The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

The Nightmare World of Gang Stalking

This has many names. Gang stalking, mob stalking,
community stalking. You’re in the middle of this
ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. First, the Guardian revealed the
National Security Agency is collecting telephone records of
millions of Verizon customers. To surveil someone
through their phones. Certainly through their
television sets. The last year and a half,
he’s been systematically followed by a group of people. Does the FBI used drones for
surveillance on U.S. soil? New Associates Press
investigation shows that the Bureau has its
own little air force with scores of planes flying
over American cities recording videos and tracking cell
phone conversations. He has a man outside of his house. In a hood. Like, basically like a hood. This almost sounds like gang
stalking or something. Have you heard of that? Many of the things that victims of
gang stalking described are also symptoms
of mental disorders. We’re not having a
group hallucination. This is actually something
that’s happening. I grew up with my parents.
My mother was a medical doctor. My father was a former
rocket scientist turned teacher. I grew up with a desire to be
a graphic artist. And then I didn’t like school
very much so I joined the Navy. I did that for a couple of years. Didn’t like that too much
so I came back to LA. And basically lived in Los Angeles
as a homeless man just living on the street. I had my truck with a shell
and I worked as a handyman or construction jobs
that I would get. The gang stalking experience
started for me when I noticed these black SUVs and other police vehicles driving
slowly along the street. But they never came up to me
or said anything. And then, I had seven or eight
helicopters hovering directly over my apartment. And then it goes “brr” by. And it keeps happening,
it keeps happening. It begins to dawn on me that
something is going on. And this continued on. Here comes the
gang stalking helicopter. Here it comes. It’s confusing to humans trying to
understand gang stalking. Why would they do this to me? Why would they do these weird,
petty little things that, you know, maybe even just irritate
me at some moment. If you were to ask me
what gang stalking is. It’s a way to slowly kill people
using their own decisions. So we’re getting one
of our friends here. I got to see. I don’t know if you can hear that
on the audio. But we’re getting a buzz right now. On certain topics that I’ll
bring up, I’ll get buzzed. My understanding of gang stalking is that a number of people have
found each other on the internet who believe that they are being
targeted for harm. There’s this concept of
hyper-vigilance, right? Which is that your threat
assessment centers get locked into a position that is too high. They’re warning you all the time
about things not necessarily untrue but that you would feel better
not worrying about. Being of the opinion that you had to
constantly look around and figure out what might
be threatening to you. Or else your life would be at stake. Would lead to you not just seeing
connections that weren’t there, but erring on the side of safety when you see a connection that might
or might not be there. I’m a self-taught makeup artist. And depending on the
list that you look at, probably one of the top ten
makeup artists in the world. I think that just
my life experience, me being around famous
people all the time. What paparazzi photographers
do to them. What normal people do to them
if they go out in public. There’ll be a gang like reaction. This is essentially the same thing. Except it’s not. I didn’t ask for it. In my experience, it started
over a year ago. I had rented a space
in Hawthorne, California. And people warned me that
as a gay man, you know, it was maybe brave of me
to rent this space. I never think about
things like that. I didn’t know what it was called. Like I said, I just thought
that it was bullying. I just thought that it was people were just like, “get the faggot
out of the neighborhood or whatever.” When 20 or 30 cars are hazing you
on the freeway, behind you, in front of you,
on both sides of you. Completely controlling how fast you
go, whether you exit. Whatever you do. This is something bigger than that. I started spray painting their cars
on the freeway. I pepper spray them.
At this time, it was trying to get them
to call the police. That’s what I was trying to do. I had no other way, I felt like,
other than to find out are these people together. Are they working
in this one collective group for the same reason? What they’ll do to a particular
person in order to stress them out is they’ll hit them with the same
thing over and over and over again. I would get Los Angeles Police
Department vehicles lighting up their sirens. And not pulling me over
but zooming around me almost like a continual tactic. This happens so much that I was
inspired to buy a dash camera. I believe it was the very next day. And it was the first time
I experienced what I know now was called
street theater. And I watch the parking lot
literally filled up with cars. And heterosexual couples would hold hands and stroll
through the back of the parking lot like they were on some
1950s sitcom. People that are trying to look
incredibly normal, look incredibly abnormal. Because they’re, they’re acting. It’s not authentic. That was when I first
started thinking, “It’s all of them against me.” This is clearly a collective
organized whatever is happening. If a conspiracy is a bunch of people
working together to do something that they don’t want publicized, then it would be absolutely wrong to say the world is not
filled with conspiracies. The question is what does it do for you
to spend a lot of time thinking and feeling about the
conspiracies that you believe exist. The government has to know about it. This can’t be like some rogue group operating some shadow thing and
nobody knows about it. I go to the Van Nuys
Police Department. I walked in. I said this is my ID,
this is my name. Are you following me or do you have
any knowledge of me being followed? “Is there a reason for you
to be followed sir?” No, there’s not. But people are. “Who’s following you?” Well, I don’t know who it is. “Well, what are they driving?” They’re driving cars with dealer
tags that you can’t trace. “Well sir, there are a lot
of dealers here. There are a lot of dealer tags. How do you know that
they’re following you?” Very quickly, you see
how crazy you sound. I’ve never been arrested. I’ve never had a DUI. Anything whatsoever. Whoever is in charge, which is so
weird, is spinning this web about what a deviant, immoral, less than a human being you are. That’s the only thing I can think of
that would get that many people in this collective effort
to get rid of you. This happens to you enough, believe
me, you will feel stressed. You will get that feeling
of helplessness. This is not just a gang of random
people just doing this for, you know, like randomly
without a plan. This is procedural. The psychiatric definitions
of delusion tend to focus on really two
principles. One is that the ideas that you have are not very vulnerable to evidence. The other is that people in your
culture don’t share your beliefs. The question becomes if you can find
10,000 people on the internet who believe the same thing as you,
is it a delusion? Is it bizarre? Quite possibly not. If everybody believes this stuff,
how is it in any way insane? People just would not
believe the suffering that people in this community
endure every single day. I’ve lost just about all my friends.
They’re afraid to talk to me. They just think, they think… It’s very effective,
they think I’m crazy. My family doesn’t know
anything about it. I don’t say a word to them. I don’t know if my son knows. And I don’t want anything
to happen to him. It’s really the most important thing
that we can do for victims is to connect them with others who
understand what they’re experiencing because no one else will. And isolation is really a key weapon
that these perpetrators use to bring a person down
to the ground basically. If you go to see a psychiatrist. Let’s say it’s the first time
you’re meeting a psychiatrist And you say, “I’m under police surveillance.” Then the psychiatrist will write you
off as suffering paranoid schizophrenia and he will
give you medication. So we must assume that this is what
the American society believes. That all these government agencies
which normally watch our people don’t actually watch people at all. If anybody thinks that they are
being watched by these government agencies,
then they must be crazy. It cannot possibly be true. There is really no help at the
moment officially to assist targeted individuals. They can’t go to the police. They can’t go to the FBI. They can’t go to Congress. There is nowhere that they can go. We are having to create the issue
and also the solution. Why isn’t our nation listening?
This could be them. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the nation is under
mass mind control. Given that the world is filled with
groups of people operating in secret or trying to divorce us from our
money or our power or whatever they want from us. One thing that might be helpful to
ask from a psychiatric point of view is what’s wrong with the rest of us? So why am I so relaxed? What’s wrong with me that I don’t
feel I’m being gang stalked? And is it that I’m living
in the matrix? Where in order to feel
more comfortable, I have decided to simply ignore a
lot of the evils in the world and a lot of the potential
threats to me. Okay, so, what we’re seeing
here is this scene where Keanu Reeves character climbs
out of the battery vat chamber. You can’t see precisely what it is
because of that loss of focus. But you can definitely see
that something is abnormal. As you can look at it I drew a picture of what the shapes
of those claws are. Looks like a bird talon
or a reptile talon. I started searching on conspiracy
type movies, UFO movies, weird movies on YouTube. I came across the reptilian
shape-shifter subject. What I can confirm is that there are
apparently non-humans. Apparently some of them
are extraterrestrial. And apparently they have some kind
of evil grip on our world. Richard Bruce here. And, if you haven’t seen
my channel before, this is gang stalking for reptilian
shape-shifter movie uploads to YouTube. When I uploaded my study, within 15 minutes helicopters kept
zooming over my apartment like there was a
drug bust in my building. And then it didn’t take me long. I think it popped into my mind
pretty quick. Oh my God. Is this from what I
uploaded to YouTube? Because the whole thing was so
freaky at first. Like when you’re seeing these
non-human features, you’re like, “Oh my God.” What is this? What can possibly be
going on? They’re carnivorous. They’re not friendly to mankind. At least the ones that are here. When you say carnivorous,
they eat humans? When I told my family about this, it’s almost like, I get a non sequitur reply
from a computer. They just kind of look at me like I’m not even hearing this. And, I’m really not
interested in that. My father, the rocket scientist,
the doctorates in mathematics. When I tell him anything about this. One of the main points of
discrediting me is saying that you just have to be
negative and dark about everything. Because of your own dissatisfaction
of being unemployed. I mean that’s a highly- It’s an understandable
point of view. It’s like somebody who’s disgruntled
with life in general might flock to an idea. Yeah, there’s evil reptilians doing
it all to us and that’s why I’m so miserable
or whatever, you know. Nobody wants to be called crazy. It’s one of the worst things
you can imagine. I don’t think I or any psychiatrist
would recommend that. People are convinced that what they
believe is not true. The more useful target would be what
pain are they feeling in their life? At least, if I can do anything, if I
can achieve anything by exposing this issue to
the general public. It could be that it takes away these
criminal’s right to destroy people’s lives with this. Because it’s terrible what’s
happening to people. I mean what kind of a country do we
live in where you can’t say certain things or do certain
things without our own government using these subversive, underhanded
tactics to drive you crazy. You’re in the middle of this
ridiculous, irrational impossibility that is real and is happening. And it’s stranger than fiction or
anything you can imagine. And it’s- It’s terrifying. Fuck. I don’t want to start crying. It… It pisses you off. It frustrates you. Beyond anything that
you can imagine. And it… It changes you. We could see it from everything. The fluoride in the water. The chemtrails. The fake education system. The fake medical system. I mean when are we going to wake up
and stand up and fight? As the scriptures say, “How good is
it for brethren to be together.” Meaning how good is it for people
who truly trust each other and are friends to be together.


  1. And you gotta love the PSYCHIATRIST who says "How do we know they arent telling the truth and the rest of us just aren't paying attention?" ROFL. Psychiatrists are ALWAYS the craziest person in any room.

  2. I've seen the police harass activists similar to this. Not to the extreme of aerial surveillance but lots of being followed, getting run off the road etc. Usually they aren't afraid of letting you know. I've watched the way it drives a person mad.

  3. Unfortunately but sadly the experts, the mental health experts are infiltrated and on certain levels certain experts know full well what is up and what is on but they relish the opportunities to experiment and every one now knows about the countless documented cases of human experimentation carried out unlawfully in the past it just got renamed and cranked up and more stealthily concealed. It never actually stopped. This profession is prey to corruption as any and they would be under great pressure by the powers that be because of their credibility and nature of work. Who on earth would ever think to question them?? after all they know so much and would always and only ever act ethically?? Which is strange now days because of their track record but the average person does not have the time to truly research and go back through the history of this professions development and their problems or harm caused to many innocent people. So their credibility is not strong and thus unfortunately cannot be viewed with complete trust. Just look at what goes on because of falsified reports and diagnoses with child protection in America they produce mayhem and evil where they have prostituted themselves and their profession for bribery. They are hardly going to come out tell the truth and publicly divulge any information with countless high ranking experiments are they? So various people/organisations will be employed with various projects on any given areas of interest with out lawful consent and especially it would be only on a need to know basis. Not every one in governance is aware even so as not to worry or at the very least not interfere in any way with this evil research. Time and again it is proven that the very ones you think you could, would, and should trust are the VERY ones you must not trust.

  4. Unfortunately there are multiple professions involved which is quite easy for them. There is an endless black budget to fund these sick ongoing attacks and law enforcement groups/agencies would normally assist each other anyway so there is certain room for manoeuvre in this field by all means without immediate identification. The individuals suffering these behaviours from others need to stop reacting because this is what the powers that be want they want a dry martyrdom but don't give it to them. Calm right down are realise you cant and never will control their behaviour. You will only find your strength in God. Go to regular Eucharistic adoration at a traditional Catholic church if possible. Don't talk all the time your talking is adding fuel to the fire, by now you already know how bad it is, by now you know your family will distance themselves from you, by now you know how your health is affected, by now you know that to isolate you is all part of it, you already know what you know. Take it to God in prayer speak to Him about it. Throw your self on the mercy of His holy Mother Mary Immaculate and implore their supernatural help and never give up. Keep calm and continue to plead your case before the court of heaven. Do not expect solace from others only those who experience similar can remotely identify with you. To be fair your family and friends cannot be expected to comprehend nor understand what has and is happening around you and to you. It is sufficient to know that your aware of the truth and believe that god the father will intervene. Conserve your energy and maintain your dignity and regularly attend eucharistic adoration where you meet face to face with God Almighty He will sustain you and direct you. Our Lady Star of the Sea ora pro nobis.

  5. Gang stalking isn’t real! These people are paranoid delusional; with grandiose ideas that many people are following them around! They are not that important! No one is following them. Their mind is playing tricks on them. I mean who really has the time to follow some homeless gay people around for lengths of time? Obviously people have jobs and their own life. How could so many people just follow other people around? They would have to be fucked up or psycho to just want to do that. And not mention it would be boring as fuck! If people are following other people around because they are gay, then they would be the loser types. If someone followed me around all the time I would buy them coffee. Cause I’d feel sorry for them. My life is pretty boring. So I know they would have to be bored. Like I said gang stalking doesn’t exist.

  6. I’m actually a bit of a fan of Alex j. But these guys are simply mentally ill, in some way. Opinion based upon assumptions and nothing more and being amplified within echo chambers. I hope we can help these people.

  7. Gang stalking and their program is dead. I've mastered their every moves. Angels are beyond any control. These demons will pay for it.

  8. It is horrifying to have strangers google screw you wherever you go because of something you said or did. Ive been gang stalked for decades. I no longer talk to people, because i trust nobody

  9. everyone: Sheslulu brought me here bla bla bla

    i'm like: what the F is sheslulu ?

    google: picture of makeup shaped into a face

    i'm like: really ?

  10. It's common place in all Bolshevik states, as professor karlstrom explains all gangstalkings out of israel , cause it's part of the war on terror , $30 trillion a yeAr goes into gangstalking,

  11. If you suffer from mental illness, yes it's real. Is there anyone getting gangstalked who is married with children, owns a home, has a good job, good marriage, your children play little league baseball, you take family vacations, have many friends, etc. ? Let me tell you, I am very familiar with the Van Nuys police station this guy walked into stating cars are following him with dealer plates. Yeah? Van Nuys and Van Nuys Bl. mecca of car dealerships. Shows the freaken 405 freeway where he says other cars control where he can exit or what lane or whatever. Happens to me all the time. 40 million people live in CA. I miss my exit all the time because assholes wont allow you to get over. Im sorry, but most of you being gangstalked suffer from mental illness. at the very least, paranoia.

  12. Paranoid people all u do is follow who u think is following u an u will most likely find it's just people doing there own thing

  13. Beware fake news media. Truth and lies either learn to read between the lines or you are just a subscriber to that which has no relevance to anything its words suggest.Always has been the case. The usa government are the biggest liars.

    Government both intricately and accurately as of politically and historically speaking the whole concept of has and only ever will be the biggest crock of toxic diahroic shit at the end of the rainbow followed by shileilli beating and lovely lucky irish pint of steaming piss to go with it along the way.

  14. It’s all in their head…billy himself said they make you think you’re immoral and deviant cause of your lifestyle…none of these so-called people said anything to him…that’s his conscience because he knows his lifestyle is wrong

  15. These are people who have paranoid schizophrenia who call what they experience gang stalking. No one is actually out to get them. They are noticing patterns that stand out in everyday society.

  16. You guys realize that the Canadian government advertised gang stalking right? Looking for recruits. I’m not one of these people being stalked but I can tell you that you are severely misled if you think these people are crazy. You’re also misled if you believe everything these people say because they are at the stage where they believe everyone is stalking them when that’s not true. Just go and look up CSIS’s recruiting video! You can see with your own eyes that this is real. So why are we still calling this a “theory”? O_o

  17. So many laypeople on YouTube can watch an edited video and provide a psychological diagnosis. Somehow, they're able to do this without clinical training/experience. 😂

  18. This is called paranoid schizophrenia. Their brain is telling them what they are seeing is real community harrassment/stalking when in reality it is not filtering what they see as unimportant. A guy walks his dog? Gang stalker. Multiple red cars? Gang stalkers. Woman blocks you in a shopping aisle? Gang stalker! Guy driving really slow near their car? Gang stalker! When in reality he is probably just trying to find an address and not from the area. You see, these are just everyday idiots in our lives but paranoid schizophrenics having these delusions believe they are out to get them when in reality they are working nine to five jobs barely trying to pay the bills. They will never accept they have this mental brain illness because their brain is telling them they are sane and people are spending their days just focusing on harassing them when in reality no body cares about them and their loved ones have no clue how to help. They also will swear to you their sane and not mentally ill so there is no point trying to argue with them or challenge them. Their brain is just really messed up and it will either pass with time or by getting professional help and medication. Most of these people will never seek treatment let alone tell a psychiatrist they are gang stalked in fear they will end up in a mental hospital. They are generally supported by other delusional paranoid schizophrenics in support groups or online on YouTube under keywords of gang stalking. If you want to see the other side of the equation you need to look up paranoid schizophrenia and paranoid delusions.

  19. It's not a mental disease at all, what kind of insult is this? You know how much money I have to spend to rent all those black SUV's and helicopter stalking this guy?

  20. This has nothing to do with straight or gay. Its demonic. Demonic possession, oppression and protection. If you are targeted you are important in some way. Everyone has their own story.

  21. I am a targeted individual. I have videos on my channel of me filming instances of being tortured. I am not only 'gangstalked' I am a victim of remote neural monitoring. Research remote neural monitoring and v2k and directed energy weapons if you are interested about conspiracy theories against innocent civilians for government training and research purposes

  22. Right off the bat the designer that decided he then wanted to be in the navy that then decided he wanted to be homeless instead of his last 2 choices???? seems like a man with his shit together and not possibly suffering from any mental illness

  23. not a single person has been attact by a gang stalker.. they always say they wont do anything its death by 1000 cuts. they are there to make you look crazy.. WELL DOESNT YHAT MEAN THEY WILL NEVER HURT YOU PHYSICALLY AND THAT THE BEST WAY TO CONCUR THEM IS TO IGNOR THEM……. AND YOUR CRAZY THOUGHTS

  24. No, have make this a legal thing. This company pretty corrupt. I wouldn't mind having a conversation with the fbi. I would love this shit to get more attention. The truth needs to be told. Once everything is investigated I think a lot of laws well be changed.

  25. Mental health not a issue. I studied sociology and physiology in college. I can handle what ever throw my way. The childish behavior is very obvious and predictable . This is strictly about entertainment purposes to see how far ignorant people can take things. I just won't to take power out of these idiots hands. I also was an athlete thats use to being around many people. Very strong mentally, the issue is when that I really have a problem with is how it's affecting my job. Proof of everything is actually on record at my job. A real example of what I've been going through. The perpetrators come to work high off marijuana and intoxicated from alcohol. These perpetrators like to recruits others that share the same lifestyle. I'm drug free and I don't drink as well. I just think the truth needs to be brought out. Truthy I believe most cases of organize stalking are drug related. I just need the resources to bring light to these crimes. I believe theres no dought I'll make this happen. It's time to put the light on these cowards.

  26. Schizo paranoia combined with a dash of narcissism. The average person is not even close to being important enough for government agencies to organize a mass surveillance and harassment campaign against them, and even if they were, those government agencies dont have the time, the resources, or the manpower. We think of agencies like the FBI and the CIA as being these all powerful, shadow governments, but they barely have the time and recourses to handle all the shit thats actually important, such, as murderers, serial killers, terrorism, national security, and governmental corruption. You, Joe Blow, are not on their radar, and you have a huge ego, and probably a mental illness if you think you are.

  27. I think the general population might be ready to hear these kind of stories now.

  28. Mental illness is real. You can be as articulate and sound as intelligent as you want and still be a paranoid schizophrenic.

  29. A whole bunch of oldarees and yesterday’s old are at war with us which is cause if the gang stalking phenomenon they’re actually patrolling us in real life

    The old are patrolling the young fight the old
    Their weak as shit
    Know who’s on their side

  30. It’s not aliens it’s the god damn stars your making them nefarious check out modest mouses album strangers to yourselves the picture shows how they do it

    I could do it to someone but you have to understand witchcraft to understand how it works

  31. It’s ghosts using witchcraft
    Modest mouses Isaac Brock will die for doing it as well
    Stars do it to each other to spy on each other
    You become a ghost to learn how to spy on people

    When you get haunted you become a ghost
    The victim becomes the haunted because in getting haunted in your mind you also learn how to haunt

    It causes the city to circle around you

    You have to forget it exists for it to go away

    But if you learn from it

    You can do it to other people

    Even attack your own attackers

    With the power of witch craft

    If you really want to get to the creators of the practice

    Invade and study the Masonic temples
    That’s where the study comes from

    Becoming possessed by ghosts is the same thing as gang stalking

  32. This seems like a new phenomenon like since the creation of FB new. One more side effect (or primary effect) for a huge demographic using social media and it's not going to get any better. Really sad people out there are suffering so badly. If this is true it's collectively got to be the most evil crime that can be committed..
    "Playing God never turned out good for anyone" Unknown writer.

  33. It's a FBI program called Infragard. It's neighborhood watch on steriods. Google it they have chapters in every state. Anyone can join and turn anyone in for any reason with no proof. There are YouTube videos on it. I know it's true I had someone try to recruit me. Great benefits after a person rises in ranks they are given an allowance every four years for a new vehicle. Of course they receive a salary and bonuses along the way. It is an evil sick program.

  34. You do realize how difficult this would be to orchestrate. Not even to mention these claims are based on thoughts alone, meaning, there has been nothing presented in order substantiate them. Take for instance, street theatre. The only thing that was stated was thoughts about what was going on. I would urge people that to realize that your default mode of thinking is assuming the world pivots on you, which is a pre Theory of Mind assumption.

  35. People are losing their minds. I really blame the internet for allowing those with mental illness to congregate and solidify their delusions. It's happened with racism, socialism, several "anti" movements, and, now, paranoid delusions.

  36. How stupid is it of that guy to say "if lots of people believe it than how can you call it crazy?" Uhhh…guess what moron….there are lots of crazy people.

  37. this is just a form of schizophrenia, maybe mild. this happened to a friend of mine. highly educated economics professor and he suddenly began talking like this. lost his job, broke, but otherwise rather normal functioning.

  38. Reading this thread has me convinced it wont be too long before we have a Comet Ping-Pong type of attack. There are people on here talking about "fighting back". That crowd is only gonna grow as this "movement" gains momentum. This conspiracy theory is a flesh-eating virus on society. Its not funny at all

  39. At first I was on the fence about the trailer guy being crazy and then he started talking about lizard people and that confirmed it more than needed. Even if there was a group of people after him, why him? What value does he have to some secretive government group would be have? None. All these crazy people are useless and maybe this is just their crazy way of validating their pointless and useless existence.

  40. Theory; after 911 fbi , cia agents went out to the 3000 county's in the us and started a program . using churches small business kind of like the mantra see something say something . But this is more like deputized citizens they are promised special treatment during a marshal law situation or the person is a nosey bully to begin with . But its a theory ? Also the mk ultra experiments never stopped and has got to be way more advanced technology that is being pumped out controlling the masses . .the ones that some how are immune to it are tracked buy the ones mentioned in the theory . It reminds me of the movie the body snatchers .

  41. They are powerful pedophiles behind our societies! People need to arrest leaders and give death penalties. Humans win Nazi germany and communist russia… what make this group


  42. WY they put me years in psychiatry after a jurist the mother of my child take a child because she now that they do this bodies she have a child with me they can do this with no real reasen. And they told me thirst many story’s in clinics to make me afraid or things I hear to let me feel afraid and I even hear many things what really happen as this before and that the moment when I make a song with my guitar and mouthharmonica that they afraid that People hear that they lie about me and that they hold me then for my lifeafter they with voice to skull radar communication many years make me afraid

  43. What this video exemplifies perfectly is the fact that mentally ill people do not understand that they are mentally ill. Folks from every walk of life can break at any time, and schizophrenia often doesn’t show any signs until the early 20s or even later. Trauma can make the condition much worse, but I can tell you 100% that these people are mentally ill 🙁
    I work for the intelligence community, and I can tell you right now that I work for an agency that all of these conspiracy theory “nuts” would call “the deep state,” and I can assure anyone and everyone who might read this, that this level of coordination and stalking/surveillance doesn’t even happen with extremely serious criminals. Imagine for a moment the cost of something like this. The fact that a gay man feels so Mentally isolated, filled with unbelievable social anxiety and paranoia, and self-doubt, that he believes that dozens and dozens of people are being paid to follow him, ONE GUY, who is breaking no laws and doing nothing wrong, 24 hours a day, including setting up elaborate daylight Theater…Come on… these folks represent one of the most sad situations I’ve ever seen. These people need help desperately.
    Always remember that human beings are creatures of habit. If you start to fall into this delusion, you must remember that you are going to come cross paths with the same people every day. If you become paranoid and Hyper vigilant, you are going to notice them and make note of them at a 300% rate higher than the average person. You were going to miss read actions that are completely normal, and the worse you get, the more people are going to look at you and point and make your condition worse, because 75% of human communication is nonverbal. Whether you realize it or not, if crazy thoughts are going on in your head, you are displaying them in your behavior for all to see.
    If you are one of these people, seek help immediately. You must realize that if some group was after you to this degree, and the police and FBI were in on it as well, they would simply kill you. There are 23 different ways to assassinate a person in military handbooks wherein it will look like suicide, even to a good medical examiner. It’s called wetworks, and the Government contractors that engage in it had been doing it successfully for almost 100 years. Taking out an isolated Citizen would be a breeze. So if you’re still alive, no one‘s following you. If they wanted you gone, you would be dead. Period. They would not waste hundreds of thousands of dollars staging 24 hour a day surveillance to torture you. They would not be hiring entire families including their children to pose and act as actors in front of you in public.
    We have a saying that goes, “Over a long enough timeline, One person with every reason to keep a secret has a 50-50 chance of doing so. Add one other person to the mix, and the chances drop to zero that said secret will be kept.” It’s true. Just think about all the times you shared something with a friend, or vice versa, and if it was juicy enough, you told someone, but someone you trusted never to spread it in a form that it would get back to your friend. Point being, all of these people could not possibly organize and keep a secret like this, zero potential for that.
    If you are not causing any trouble, and therefore not problematic enough to end up a statistic…then, Worst case, they would cook the books and arrest you and put you away.
    You must remember that any legitimate target of surveillance is never meant to notice they’re being surveilled. You must snap out of it and get help. Good luck to all who suffer from this delusion.
    -DCIPS GG14

  44. Nobody from an "intelligence community" can "assure" you of anything. Law enforcement keeps people guessing. Absurd tactics break criminals/suspected criminals, causing them to confess, snitch, or suicide.

  45. If these mentally ill people disregarded all this gangstalking and not feed into it the government will lose its power.

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  47. "They" don't need so many helicopters. "They" somehow incorporated at least two of the leadership of the office workers' union to which I belonged, "they" intimidated fellow employees into turning their backs on me. "They" coopted some police in the sprawl in which I move. Again I am struggling to avoid eviction, arrest, incarceration… A network of thieves even were organised to harass me out of the church soup kitchens and make me feel unsafe on the streets of some communities. My wife, who works "high" up the echelons of state bureaucracy turned against me just when I found myself about to be framed in the loss or theft of state property. The surveillance is not limited to that done by police. It is greater than anything done by one agency or department. What can you do? Keep your head above water. Hang on the tree like a cat with its claws in the bark. Don't worry. Be as happy as you can let yourself be.

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