The Haunting of the RMS Queen Mary (Collab with MichaelScot) – Our Haunted Travels

The Haunting of the RMS Queen Mary (Collab with MichaelScot) – Our Haunted Travels

hello my friends and welcome to another
episode of ghost stories in folklore tonight I am going to tell you about a
luxury ship that is now resting in Long Beach Harbor as a grander hotel and
Museum the RMS Queen Mary a colossal ship that was bigger faster
and more powerful than that of the Titanic the 1,000 foot ship began her
life when the first keel plate was laid in 1930
at the Jana Braun shipyard in Clyde Scotland the depression held up her
construction between 1931 and 1934 but she was finally completed making her
maiden voyage on May 27th 1936 if you would like to see what the ship looked
like today please visit the channel of Michael Scott as he just recently posted
a video he recorded while touring the ship this will give you insight on how
the ship appears today although the history of this vessel is quite
fascinating my friends I know you are watching this to learn more about the
ship’s ghost stories and folklore so let’s just focus on that for now shall
we the Queen Mary is internationally recognized as a historical floating
hotel and Museum and it attracts thousands of visitors including
paranormal investigators every year yet it also has attracted a number of
unearthly guests as well or maybe they just have stayed not wanting to leave
there are those who say the Queen Mary is one of the most haunted places in the
world with as many as a hundred and fifty known spirits looking upon the
ship over the past 60 years the Queen Mary has been the site of at least 49
reported deaths not to mention having gone through the terrors of war so it
comes as no surprise that the spectral spirits of her vivid past continued to
walk within her wounds and always with that many entities and spirits and
thousands of reports this video could go on for a very extremely long time but as
you know my friends we do not have that much time together so I will focus on
some of the more famous and repeated on things let us speak in the deep down in
the bowels of the ships sherry located fifty feet below the water level is the
Queen Mary’s engine room which is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity
used in the filming of the Poseidon Adventure
the rooms infamous door 13 crossed at least two men to death at different
points during the ship’s history the most recent death during a routine of
water type drill in 1966 crushed an 18 year old crew member dressed in blue
coveralls in sporting a beard the young man has often been seen walking the
length of what is called shaft alley before disappearing by door number 13
two more popular spots for the Queen’s otherworldly guests are the first in
second class swimming pools though neither are utilized today for their
original purpose spirits seemingly are not aware of that in the first class
swimming pool which has been closed for more than three decades women have been
often seen appearing in 1930 style swimming suits wandering the decks near
the pool others have reported sounds of splashing and spied wet footprints
leading from the deck to the changing rooms some have also seen the spirit of
a young girl clutching her teddy bear in the second class pool room the spirit of
yet another little girl named Jackie has often been seen and heard the
unfortunate girl drowned in the pool during the ship’s sailing days and
reputedly refused to move on as her voice as well of the sounds of laughter
and singing has been captured in the Queen salon which once served as
the ship’s first-class lounge a beautiful young woman in an elegant
white evening gown has often been seen dancing alone in the shadows and corner
of the room yet more all the currencies have been made in a number of
first-class staterooms here reports have been made of a tall
dark-haired man appearing in a 1930 style suit as well as water running in
lights turning on in the middle of the night and phones ringing in the early
morning hours yet nobody is on the other end of the line in the third-class
children’s playroom a baby’s cry has often been home which is thought to be
that of an infant boy who died shortly after his birth I also have to mention the infamous Ruby
340 you see state from B 340 has a large volume of recorded paranormal activity
and many stories of haunted encounters noted in the ship’s logs reports date
back to the final ocean voyage in 1967 and include complaints from guests
staying here in this room they have reported that somebody will knock on the
door in the middle of the night other complaints include bathroom lights
turning on by themselves the sink faucet turning on and off on its own
unexplained bathroom doors slamming shut some guests have reported the covers of
their bed being pulled off while they’re asleep and there’s also reports of
waking up to see a dark figure standing at the foot of the bed I had found one
report of a woman who had posted this in a message board on the Internet and it
reads as we went to a visit Queen Mary last year we went on a tour while
walking through the ship it was quite interesting hearing about the history
however as we approached room B 340 I began to feel extremely ill almost like
being smothered now inside the room I just felt awful all I can explain is it
was a increasingly strong feeling of being smothered in a very negative
feeling intense tragedy and sadness it got worse next to the bed in the bath
area after we left that person I was with me on a tour mentioned that when he
walked into the room it felt as if somebody pushed in the same two
it out but when he turned there was nobody there it is believed that this
room has so much paranormal activity because it is haunted by the ghost of
the ship’s purser who was said to have been murdered in the room around the
bathroom area other phenomenon occurring throughout the ship
are the sounds of distinct knocks door slamming and high-pitched squeals
drastic temperature changes and the aromas and smells of long ago these are
but a few of the many reports of apparitions and strange occurrences that
are occurring on the luxury liner now turned hotel room my friends and there
are many many more however if you are looking to spin the night with some
spirits that love to hang out to make their presence known definitely consider
spending the night on the Queen Mary if you liked this episode of ghost stories
and folklore be sure to hit the like button and if you would like more videos
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  1. I still can’t get over the original footage you found!! So epic! I love it!! 🙌🏼💛

  2. Awesome!!! Love this stuff! Would you take a cruise on it? Before you ask, yes I would! -Annaleis

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