The secret to gain spiritual power

The secret to gain spiritual power

If you want to actually gain strength, the
more the resistance, the more you can gain. When you lift weights, you are resisting
the laws of gravity. You become strong from just dealing with that
resistance. And a runner is running, and is tired. The mind is telling, “Stop, stop, just go
to sleep.” So you are resisting fatigue, you are resisting
weight. And studies is all about resistance. Is it not? The mind just wants to think of the girl sitting
next to you, or something like that. “I have to resist this, and just focus on
this mathematical equation.” That is how you become intelligent, through
resistance. So in spiritual life there is much resistance,
coming from both within and without. We become powerful to the degree we are willing
to face that resistance and grow with it.


  1. We don’t need to resist the natural. Learning is about understanding and so is spirituality. Yes it is important to focus to improve certain areas but don’t confuse that for resistance. This video doesn’t explain the process and mechanisms of improving all it does is state an unsupported statement with comparisons, but just because something is similar doesn’t mean that they work the same way.

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