The Real Amityville Horror: Unveiling the Terror Behind the Fiction | Documentary

The Real Amityville Horror: Unveiling the Terror Behind the Fiction | Documentary

This is WOR New York. Stay tuned for in conversation. First this bulletin from the WOR newsroom: Six members of one family have been found shot to death in their night clothes in their expensive home in Amityville, Long Island. The only available information at this moment according to the Amityville village police is that the mem- victims have been identified as members of the DeFeo family. They were found by a twenty-three year old son, Ronald DeFeo, who is believed to be the only surviving member of the family. Six members of one family found shot to death in their home in Amityville Long Island. We will have further details on the 11 o’clock news. This was the first radio broadcast to announce
the murders which would in no time at all become infamous across the world: the Amityville
murders committed by Ronald DeFeo Jr. The entire DeFeo family were shot in their sleep
by son and brother Ronald. This atrocity would spark the beginning of a modern day bloody
legend. A legend which has been adopted and adapted in the grotesquely fantastical creations
of 15 Amityville films. Ronald initially claimed that the murders
were conducted by a mob hitman, whom he named. However, this story was soon proved inconsistent,
since the supposed hitman was out of state of New York at the time of the murders. Within
a day, Ronald confessed to having committed the mass murder himself. He said: “It all started so fast. Once I started, I
just couldn’t stop. It went so fast.” That which he referred to as ‘it’ began
around three in the morning at 112 Ocean Avenue. Ronald took his 35 calibre rifle and meticulously
shot his two brothers, two sisters, mother and father. A bullet each for his siblings;
double for his parents. Afterwards, Ronald drew a bath and redressed, disposed of his gun in the family swimming pool, then went to work as usual. It wasn’t until later
that day, around 6.30 in the evening, that Ronald announced the discovery of his slain
family at the local bar. Ronald’s story has altered many times since
the cold-blooded happenings of that morning. The most well-known version of events was
claims that he had killed his family due to demonic voices in his head. During his trial,
Ronald’s lawyer mounted a defense of insanity, which was supported by a court psychiatrist.
Regardless, the final judgement found Ronald both guilty and aware of his actions, resulting
in him being sentenced to six consecutive life sentences. In the years that have followed, Ronald has
claimed that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he performed the murders.
In another version of the story, it was his sister, Dawn, who was the murderer. Ronald
only killing her in a struggle which broke out upon the discovery of his dead family.
His story has changed so many times that the only truth which we can now be certain of
is that Ronald DeFeo Jr. is a notorious liar. Indeed, perhaps the most demonic aspect of
the Amityville murders is the imagination of the murderer himself. However, regardless of Ronald’s testimonies,
there are certain facts which make this case particularly strange. All of the victims were
found lying on their stomachs, with no signs of struggle. Toxicology reports have proved
that no sedatives were used; and police found no evidence of Ronald having used a silencer
on his very loud lever action rifle. How then, did the DeFeo family remain asleep in
their beds as Ronald killed them one by one? In the court transcripts, Dr. Howard Adelman,
the medical examiner on the case, reveals that he was “mystified” as to how a single
gunman could have ever committed the crime. In response, there have been several competitive
theories from the very earthly to the paranormal. However, none truly satisfies the question
of how Ronald cocked and loaded and shot, cocked and loaded and shot, again and again
and again, murdering his entire family whilst they stayed sound asleep. A little over a year later, 112 Ocean Avenue,
the scene of such ghastly murders, became home to a new family. The house with all its
furnishings still in place was bought by George and Kathy Lutz and their three children. Whilst
aware of the events that had taken place there, the Lutzes were optimistic, describing the
house as their dream home. They even erected a sign which named the house ‘High Hopes’. However, they would only inhabit the house
for 28 days. They would end up being forced from its walls, running out in their nightwear,
abandoning all of their possessions, never to return. The events that allegedly occurred during
those 28 days have since become legendary. “Get out.” Many have claimed that the Lutzes fabricated
the fantastical tale to make money. However, to stake all of one’s possessions, reputation
and livelihoods on the unlikelihood that someone will find your story interesting enough to
write a successful book and produce a successful movie seems too ludicrous a gamble for even
the most ambitious of risk-takers. In additon, multiple sources have suggested that the Lutzes would have enjoyed only marginal profits from the Amityville Horror franchise. In a 2002
interview, George Lutz named this figure as close to 300,000 dollars after taxes and legal
fees. By way of contrast, the 1979 Amityville Horror film alone is reported to have grossed
over $86,000,000 in theatres. Skeptics have also argued that the Lutzes
got into financial difficulties and needed a sensational story to rid themselves of the
house. However, after just 28 days it is unlikely that the Lutzes had the time to reach such
a dismal point. Indeed, by the time they fled, they had not even made their first mortgage
payment. The Lutzes had no reasonable motive to concoct
this tale. It was only in their eventual endeavour to exorcise their home that reporters were
able to gain access to the Amityville house and make its story famous. Therein lies the
true horror of Amytiville: when you listen to any of the Lutzes’ testimonies, there
is an inescapable sense that they believe what they are saying is the truth. It was on the very first day of moving into
the house that the Lutzes began to feel as though something was not quite right. A family
friend, and local Catholic priest, Father Ralph Pecoraro visited the house to perform
a blessing. This was nothing unusual for a family of faith moving into a new home. George
described what happened during one of his final interviews before his death in 2006.
Whilst performing the blessing, the priest was left disturbed by a strange feeling that
he got in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Pecoraro described the room to George, who told him
that it would be the sewing room. The priest supposedly looked relieved, then said: “That’s
good, as long as no one sleeps in there.” Paranormal events began to unfold immediately. Within a week Kathy’s hand had been touched by something that we discussed and couldn’t explain. It was just something unseen. We also had – um – hoards of flies that would appear within two rooms. And, no matter how many times we would kill them they would reappear. It wasn’t in the water. The china itself turned black. And at first it was one bathroom, and then another and then another. And then telephone repairmen came three times because each time we tried to communicate with the priest we would run into faulty connections. Repeatedly, noises would jolt the family from
their sleep in the night. It was George in particular who reported the most disturbance.
He described how he would hear the front door violently open and close, only to then investigate
and see it locked with the dog asleep in front of it. Paranormal investigator, Ed Warren, drew attention
to how a lot of activity would happen at around 3 o’clock in the morning – the same time
that Ronald DeFeo murdered his family. Kathy Lutz reported that she was lulled into
a state of deep, contented, lethargy by the house. She would never want to leave. Even
the simplest of chores was too much for her. Others have even stressed how the house seemed
to age Kathy, both mentally and physically. On the night that the family fled the house,
George claims to have witnessed his wife transform into an elderly woman before his very eyes.
A visage which took several hours to wear off. By the time we left we had lost a considerable amount of weight. Kathy was passing out quiet regularly. I had lost over twenty-six pounds. Arguably, it is all too easy to dismiss the
Lutzes story as make-believe. The level of detail in their testimonies makes their claims
captivating, especially when one considers the consistency with which they maintained
their story throughout their lives. A more recent documentary, filmed in 2012,
after the deaths of both Kathy and George, has added further evidence and intrigue to
the Amityville case. For the first time since the events of 1976,
one of the Lutz children, Daniel Lutz, has come forward to discuss his childhood experiences.
Daniel has corroborated his mother and stepfather’s testimonies, whilst adding to them with his
own experiences. One of the most traumatic events, which has
haunted him since the day it occurred, was when he witnessed the door of the boat house
open and slam shut repeatedly and with great violence. The family dog, Harry, was profoundly
disturbed, his pen being beside the boat house. In an attempt to escape, he jumped over the
fence of his pen, suspended above the ground by his lead, seemingly trying to hang himself.
After rescuing the dog, it took Daniel and George great effort to close the door. It was at this point Daniel recalls one of
the most bizarre aspects of his experiences at Amityville. During the interview, his own
disbelief at what he saw – even many years later – is plain to see. Just by watching
you can see that Daniel knows what he is about to say sounds ridiculous – however, he says
it all the same. What did you see? What was in the window? It would have been what looked like a cartoon character of a – um — um — an angry pig. With, like, wolf-like teeth. When he and George went upstairs to investigate,
they found a rocking chair moving back and forth by itself. Daniel has claimed that he was possessed by
a powerful entity in the house. The following extract is taken from an interview and is
in his own words: Even after leaving the Amityville house, Daniel
was sent to a Catholic monastic school by his parents. There, the priests performed
ritual exorcisms for a year to rid him of the demon which had possessed him in the house. On the last night the Lutzes spent at Amityville,
the two boys and Kathy were lifted up on their beds by some unseen force. Daniel has described
how he was terrified as the headboard of his and his brother’s beds smashed against each
other and the ceiling. They were trapped on the beds as they levitated. This was the final
straw for the family. They could take no more. After 28 days living in a perpetual state
of terror, the Lutzes called Father Pecoraro, who advised that they leave the house and
spend the night elsewhere. In their night clothes, they left. Whilst away from the Amityville house, the
realisation that they needed help to cleanse the house dawned on George and Kathy. So, it was in the March of 1976 that psychics,
paranormal researchers and a Channel 5 news crew were allowed access to 112 Ocean Avenue.
Amongst the investigators were Ed and Lorraine Warren. During the initial investigation,
Lorraine was repulsed by one of the rooms, later discovered to have been the bedroom
of Ronald DeFeo. Lorraine believed that whilst several spirits roamed the house, there was
one particular entity which was both of greater power, and greater malevolence than
the others. When we went to into the house that day we didn’t realise that it was diabolically infested. This case had everything. It had the monstrosities of the night, which roamed that house, which infested it, which caused a young man to murder his whole family. The Amityville case affected our personal lives more than any case we ever worked on. It was the Warren’s photographer who captured
the infamous image of a spectral child in a doorway. Some have speculated that this
is the ghostly presence of the youngest member of the family to be murdered in 1974, John
Matthew DeFeo. However, lots of criticism surround the paranormal investigations that
took place in the aftermath of the Lutzes’ 28 days of Hell. Certainly, it is worth mentioning
that the Channel 5 news crew did not pick up anything strange on film. Since the Lutzes, there have been no reports
of any further paranormal activity at the Amityville house. The lack of subsequent hauntings,
combined with the heavy reliance on eyewitness testimony, has given much credence to the
belief that the Amityville Horror was an elaborate hoax. However, Daniel Lutz, now an adult, tells
another tale, one that he was denied a chance to tell when the event occurred. He states
that all the hauntings happened and were triggered by George Lutz. Despite denials during his
lifetime, Daniel asserts that George was a man who enjoyed to dabble in the occult. I think somewhere along the line that George’s
beliefs and practises, and things that he was directly involved with triggered and was
a catalyst to what was going on in the house and it was kinda like a magic trick gone bad that you couldn’t shut off. Daniel also states that George was an abusive
stepfather, and the catalyst that led him to leave home at the age of 15. It is interesting
that Daniel would corroborate the story of a man who both personally repulsed him and
abused him as a child. Could this, then, be the explanation? Certainly,
that the haunting seemed to stop after the Lutzes left Amityville can be explained by
George’s personal connection to the activity. What is more, one has to wonder why he would
keep all of the material possessions of those who had died in the house before him. Could
it be that, as a dabbler in the occult, George knew something of the alleged power of death
and blood? Perhaps George Lutz had attempted to tap into this energy. However, rather than
harness the residue that had been left behind by the murdered souls of the DeFeos, George
disturbed something darker. He unleashed demonic forces which he could not control upon himself
and his family. Such an explanation is a concurrent theme
in poltergeist activity. There is always someone involved in occult practices who acts as a
trigger. In the case of the Enfield Poltergeist, it was young Janet Hodgson who played with
ouija boards. Could something similar have happened at Amityville? Furthermore, if this
was the case, was this malevolent entity a new energy? Or, had it been there all along,
and part of the explanation behind the mystifying nighttime mass murder of the sleeping DeFeos? Unfortunately, all we can do is question.
With the death of George Lutz, we shall never know the secret behind his alleged covert
interest in the occult. And so, with the lack of any physical evidence and the over-dependence
on testimony, it is probable that we will never know for certain the truth behind the
Amityville Horror. If you enjoyed this video, please leave a like and remember to subscribe for more of the paranormal.


  1. I’ve been a paranormal investigator for many years and have had my share of experiences that I cannot explain. Five of them were, not a doubt in my mind, demonic. Be careful what u wish for. Anyhow, I’ve never had any reason to question the Lutz family nor Ed and Lorraine Warren who knew what the hell they were doing. The only people I question is Hollywood and the media. Everybody has opinions. In situations like this I feel I have no right to call anybody a liar. After the Lutz family fled that house, leaving everything they owned behind speaks volumes to me. I read their lives were never the same and they were never able to live happily again. I do not believe fabricating a story like this and having your life ruined would be worth any amount of money and they did not make millions off of this like many believe. People r taught and trained to read magazines, newspapers, whatever, and believe every word and that’s just not always the case. Unfortunately these things exist and r very real. I was a skeptic for years until things started happening to myself and worse, my now 28 year old daughter who, to this day, it tormented by shadow figures, apparitions with no facial features. She told me, Mom, it feels like pure evil. I can’t even get her to talk to me and she’s had so many bad things happen she just refuses to talk about it and let me get her some help. Believe what u want. That’s your right but don’t call people liars just because u don’t believe in this stuff or it hasn’t happened to u. I don’t have the answers. Never will. I just know they exist. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

  2. Here's one theory, maby there was a thunderstorm at the time he murdered his family so they maybe thought the gun shots were thunder or lightling

  3. Or maybe they all weren't shot in there beds and Ronnie put them all on there beds ,belly down?? I DNT see how thy all were found in the exact positions ,all on there bellys

  4. They hadn't made a first mortgage payment before leaving that house? Has anyone bothered to check their solvability? Because maybe the reason they kept all the belongings of the murdered family that lived in the house before them is that they had no money to buy new stuff?

  5. I know that there are invisible entities I'm a Catholic and never thought I would encounter any thing at all. I did but my experience was of kind entities angels I do believe. As I was driving I felt a soft touch on my eyelids I looked up and there was a huge sign that said Angel's. It was an advertisement, but it was meant to tell me of Angels. It lasted for 2 years the best of my life. However I believe God allowed me to also see dark entities and they are horrific. And can manipulate humans so easily.

  6. Yeah what happen to the second family that was living in that hause that left the hause so he was telling the true they herd the same demons 👺 he was telling the true all this year's sorry for him end for the lost of he's family

  7. The house was remodeled a few years back and yes those famous windows are gone now. George did come out and admit it was a hoax. I would have no problem living in that house, it's a very beautiful home.

  8. Yes, according to Ronnie, the red eyed pig was based on this neighborhood Persian cat who use to climb up on roofs and gaze in the windows. The DeFeo's always called him "Pig" because he was so fat.

  9. i've been trying to conjure demons for years, but the only thing that ever shows up in my pentagram is jeff bezos. i guess that's what i get for buying black candles on ebay.

  10. Before Ed died, He admitted that it was all fake and made up. (The Ghosts and shit). The tragedy did happened. Today people live in the house, and its been haunt free for decades.

  11. Ya I would say it's a load of bs and there's more mental illness than evil, because the family that lives there now and this is 2019 and they have been there for years and they haven't killed no one or seen shit in that house lol

  12. Nothing was in the window because nothing was in the house. Several families have lived in the house in the decades since the Lutz's , none have had any paranormal activity.

  13. The thing that bugs me about the Amityville movies, is that they ALL showed the basement as some creepy and scary dungeon like cavern, when in fact the basement in that house was finished and was used as a rec room. It had a pool table, TV sets, and shelving with board games. The other half was used as a laundry room and storage area .

  14. What was in the window? I think it was an enormous penis than anybody else see that in your man's penis it was like the size of a real man 6 ft tall that was an enormous penis

  15. "Het Lange Eylandt" was the original name given by the Dutch settlers several hundred years ago. According to some Dutch historical ccounts was that some the native Indians practiced Necromancy and we're not talking about the schoolboy Harry Potter stuff magic here (if that's to believed)?

  16. I used to live close to there. Nothing spooky went on, Ron, Jr. was a whacked out heroin addict. It's all bullshit, people.

  17. It seems to me that there is something definitely wrong going on with this whole story. Hoax or real, it's just plain wrong from beginning to end.

  18. There is nothing fictional about evil it is existence in our society every day Has anyone thought to ask What is the cause of evil minds ? answer is simple It is what influences us

  19. Ok ok ok some of this is Hollywood bullshit..there was no way to prove these murders happened around 3am..and there was no pig in the window

  20. I think the reason that George is constantly changing his story because he didn't do it and he really doesn't know what happened. I don't think he is necessarily innocent as a human being either, but I don't believe he had anything to do with what happened to his family. I do believe in the supernatural. But just because it's real doesn't mean everything people say happened is real. I know for myself that there are certain unexplainable things that we can call supernatural, sure. I certainly think that we are wise to fear, and second guess those things that we know little to nothing about, but it is just ignorant to altogether to blame the things that we don't really have all of the answers for on things that we don't have any proof ever existed in the first place. However it is equally ignorant to push that possibility out the window without a second thought.

    "There are things on heaven and Earth Horatio, /Than dreamt of in your philosophy." -Hamlet by William Shakespeare

  21. You’re leaving out the bits of the Lutz’s being friendly with Defeo’s lawyer. It kills the story when that fact is included.

    Also, in later prints of the book certain facts were altered to fit the story. One big one being the model of the car the priest was originally said to be driving when the hood came up and almost made him crash.

    Originally it was a model of car where the hood opens toward the windshield, and later changed to a car where this would be possible.

  22. The book had me so scared that I had to stop reading it for awhile..I was 14, and I just remember freaking out over the pig(Jordy) that book was crazy..Sorry but the movie was kids play and could not hold a candle to the book..

  23. Well one fact that was wrong is that it was not the Lutz's who put up the sign High Hopes it was Ronald Defeo Sr and he also put up a bunch of religious figures because he felt that something was very wrong in the house

  24. If everyone was on their stomach, and no one heard shot gun shots, too wake them….hmmmm. he said he couldn't stop. Reminds me of chris watts…..reminds me of a demon.

  25. The Lutz family's claims have contradicted such events as weather reports and other such events.

    You do realize though that the Lutz family did indeed see profit, as did the movies inspired by what they claimed. The fact that they made so much money is a sure enough reason on it's own, as the movies made so much money that's also a reason enough for somebody to go ahead and make them in the first place.

    The people who owned the house afterwards reported no paranormal activity though, isn't that a little odd? Not to mention that other people who own the houses surrounding have had far more to lose from the popularity of the franchise than the Lutz family ever could have and considering the tourist attraction the house has become… well, yeah, they already have lost out on that

  26. the gun was NOT found in the swimming pool! it was found at the end of ocean avenue where it had been thrown off a dock into the river… and the Defeos named the house high hopes, not the Lutz family.

  27. Ronald DeFeo Jr. Was a alcoholic, drug addict that was known for been a useless, drunken, heroine and lsd junkie, psychopath, he obviously ordered his family to lay face down in there beds so he didn't have too look at them, you would be surprised what people will do when they have a  .35 caliber rifle pointed at them! neighbours didn't hear anything as the houses are spaced far apart and apparently there dog was barking all night, probably excessively during the shootings. Ronald changed his story so many times, first blaming a mafia hitman, until he had an out of town alibi, he then confessed too killing them all in cold blood, then he came up with the story of "he heard their voices plotting against him" lie, in order to try to get less of a sentence, by pleading insanity. He was found guilty on six counts of second degree murder and will never be released.
    Then Ronalds attorney William Weber and the Lutz came up with an idea for a book and created the horror story over many bottles of wine, Weber has since brought a lawsuit against the Lutzes for taking the ‘story’ of the haunting to another publishing partner. He demanded a share of the profits of $60 million. Eventually, they settled out of court for $2,500 plus $15,000 for his services connected with the book and subsequent movie. The whole thing was a Hoax, sick really, those liers Lutzes and so many others profited from a tragic murder case by turning it into what would be the most popular haunting accounts in American folklore.

  28. So many things have happened at my house. i remember one time seeing a pig head on my window it looked beaten and tortured. years later i found out the people who lived in the property before us seen the same thing as well as many other things i still see and hear today. Theres been ufo activity, humanoid activity and paranormal activity. but its not just me and my family who have witnessed these thing but my neighbors as well as others around our street. i actually wanted to write a book of all my Expierances that me Nd my family have seen as well as my neighbors. It would be an interesting and horrifying read and i bet you would not believe any of it!

  29. We already have to deal with our own mind issues like making simple positive choices and learning about God. We do not need to be possessed on top of that. Thats a lot to deal with.

  30. I think thought that mayb those people his family were being held down by a energy draining force that the voices in his head were evil mayb devil did whisper. that he the father thought he could save them his family.😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  31. Butch DeFeo said that they got the idea for the pig from a neighborhood cat that use to climb up on the roof.
    Ronald "Butch" says it was a fat Persian cat with red eyes and HE nicknamed it "Pig".
    His lawyer just happened to be the Lutz's lawyer. And they wanted out of this huge mortgage so the lawyer figured he'd kill two birds with 1 stone; get his client off & help George & Kathy Lutz.
    How come no other owners of that house since all this have ever had a problem with anything paranormal?
    I DO believe on hauntings but I think this was a huge lie!!!

  32. Who knows what really happened all those years ago, probably all made up who knows? Someone obviously made a lot of money though!

  33. Get the report right if you are going to report on something. The sign high hopes was already there when they bought the house. The DeFeo family named it.

  34. They couldnt afford to make their first mortgage payment, they fled the house due to this but they believed they could do a quick sale but it didn't happen. It was only when they met the killers lawyer that the story of it being haunted came out. For the lawyer it would of proved Ron was under the influence of demons and George could use the story to get rid of the house.
    Making 300 grand for a story they didn't come up with is a damn good payday, they did very well out of it.
    The story is fake, nobody else has had any problems in the house. Did the demons just decide to leave?

  35. The house is still there today! But the address, Has been changed! Due to all the attention, that house still bring's today!.

  36. The beginning of the video states that this guy was a just a plain psycho himself with no excuses…then the rest of the videos makes it possible that there was some truth to the story….I hate it when someone tries to double talk just in case they are wrong about something

  37. i really like your channel, and especially your fantastic narration. and i don't want to ruin anyone's fantasies or anything . . . but all this Amityville crap has been confirmed (by the people who wrote the book) to be almost completely made-up . . . right? am i wrong? does it not say so on Wikipedia?™ whatever. i like your channel. and i like the paranormal (which i have myself been a "witness" to firsthand . . . whether that was simply psychological or genuinely THERE is another matter).

  38. i think we should remember that the "Amityville" cash-in has made certain people (the ones who were there) INCREDIBLY wealthy. like . . . millionaires. or they were, anyway. i guess they died since.

  39. your channel is FLOURISHING. and i'm happy for you – i think you've one of the best narration voices on YouTube.™ congratulations on the explosion in popularity. i think you deserve it. •b


  41. I believe George and Kathy. Our home had presence while growing up. Since we’ve moved after 20 years. My mother would feel someone touch her, even slapped her with a cold hand. We would hear our names being called. Dark shadows would sit on the feet of my mom and dads bed shaking our newborn baby sisters bassinet. Lots and lots of unexplainable events would occur routinely. A lot of what the Lutzs went through. So I believe them. Relatives spending the night would also experience issues. Nightmares, shadows, voices, unexplainable phenomonon

  42. As a kid the Amityville horror movie was very scary as January 7 1978 on my street camp avenue Rockford il the Simon Peter Nelson murders occurred where he killed all 6 of his kids while they slept

  43. This entire thing has been proven a hoax time and again. It's fun to think about and read the books and watch the movie but at the end of the day its nothing more then fiction.

  44. The Lutz's motive was a defense for the surviving Defeo. The house is down the street, totally not haunted. It's nothing special. Let's hand it to them for sticking with it tho…

  45. Dogs feel see things humans can't so how on earth he heard noise slams of doors & the dog didn't 🤔🤔🤔 unless something wrong with him

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