The Remarkable Effects of MASS MEDITATION

The Remarkable Effects of MASS MEDITATION

Do you think it’s possible that if enough
people came together in meditation, as a group, that it could effect our external, physical
world? It’s no secret that meditation has enormous
benefits for our inner state of consciousness, but is it possible that somehow, this could
be reflected outwards in our collective consciousness, in our collective experience of reality? As it just so happens, a group of researchers
in Washington, DC set out to answer exactly this question. They set up an interesting experiment to investigate
the possible social effects of large groups of meditators. Over the span of two months, 4,000 trained
meditators came together in Washington, DC, and meditated together twice a day. Meanwhile, the researchers monitored a range
of social statistics and standards of living in the city. And what they found was pretty incredible. After the study began, violent crimes in Washington,
DC began decreasing. And not only that, but these crimes dropped
dramatically, by more than 20% at one point. Now there’s also no way to prove that the
4,000 meditators caused the decrease in crime…However, consider that this study has since been replicated
in other cities across the world more than 40 times with similarly remarkable outcomes. This phenomenon came to be known as the “Maharishi
Effect,” named after Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who introduced Transcendental Meditation to
the western world, and who theorized that if 1% of a population came together in meditation,
it would produce concrete social benefits and increase standards of living for everyone
in the population. And you know, to me, the findings of this
research is not strange or mysterious, it makes a lot of sense. Because everything is interconnected. This phenomenon, this Maharishi Effect points
to the underlying, fundamental oneness and unity of existence. Beneath the surface of this existence, there
is a quantum field of energy, where everything exists as a unified whole. And you and I are expressions of that infinite
source energy, as is everything else in the universe. So it’s a simple fact that we don’t exist
as individuals, we exist as a collective, a collective consciousness, even though usually,
we can’t directly perceive that unity, that oneness. So our outer world really is a reflection
of our inner world, because they are deeply interconnected and intertwined and not only
that, but they are one. They are one. All is one. And I talk about this in one of my previous
videos, called “The Unified Field,” where our external reality in many ways is a reflection
of our internal reality. For example, this was demonstrated by the
research of Dr. Masaru Emoto who found that certain emotions, and certain thoughts and
intentions can concretely, physically affect the molecular structure of water. Likewise, as another example, our inner state
of consciousness concretely effects our physical body, our physical health. For example, elevated levels of stress result
in a whole range of ailments and illnesses. So this video is an invitation and a request
to you, to find some time in your day to locate a feeling of peace, stillness, compassion,
gratitude, love… Because to bring that into your body, in the
present moment, to bring that into your body is to bring it into this world, into the collective
consciousness. And let’s come together, and do that more
often…because when we come together in group meditation, when we share these higher states
of consciousness, when we create these spaces of peace, and love, and compassion, that has
an amplifying effect, we amplify each others’ energy, and that is powerful and transformative
in ways beyond what we can even perceive. And I really think that group meditation,
mass meditation, has the power and the potential to transform our shared social reality. And, humanity needs transformation right now. Because Mother Earth is suffering and there
is too much conflict in our world, and unnecessary suffering that we are causing each other,
our own brothers and sisters, our own human family. World peace will come about as a transformation
of consciousness that begins within each one of us. World peace begins within each one of us.


  1. Namaste Jonas…you are so on to it my friend…. Om Namah Shivaya..Bless you my brother 🙏🙋💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖✌👍👏

  2. "world peace begins within each one of us." You have the message the world needs to hear Jonas. Keep up the good work.

  3. When open contact occurs, which may be inevitable, it would be really interesting if a race of aliens asked all earthlings to practice meditation. Perhaps that would be part of the agreement we'd have to agree to in order to receive the technologies they offer.

  4. I love your message. I am using this video on my GoFundMe page in order to gain the capital to start a group meditation app so that large numbers of people can meditate at the same time, creating positive global change. If you are interested in helping me bring my idea into reality, please contact me. Thank you so much!
    Alley Joy

  5. me: yep…group meditation clearly has an objective, positive and measurable effect on the surrounding world
    materialist fundamentalists: no no no…those meditators were normally responsible for around 23.3% of Washington's crime rate, that's the only reason it went down!! 1:19
    me: umm…k…blessings anyway

  6. YES EXACTLY! I saw that once on my own!

    last year I was on high doses of LSD and MDMA. We were sitting in the garden and i had almost an ego death on the peak. I looked into the sky and had a very interesting vision which was so real for me at the moment ( and still is ).

    The vision was about UFO´s and extraterrestrials, how they manage to visit our planet. My English sucks but I will try my best to describe my vision, but I guess I will never be able to put everything in words.

    The UFO I saw had a hexagon shape. On the lower side, there were 6 orange glowing spots. Now the interesting part was, that i could see the inside of the UFO and it totally blowed my mind. Usually i would expect very futuristic enginges or electronic, but it was completely different!

    The inside of the UFO looked like a temple! You just like one were you could meditate. It was so beautiful inside. Geometric patterns, mandalas, fractals. It looked very complex but there were no visible electronics or wires. I instantly saw that those designs are not for cosmetic purposes. It supported the extraterrestrial beings in a very strange way. I can not explain this with words, but it had something to do with frequencies,

    Well, the next thing also blew my mind. I told you about the 6 orange glowing spots. Usually, everyone would guess an anti-gravity engine there, but there were no engines at all!. Over each of the 6 spots was a foundation. On each foundation, there was a humanoid being sitting in a lotus position and their eyes were closed. Those beings were very tall, thin and had a very dark green skin. Their eyes were pretty normal in size and very dark.

    The whole system inside was so beautiful and majestic. Their consciousness was so highly developed that they could change reality a bit and had telepathic abilities. I will try to explain how they made it possible to fly.

    Well each being somehow could generate an anti-gravity "energy". The patterns and mandalas on the wall helped them to generate this kind of energy somehow. They compressed this energy so high, that those spots were glowing orange. I saw how important it was, that every 6 of them are on a 100% harmonic level. It looked like the whole system would fall down, if only one of them lose his concentration. But they werent like humans, their meditation skill was so high, that they exactly knew what they are doing. They also somehow created a " telephatic " network. So every one of them knew what the other one was thinking….. no, it was a whole new consciousness. All 6 consciousness were joined together to one huge consciousness. Thats why they can perfectly "steer" this UFO. And there was also no cameras and stuff like this. They all had their eyes closed and "saw" with their minds.

    It gave me the impression, that they are on such a high level of consciousness, that we couldn't even communicate with them. Speaking is not their way of communication. They are communicating in a very strange and complex way. They couldn't understand our words and our way of thinking would be so primitive, that they would have difficulties to understand us. I could totally see the peace and harmony in their minds and the very complex worldview, for what we will need a few million years to know.

    Since then I know how powerful meditation can be joined together.

  7. Thank you so much for this beautiful delivery of information. I'm linking this video to my youtube channel which will soon have a 24/7 LIVESTREAM meditation where people from all over the globe can come together and meditate together in order to achieve this Maharishi effect result.
    If you are interested, please check it out. I can use all the support I can get with making this happen on a large scale. It's in its infancy stage, but I will be starting to promote it in a big way once it goes live. Which should be any day now! 🐛🦋👽

  8. Hiya! Your video has helped to inspire me along with many other powerful events in my life to create a global group meditation livestream project on youtube. Would you be interested in helping me to promote it and get this thing spread to the masses? Please let me know, I wanted to get your consent before putting a link to the livestream on your video comments- Thank you so much for making such a clear and articulate video on the power on group intention and meditation. Thank you!! -Alley You can also email me [email protected]

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