Things Everyone Ignores In The Devil Wears Prada

Things Everyone Ignores In The Devil Wears Prada

When it comes to casting, The Devil Wears
Prada really delivers. This crowd-pleasing delight stars Anne Hathaway,
Emily Blunt, and Meryl Streep, and it’s hard to top that. Stiil, there’s a lot of strange things that
everyone ignores in this film. All these years later, we’re still waiting
for answers. As Andy is about to be interviewed for the
job of Miranda Priestly’s assistant, Emily tells her: “A million girls would kill for this job!” We hear this mantra several times throughout
the film: “I bet a million girls would kill for that
job.” “A million girls would kill for that job.” That’s because Miranda is a living legend
in the fashion industry. Wherever she goes, she’s respected and feared
— and it’s all because of her keen eye and shrewd sense of style. Obviously, working for such a powerhouse could
open a lot of doors, particularly if you wanted to make it in the fashion industry. But at the beginning of the film, Andy doesn’t
want to make it in the fashion industry — so it’s rather odd that Priestly hires her. The competition must have been fierce, and
full of candidates with tons of experience and a real eye for fashion. “You have no style. Or a sense of fashion.” “Well, um… I think that depends on…” “No, no.” That wasn’t a question, Andy. In those early scenes, our heroine doesn’t
really know anything about fashion at all, and she certainly doesn’t want to work in
fashion. “Okay, can you please spell ‘Gabbana’?” Ultimately, Andy becomes quite adept at the
job, but we can’t help but wonder whether there was a stronger candidate out there somewhere. One of the best scenes in The Devil Wears
Prada is the famous “cerulean” speech. After Andy dismissively laughs about a pair
of belts that look the same, Miranda really lays into her. “What you don’t know is that sweater is not
just ‘blue’… it’s not turquoise… it’s not lapis… it’s actually cerulean.” Andy seems to be affected by Miranda’s monologue. She eventually comes to realize she needs
a bit of guidance in the fashion department, so she turns to Nigel for assistance. “You think this is just a magazine? This is not just a magazine. This is a shining beacon of hope.” In a brief scene, he gives Andy a bunch of
designer clothes and accessories. That seems to be all it takes to totally transform
her. The next time we see Andy, she’s dressed to
the nines — and she’s slaying so hard, it makes Emily jealous. For the rest of the movie, she’s a total fashion
plate — even when she’s sad. But how did just a few minutes with Nigel
suddenly turn her into an unstoppable clotheshorse? Is that really all it takes? Obviously Nate is Andy’s main love interest,
but she’s also charmed by a handsome, successful writer named Christian. It’s obviously he’s interested in Andy from
the very beginning, and he’s not shy about it, either. “I, actually… I reviewed your collection of essays from
my college newspaper.” “Did you mention my good looks, my killer
charm?” They wind up sleeping together in Paris while
Andy and Nate are on a break… but Andy walks out on him when she discovers he’s part of
a dastardly scheme to replace Miranda at Runway. “And she’s bringing me in to run all the editorial
content. You’re really surprised?” But while plenty of viewers have aligned themselves
with Team Christian, he’s far from Mr. Perfect. In fact, if we’re being honest, he’s actually
something of a mega-creep. Like, he hits on Andy every time he sees her,
even though he knows she’s in a relationship. Yeah, that’s something wack people do. Also: While they’re kissing in Paris, Andy
tries to explain to Christian why she can’t be physical with him. And one of those reasons is… she’s drunk. Well, he totally ignores that comment… which
is decidedly not cool, to say the least. Okay, so what would you do if your partner
suddenly landed a high-powered dream job? The position could potentially open all sorts
of doors for them, but it means your honey will basically be working around the clock. You’d probably be supportive, right? Maybe you’d be willing to make a few sacrifices
along the way to help them grow professionally? Sure, it would suck if they missed your birthday…
but you could handle it, right? Well, not Nate. All he does is complain about Andy’s job,
imploring her to quit and giving her grief when she has to work late. He spends an inordinate amount of time telling
her how much she’s changed. He couldn’t just let her have this? For one year? In April 2019, screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna
defended Nate, telling Teen Vogue: “She’s being a hypocrite, and he’s right at
the end. She goes to apologize to him because he was
right. She was selling herself out and going down
the wrong path.” Ok, fair enough. But Nate was such a little crybaby about his
birthday. “Don’t worry about it. I’m going to bed.” Jeez, everyone gets born, Nate. Get over it. Let’s face it: Living in Manhattan ain’t cheap. It wasn’t cheap in 2006 — the year The Devil
Wears Prada was released — and it definitely isn’t cheap now. The rents are through the roof, even for the
smallest fleabag apartment you can imagine. This begs the question: How on Earth did Andy
and Nate afford that palatial apartment? It’s a mystery. Nate is a chef, and Andy is a recent college
graduate, so it doesn’t seem very realistic that they’d be living a life of luxury. Are their parents paying the rent every month? Andy’s dad does hand her an envelope full
of money during that dinner scene, so maybe that’s what’s going on. Sorry, but we just don’t see how a young couple
could pay for this place on their own, and it’s never explained anywhere in the film. Andy and her boyfriend Nate have a pair of
friends, and they love to tease Andy about her job. Actually, they taunt her. Really, it’s rather hypocritical of them…
because they don’t seem particularly happy with their careers. In one particularly cruel scene, Andy’s friends
— and Nate — play a game of keep-away with her cell phone while it’s ringing, which
is basically putting Andy’s job in jeopardy. By the time she’s able to answer the call,
she’s absolutely frantic… and her friends just can’t believe how seriously she’s taking
her job. Can’t they see she’s got a real opportunity
here? Meanwhile, they’re more than happy to snatch
up any designer accessories that Andy brings home from work. “Oh my god! This is the new Marc Jacobs! This is sold out everywhere! Where did you get this?” Well, they clearly have no problem enjoying
the perks of Andy’s career. Still, they refuse to be supportive. What is wrong with these people? Remember when Miranda asks Andy to find a
book for her kids? “I need the new Harry Potter book for the
twins.” “Ok, ok, I’ll go down to Barnes & Nobles right
now.” “Did you fall down and smack your little head
on the pavement?” That’s right — her kids want to read the
latest Harry Potter novel, even though it hasn’t been published yet. Andy barely has any time to track it down
— and the stakes couldn’t be higher. “Oh, and if you don’t have that Harry Potter
book by then, don’t even bother coming back.” As it turns out, Christian eventually helps
her find a copy of the unpublished manuscript — because he apparently knows the person
who designed the cover art. But how realistic is this, really? There were some serious security measures
in place to prevent the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, from being
read before its scheduled release date. Barnes & Noble reportedly stored the books
in an undisclosed location and had security guarding them 24/7. According to Reuters, “Trucks carrying books from warehouses to
shops [were] fitted with satellite tracking systems to ensure they [stuck] to assigned
routes, while pallets of books [were] fitted with alarms.” That’s a lot of safeguarding! Just how connected is Christian, exactly? Is he a wizard himself? So many questions, lamentably few answers. We get it. Working for someone like Miranda can be challenging. She’s exceedingly demanding, she never says
thank you, and she’s often extremely condescending. Take that scene where Miranda orders Andy
to fetch her lunch. “And I would like my steak here in 15 minutes.” “No problem!” After Andy bends over backwards to ensure
her lunch is ready on time, Miranda asks: “What’s that? Oh, I don’t want that. I’m having lunch with Irv. I’ll be back at 3.” Obviously, Andy gets frustrated. So frustrated that she tosses the entire tray
of steak into the sink and smashes it! Girl, what are you doing? That steak cost a lot of money, so why did
you waste it? Save it for Nate if you don’t want it. Save it for us. And don’t get us started on that scene where
Andy just throws her cell phone into a fountain at the end of the film. What a waste. Plus, she’s visiting Paris! Is that really the time to throw your phone
away? Sure, it’s great that she got her life back
and all… but what was she thinking? If you’ve ever been to Manhattan, you may
have noticed that a lot of people jaywalk. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that none
of the characters in this film know how to cross the street. For one thing, Andy is frequently running
around maniacally and not looking where she’s going. She’s so busy talking on her phone and running
errands, her street smarts just go right out the window! No wonder Emily winds up getting hit by a
car after running out into the street. That, of course, lands her in the hospital,
covered with scrapes and bruises. Sure, these people know how to dress, but
why don’t they know how to look both ways before crossing the street? One great thing about Nate: He’s a chef, which
means he can whip up some delicious meals on the fly at home… in theory, anyway. Although he complains about the grocery store
prices in New York, he does come through when it’s time to make dinner for Andy… which
has to be nice after a long day’s work. But in one scene, Nate cooks a grilled cheese
sandwich for Andy, and then says something that sounds a lot like whining. After she refuses to eat it because of calorie
concerns, an irritated Nate says: “Gimme that! There’s like eight dollars worth of Jarlsberg
in there.” Well, for one thing, that sandwich looks astonishingly
burnt — especially since it was supposedly whipped up by a professional chef. Plus, in 2019, a pound of Jarlsberg costs
around 17 bucks. By our calculations, $8 of Jarlsberg… uhhhh…
it’s just a lot of cheese for one sandwich, okay? Maybe we’re being a little nitpicky here…
but maybe not. There’s no question that Andy’s job is insanely
demanding. She has to cater to Miranda’s every whim,
know all her contacts, and share incoming communication efficiently. Eventually, she’s placed in charge of bringing
Miranda her book at the end of the day, and she regularly works long hours. Her cell phone never stops ringing. The job is a serious grind. But what did she expect, working at an A-list
publication? It’s no secret that working for a magazine
like Runway is non-stop stress. Think about all the money involved. Think about all the people involved. But Andy’s not exactly thankful for this rare
opportunity. All she does is complain. “They call them clackers. The sound that their stilettos make in the
marble lobby. It’s like clack clack clack clack clack.” Granted, her boss isn’t one to acknowledge
a job well done. But, as intimidating as Miranda is, there’s
a lot of pressure on her, too. No wonder her assistants are always busy. In the world of The Devil Wears Prada, it
seems like being thin is always in. Not a big surprise for a film set in the fashion
industry. And in most cases, this is played for laughs: “I’m on this new diet. It’s very effective. Well, I don’t eat anything, and when feel
like I’m about to faint, I eat a cube of cheese.” And what about this line? “I’m just one stomach flu from my goal weight.” It’s funny… but it’s also rather disturbing. Andy has a healthy body image and a normal
appetite when she starts the job. But slowly, her attitude starts to change. Oh, and what about when Nigel throws Andy’s
corn chowder away? That’s not a good look … is it? Meanwhile, Miranda says things like this to
Andy: “I said to myself, go ahead. Take a chance. Hire the smart, fat girl.” Troubling, to say the least. Let’s say you apply for a job at a prestigious
magazine. You’re lucky enough to get a phone interview,
followed by a coveted in-person interview. Don’t you think you might hop on the Internet
and do a bit of research to prepare? You’d almost definitely familiarize yourself
with the publication, and you’d probably find out who the editor-in-chief is, right? But no… not Andy. “Who’s Miranda?” “Oh my god, I will pretend you did not just
ask me that. She’s the Editor-in-Chief of Runway, not to
mention a legend.” She happily admits she’s never cracked open
a single issue of the magazine. All she knows is that she really wants to
be a journalist and boom… job offer. Of course, Miranda is based on Anna Wintour
— an extremely well-known personality both inside and outside of fashion circles. How could someone go to journalism school
and not know who she is? “That’s all.” “Okay.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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  1. You're feminazi views are starting to show through your video. Granted, the one dude that got with the chick while she was drunk is kind of a creep for that. But she still wanted to have sex him before she got drunk.
    But calling the boyfriend a whiny bitch because his girlfriend that is supposed to love and care for him, forgot his birthday is bullshit. I don't know one female that wouldn't be devastated if her man forgot her birthday. Including yourself. Stop being disrespectful to the opposite sex. It's disgusting and it makes you look like a piece of shit.

  2. The reason why Andy didn’t know who Miranda was because there was a deleted scene where it was either Auto Verse or Runway.

  3. From what I remember the issue over the grilled cheese wasn't calorie concerns on Andi's part but was in fact her no longer being hungry because she had worked herself up into an angry tizzy while ranting about the clackers and everything else at work. Not once was a concern for calories, her weight as effected by grilled cheese, or anything related to it mentioned.

  4. 1. Miranda didn’t want to hire the same kind of fashion girl because she said they were all disappointing. She wanted to try Andy because she was smart and wanted to try something different

  5. “Things everyone ignores in the Devil Wears Prada”… like really? All super obvious things we ALL noticed. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  6. Myerl streep i would do unimaginable pleasurable things with if given the opportunity. Lol wait how old is she now? Her young photos she was and still hot

  7. Nah fuck that editor, Nate was a complete bitch, yeah maybe Andy was naïve about the fashion industry, and mocked it like him and her sad ass friends. But that talk with Nigel was the turning point of her really taking it seriously to get what she wanted in the end. Andy didn’t understand the opportunity that she had gotten and it took her being beat down to get it through her head that she was privileged to have that job and that it wasn’t a burden to have it until she got what she wanted.

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