The Future of Intuition with Ricci-Jane Adams

The Future of Intuition with Ricci-Jane Adams

Hello, dear Beloveds! It is such a joy to
be here with you today. I wrote myself a few notes for this one because there are some
big things that have been going through my head. And you know, whenever big things go
through my head or my heart, my great joy is to share them with you because you know
part of my responsibility, I feel, is to make sure that everything is congruent between
what I offer and who I am and what my belief is. You know Caroline Myss tells us that faith
is active. And what that means to me is that we, you know, we represent ourselves and everything
that we stand for is representative of our faith. And so we don’t let things that are
not congruent with our faith kind of slip under the radar. And I’ve had a big uplevelling
the last few weeks attending the Science and Spirituality Conference in Canada, Vancouver
Island, to be precise and that was a big conscious choice to invest in my own spiritual development
and professional development and to spend time with the leaders in my industry. And
I feel enlivened and invigorated and lots of great changes are happening in I Am Spiritually
Fierce, my group today, we’ve upped levelled the theme days and today is now group intention
Tuesday inspired by the work of Lynne McTaggart. It’s very important to me that everything
that I do is about service. How may I be of service to a world that is in extreme time?
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we live in an extraordinary age and our capacity to
apply our spirituality is where our spirituality becomes real to me. So it is not enough and
you’ve heard me say this before for us to simply show up to our spiritual practices
as a way to try and attain more at the level of the dream. Now if you haven’t heard me
use that term “the dream” then what I was referencing is the idea that 3D reality is
simply an illusion. It’s an illusion that’s a training ground for our consciousness and
it’s a dream. And currently, we inhabit a nightmare for the majority of the planet.
And because the first immutable law tells us that there is only one of us here, that
all is of the One Mind, it’s impossible for us to want to attain for ourselves what we
do not want for all. And so the most powerful way for us to change the world in my version
of spiritual activism is primarily to choose to hold a vibration that is love-based, not
fear-based. But I do that, not with this idea as long as I’m not in fear everything else
is cool. But that that choice to meet my own fear is how I most powerfully serve and how
I accelerate the awakening for everybody else. So I want to talk about the future of intuition.
I want to talk about this idea that is the heart and soul of everything that the Institute
stands for and the very reason the Institute was created. You know the future of intuition
is intuitive intelligence. And I want to break that down I want to share with you what that
means to me and I’m also going to give you the words I said I have three words. Actually, you only have two words right now.
There was another word I didn’t write it down. There’s a lesson for us. You don’t write it
down the words go out of your head. But I really want to talk about what I see as the
future of intuition and that we are in a time now where what we have believed to be true
about intuition is being rapidly eclipsed by the science of our age. And to understand
that the science of intuition tells us exactly what the future of intuition is what the true
nature of intuition is and how we should be showing up to that. I feel like I should be
standing up because I feel like I’m building up to I guess a bit of a challenge or a bit
of an opportunity for all of us who claim to be on this path of service and who use
our intuitive skills on that path of service which is most spiritual people because it’s
very hard for us which is why I’m always shocked when I meet a special person who is like oh
we should get better connected to my intuition. And I’m like, your intuition is the language
of your soul. Like that is the language of the spiritual seeker. I’m really not sure
how you do spirituality without a robust intuition. But there you go. There are lots of people
that do and that’s part of I guess what I want to speak to is this idea of intuition
has been ghettoised by the idea that it is an innate or a special skill or a special
gift that a few people have innately and that the rest of us have missed out on and that
it is simply, you know, up to those people who have been gifted with their special sight,
their special capacity to help us out. Those of us who have not been gifted by God or by
some higher power or with this special power. Now you know this conversation is almost so
boring to me I don’t even want to go into it but that’s often still where people are
in their thinking around intuition. Now for most people especially those people who hang
around here we’ve moved beyond that belief. We’ve moved beyond the belief that intuition
is just for a special few. We’re now inhabiting a truth which is bigger than that which is
that intuition is your innate sixth sense and it requires commitment and discipline
to work that muscle to develop it. And that might be by training your mediumship skills,
by training your clairvoyance, by learning how to read the tarot, by working with pendulums,
by plant medicine and by you know all the different trinkets and superstitions that
are available to us to develop our sixth sense. And therefore we developed this idea that
our Sixth Sense is innate and yes it can be developed but it’s always in reference to
something external to us. Now whether that’s something external is like a crystal or a
pendulum or a pack of cards or whether it’s the idea that there is a higher power, whether
that’s an angel or a guide or something outside of us that has the intuition. Our job is to
go and get that intuition. That is still a trinket and a superstition in my opinion that
is still a separatist kind of view of the world. Where we are creating a sense of dualism
between what we truly are and ourselves. So I want to overcome that belief and separation.
That’s the very purpose of my work and that’s why my discussions around intuition have moved
beyond even using that word. Because what happens when we invoke the word intuition?
And I’ve seen this happen with people I haven’t trained, I do occasionally hang out with people
that are not part of the Institute. Not very often. But when I do, I’m always kind of amazed
because I guess I spend so much time in a paradigm where intuition is intuitive intelligence,
which is the living breathing system of applied communion daily partnership moment by moment
breath by breath connectedness to that infinite God voice that resides paradoxically inside
of us and all around us, versus sitting down with someone who’s like oh yes you know when
I choose a tarot card I can get the answer to my question or when I pick up the pendulum
or when I tune into my guide. And they speak like this. They speak in pluralism. “They”
told me to go and do that thing. Or I asked for a sign from God or from the infinite and
then I saw a rainbow so I knew I could go and do that thing. It’s not going to fly with
me. You, who are here who know me will understand this very well but it’s my job to continue
to lead others into this truth which is that that is a dualism, that is perpetuating our
suffering. It doesn’t matter if you’ve now moved to the belief that your intuition is
innate and it can be developed. If you are speaking in that plural language that “they”
or that thing outside of me has some special magic power that I use my intuition to go
and get to access that information that exists outside of me, we’re still involved in the
illusion. And my vision and my great hope is that our work, as part of the Institute
and those who are the leaders in the institute, my graduate priestesses, my third level priestesses
will go forward in the name of the Institute and understand the true nature of intuition.
Our job is to evolve that conversation forward to the point where we understand that intuition
exists in silence. Intuition exists in the questionless state. Intuition is not the idea
that I can pay someone to read my future for me. And therefore I will know the answers
to my life. Or that I can go and see someone who can heal me because they somehow have
a special magic that I can’t possess or that there is an Oracle card that I could pick
up that’s going to tell me something that is outside of myself. This may seem subtle
but I hope it isn’t. And I hope it’s blindingly obvious that the problem here is all of those
paradigms separate you from your power. And the future of intuition is this, that I shall
know myself as God or I shall know myself as that infinite unlimited consciousness,
which some people call the field or the matrix, which contains within it all and I am not
separate from the “all”. I am that. I am one with that. And therefore there is never a
paradigm in which I would say “they told me to do this” or “they showed me a rainbow and
I knew that that was the path I was supposed to walk”. But that I am that. That in every
breath I am wedded to my intuition so that every step is guided and if I step and it
feels incongruent, I step back because I recognise that is my intuition, my soul language speaking
to me in every moment. So there is never a question to be asked. There is never a card
to be drawn. There’s never a pendulum to be swung. There is never a crystal that could
do for me what I can more powerfully do for myself. And therefore it is our job, as those
who go forward in the name of intuition, that we be the future of intuition which is that
I will support others to know that they are God. I am simply that. I am the cause for
the end of suffering not the perpetuation of the cycle of separation of the individual
from the whole. And so when we are aligned with that purpose, Then we may confidently
use intuition in the description of what we do. And I want to say, if you’re using intuition
in a different way I feel like you’re actually contributing more fear. Now I believe that
most people who have gone forward in the name of intuition and those who work intuitively
want to do better. They want to serve in the highest possible way. They want to elevate
their clients to the level of the miracle. But it’s going to require us putting down
the trinkets and superstitions of the New Age fearlessly. It’s going to require us to
know that if we want to work with the trinkets and superstitions, we do that is a secondary
thing, not as our primary way of supporting our clients. And that is going to be a shift,
that for some people will feel terrifying because you’ve been raised in a system that
has taught you that the power is in your modality or that the power is in that tonic or the
power as in the flower essence or the power is in the crystal. And yet your job is to
figure out which crystal to give to the client at which time and that will be the solution
to their suffering. And all of that is backwards. Now we say in the third level that the client
can only receive the miracle, all of us can only receive the miracle at the level that
we’re ready to receive it. So there may be a bridging period in this time where we truly
understand what intuition is, where we need to meet our client with a trinket and a superstition
and to give them the medicine that they are willing to receive. But it is never the medicine.
It is only the thing that distracts the ego to allow the work to be done at the level
that it truly is being done at which is at the level of vibration. So if you go to see
someone who claims to work with their intuition and they put more fear into your field than
love and they lower your vibration by telling you things about your future, about dead rellies,
about thought forms, about you know, psychic attack, about you know, terrible things that
might be happening to you as a result of you not being aware because you don’t have the
power and they do, then you are needing to reassess the way that you work and what’s
in it for you to put more fear into someone than love. Now, this is very very different
to the paradigm of guiding or scaffolding someone whilst they meet the subconscious
fear programs that are running their lives and ruining their lives most of the time.
To Be guided to meet fear that is sitting inside of your subtle anatomy and often times
your physical anatomy is the beginning of your freedom to meet yourself as God because
the blocks to knowing your self as God sit in your subconscious and prevent you from
knowing the truth of what you are which is glorious, intimately connected with the infinite
field, the One Mind and able to access the information you need at any given moment for
yourself. And in fact, that information is constantly downloading. It’s not like you
have to say, “now please download the next best steps of my life”. It’s constantly downloading.
But what prevents us from knowing that are these these fear blocks that sit in our subconscious
that are inherited, that are familiar, that are tribal, that are genetic, that are physiological,
that are neurological, that are chemical that had been inherited and played out so many
times that we think that they are our identity our personal reality. But they are not. They
are borrowed limits that keep us inside a parameter of a prison that is simply telling
us a false reality. And people who use intuition to keep others in that prison are simply not
understanding the responsibility that they have. If you go forward in the name of intuition
this is your invitation this day to put down fear to investigate. Why am I contributing
more fear than I am contributing love to the world? And to really ask yourself what of
the practices and tools that I use are bringing more love and what are bringing more fear.
What are allowing people to think that there is a something outside of them that has the
answer to their problems? And what is it that’s actually going to call that person to take
full responsibility for their power and their purpose and not to believe for one second
that another person or another tool or another crystal or another, you know, tonic could
possibly be more powerful than them fully recognizing realising and in the truth they
aren’t God. This is the future of intuition. And this is what I stand for. And so this
September, in Tuscany, I’m holding the first ever Intuitive Intelligence Symposium and
leading up to that I’m going to be sharing a lot of information about what intuitive
intelligence is because, in the way that I teach it, intuitive intelligence is the next
step on from that very broken idea of intuition. You know if you want to have a different conversation
you’ve got to lead that conversation and that is the job that I am giving myself and I would
love for all of you who feel as I do that we, who go out in the name of intuition, have
a responsibility to wed people to their own personal power which is their power to know
themselves as God. That you join me and you join this conversation. The Intuitive intelligence
Symposium will be called and it is called the future of intuition and everyone who will
be presenting as part of that will be offering their understanding of what it means to go
forward in the name of love and to stop perpetuating the old paradigm of an intuition that is built
around fear, that is built around psychic trinkets and tools, that is built around tuning
in to such a low vibrational frequency that all we do is perpetuate the misery and suffering
of others. Every possible, every possibility exists in the quantum field. So yes if you
want to tune into an astral plane of suffering and thought forms and lost souls, by all means,
do it, but that is not the paradigm where intuition resides and it’s not the paradigm
where I live. What I want is to create a revolution of love and we do that by stepping into our
spiritual leadership by putting down those things that might feel like nice indulgences
but are actually just giving us an excuse not to show up in a full capacity that we
are here to show up as which is God and which is to change the conversation, change the
paradigm for all those around us. So the two words that I will never be using again and
I’m training myself not to use these because this is part of my commitment is, “reading”
you will never hear me talk about me reading you or someone reading you because that by
its very nature suggests a powerlessness and impassivity where you are waiting for someone
else to give you the answers. Now that is a paradigm I want to step out
of and the responsibility of language is that I have to train myself to change the way that
I speak about the work that I do because reading in and of itself is just a word. It doesn’t
mean anything but the way we’ve used it in our culture the way we’ve used it inside our
spiritual community is that someone out there knows more about me than I do and that is
not something I want to be part of. The other word is “healing”. And that word is not a
problem if you’re using it for yourself to recognise the truth that you were never broken.
That nothing has ever occurred to you that is bigger than your capacity to know yourself
is God and that your willingness to see yourself as you truly are to change your mind about
yourself is the only healing that you will ever need. But no one else can do that for
you. You may find someone who can scaffold you while you do that for yourself but it
is never possible that someone outside of you has an antidote, has a thing, has the
cure, has the medicine, has the product, has the service that is going to heal that faulty
belief. The belief is that I am separate from God. That’s what causes the dis-ease and when
we are willing to see that truth and accept the atonement, then we are willing to move
back to our true reality. So I gonna leave it there for today. That is the future of
intuition I feel, I feel really strongly as you may notice about this, that this is the
time for us to not accept the things that are less than what we want. And I have been
complicit in accepting things that are less than what I want and I don’t want the trinkets
and superstitions to come first. By all means, if there are one for you and then joyful for
you and those are things you want to kind of do secondary please do but please don’t
invite me into those trinkets and superstitions telling me that that’s where the power is
because that that reality is simply perpetuating the misery and suffering. There’s no two ways
about this. This is no pretty way to wrap this up. We are either here as a force for
love or we are contributing to the fear that is enveloping the world and has enveloped
the world for millennia. And I don’t want to be part of the fear story. I want to be
the future. And the future of intuition is that we are able to know ourselves as God.
Have a beautiful day.

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  1. Gosh Ricci-Jane, you have a way of putting it in this video that makes SO MUCH SENSE and gives me lots of "ah-ha!"s on where I'm "going wrong" … Feeling disconnected and separate and lost because I've forgotten my inherent one-ness with God. Thank you x

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