‘This Year’s Halloween Episode’ | Paranormal Stories

‘This Year’s Halloween Episode’ | Paranormal Stories

October 24 2014, Pembroke Pines, Florida,
a week before Halloween, a witness was out walking her dog around the neighborhood. It was around 7:45 in the evening. As she came around a curve in the street she
noticed something unusual which stopped her in her tracks. She stared at it, trying to figure out what
she was seeing. There was a figure ahead of her, about 10
feet away, standing in the swale area, between the street and the sidewalk. For some reason, her dog did not react in
any way to the figure almost as if it couldn’t see it. Whatever this thing was, it was horrible to
look at it. The witness described it as skeletal, thin
standing around 5 foot 3. It had white or light grayish skin, no hair
and there appeared to be something in its left ear. At some point, the entity seemed to become
aware of her presence. It looked over its right shoulder directly
at her, and then peered down at her dog. It then immediately started to run, moving
into the middle of the street as it ran away from her. That is when the witness noticed that its
knees were backwards. As it ran, it began to gradually fade, like
the edges of it kept disappearing until she couldn�t see it any more. Was this some type interdimensional zombie
on a trip over from some invisible parallel world? They say that Halloween is the night when
ghouls and ghosts are free to roam our world. Apparently this one arrived early. October 25, 2015, Vichaycoto, Huanuco, Peru. It was 8:00 AM in the morning when members
of the Rojas family were working at the sand dunes on the shores of the River Huallaga
when they saw a strange figure come out of some nearby woods. The shocked witnesses described it as a horse
with the head of a human. It stood about 5.9. Some of the more braver witnesses attempted
to approach the creature in order to capture it but as they got closer to it, they were
instantly overcome with fear and panic and they quickly retreated back to the group. The closest anyone ever got to the creature
was 65 feet. The creature then crossed the river and disappeared
into the woods on the other side. There were rumors that three residents from
a nearby village disappeared mysteriously. Some believed that this creature may have
been responsible. Was this another early Halloween night arrival
from a denizen of a shadow world or had he crash landed here from another world? On Sunday October 27, 2013, at around 4:00
PM in the afternoon, residents in Vicu�a, Chile watched as a strange metallic object—flying
at considerable altitude—zig-zagged for a few minutes before plummeting into a hill
near Vicu�a, in the sector known as La Compa�ia. A worker at a Vicu�a hostel (who requested
anonymity) stated that �the object made several turns in the sky until it began to
lose altitude and fall on top of a hill. People began climbing the hill just to see
it, but it�s rather far away. It�s almost the size of a railcar.� A
photograph was taken of the object. Some believe that it shows a weather balloon
while others suggest it’s nothing but a solar panel. It is unclear what happened to the object,
if somebody arrived to take it away or if it left on its accord. This is the second UFO crash I’ve mentioned
that happened around Halloween. October 28, 2010, Newberg, Oregon, two men
walking in the woods near the Friendsview Manor at around 11:00PM, caught a glimpse
of a weird, 2-legged creature running through a patch of grass to the left of the walking
path. They were startled, as it was running into
the dark of the woods. About 5 minutes later, 100 yards up the path,
they saw this �thing� run by them again. This time they could see that it had two skinny
dark legs (like the hind ones of a deer, forked forward at the knees). It was short (approximately waist level to
the men) and it was half leaping/half running farther up the trail. It was dark, and definitely not a person or
a deer. The thing made almost no sound and the two
men only saw it for a second. Two days later while playing disc golf at
Ewing Young Course on a wooded section of the course, two other men and one of the original
witnesses observed a similar creature during the day. As they approached the number 10 hole from
behind the basket, they saw the same thing. It had slick greasy looking black hair like
that of a dog and the same forked legs at the knee. They could not see a face, because a small
tree obscured their view. After about 5 seconds of standing still, it
hopped behind a tree and out of sight. When they went to look, the creature was gone. A local pet owner known for having owned wallabies
was contacted and he stated that the last time he had seen any of them in the area was
2 years ago. He also doubted that wallabies could survive
in that climate during the winter. Is a wallaby roaming the woods of Newberg
or was this yet another visitor from beyond. October 28, 2010, just a few days before Halloween,
three men camping in American Fork Canyon, north of Cascade Springs, Utah, would come
face to face with high strangeness. A US Army soldier named Ben and his friends
Timothy and Chris were camping along a dirt track in the mountains overlooking Heaber
City. At about 11pm, an orb of white light appeared
through the trees. The men estimated it was about 50-60 meters
to the east of the campsite. The light split into two and began to move
back an forth. It changed color to red, then to green, then
back to white. It then vanished from sight. The men were discussing what the orb of light
could be when it suddenly returned and repeated the same sequence. It continued to do this numerous times over
the next few hours. Although a little unnerved, at no point did
any of the men decide to walk off into woods to check it out. After a while, the men started to hear crackling
noises coming from the trees near the camp. This sound would come and go and was very
distinct. Ben told himself over and over that it was
the sound of the fire bouncing off the trees, but deep down, he knew this explanation was
ridiculous. In the early hours of the morning, at around
3am, the orb of light appeared and vanished one more time. Not long after it left, the men suddenly heard
a deep growling sound and movement near their campsite. To them, it sounded like an enormous animal
and they decided that at moment that it wasn’t safe to stay there any longer. They quickly gathered up a few items and made
for the car. Thy started driving back along the dirt path
to the south. Three miles down the road, Tim stepped out
of the car to relieve himself. He moved off down the road a bit, while Ben
and Chris remained in the car. As he was finishing doing his business, he
looked down the road and observed two strange looking figures running towards the car out
of the darkness. They had something up around the shoulders
which almost looked like wings. They were moving very quickly in the direction
of their car. Since it was dark, Tim could not see their
features clearly. He instantly became frightened and rushed
back inside the vehicle. He alerted his two friends and they sped away
from the scene. Looking behind them they could see that these
two figures were giving chase, and somehow were managing to keep up with their car. Ben became overcome with fear and he got the
sense that if these two figures were to catch them, something terrible would happen. Tim and Chris were equally scared. The chase lasted about five more minutes,
until the car reached the main road at the end of the dirt track. As they turned onto the road, all three men
observed something large fly over the top of the car. Ben was certain that one of the creatures
had taken off and flown above them into the night. Apparently once they reached the road, the
entities, whatever they were, decided to discontinue the chase. According to the witness, it was a long, terrifying
ride home. Were the winged beings somehow connected to
the strange lights? Were those strange lights UFOs and did those
UFOs deposit those winged creatures into the woods? Had the men heard those creatures coming through
the woods towards their camp, and left just before they arrived? By that token, when the beings came crashing
out of the woods into the camp did they find it empty and was that when they started to
give chase? One big question I have, what would have happened
to Ben and his friends had they chosen not to leave when they did? Would they be just another entry to David
Paulides’ Missing 411 books? Skeptics will no doubt suggest that, given
how close the event was to Halloween, that these three men were chased out of the woods
by costume wearing hooligans. But that doesn’t explain the strange lights
or the fact that at least one of them creatures was observed flying over their car. As they say, Halloween is the night when the
veil falls and the dead and all types of ghouls and goblins and shadow beings are allowed
to walk among us. Be safe. Have a great Halloween and I’ll see you in
the next video.


  1. It is 1:47 AM EDT. 01 November 2018. I'm alone in some suburban woods right now. Seem to be having difficulty getting back to sleep. Just cannot fathom why.

  2. Hope Everybody Had A Happy Halloween, & Thank You B.C. for the Video ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ป๐Ÿ‘ป๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ๐ŸŽƒ

  3. I have a question, between 06.50 and 06.51, did the light coming from the left made a curve upon reaching the mountain range on the right side?

  4. Hmmmmmmmm, the second story reminds me of Kelpie… There is also some Phillipine folklore horse-like creature called Tikbalang… But I'll lean more towards Kelpie…

  5. Good evening! I hope that you had a great Halloween, too. As always, excellent video! And too short! Lol. Those last two creatures reminded me of the Mothman. It might have also been the pictures you used. Lol. Thank you. Have a good night and day, too! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’• the

  6. Third story the ufo check for radiation and strong levels of emp pulse if the ship was damaged that will explain why also the deer man forth story cheek out info on gene splicing and genetic mutations due to human science playing god.

  7. Story five the the soldiers in the wood the ufo was scanning the area and was communicating to the other ufos hence the color patterns the monsters were probably what they were scanning for.

  8. You forgot to mention on that last story how did these entities keep up with a car for five minutes.Keep up the good work.

  9. I'm wondering if these sightings are because of our leaders creating them with holographic technology or opened up a dimensional portal or does it have to do with the Mayan calendar and its supposed ending being more of an end of us being alone? Great work as usual Mr Black. I would love to know your theories about these experiences.

  10. You should have well over a 1M Subs… I've seen pretty much every one of your vids. Great stuff! Keep it up!! I'll keep tuning in, no doubt!!

  11. It had its legs on backwards and greasy feet… it had the body of a buffalo and the head of a turtle…

    It was waiting in the woods… Just waiting for somebody to rub its feet.

  12. the first story was on 24th October….I'm not into astrology but that IS the first day of SCORPIO…..the 2nd story takes place a day later….in fact all of them are. Scorpio dates…possibly connected????…plus the last story about how the 3 boys heard the growls coming closer at 3AM……the devils hour apparently….now I'm not religious AT ALL…..but demons?????it's another possible alternate explanation to the usual ufos/aliens, etc….

  13. Just saw the vid today, fantastic as always, i did go to Fyvie Castle on the ghost tour, my daughter and my self had to walk through the grounds which took us near a hour as it was pitch black, we ventured off the road and it was creepy as it sounds were behind us as we walked with torches in the woods, lucky it was a calm Halloween night but i think that just made it creepier, eventually reached the castle, was a great night didnt see any spirits…got a lift home from a friend, that night when a went to ma bed, i couldnt get to sleep for ages as someone was tinkering about at my table with trinket boxes and pretty bottles..i kept looking up but it would stop, so i was dead knackered and was falling asleep when i heard a womans voice say three words, but didnt catch what the three words were, and looked about the room and just fell asleep…next morning ma daughter said she had someone in her room and heard female say 4 words at the time she did know what she said but in morning forgot..but that was when she went straight to bed…so we wondered if we had been followed back home, whatever it was i think is gone now..well a hope so.

  14. After seeing this video, I can't wait to see what creepy stories of the supernatural and paranormal you'll have by Thanksgiving and Christmas. Great video.

  15. I love to put your channel on auto play and listen to your videos when I go to bed.. your voice is so soothing… I love all of your videos. You do such great research and work.

  16. 1st story: Twilight Zone film, plane wing. Last story was top secret aircraft, followed by bear in woods, followed by military security (special forces able to keep up with a slow car on a dirt road). Stealth or remote plane flew over car.

  17. About the "hooligan" explanation by some … I doubt that "hooligans" would go to that much trouble to dress up and to act like a creature in a remote area away from civilization. A "hooligan" needs other humans around to direct its prankish behavior towards. No one would have known those guys to have even been there to pull a prank on. Therefore, they were NOT "hooligans." I wonder if they were in the category of the not-much-known-about-but-seen "mothman" creatures, that have shown up before a disaster. (One was reported to have been seen on a bridge, about 5 miles north of where I used to live, before a flood in 1997 in Modesto, California.)

  18. Love your videos, Jamie. New subscriber and Im hooked. My first one was the loss of your cat and I was crying . Keep up the great work

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  20. The thing I think is the best is how you speak so slowly. Itโ€™s a very effective technique to make things sound spooky. Youโ€™ve got a real talent for making ordinary things seem extraordinary. Please keep up your slow talking so that you get more subs. Itโ€™s a really effective way to make things sound really scary when no one would care about the fake videos people make constantly to try to scrounge up money on the internet.

  21. Your content and narration are second to none. I've watched every video you've done , many twice. Where do you find this stuff? I believe nearly every testimonial, and at minimum the witnesses BELIEVE

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