i can see it yes yes, yes over there looks like eyes bruh what the f… wait wait, we have to go now, fast well welcome to the first Episode of GHOSTGANG my name is Randy Goyard and this is my camerman well oh @%k we are out here today in search of the haunted witch house of the field and as you can see, we are in the middle of the field and there is this [email protected]%cking shit thats something if you ask me because what in the hell these thing doing out here ?
nobody knows ok now lets look what we have got today here i got my ghost … shit…. equipment lets see how much time.. how how warm it is outside ok lets messure ok ok -0,6 Celsius now on my skin lets see if this shit works 19 celsius im like very cool today *cameraman* you are gay heres some other shit – a nightshoot camera i can like see in the dark and shit and this is a tape recording … tape you like talk shit and record it and hear what you have recorded so i tjhink we are good to go lets start todays hunt welcome back to ghost gang with me RANDYGOYARD and my camera guy we are at the location now we are doing a session and im gonna ask some questions maybe something aswers hallo, here is randy goyhard with his cameraman is there any entities … ghost or dead people near by ? is there some dead guy who wanna talk to us please talk now ok they need some time ok, lets hear it have u [email protected]%cking heard that again … play again what you doing i can see it don’t hold it near the cam wtf a real evidence of a … wait.. wait whats that i can see it yes looks like eyes … over there tf is it … bruh ok there is a … an … idk there is some shit i think thats enough … like.. for real get to the [email protected] car dude ok as you can see there is proof and … well we heading out now … GHOSTGANG WITH RANDY GOYARD gang gang gang

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