The ABC Trials + TAS Competition with $1000 Prize

The ABC Trials + TAS Competition with $1000 Prize

over the years you’ve watched the
progression of the A button challenge which went from taking over a hundred A
presses to less than twenty you’ve watched new glitches be investigated and
understood so that they could be used to save A presses and you’ve watched crazy
new strats be developed that would never have otherwise been useful but now
enough watching it’s time to test what you’ve learned with what I’m calling the
ABC trials the ABC trials is a romhack that Kaze and i created and it’s
specifically designed to test various ABC techniques that have been learned
throughout the years you start off at the very bottom of the course and your
goal is to progress to the top of the course using as few A presses as
possible going from each platform to the next requires completing a trial which
tests some particular ABC concept in total there are 64 trials you’ll notice
that there’s an A press counter in the upper left corner so you can easily tell
how many times you’ve pressed A is so far
think of this as your score and you want to minimize it if you can’t figure out
how to be the trial you can always skip it by using the A button this will hurt
your score but at least you’ll be able to move on in other words you’ll never
get stuck on a trial just because you can’t figure it out there’s always a
simple way to move on using the A button this way even if you don’t know some of
the strats you can still complete the whole course to get a final score anyway
once you reach the top of the course and collect a grand star you’ll be greeted
with an ending screen that displays your total A press count and time
now here’s where things get interesting I’m holding a competition to see who can
complete this course using the fewest A presses the competition will end on January
20th 2021 which is a little over a year from now so whoever can complete this
course using the fewest A presses in that time will be the winner and the
prize for the winner is $1,000 of course if someone completes the course in zero
A presses before the deadline then they automatically win since no one could
beat them and the competition will end right then now keep in mind that this is
a solo competition so I ask that you don’t share strats or stream your
progress while the competition is still ongoing if you want to see the full set
of rules and how to submit check out the discord link in the description so get
out there and show me what you can do


  1. When I saw this in my feed, I assumed it was pannen on his alt account, so I got excited to see what today’s video is about….

    when I heard commentary, my mind exploded. I had to check today’s date several times to see if this was real.

  2. ALV, me es imposible pasar el juego en si, ahora me dicen que no debo presionar 'A' para ganar automaticamente >:v

  3. Too bad people can't share their runs. I know why you are doing it but it's a bit boring when you can't progress together.

  4. I remember having a similar idea a while back (albeit my idea was more like a kaizo hack), glad to see this concept finally get realized.

  5. This is excellent but I think you should reconsider the no sharing / streaming rule. I'm not going to be a participant but would love to watch streamers all year as they get further and further to 0xA presses. As it stands now though I will probably only see one video of the winner in a year, if I even happen to remember at that point.

  6. You have the timer. If someone can get it in 0 A presses why not let it continue to see if someone can get it in zero faster

  7. PANNEN!!!! I have to say, I've read your Q&A and I hope you're doing good. I still love your past commentary, but I know I wouldn't ever have wanted you to put yourself through hardship to make stuff for us. Stay healthy my dude!

  8. It would be cool if there was an RTA competition w/ prize in addition to the TAS competition. Additionally, perhaps a tiebreaker for the TAS competition could be done where speed should be taken into account instead of an immediate end. Great to hear your voice again!

  9. Oh shit I just wanted your Watch for Rolling Rocks video like… two days ago. Small world that you came back so soon afterwards.

  10. “fuck it, no ones gonna claim that upwarp bounty, might as well put this money somewhere it’ll actually be claimed”

  11. I'm calling it now:
    The final trials are exact recreations of the remaining A-presses. He's recruiting us for the war effort.

  12. I literally just figured out how to do basic TASing, now is the time to up my ABC knowledge and get that SWEET SWEET loss because I'm an amateur

  13. Oh how I have missed that voice so much Pannen. I don’t TAS but I might get into it just to have a shot at $1000 dollars.

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