The Key to MASTERING The Law of Attraction! Take Back Your Power & Create What You Want-Affirmations

The Key to MASTERING The Law of Attraction! Take Back Your Power & Create What You Want-Affirmations

the key to mastering the law of attraction take back your power to create what you want (you need to hear this) when a person decides to take control of
their reality and deliberately create the life they choose they must begin by
accepting their power and taking 100% responsibility for all the things they
are currently experiencing this includes all the things that are considered good
and all of the things that are considered bad we actually always hold
this power and responsibility but often deny it to be so it’s easy to point
fingers towards all the things and people that block us from the successes
that we want but the fact of the matter is you are the only one experiencing
reality in the way that you do and you are the only one that can change that if
you don’t like it anyone who’s not living the life they desire should know
that they still have the internal resources to do so when we are not
living the life we want is because we have given up our control not because we
have lost our power or our responsibility just because we don’t go
through the motions of what it takes to have the life we choose does not mean
our power and responsibility are not still present we are each pure potential
which means we have the power to change our circumstances failing to act on this
power does not take a person’s the key to mastering “the law of attraction” be inspired to take back your power to create what you want responsibility away from them they are
still in charge of their life and not acting or acting in a way that doesn’t
line up with what they want are still ways of creating their reality the only
thing we ever escaped is our control by accepting our inner power we accept our
responsibility for that power which in turn gives us back the control necessary
to deliberately create what is wanted our internal resources to do this are
already there they may be dormant in some are even dormant regarding specific
areas in life but they are still there not using these resources is simply a
way of holding ourselves back and through the law of attraction once we
accept the power we hold it’s only a matter of time before our outer world
reflects back to us just how powerful we are the law of attraction brings us what
we think about to think is to ask every thought is an intention and this law is
completely neutral it doesn’t hold an opinion regarding
whether our thoughts are bad or good for us the key to mastering the law of
attraction is responsibility responsibility for our thoughts
responsibility for our actions or lack of action and responsibility for the
power that we possess these things make the key to mastering the “law of attraction” take back your power to create what you want motivational us accountable for the experiences and
circumstances in our lives the good news about taking responsibility is that it
raises our consciousness regarding what is happening in our lives this makes us
more capable of successfully applying the law of attraction to get what we
want by accepting responsibility for our
experiences we also assumed the power to change them if we don’t like them this
puts us in a position to consciously create more thoughts about the things
that we do want so that we can begin to create new beliefs and new neural
pathways or mental habits that align us with those things during this process we
may still have negative thoughts that come up but there will be a new
conscious understanding that we have the power to change it and the mental
follow-through to do so try using the following affirmations daily these will
assist you and your mind and the remembering of the power that you
possess I am a powerful creator I now choose to take control of my life and my
circumstances I am increasingly confident in my power
to create my life the way I choose I am willing to believe that I have the power
to create my experiences I have always had the power to create my life and I
now take responsibility for that I accept that I am the only one who has
control over my life I have total power to make the changes I desire I believe
in myself and my ability to manifest the life I choose I am gaining control over
my mind and my life I can transform my the key to mastering the law of attraction take back your power to create what you want (you need to hear this) life any time I choose but the power I
possess I find it easy to control my thoughts and my circumstances if you
believe that something outside of you is causing you a problem you relinquish
your control over your experiences if you focus your thoughts on the things
you don’t like about your life you’ll activate the law of attraction to bring
more of the same to you you are accountable for your results and being
aware of that is the first step to taking your power back so that you can
create your life in the way that you choose for it to be you are the
operating power of your reality you are the creator of your experiences and you
are responsible for your life life doesn’t happen to you it’s created
through you there is no secondary cause no other persons or circumstances decide
your reality once this fact is accepted you no longer stand by idly hoping for
circumstances in your life to change you suddenly have total power to change them
and carry the responsibility of doing so the key to mastering the law of attraction take back your power to create what you want


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  2. Ive been practicing the law of attraction and visualization for some time. I noticed a drawing for a Jeep Wrangler giveaway. I just have this knowing feeling that I’m going to win it next month. Should I still be open to receiving it in an unexpected way from any source?

  3. once you realize you have a choice in your life that is when everything changes. Change your self image and everything will change for you.

  4. I am trying hard to practise all that I learn from your videos… But there is something that I may missing to understand.. I am able to manifest the tiny things instantly but the same never works for bigger things .. help me!! I keep asking myself what is my purpose of living 100 times a day.. hoping that I get an answer from the universe some day

  5. i feel like you are in my mind reading my thoughts you know what i want to hear you don't have any idea how useful this video thank you is not enough but i don't now how describe my feeling

  6. I’ve been a subscriber for a long while now and I have seen many of your videos but this one, this one right here hit the right spot at the right time… I love you!!! 😘

  7. This is so powerful , i literally just notice in the shower today that i was thinking new thoughts and seeing things in a different way that allowed me to realize i am the one who is creating my personal experience on life so i can change it when i want to with my thought. Amazing VIdeo !!!

  8. I'm doing a law of attraction experiment! I'm working close to a film star's house. I've seen him about 5 times but he's always looking down, I guess does not want to be disturbed… yesterday as I walked past his house I said 'Hello, coming out to play today?' 😁 And while I worked I thought 'Come to see me.' When I went on my break as I walked outside guess who was walking towards me? And looking at me? Yes that's right! My goal is that we will talk, without me approaching him. Let's see.

  9. I think I spent about $2,000. on therapy for depression. But it was viewing one video on this channel that my depression lifted. Once I realized I could change my reality it was like someone flipped a light switch. Life is so much better and I wake up every day, thankful and excited about everything that awaits instead of living in constant fear and negativity. Thank you!!!

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