remembering it so I ran after him and practically saved his life

  7. I haven't been to a psychic since I can see my own future and the future of loved ones. Mostly their deaths. I saw my grandmother dying this year 5-6 months ago and she was recently diagnosed with cancer stage 4 pancreatic and I've been told by friends who's relatives have died from the same thing it's very unlikely she'll recover. My grandmother is still around but I constantly feel the presence of death around her waiting to take her away and staring at me.

  8. Ayman I personal have never gone to a psychic because I believe most professional psychics are phonies. The reason I believe most professional psychics are frauds is because I am actually a precog, precognitive psychic. Most of my family are psychic or psychic sensitive in some way and everyone of us will tell you the same thing. We can't control when the psychic abilities happen. Like me for example. I'm the only precog, I can foresee a specific future event but the future event is usually always minutes to a few hours away from happening. I can't control when it happens or what I see or even for who the event is for but it's almost always someone extremely close to me.

    I know allot of people don't believe in psychics, and for good reason but we do exist. The problem is those that aren't psychic either fake it to scam people or they might be envious so they choose to disbelieve the possibility entirely. I've even seen a sign in a therapists office at the VA (veterans affairs: hospital for disabled veterans) the sign listed signs of psychosis with psychic abilities on the list.

    But when psychic abilities like precognition like mine that's been tested and actually proven many times over 3 decades. Well the proof is in the pudding. I love you channel Ayman ❀️

  9. I grew up in the heart of New Mexico which is famously still catholic but has becone a haven for many of those in the occult category. I myself am a type of psychic, can hear thoughts, premonition like dreams and I know so many people like me. Ive had some readings that have been eerily accurate to the point that the readers felt energies radiating of the cards meant to come out. Id love to give you your first reading! Recently became apart of the fam and fully support you all! Do let me know if youd like to take me up on that reading(: P.S. you guys should do a New Mexico centered video! We have so much history and so many creepy scary legends and stories that i could give you tons of info on!

  10. At times I've been able to predict a few things and day my friend in college lost her engagement ring and I opened my door when she knocked she had a package in her hand I looked at her and asked who its from she said her fiance and I said it was a new engagement ring and I didn't even know she lost the original one until after she was pounding on my door crying because it was a bigger and nicer ring than the original one

  11. A vision and later a Oracle told me that "I would die protecting my loved ones but I would somehow come back from the dead stronger than before and in a different way and kill him who killed me." {I'm not gonna lie I'm not a big fan of the "Blade-In-Chest" thing)

  12. I went to a fortune teller and this fortune teller told me that I wouldn't be able to hold a job and that I would be in front of a judge in a suit not once but twice well I haven't been able to hold a job for more than 3 months and I have been in front of a judge twice both times I went to prison

  13. Was scared i had class turns out it was changed to another day so nothing today time to half binge on you guys πŸ˜€ while eating my brunch

  14. Number 10 that is a common one it's for I'm psychic you will die after your kid is born. You can see my point it's true but no exact date

  15. I'm sorry but the grandfather was under no obligation to tell anyone about his first child. If he had wanted them to know, they would have been told.

  16. the lovely πŸ”₯πŸ”₯AymanπŸ”₯πŸ”₯ with her beautiful smile πŸ˜šπŸ˜™πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  17. I had a vision once on my way home when I was 17 that I'll never forget. I was on my way home with two friends, we stopped at the railroad tracks as a train passed and the vision hit me In the vision i had witnessed my mother taking slot of pills with a bottle of vodka and leaving the gas on the stove then she had turned on an old heater that I'm guessing she was going to use for the spark it creates when it turns on. A moment later I was back in my truck and the train had passed. I mentioned to my friends that I think my mom needs help and instead of taking them home first I sped to my house. Where upon entering the house gas could easy be detected so I went to the stove and turned the gas off and then i promptly broke down the bathroom door where I found my mom barely breathing on the floor. My friends and I got her help and she survived. Later I told her the story and she had planned it out because she knew I wouldn't be home so she was shocked and very thankful i had the vision. No worry's my mom is doing much better these days

  18. Me and my boyfriend are such a big fans of the channel and love you guys so much and I love the Disney videos and the haunted videos that you do I’m such a big Disney fan and a big fan on spiritual and haunted places πŸ’œπŸ‘»πŸŽƒ

  19. As a reader myself, I don't sugarcoat things, if things need to be said whether painful or not I say it. So far I've haven't had anything come through such as predicted death or anything traumatic.

  20. The only thing I'm good at guessing, is when I'll be admitted into the hospital. I have Cystic Fibrosis, and get sick a lot but I always know when I'll be admitted. I've been wrong though.

  21. I've never been. I had someone stop me while driving home. She said I had a huge aura and had strong guardian angels around me. That I did a lot more for others than they do for me. She wanted me to pull over so she could tell me the rest. Only thing is I was in a hurry to pick my daughter up so I didn't stop. Always wonder what she had to say… Forgot to mention my uncle just passed away that day. It happened just 2 days ago.

  22. Ayman, Have you thought about it like the only reason these things happen is because they went to the psychic. Like them going to the psychic set the timeline in motion for these events to happen… not that they were going to happen anyway and the psychic told them a head of time. Basically, they happened because they went to the psychic, you know what I’m saying?
    I don’t know if I believe that entirely but it is an interesting thought. I do love tarot cards, their imagery and art work.

  23. I have a friend who is a medium and he has seen all of the asian country's plus russia
    team up to take down the United States. He said within two years the USA will be no more. Buckle your belts hoes.

  24. Let me get this straight the the psychic tells the kid not to drive a car or get a license and he listens and still dies guess he was screwed either way 😬

  25. I am psychic. I have "seen" things happen before they have happened. I can also feel things that other people feel without them telling me.

  26. 'Round 3:28,eh…. oyeah!,warning ha, about a bear,and…that was in a country where ,bears didnt exist..or….//&,1'st story, about husman ,dying after sun 13yrs old,('just supose she says that to ?thousends, of people …and than ,by with people it didnt happen, they would prob. Only be glad, so 1,2or at least so ,it must work on someone…//:"ruled out ,ifs,could been really truth

  27. Hello Ayman! I love you and your videos. You are such an amazing host, it took a minute to get used to you but you are so great and funny and I love your style!❀️❀️

  28. When Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain was still a riverboat pilot, he went to a psychic in New Orleans and wrote to his brother Orion right after leaving. While she got a few things wrong, the majority of her predictions were eerily spot on! She even predicted that Orion would be appointed to a political office and described his personality extremely accurately. The letter is kinda creepy to read over a century later!

  29. "Made alot of true and untrue predictions " indicates to me, GUESSING!! πŸ€” js i love this channel, but tbh you are one of my least favs… πŸ˜•

  30. I have lot dreams the come true years later and I predicted several events accuratly sometimes with tens mins of happening does that countm

  31. I met with a psychic in Sedona Az. Earlier this year, honestly it was a very uplifting day. She predicted a lot of things so far I’m in awe.

  32. Hahaha you're as always the funniest of amazingtop10 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ HAHAHA " i know why i know nothing " i love ur jokes lmao , lysfm ayman keep on SHIIIINIIIING QUEEN πŸ‘‘πŸŒΉ

  33. I went twice and as much of a debunker as I am… it was an unexpectedly uncanny experience. I can’t really explain it πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  34. Predictions only come true if the path taken remains constant or if other variables aren’t enough to change the prediction.

  35. There are events that are supposed to happen. No use avoiding them. For all my services, I only trust Alura Cein, an oracle.

  36. My father passed when I was 19, me and my mother took it really hard.
    So me, my mother and my future wife went to a group reading (John Edwards style) except in a circle of about 3 rows of seats
    Led by a man Robert Hansen, nearing the end of the reading he walks nearly directly in front us and says there's a tall man yelling about all the snakes in tanks, does this mean anything?
    I sat for a minute waiting for someone else to say something, no one did.
    I was a study in herpotolgy so from when I was about 14, I had snakes, lizards you name it I had it.
    My mother has a severe phobia of snakes so my father would complain nonstop about them.
    He also was a 6 foot 4 inch tall Marine that served in Vietnam so he tended to yell quite a bit.
    Finally I said it makes sense to me, the psychic looks at me and says he said he never told you in life, but he loves you and is proud of you.
    My father wasn't that kind of man to show emotion so my entire life maybe once he said he said he was proud and never once said he loved me.
    He included a few personal things I'm not going to post that was things he would've said in life.
    But that brought me nearly to tears, what cemented it that this guy was legit, he said check your father's toolbox and you'll see that he loved you.
    With that he walked away I checked my father's tools when we got home in the top of one of his 3 toolboxes was a picture of me in my Halloween costume when I was maybe 6 or 7.
    I lost it, fully broke down and had a feeling of some kind of closure.
    Almost 20 years later writing this, still gets me choked up.
    So don't discount all psychics there are plenty of quacks out there but some are for real

  37. ok so i literally watch these because Aya boo is way too beautiful ❀️❀️❀️❀️ wifey

  38. I love Ayman. You are such a real presenter and I look out for your most amazing as you are born to do this. Amazing

  39. 10 i dont do those things….. normally a person is there for as long as possible but if you are talking like, long range, long life like 60 yrs ino the future, the persons parents could still be there if they wanted to be. but they might not be there….. and i usually get things like, they are not around the person no longer at that time.. …… thats how i do mines…. im pretty accurate as well..

    10 they cannot do that…. i think its a lie or a lucky guess or perhaps teh mother herself killed him…. the idea was thrown out and some drug dealer killed him so he could be with the girl…

    7. its fake. shes making the whole ting up.
    8. it could be fake…..

  40. Somehow, i managed to predict that Sweden would win over England in Soccer. Sweden lost to Russia during the matches to the finals but i did litterally say to a person i know that Sweden would win, later that same day, they won against England. How does it come, i always manage to predict sport events? One other time, i predicted that FC Barcelona would win and they won. Does this mean Sweden will win this time against Malta? Does this mean Barcelona will win the entire Champions League? I don't know but it does mean it will most likely happen. Somehow, i just manage to predict all things that will happen in the future. I don't know why as i'm not a psychic myself. I've only seen 2 times where i forsaw my own future. One of them was a dream, where operated machinery. The other one was dark and all humans were dead and i was a werebat. Yeah, it's what i predicted will happen with me in my own future. I don't know what will happen to others and i don't know if my dream or the thing i forsaw will happen, but damn, why does this always happen to me. If you want to know which country will win the olympics next time, just tell me and i'll see which will win and when they will win as i'm so good at it somehow.

  41. One time when I was younger my sister wanted to go to the lake with some of her friends. I told my mom to not let her. That there was going to be a car accident. My sister said no there isn't and things were ok. I begged my mom to not let her. So mom finally told her no. My sister was so mad. Then 2 hours later or so there was a phone call and her friends were in a car accident. Good thing mom listened to me.

  42. do this, go google botanicas and go to one and have him do a tarot reading for you……. and try a normal one as well….. normally, the people in satx will go to different tarot readers througout the day to see which one is the one they liekd the most….

  43. Love your channel always love seeing new videos. Still hoping I'll hear "what's gucci" again lol so I'm not the only one who says it. πŸ˜…

  44. I did fertility treatments and asked if I was pregnant. The psychic said no. My daughter is now 20 months old…πŸ˜‚

  45. I was dosiing off in my sleep and i was nineteen or 18 and woke breathing heavy i saw my mother. Trying steady the steering and then the ditch shows up and. Draw the same thing and she passed away. While in school of maryville and cop was in the school told me we need u and told him tell me.
    and. Memory flash back i. About the day before she died then saw myself going to my best friend to be able to live my own then i saw that i lived on my own of the baker town near Bradford view apartments with my cat mini and saw. That my boy friend come to Tennessee from Mississippi thats it …….

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