The Art House HD | Unearthly: History & Paranormal Investigation | Episode 3, Season 1

The Art House HD | Unearthly: History & Paranormal Investigation | Episode 3, Season 1

I’m Jane I love history and storytelling
my name is Bert I love the technical side of paranormal
investigations with both of us having lifelong interests in the
supernatural as well as early childhood encounters we decided to begin studying
a bit further together we gather lore from Texas
history and use modern science to investigate the paranormal because you
can’t have one without the other unearthly history and paranormal
investigation art house from the moment we heard about
this location we knew we wanted to investigate it but what we discovered and documented
inside was more than we imagined built in 1904 and never before
investigated art house is a hot spot for paranormal activity as well as some of
the seedier parts of Texas history we are joined on this investigation by Sarah of
Hellbound Podcast our friend that introduced us to the house and co-host
of wicked trivia Julie as well as art house residents Kyle co-host of wicked
Wednesday and Ella we’re also receiving psychic guidance
from our good friend Lauren inside this house I felt and experienced
more communication from the spirit world than I ever have on a paranormal
investigation it’s been like that. People live in the basement and there’s this floor second floor there’s an attic
as well and yeah it’s just been over the years all kinds of weird things come out
of the house we’ve had an investi..well not an investigator so much as a someone to
clear the house. hope you dont mind me filming. someone to clear the house but they said that they
were able to get feel like they were able to get most of the spirits out but they cornered
someone in uniform there in —–‘s closet in the back room and basically said I’m not
going anywhere and and shot the woman in the head yeah I mean basically and then
she said that uh she left and said that she wouldn’t be coming back. that she wanted the house cleared more than that. and the upstairs attic is one of
the creepiest places we’ve seen unfortunately someone’s up there right
now they live up there but it’s different in the whole house it’s like
got a 100% free mason compass fireplace up there like yeah it can’t be anything
else, it’s very much that shape but yeah the back staircase leads up to like the
back of my apartment or whatnot it’s kind of like the servants stairwell you
know like that I’m pretty sure they would live up there and then walk
downstairs to make all the food and things down here
disappear and you never use the front steps and all that kind of stuff but yeah I
haven’t heard of my own personal experience there hasn’t been there’s only been two moments where I’ve liked that it was weird and one was being in bed and there was a basket just outside of my bedroom closet to the living room and
I heard it like move and it was definitely sound of the basket yeah and and my girlfriend
woke up it too and it was her that said that was my reaction that weirded her out
because I heard it and woken up not but I sort of just poked up and was looking
at the bed and looking out into the hallway at nothing for apparently a very
long time and steph woke up and looked at me and was like what are you looking
at and then I just went back down and I was kind of like
frozen in that spot and then the other one was kind of recently too – it was just like steps and banging and there wasn’t that many people there was nobody
moving around the house. it was like 3:00 in the morning or 3:30 or something like
that and it was like that hallway and stairs that runs between the two upstairs apartments – yeah he .. because he had text me after did you hear that
and should we check it out but I was like yeah I was watching movies or
something up there kind of late and I heard it too but I just thought that was
good and so they know when I got that text
else I walk around and the crazy thing wasn’t sounded like stuff falling you
know it sounded like it was loud like someone was really moving stuff around up there
can we go to your room yeah and there was no one since that’s where I saw the
door oh yeah you were talking about vhs’ going on in here
and I was just sitting there on the couch and I heard something going on
in this hallway too it’s kinetic it’s not intelligent that’s funny I was just thinking that too when we first
walked into Kiel’s apartment there was I couldn’t really see anything but there
was this dark presence kinda in the hallway beyond the kitchen and as we
walked a little bit closer I could see something like peeking around the door
at me and so we walked into the living room and I was immediately drawn over to
the door that leads to the hallway that we’re in now really what I’m feeling
right now is a lot of like circular movement and Kiel said that this was
an area where people would have been moving around do caretaking and do
repetitions activity like that so that’s kinda what I’m thinkin is it’s just some
kind of like a a circular flow through here like a busy-ness it
doesnt feel residual 77 degrees 00 reading feel some static
my beard is kind of like staticky right now yeah hold it next to your face nothing no reading maybe those that
could be it. there is an electric box over there debunked oh it’s not responding
yeah but I like feel it you spoopy b*tch yeah it just feels like there’s
something like circular moving in that area with what you described like people
walking and doing like caretaking activities in that area that makes sense
it just right there that’s cool just kinetic energy yeah it’s not peaking
around but it’s like like you know it’s not like I’m hearing anything but just
kind of keeps drawing my attention yeah Mikey my best friend used to live in the
Attic for about six months and he’s had he’s told me about two occasions of a
woman in black. at one point set up on the end of the bed and screamed at him
in the middle of the night and another point was just walking up the stairs
when he got to the bottom here and looked up at the door she was there for
a second and then not so that night he said he got woken up and he had that
kind of like almost like sleep paralysis oh that situation you know and
he could see this thing at the end of the bed
she was not happy the light just turned off I keep hearing stuff in the stairwell Probably because we are talking about it I have
pictures from the shoot day that I did up there I did a shot of video sequence
of a seance up there for my horror movie apparently there was a death in the
bathtub downstairs years and years and years ago and she hears just
weird stuff coming from the bathroom all the time. was like an intentional
death or an accident? suicide hmm rumor has it I think it’s known pretty
good I think we know pretty well that it might have been LBJ’s sons lover yeah that he was
gay his gay boyfriend did it all down there Who else was here for a while Oh
told me that Janis Joplin lived here forever
what Wow yeah this house is just changed hands and I’ve been so many different
things yeah owed for somewhere between 15 and 20 years its current form
but it’s been before that it was like a squat house you know people were squating
in here and that’s why go so cheap before that it was kind of business much
like a lot of the other older buildings around here, like offices for
accountants and lawfirms and things like that but he imagines that you know
yeah like imagine the parties back in the day when you know Joe Sayers and
the grand Wizards were all hanging out here
on the porch having cocktail hour In Austin Texas you know. Oh god, running the world from a cocktail. As Kiel continues to tell us more about this house we capture what sounds like
sweeping coming from upstairs down to its original that’s beautiful
wood yeah sounds like brushing yeah that’s what I was thinking you don’t think it would disturb them too much if I had this like,
it makes like a staticky noise I’ll let you hear it I just don’t want to disturb
your neighbors who are you don’t look at the what? all
right slow down a little bit one name at a time okay that was good
can you tell me a little bit about yourself one more time that sounded like
the same voice that came through twice. Morgan? Is there somebody named Morgan that lives here? yeah how long have you lived here Morgan okay that’s good thank you that’s really
good do you like living here? okay
you can’t stand it what do you not like about it I wouldn’t like that guy either
he sounds scary can you tell me your name one more time there’s another
person other than Morgan that wants to talk can you tell me your name just the man’s voice come through okay Morgan you’re being a little more
pushy what do you what do you want to tell me what do you do here? do you watch
people? do you interact? like what do you not like about it where? I’m not gonna go up the stairs if you want to talk to me you need to
stay down here I can’t follow you up there it was just cold right in front of
my hand right here but it could be a draft from downstairs don’t move okay what am I waiting for something happened on these stairs thats tethers to the lady upstairs the dark haired lady am I on the right track did something
happened to somebody on the stairs did you fall down the stairs ow did you fall
down the stairs okay you hit the front left part of your head didn’t you you could say ow did you feel something? That’s something Jason and Me experience on the daily
walking down those stairs we always hit our head this is for me every time it’s
front left almost gone down a few times just from like banging their head
feeling a little light-headed and just having to stop for a minute is that what
you were trying to tell me that Jason and Kiel hit their head No okay that’s okay is that something you would do like on a
regular basis that’s what it sounded If I walk down there and get close
to it are you going to tell me to watch out I mean I’m not as tall as they are
but it’d be cool if you gave me a heads up pun intended do you know Julie and it’s sounded
like it said And Kiel too. do you like Julie Kiel being here I guess are there are you
alone here or there are other people here with you now I wait okay can I get
some ideas to who I’m waiting on just wait okay you tell me what’s up I’m here
to talk to you I’m boring I’m alive you’re the one I’m interested in I see
well you’re a different voice that’s Coming through, thats not Morgan who are you what’d he say? Josh Josh yeah what
part of the house are you in Josh okay nice I need I need up I need a
second stop whenever you want to baby was that who killed themselves in the basement? thought that too
it wasn’t like they didn’t hang themselves but something with the throat
like maybe they I don’t know there was something with the throat felt like a chill go through my whole body I’m not exactly sure how he killed himself everyone gets a weird feeling in the bathtub right? if he overdosed on
something and slid down into the water that would if you don’t mind don’t you see I’m
shocked you don’t have like a cat or something up here cuz it sounded like
somebody was walking around up here well yeah that happens. I hear scratching in the walls it
scares me but I just ignore it. it’s usually from there but Jessie when I
first moved in she said there’s like a lot of energy over there mm-hmm
so I do it’s darker over there compared to the rest of the room I do feel anything like to negative so
um apparently when I was younger that’s a three or something because I lived
here when I was a baby and I fell down that flight of stairs that we just came
up and there’s right if I went through that one yeah like apparently a foot
before just like slam against nothing was there apparently it was an
old lady who lives up here so I think she’s chill she seems so you want to see this hand print? so usually there’s gonna be handprints that are right up
here and it’s on either side and they’re huge. They’re so scarey and usually I can see them better when the lights on or when the suns coming through but the hands are like this big and my friends notice it too whenever they come over and my boyfriend and it’s just like I just ignore it because I think
like oh it’s just probably someone like was putting up the window or something
so yeah yeah oh this is beautiful Yeah i literally just got back from work I didnt realize there was a door over here until I just walked
over but when I was sitting there I was like theres something different about that wall, I couldnt see it. Does that go to an attic?
that goes to like the inner insulation if you want I can open it but
there’s that door this one this is also the storage so there’s a total of four
doors so there’s the one right behind the kitchen work sometimes I hear
things but like it’s too much work I haven’t ever seen the back of that one
but sometimes I hear things and I think it’s like a rat and I just hope it’s not It’s colder over there than it is in the rest of the room but nothing paranormal Yeah I just got a message from Cecily
the text message from Cecily who lives in the basement
oh she was uh I guess just in there in the laundry room doing some washing and she said are you filming or is someone talking
to the people in the house I keep getting chills every time that voice comes on
through whatever it was yeah so what it does is it sweeps through sound waves and the idea is that
because it’s sweeping so rapidly through the sound waves anything that can come
through audibly is magnified so the idea is that it gives ghosts like a vehicle
to talk through and it’s kind of like if you remember back in the 90s when cars
didnt have CD players like the little changer where you had to find the Clear
Channel that’s kind of like this but ghost not music what’s your name okay thank you I’m
Jane why do you want me to look at this door you were moving around up here earlier
why did you want me to look at this door when I came up here tell me your name
again so I can hear you a little better I just want to talk to the
girl I don’t want to talk to the guy right now If you don’t want to talk that’s fine, but you were really active when we were on the stairs Like I legit thought you had a cat up here or something. You’d think like being so high up we’d hear more radio interference I think she likes to hide in that little room thats across right there that’s where I hear the scratching! well that confirms that! There’s something in there of her’s I mean it’s not dreadfully
important and I don’t want to go in there I mean it’s super-easy and keeping that thing on with tacks I do it all the time Might as well. stayed in the same
position so when Mikey was here and he said he felt someone sitting on the end of the bed used the baby either that or the opposite wait but so you don’t get
with I have some palo santo I don’t think it would be anything bill is just
but just to push out anything negative that I might have rustled up just to
be a responsible ghost hunter I can burn a little tiny bit okay cool okay burn as much as you like. I’ve never done thank you
for letting us do it this has been really really awesome it’s so pretty
yeah yeah do you see that hand print oh yeah it’s like very visible and freaks my friends out like it’s huge Yeah I don’t go in there. I don’t do that. I’m like I don’t mess with those things I have my boxes of random crap in there yeah that sounds
like the beginning to a horror movie you’re like oh I’m gonna help her find
her thing and then all of a sudden she’s like released in the world. my moms super into this stuff and I apparently attract a lot of energy so it’s not a bad thing it’s just it’s her
kinetic energy that’s attached to it. from a
construction background some of these scratches could be explained but the hand prints ridiculously large. that’s insane so regarding art house that we were at last night I
reached out to my friend Lauren Lauren and I have known each other since middle
school so 112 years ago and she’s always been gifted and very intuitive
spiritually she is a clairvoyant she’s a channel medium and I reached out to her
because I wanted to tell her about the investigation just to see if she picked
up on any impressions and so basically I’ll read what I wrote to her first and
then I’ll let you know when Lauren’s responding I said oh man we investigated
this house owned by a man named my friend Julie is friends with one of his
caretakers the farthest back that Kiel Julie’s friends of the house the houses
records is around 1885 there was a female spirit an old lady was what I got
that was all about me from the second we walked upstairs she kept trying to lead
me upstairs to an attic apartment we eventually went up there but the girl
that lived there wasn’t home at she came in later there was like a
servant staircase landing and she where she first led me it felt super active
there but it mostly felt like residual energy in the stairwell until we turned
on the spirit box two people came through clearly the older lady and a guy
named Josh more on Josh coming so according to the lore of the house and
then in parentheses I put which there’s lots oh there was a suicide in the
bathroom it was a young man named Josh who was the lover of LBJ’s
illegitimate son Stephen Mark Brown I got the feeling that Stephen and Josh
are both in the house but they don’t know each other are there lauren writes back
yeah they’re on different planes meaning one has accepted and moved on
from his death state and the other is still in his death State I said that’s
so sick this is me writing back that’s so sad
I kept getting some I kept getting something with the throat about how Josh
died Kiel told me he died in the bathroom and I got the feeling that he
overdosed and drowned in the tub is there any help we can offer Josh and
Stephen I’ve got some questions about the upstairs lady upstairs and the
current tenant and the Attic too don’t want to overload you it was one of the
best investigations we’ve ever had which even if we wouldn’t have gotten ghosts
it was a good time and the house is cool light anomalies and what not it has everything do you see any
connection between the older lady and the current attic tenant her name is
Ella and I put in parenthesis the tenant I get the sense that the lady protects
Ella and that the older lady does not like when men live in the Attic and she
said the only connection I’m really sensing is that the deceased lady sees
herself in Ella like I’m going out on a limb but similar patterns and behaviors
she’s protective of Ella because no one was protective of her before death like
not a mirror image of her but a lot of similarities and I think the lady has
had many issues with men perhaps assault there’s a huge distrust between her and
men I keep getting a phrase of watch my back I think that’s also playing into
the protectiveness of Ella and why the two deceased men are not supposed to be
there in the attic this is still Lauren talking and this lady can interact with
both deceased men this lady may have had abilities too in her life
wait do you know if Ella has sensitivities there’s a connection there
too with abilities the deceased lady wasn’t a medium but she had premonitions
that was a question she’s more tuned in than she was in life and as being a
go-between for a few spirits I think you may find there’s a lot more spirits in
that house I’m getting the number seven when I asked how many there are and then
I said we want we got watch your back a lot through the spirit box last night
Ella kept saying that her mother tells her she’s a magnet and according to Kiel
whenever there have been male tenants in the Attic they’ve shared various
accounts of a lady with long dark hair sitting or standing at the end of the
bed some experienced sleep paralysis as well and lauren writes back and says so
she doesn’t trust men she watches them carefully and if she doesn’t really like
them she’ll throw them into paralysis sorry that’s not
funny but it is if she really doesn’t like though she’ll throw them into
paralysis I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve had like a had like violent
dreams of the woman harming them she’s not what I would call extremely harmful
but she’s guarded she protects herself by lashing out first
she loves Ella though and that’s part of the connection is the spiritual
connectedness and I said I knew they were the same woman that makes a lot of
stuff line up she kept wanting me to go into a crawl space and Ella’s apartment
it was like there was something physical there that she wanted Ella to have /
find I opened the door and recorded the spirit box session but I didn’t want to
go climbing into someone’s attic hello L cause legit I didn’t I said that not way
to meet somebody for the first time yeah supposedly when the tenant doesn’t even
do it so so that’s that’s the haps with Lauren right now and we’ll keep you
updated Thank You Lauren thanks Lauren hey guys we are here at art house doing our
final investigation before we get it ready to go out to you guys a couple
things we’re gonna do here today we’re gonna talk to the owner so we haven’t
gotten a chance to meet him yet and we’re also gonna do a couple of final
spirit box sessions and play a song for a couple of the spirits here to kind of
bring them a little peace immunity together and we’re also gonna be joined
by my friend Julie Hill of Wicked Wednesday so let’s get inside and see what
happens We’re back in the stairwell from the other night. We’re here with Julie from Wicked Wednesdays and whenever we’ve been working with the house and talking with
our friend Lauren I’ve been getting this Song “Tired of being alone” by Al Green
stuck in my head so when I was getting ready to come here and sitting outside
while Bert was getting the gear together I was listening to the song and I got
this really sweet image of two men like playfully slow dancing together it was
really sweet so in an effort to help lift the peace in the house
raise the vibrations a little bit and maybe bring these two spirits together
Steven and Josh we’re gonna play this song and then do a spirit box session if
we could get any response so just see if it feels a little more peaceful maybe
the vibe changes but i’m going to play it real quick I’m gonna turn it down so we
don’t disrupt the whole house and here we go [music continues to play] feels..I feel happy my headache went away it’s like I just feel like uplifted you
know I don’t think it’s the mate We’re going to turn it down just a little bit And I’d love to hear what you guys thought about the song I got my little spirit box like I had the other night Sooo..did you guys get to hear the song? Who wanted to hear the song? Can you tell me your name? Who’s here that wanted to hear that song? if you could just tell me your name
that’d be great tell me where you are in the house where are you upstairs or downstairs are you up stairs
or downstairs i’m just gonna go to the landing right there. hello who’s up here with me what’s
your name it said Ella. I know Ella lives up there
but you live with Ella what’s your name Morgan again morgan again okay hey
Morgan did you used to live in the house did you used to live there Ella lives what do you think about Ella do you like
her i know you feel like you have to protect
Ella and I just want her to be able to hear that so Morgan can you tell me when
you live in the house, were you old or young “..30…” you were 30 okay you want me to wait or do you want me to go back tell me again, do you want me to wait? or do you want me to go back or if you want me to
walk somewhere else you can tell me that Do you want me to go towards the back door? hey let’s pause for just a second let’s
pause for just a second you turn it in turn the recorder off. so I can only talk to one
at a time. I know there are several of you here right now I’d really like to talk to Morgan or if
possible I’d like to talk to Josh and Stephen but if anybody else comes
through I’m gonna need you to tell me your name
okay I’m Jane you know Julie that’s very Kyle’s dis downstairs so let’s try this
again I know you want to talk and I want to talk to you
so are we going to start recording on my phone again I’m gonna turn my spirit box
back on okay good how many of you are here so a friend of mine told me
there were seven of you here, are there seven people here? who are the two people
that are here what’s your name can you tell me a name please Morgan
okay cool you cannot rule the roots around here
don’t you Morgan yeah this is your area in it should I go to another area to
talk to Stephen and Josh Yeah right thats Kiel’s door right there right? Oooo, it’s a dark hallway. Do you like that Bert’s complimenting you? Hey we’re kind of out of Morgan’s area, aren’t we? What’s your name? okay good can you tell me where the
house you are? Are you in the hallway right here? hello tell me your name? I’m gonna turn the spirit box up, just a little bit There’s a lot of folks coming through at once Just give me one, okay? Do you know my name? Do you know her name? Yep..whats her name then? Pause that real quick Hey! yeah what else..have you guys been
here a while we played this al green song for a couple of spirits here in the
house and it just kind of like lightened up that whole stairwell it was really really cool, had a couple intelligent responses come through I did have a psychic friend of mine I know tell me about your ghost she is very protective of you hell yeah she does not like men in the apartment, i mean if a man comes and visits but they
don’t really like a man living there that’s why she kind of scared the boys
that were there she sees a quality in you that she saw in herself and her
waking life and so that’s why she’s kind of drawn to protect you a little bit
waking life and so that’s why she’s kind of drawn to protect Whats her name? we think morgan that’s the name that’s come through several times I keep calling her different names just for fun, just to see what happens Like Patricia? Samantha! how do we feel about that one? Morgan seemed to be pretty consistent But I just thought it was so sweet when you told me the story of you almost falling down the stairs when you were little and something stopping you, and I was like that’s the same lady! That’s cool Well you guys are welcome to come upstairs if you want? If you guys want to. Kiel txt me and was like if they want to come up, can they? And I was like totally. Yeah you guys are more than welcome to I’m really into this stuff. I told her about this and she got really into it My boyfriend stayed over the other night and I was like passed out and he woke up at like 4 am because he has horrible insomnia I heard a body in the walls He was like i’m so scared I literally refused to turn around to see if anything was there she really likes you and she protects you so that’s all good she’s really glad apparently that no more boys living up there anymore I don’t really have boys sleep over, except like twice maybe three times and they have a very feminine energy Oh like I’m sure she vibes with him nice to meet ya hopefully one day it’s just a fun YouTube
hobby right now it’s the same question Unearthly: history and paranormal
investigation she loves YouTube. I just got into YouTUbe. Did something hit you? I thought my hair was catching on something but I have my
baseball cap on and it just felt like something kept pulling like my hair was
getting pulled like up here not like back here. you’re only boy in the hallway
she’s messing with you definitely like her area right there she
rules the roost in that area She’s the queen bee. Mmhmm you can tell. Yeah she is. Joe Sayers like used to hold like
sacred ceremonies for Freemasons and like he was the leader. so this was
actually like where Freemasons would like discuss and do their ceremonies and
all that stuff what that is insane this house just keeps
giving it just like Jason told me it used to be a toy store and then Lauren
told me there’s like little kids spirits that run around so like that makes
sense there’s little kids here because of the the toy store LBJ had an illegitimate son who would come here
to visit his boyfriend and his boyfriend killed himself in the tub on the
basement do you know how or…cause Lauren told us about him and said that it was
something in the bathtub it was something with his throat and that he
had a bag over his head now I don’t know but he like he killed himself
that’s just so yeah I didn’t think you had told me about that initially and
then Kyle had mentioned it and so I did a nice deep dive in that and his mom’s
name was a lady named Madeline Brown and she’s really cool she was his mistress
for like 20 years or so yeah you can told I don’t know what I’m doing with the camera And they met in Room 49
at the Driscoll their son Steven was born in 1950 and then they pretty much
carried on for the next 20 years like meeting up with the Driscoll and yeah I love her..she was straight up like
it was a loveless affair. It was just physical. Not something you said back in the 80’s. gonna snip a famous man I like that she
waited until 10 years after he died to be like hey I did this We’ll she’s basically like the great-grandmother of where we get all like the JFK LBJ
assassination lore from So this place was built in 1903..1904 maybe.. and he moved here 1994 but But apparently this was already like it. It was abandoned for a really long time. my mom, it was my birthday yesterday, my mom brought this huge box of like all these photos of the house from like the 90’s and it was a white..very light yellow. And the entire front lawn was like overgrown filled with trash like giant tumbleweeds basically like completely overgrown and the front stair case had no ivy on it, it was just white with the wooden board And now it’s like, it looks completely different. It’s beautiful in the front yard, where got some shots earlier. Yeah it’s so pretty. The toy store part of it made it like way more lighter feeling
you know it’s like since the suicide was downstairs it’s like it’s not so bad now
because there’s a lot of good energy. here too There’s a lot of kids. so yeah so sucks that
happen though. Lauren said, ya know our psychic that we work with, the seven spirits that are here like really fond of y’all and they just kind
of roam around and everybody lives together there’s no real need to cleanse
anything After yall left, a few days after, I hardcore saged this place though. It’s cold over there and I kept hearing things, I was like you need to take it down a notch eh yeah we don’t want to do that to you Did you see the creepy baby photo? the one that says “I can speak”…it says “I can speak” I saw the baby sticker but I didnt see.. she showed that to me for the first time and I had to leave, I was like that makes me uncomfortable. what and we got the baby come through..yeah she said something about the baby and that’s when I was like no.. yeah I know that’s horrifying yeah cuz I remember
I was asking, like what am I looking for and behind the baby came through if you guys want to open that, you’re more than welcome to. I’ve been tempted to do it myself, but I wanted people near me. Oh you’ve never opened it? no, I’ve always wanted to but i’m too scared to do it when i’m home alone. the thing? oh let’s do it. yeah! You wanna hold the spirit box? are you okay with me opening the door back here? it said “go ahead” so hey, tell me which drawer i’m opening? so tell me again, am I opening this one what am I looking for in here? all I see is a bunch of papers and I
don’t really want to dig is it the other drawer maybe? It just looks like pictures and envelopes…just envelopes rather in here hey give me a clue of what i’m looking for. right here? is it this drawer? there’s like a harmonica is that it? is that what i’m looking for? Sentimental ya know? is this what you wanted me to find? This harmonica? that IS it..okay! Do you want me to give it to Ella? tell me if you want me to give this to Ella? there you go is there anything else I need to do in here while i’m here? made in germany Can I go ahead and shut the door like i’m doing? are you done with me in here? see I told you I needed to go in there yeah are you kidding me
the first initials is M stop it okay let me get the recorder go and
let me turn the spirit box on can I talk to her absolutely let me get it whatever
you want I’m just gonna hold it and you talk Hi morgan! I’ve heard of “Hoener’s” but I didn’t know it was “M. Hoener”. Maybe they had it custom made or something Do you know to play that wonder what year that’s from? it says 1881 here 1871 and it says 1881 does this belong to you morgan? do you like me living here? do you want to tell us anything else morgan? are you happy now? do you want Ella to keep it or put it
back up? are you done talking to us now morgan? can I turn my machine off? that’s so cool though that’s wild before yall even opened it, I heard it say “harmonica” oh wow. I thought I heard it say harmonica and then I thought I heard one of ya’ll say that then I was like Oh that’s what it said. Then you open the box and pulled out the harmonica.. it says 1873 and 1871…trademark.. something in german… that’s just that’s a
German last name yes my god looks German wait so what is the last name on the thing. it says M
dot H O H N ER Im gonna look up that name there’s a brand of like
accordions it looks like that’s called like Morgan Hohner which is like it says
“M Hohner” on this thing but then she keeps saying that her name is Morgan
was she actually just saying her name or was she saying like the brand or maybe she preferred it
since it had her name Maybe she’ll chill out scratching the walls maybe! yeah! it was a little much for me like do your thing dude, don’t slowly claw! like I don’t need that! don’t need the creepy claws! Apparently the inner parts of the walls all connect so if you open one you can go through
the entire wall pretty much where you might have to get out once but there’s
like a bunch of different doors in these walls sounds Underground Railroad-ie at the
same time I don’t think Joe Sayers had an underground railroad in his home If anything they’d be kidnapping people from his home, like hey yall come here..psych!


  1. Greeting's , The production on this video was AWESOME! Great to have another stellar investigation from you. I'll have to re-watch several times as there was so much to see.
    Best wishes to you ,and as always be safe.

  2. Our Top Responses From Ep 3:


    8:20 Something flies past the camera and makes it blurry..

    12:58 Sweeping sounds upstairs

    14:10 "…Janis Joplin…"

    14:25 "Got Caught"…is this Steven's boyfriends spirit?

    15:25 "to protect the kids" spirit referring to the evil sounding voice.

    16:48 "come this way" a spirit begins leading Jane upstairs.

    18:10 Jane feels an impression from something that happened on the stairs.

    18:43 Sarah and Kiel confirm the impression.

    19:11 Moaning sound comes from other room

    21:18 making contact with Josh, possibly LBJ's son's lover who commited suicide in the basement tub..

    21:40 "joooosh"

    21:48 "basement"


    28:50 "Thought it was him"

    29:20 similar moaning as earlier in the stairwell

    31:25 investigating the small room

    31:45 "the baby" comes through

    32:25 "leave"

    33:26 huge hand print above the bed

    44:09 "you betcha"

    44:28 "they found it"

    46:10 "Morgan" x2

    46:38 spirit mimicking Jane saying "come back" in the room

    53:55 crazy light anomaly enters Jane

    103:30 I can speak photo of a freaky baby


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