The Most Powerful Reality Transurfing Meditation for Decreasing Importance

The Most Powerful Reality Transurfing Meditation for Decreasing Importance

for best results. Use headphones. Make yourself comfortable either by sitting
down or laying down on your back. Begin by taking a deep breath in through your
nose and let it out through your mouth. Take another deep breath and as you exhale
fully relax. Let go any tension. Breathe in again and feel them way of relaxation. Flow through your body. And as you breathe out, let go of any tension. Imagine your body becoming more relaxed with
every breath. If there is any tension in your body, notice
where you feel it and focus on that area. Loosening up and feeling relax. [inaudible] focus your awareness on your head. Notice the sensation in your face. Loosen up any tension in your face and feel
it. Relax. Feel behind the eyes. Release any tension. [inaudible] relax your forehead, your jaw. Relax your tongue. Now bring the awareness to your shoulders. Feel them relax, release any tension. [inaudible] feel your arms, your hands, torso. Now with the awareness on your left leg and
foot. Relax your toe, your right leg in front. Relax your toe. Now imagine a ball of energy in your heart
center. It can be any color you like. Feel from this space and notice the temperature
sensation that is beginning to row. Imagine this ball, the vendor’s spinning faster,
faster. As it spin, you are feeling more and more
relax, more and more accountable. [inaudible] [inaudible] now let’s set an intention so that we’re able
to connect to the highest and most passionate version of ourselves. [inaudible] right now, send that intention. Know you will be connecting to the best possible
version of the you [inaudible]. Now understand there is Dion internetive space. This is a combination of everything that has
been everything that will be and in this alternative space exists the best possible version. Now, one matching best possible. First note of your having intention. You will connect to this version of you and
you will begin to link yourself up to the perspectives of you. Now imagine the best possible version of yourself
doing what you [inaudible]. Imagine yourself walking around your dream
house. Imagine what this house looks like. I imagine it as if you’re seeing through your
own eyes, [inaudible] [inaudible] now my near awareness on the kind of relationships
that you have. How do people respond to you? [inaudible] how do you carry yourself? What is your body language like? [inaudible] [inaudible] now, as you imagine your sound is in this
new version of you, what’s your awareness on the things that you have achieved? [inaudible] and notice how natural it feels for you. I imagined the goals that you’ve achieved. Maybe it’s you, what she being some type of
milestone within your passion. [inaudible] maybe it’s you doing what you love for living
and helping other people. Whatever it is. Imagine those things and imagine how unnatural
it feels. [inaudible] notice how comfortable it is for you to walk
around your dream house. Yes, this is true. Now imagine in your dream house what the furniture
looks like, match and the layout of the house, how spacious it feels, how open the floor
plan is. Any other details that make up in your dream [inaudible] now understand that this reality exists in
the alternative space and that white you can do right now is connect to this room and have
you connect to this life track. Understand that going forward you will be
making intentions and choices from this track. Now in your Treme house, walk over to your
wall in your living room and notice the different plaques on the wall, the different achievements
that you’ve made, and notice how comfortable it feels for you to acknowledge these things
that you have achieved. [inaudible] look to the first plaque on the wall. What does it say? [inaudible] what have you achieved? [inaudible] I feel grateful that you have achieved this
and notice how natural, because this is [inaudible] [inaudible] don’t look at the second plaque on the wall
of way you have achieved. What does this plaque say? [inaudible] notice how comfortable that feels for you
to have achieved this. Help understand that moving forward in your
life, you are able to connect to this. Ease to discover loud, knowing that as you
follow your passion, as you take action from this place, and as you said, more intentions
in your life, your life will be you to transform, move for an effort you are now on the life
track of your highest purpose. And from this point going forward, you choose
to be and you are living your life purpose. [inaudible] now bring the awareness into your heart and
feel that golden spheres spin faster and faster and as it spins faster and faster, you can
feel yourself connecting to you. Prefer to be. You are making this now I’m going to count
down from five to one and with every number I count, you are going to feel like you are
the best version of yourself. You’re going to feel like you achieving your
goals is more natural for you. You’re going to feel like you are looking
for to be five. Feel that golden sphere faster and faster
to your heart. Feel how much more comfortable you feel for
as it spins faster and faster. You all are feeling how natural that feels
for you to be who you are. Three, feel this sensation, your heart grown
more and more powerful. Feel that sphere grow as it grows. You feel more intention for you to be who
you prefer to be. Do as you feel more into your heart space. You know that going forward you will make
choices as to this new life track. You will feel like this is, you choose to
be one now. You want to relax. Choose to be your goals are in natural for
you as you go forward or intention in your daily life. And you will know this is who


  1. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MEDITATION FOR SO LONG. Thank you Aaron for sharing this piece of art with us. 😍❤️😭 This meditation is SO powerful

  2. there's no desire too big for this universe, there's nothing that you can not have or achieve, you are POWERFUL!!!!
    love your meditations Aaron, sending love

  3. Thank you Aaron.
    I've been meditating a lot recently…
    I tried several different types.
    I have found only when I'm listening to your voice do I get results.
    Never stop Aaron!!
    Much love Always 💗💗

  4. Amazing! This meditation brings true value when it comes to getting in touch with ourselves, our reality and what it is that we desire. Visualization is power! “If you can see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hands!”

    Sending love, trust and hope to all of you!💖

  5. Bomb as always! The second plaque I saw an unexpected achievement…gave me something to look into within myself. Much Love.

  6. Aaron I found myself waiting for your upload today…anyone else found themselves waiting to hear from Aaron?
    Thank you!

  7. So powerful!! Thank you so much. Your videos help to to create such transformation in myself, which in turn helps me to assist others in the shift.

  8. This is great! I struggle with meditation and this is something I truly need and will save to use many times! You are awesome 😘🥰 love you!

  9. I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re saying because the music is really loud compared to your other meditations. 🙈 Sorry.

  10. Thank you, Aaron! What a beautiful resource. This book was life-changing for me and this meditation is perfect. ✨✨✨

  11. That was the first meditation like this I’ve ever had such visuals come along with it and oddly enough it ended at 1:11pm lol 😆 so grateful for this I’ve never had something work in that way before. Thank you so much and lots of love and light man.

  12. I wonder how much money and places his ex girl will get out of him. She is the sneakier type many feel. Let us pray he gets fully away from her

  13. Along my journey I have come to realize that everything we want already exists because everything is energy that simply shifts frequencies. But the stuff you want is in the frequency of abundance, and most are in a state of lack. To get into alignment with abundance you must obsessively do what you most love doing, what brings you most joy, most peace and this is how you can manifest your dreams and desires into the material plane as you decrease the importance of the actual thing and increase the importance of your vibrational frequency. Peace

  14. Its great how im getting to the 21-30 day point of your meditations and you seem to release a new one when i feel its time im ready for it 🙂

  15. Thank you, Aaron. You are one of the reason I started my tarot channel. Appreciate your gentle guidance and direction.

  16. I tell you sometimes you are seriously tapped into my manifestations:) I've been looking for this meditation for awhile now:) Thanks so much Aaron!

  17. Aaron, what's your cure for a broken heart 💔 ? It's been 10 months & I am still broken…I thought I got over it but deep down I'm still not…any suggestions? Thanks🙏

  18. Thank you Aaron Doughty for posting this newly meditation practice. It made me remember what I want to attract in my life, what I want to create and choose the reality I feel fit for.

  19. Aaron,

    I discovered you a few weeks ago and have been listening to many of your videos. As strange as it may sound, I feel that somehow we’re connected. My intuition tells me to remind you that everything is working out perfectly. Trust the Universe.

    On a side note, is anyone going to talk about how Aaron just transported us into another dimension?

    Great stuff man, keep it up.


  20. Well…I just watched the “S.E.F.I” seminar today. I was curious because I trusted you and I believed in your words, and Victor Oddo’s.
    I never accept an email offer like this; I think we’ve all experienced scams and schemes and know what to look for. But I took a chance this time!
    Let me get to it – To be honest I’m disheartened. Even shocked. This seems vampiristic, for the lack of a better word. Especially when this seems so uncharacteristic of you and other youtube new age “gurus” and influencers.
    ”Do you want to be happy! Do you want to have all the secrets and finally feel free!!??” Then buy this for Almost 6 grand!!! 😀
    You know everyone wants to be happy and if you display yourself as a prime example of success – In that case who wouldn’t want your “secret”. Who wouldn’t want to buy that image they want for themselves.

    I’ve been a subscriber of yours and Victor for a long time. And to be honest, this is a big time sell out of the higher truths you claim to possess.
    This scheme should be parodied on South Park.
    To be honest, I feel like helping people free themselves could be so much more than THIS. Helping people doesn’t have to be propagated by sending email offers like this.
    This isn’t truly helping anyone….
    Integrity -1

  21. As far as the music goes, I think it’s perfect… beautiful. I don’t think it’s too loud at all…I can hear you just fine.

  22. All i ever wanted is feel self love,feel the real moment,feeling of belongingstop livining under ocd,grief,illusions…

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