Team Epic Reads Got Their Auras Read With Maya Motayne!

Team Epic Reads Got Their Auras Read With Maya Motayne!

My gosh, your aura looks so good.>>I know, I know. [CROSSTALK]
>>I didn’t know if I was supposed to cheese or not.>>Hi, I’m Maya Motayne, and I’m the
author of the Latinx fantasy, Nocturna. Nocturna is a Latinx fantasy
about a face-changing thief and a prince who was never meant to be king, who have to join up to stop a dark
magic from destroying their world. The story also includes magic that is
based on color for each person, and Prince Alfie has the ability
to see everybody’s magic. So, today we’re getting our aura readings
to see what color Alfie would see if he looked at us.>>I wanna be blue.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>So, how’d you guys like
getting your aura photos taken?>>It was fun, just putting my hand
on the thingy and I was, like, is something actually going to? I thought I was going to
feel a zing of energy, but nothing really happened,
but she was so calm. It was like this is your energy,
this is what it is. I was like, my god, there’s so
much you can read just from colors.>>So, over here we can see that
you have a lot of turquoise blue.>>Michael. [LAUGH]
>>As well as little bit of green around and on top of your head,
mixed with yellow, yes.>>That’s what I wanted,
that’s exactly what I wanted.>>So, these are actually awesome colors
to have, especially for a writer.>>Really, how?>>Because the blue is actually
the color of your throat chakra, which is responsible for
expression and communication.>>Okay.>>It also makes a person empathetic and
very sensitive, an ability to express
yourself identity a lot.>>My energy is the sad,
melancholic cinnamon roll, Alfie. [LAUGH] It’s a lot of blue, turquoise
blue, and some yellow at the top.>>And a lot of green, too.>>Yeah, a lot of green.>>Emma, what is your energy?>>So, mine was a lot of
different colors to start, but I believe it was mostly purples and
yellows and reds. And she said it had a lot to
do with being spiritual and being in the dream ethereal world,
which was pretty cool.>>You have some beautiful
colors coming up. Lots of purple and
a little orange and green. It looks amazing. Okay, so on the left side of your aura,
you have a lot of purple and orange. The purple actually
represents the third eye or the intuition, the clairvoyance
ability to be able to dream and ability to connect to the etheric realm.>>Cool [LAUGH].>>Yes, orange over here represents
creative energy of the second chakra. So, you’re able to bring
those two energies. And actually,
the color on top of your head, which you’re channeling in,
is a yellow with green, mixed. So, you actually have four colors. So, the green is the color
of the heart chakra. Which helps you to connect to other
people, create relationships and the yellow is the color
of the throat chakra, which helps to give you inner power and
ability to actually move things forward.>>Do you think that’s you?>>Yeah, I thought it was very accurate
to me, which was really interesting.>>I mean, yeah,
I think it was accurate, too. I’m powerful and anxious. I really want to be blue. I’m going to say that going in to start
so, I’m just going to go ahead and put my hand on this.>>Awesome. So we have your aura already,
just in a few moments.>>Wow, that was quick.>>The red is the color
of the first chakra, which actually represents state
of being in the physical realm. It is also color for leaders for
people [LAUGH] who are go-getters. And the yellow color
represents the third chakra, which is the color of inner power and
ability to move things forward.>>Okay. Ebony got the energy that I wanted so
I’m a little bitter about it, but.>>But, we work together, so
my energy is your energy.>>Yeah, we do have opposite energies.>>But,
we are basically the main characters. We are Alfie and Finn, for sure.>>Have incredible colors over here. Yeah, we’re done. So, you have a lot of turquoise blue,
and it’s actually the primary and the only color as far as I can
see right now, within your aura. And the blue actually represents that you
are very active in your throat chakra, which is what we know, from the previous
readings, represents emotional states. It represents expression and
communication, which you probably do
a lot of all the time.>>So, I had a really fun time. I was surprised, I wasn’t blue,
but I was happy in the end.>>[LAUGH]
>>So, everybody else have fun, too?>>Yeah, absolutely.>>Thank you, Emma, for coming. Thank you, Maya, for coming, and
make sure everyone reads Nocturna. And thank you to the Family
of Light Holistic Center for taking our aura photos. Bye, guys. [MUSIC]


  1. Ima go buy this book ASAP. Nothing had interested me to read in a while but this really peaks my interest. Hopefully one day I’ll be in one of these videos. I have to work hard.

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